MAC Cosmetics Dame Edna Collection Review

OVERALL, Dame Edna’s lipsticks stand out the most for me, because they are ultra-pigmented and extremely creamy in texture. They almost have a matte-look, but because of their sheen, not quite so. The lipglasses are not as pigmented as the lipsticks, but on the other hand, they complement the lipsticks well. The eye trios disappointed me, mostly because I felt that too many of the shadows had a chalky texture, which I just can’t jive with. Another downside to this launch is the fact that MAC has, yet again, used stickers on their packaging. On the eyeshadow trios, the stickers are covered with plastic/something so they shouldn’t come off (at least not easily), but everything else is just a flat sticker. It’s nothing special, and you can certainly peel it off if you desire. The high-light powders, while pretty to look at, are not nearly as special once you get past the shimmer overspray–I felt duped with these; it reminded me of lipsticks that had a gold overspray and then regular lipstick underneath. The collection is definitely worth a look or two, but I wouldn’t say you have to rush out on the 26th–not worth skipping out on your holidays and festivities and family fun yet!

Individual reviews of the products

Wisteria Eye Trio

  • Wisteria is a pretty medium blue, not quite as bright as it looks in the pan. It has average pay off, but it is buildable enough that over a base, so it should give you the color you see in the pan. It’s a little chalky, but it’s not so much that it puts me off.
  • Divine Night is yet another kind of chalky black that’s not really super-intense-wow-black. You have to really get a few passes of it to get a richer black color. It reminds me of Mont Black from Chill, which just came out. I wasn’t ready to see it again!
  • Fineshine is a bright shimmery silver shade, kind of like Electra, but brighter. It’s a nice color to brighten up a gray/silver smoky eye.

Royal Tour Eye Trio

  • Royal Tour is a light purply-pink shade–it’s like a pinker version of lavender. It’s matte/satin (I don’t remember exactly), but it doesn’t have any shimmer in it.
  • Dame’s Desire is a nice medium purple with a little bit of fuchsia tone to it that has a nice sheen to its finish. It reminds me of Stars ‘n Rockets, but not as intense (or as fuchsia).
  • Climate Blue is a rich purple-blue shade. It came out with Cool Heat, during this past summer, so it is a repromote. It has a chalky texture, so it’s not my favorite just because of that.


  • Kanga Rouge is a deep matte red, but it is very creamy and has a nice subtle sheen.
  • Coral Polyp is an intense creamy coral-orange-red shade. It’s not an easy color to just wear, because it is very bold and dramatic.
  • Gladiola is a fuchsia-toned purple, and it again, has an essentially matte finish with the same creamy texture as the other two lipsticks. It reminds me a little of Up the Amp lipstick.


  • Splendid is a very shimmery/glittery coral color–it’s very similar to Possum Nose Pink, though it’s a little paler. I would also say it probably has better color pay off on the lips.
  • Hot Frost is the medium pink-based lipglass with lots of multi-colored shimmer. It’s pretty, but when I put it on my lips, I didn’t notice a huge difference–I really wanted to like this one.
  • Possum Nose Pink is a brighter coral shade with pink and multicolored shimmer in it. It goes on fairly sheer from when I swatched it on my lipss. It’s kind of like a pink-based Pink Grapefruit or less shimmery Lychee Luxe.

High-Light Powder

  • What a Dame! is a peachy-bige shade that’s pretty much matte after you get the top layer of shimmer/spray-on sheen off. It reminds me of previous beauty powders (I think maybe from Fafi or Heatherette). It feels a little more pigmented, but these were pretty heavy swatches so I’m not 100% sure.
  • Spectacle is a pretty pale pink shade. The thing with the high-light powders is that the sheen/shimmer is just an overspray. It doesn’t actually penetrate the product. The actual product is flat or matte and feels very powdery. This shade reminded me a lot of Alpha Girl.

Nail Lacquer

  • Varicose Violet is a purpler version of Stars ‘n Rockets, but in nail lacquer form. I like it, and i do think it’s a rather pretty shade with its blue-shimmer. It doesn’t apply as pigmented as I like for my polish, but with three thin coats, you can get there.
  • Asiatique is a deep cream red shade with a lot of natural shine to the polish afterwards (the swatch for it doesn’t have any top coat), which is nice.