MAC Cosmetics Cremeteam Review & Thoughts

OVERALL, Cremeteam introduces several nice shades of Cremesheen lipsticks to the permanent line, and they also launched limited edition Cremesheen glasses, which left me wanting. Cremesheen is a finish of lipstick that MAC introduced to us last year, and the finish might be described as fairly pigmented color with subtle sheen and low frost. They don’t have shimmer as far as I could tell either. The new shades of Cremesheen lipsticks add a nice variety of color the permanent lipstick range, and I definitely found myself liking the colors a lot more than some of the limited edition lipsticks from the past few collections.

As far as the new Cremesheen glasses go, I just can’t get on that train. Every single one of them is sheer in color, with some varying in pigmentation (the real test will be lip swatches, which I will do, but probably not until tonight, FYI). The finish and texture of the new glosses is almost buttery and quite creamy, so they do feel nice on the lips. For the price and quantity you get, I find it difficult to even recommend them, because the price alone just grates on my nerves. I’ll put a little price analysis behind the cut, so you can read that if you desire 🙂

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Haves: Crosswires, Lavender Whip, Shy Girl

Nice-To-Haves: Creme Cup, Hang Up, Lickable

Skip: Fashion Scoop, Looks Like Sin

See individual, in-depth product reviews as well as some cost analysis…

Cremesheen Glass at $18.00

A regular MAC lipglass costs $14 and you get 0.17 oz. for your money. Cremesheen glass will run you $18 and you get 0.09 oz. for your money. It’s really hard for me to understand why it costs $4 more and yet you get nearly half as much. The packaging is different, but let me tell you, I’m happy with the packaging for lipglasses if it’s going to save me $4! If you found yourself running out of your Dazzleglasses quickly, I would expect these to go the same way. I didn’t really grasp why Dazzleglasses were priced so much higher than lipglasses when they were originally launched either, so please let me know if there’s some magic ingredient that hikes up the product cost (and yet not worth mentioning in advertising).

Cremesheen Lipsticks

  • Creme Cup is a medium-toned neutral pink. It’s pretty, and it’s brighter and pinker than a lipstick like Angel. It’s not quite as opaque as most other Cremesheens, but it has good color pay off compared to lusres and glazes.
  • Creme In Your Coffee is a deeper pink-mauve with brown tones to it. It’s a great way to try out a lipstick that’s more brown-based without going for something more obviously brown.
  • Lavender Whip is a pastel purple shade with a little bit of pink to it, but it’s pretty lilac-y to me. It has good color and pay off; and you bet, it does resemble Fashion Mews from Hello Kitty, but it’s not as light/pale nor as frosty.
  • Lickable is a bright hot pink with subtle sheen, not too much fuchsia in it either. It reminded me a bit of Girl About Town a little.
  • Hang Up is a subtle cranberry shade. It’s reddish without being a true red; it has enough berry tones to keep it dark.
  • Shy Girl is a stunning peach-nude color. I imagine it will be quite flattering on many different skin tones. I did find that this was the sheerest of the eight new (but permanent) Cremesheen lipsticks.
  • Spice Is Nice is a warm tan-brown shade, perhaps with a little rosiness to it. It’s not a shade I’d rock myself, but I know it would make a nice everyday shade for others.
  • Crosswires is a bold coral-red shade. It’s not an orange-based coral, for those who prefer that family of lipsticks. This is one of my favorite colors from the launch, even though it is a repromote.

Cremesheen Glass

  • Boy Bait is a mid-tone neutral pink (with almost a touch of peach in it).
  • Creme Anglaise is a berry-pink color.
  • Ever So Rich is a lilac-lavender shade, very sheer (so you better buy Lavender Whip if you want to emulate the promo photo!).
  • Fashion Scoop is a light, milky pink. It’s cooler, and it’s also much lighter than Boy Bait.
  • Looks Like Sin is a brownish-reddish color, but it’s obviously not a very red in color. This is the only one that bled into my skin (as you can see in the swatches). Despite being dark, the pigmentation is lacking when applied to my lips.
  • Melt In Your Mouth is a bright, springy shade of pink. It’s not hot pink, but it’s brighter than the other pink glosses in the launch, but it’s pinker than Creme Anglaise.
  • Partial to Pink is a warmer medium pink–more pop to it than Boy Bait–and it did seem a little more pigmented than the other choices from the swatch alone.
  • Petite Induglence is a fuchsia-pink, leaning very fuchsia and almost cool. It might pop in the swatch, but towards the edges, it sheered out and wasn’t giving me a ton of color.