MAC Cosmetics – Cool Heat Collection Review and Comparisons

OVERALL, Cool Heat is refreshing.  You have colors like Solar White and Warming Trend, which are easily suitable to anyone–neutral and color fans alike; but then you also have Warm Chill, which is a great introduction to color and Gulf Stream and Cool Heat for those who adore bright pops of color.  Climate Blue is a color that is both gorgeous and not one we see often–maybe once prior, if that.  I think I was most surprised by the slimshines, because they had much more color pay off than previous slimshines I’ve tried.  I also think that those who may find some of the eyeshadow colors too much, may find that the slimshines are much more up their alley.

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  • Solar White is a really pretty warmed up frosty white/highilghter kind of color, which is not nearly as close to Nylon or Phloof! as you’d imagine.  When you compare Nylon to Solar White, Solar White has more of a brown tinge to it rather than the yellow-gold that Nylon has.
  • Warming Trend is a smooth, buttery warm brown with gold sheen. If you’re a fan of Patina, Woodwinked, etc., this is definitely a shadow to consider.  On my hand, it’s not as easy to see, because my skintone is similar to it, but I can’t wait to use it in an actual look.
  • Warm Chill is a warmer minty green–it is not Juxt’s dupe, and I probably wouldn’t keep comparing the two.  They’re cousins at best.  Warm Chill has a lot of aqua to it, reminds me a bit of Aquavert (LE) with more green than aqua (Aquavert is more aqua than green).  The one I got a few days ago doesn’t give me the same level of payoff as the one in-store did (I don’t know if maybe I’m a heavy swatcher in-store vs. in-home).
  • Gulf Stream is a very pretty pop of teal that’s bright, but not over the top.  It actually reminds me a bit of Tease ‘n Teal (one of my favorite shadows by MAC) that came out in a holiday palette.  This is nothing like Shimmermoss (at least when I compared them on my skin tone), and the pay off is great.  The frost is low, so there is a lovely bit of sheen.  This one stands out a lot out of the seven.
  • Cool Heat is a velvety smooth blue with aqua undertones; it reminds me of Big T or A Bluer Blue, but perhaps with a better finish than Big T.  I did find this one a bit chalky, especially for a frost (I would have guessed a satin or velvet, actually).
  • Blue Flame is a gorgeous deep navy blue with nice sheen.  Yes, it is similar to Deep Truth–the difference is Blue Flame has more blue in it.  If you wanted to mix Freshwater with Deep Truth, you could get pretty close.  Those who have been unhappy with the finish/texture of Deep Truth may find Blue Flame easier to use (though I love Deep Truth and have no issues with it personally).
  • Climate Blue is a jeweltone color, very royal purple, with a little bit of shimmer.  This color is less like previous MAC colors, and the only one that I can recollect is actually Jeweltone, which was LE and released a couple of years ago or so.  With that said, it makes it one of the more unique colors out of the launch, and it is much harder to replicate using existing colors.  I don’t have problems with the texture, despite it being a bit chalky/soft, when I use it in actual looks.  It blends just fine for me!


  • Swelter is a reddish-pink, very fun and the brightest of the bunch.  I liked it for a really bold, summery lip; and I can always appreciate a slimshine with good color pay off.
  • By Degrees is a mauvey-pink color that’s more subdued than Swelter, but it still gives you a great amuont of color on lips.  It has this lovely golden sheen to it, too.
  • High 90s is my favorite, and I’m tempted to get a back-up of it, actually!  I’ll probably wait it out and hope that I can skip the backup, though.  Anyway, it is a great coral-pink with good color, but it isn’t over the top.  It makes the perfect summer lip for me.
  • Tropic Glow is a shimmery sheer pink, and compared to the previously mentioned three, it is much sheerer.  However, I don’t think it’s too sheer to the point where it wouldn’t give color to those with more pigmented lips.
  • Gentle Simmer is a sheer pale golden-pink color with subtle golden shimmer.  It is almost like a nude, but still with noticeable tones of pink and some gold sheen.  This would be great for those who like subtle lip color or as an everyday/on-the-go color.


  • Turquatic Heat is a very sophisticated scent–it reminds me of classy ladies having a luncheon together.  You can definitely note the amber and vanilla in it, especially once it dries down.  It is a scent I’d consider wearing myself, and I’m pretty picky with mine!