MAC Cosmetics – C-Shock Collection Review, Swatches, and Photos


Overall I know that there are/were so many people anticipating this collection because of how bright the colors appeared, and I think the majority will not be disappointed. All of the colors are absolutely gorgeous, and I really do like how they’re nont extremely similar to existing shadows. Now, the question of whether or not they’re similar to other existing MAC products is another story! The lipgelees seemed to have more pigmentation than normal, which I liked, because usually they’re far too sheer for me to get into. I’m surprised there was no nude/neutral lip in the collection, but those who missed out on Rocking Chick should check out Pomposity and/or Vivacious. The lipsticks were not that different from past launchces, but the collection has a good mix of hues.

What I purchased: Bang On Blue, Big T, Eyepopping, Fab & Flashy, Goin’ Bananas, Romping, and Wondergrass eyeshadows; Lil’ Sizzler lip gelee; and Overrich and Pomposity lipsticks.

Blast O’ Blue – This is a very pale shimmery blue color, so it isn’t an in-your-face opaque blue lipstick by any means, but it would give you plenty of blue undertones underneath any lipglass or lipstick. I imagine with the right lip primer or some foundation on lips to lighten them, the blue would show up a bit more.
Out To Shock – I wanted to like this color, because it’s this shimmery pearl pink when swatched, but I knew it would end up looking more like porn-star-pink with my skintone. It would be fine paired with certain lipglasses and whatnot, but by itself, never for me.
Overrich – Overrich is this gorgeous pink-coral color, and it’s just one of those colors that works really well with my skintone. It is ultra creamy, despite being a frost.
Pomposity – This reminded me of a brighter Pink Maribu or a plummy version of Rocker Chick.
Vivacious – I found Vivacious to be extremely similar to Rocking Chick or a sheerer version of Fashionably Fuchsia, so it is definitely gorgeous. I love how creamy it felt.

Lil’ Sizzler – A rich coral color in a high gloss formula and no stickiness; it seems fairly pigmented, too.
Mega – This immediately reminded me of a thicker Negligee lipglass (released with Lingerie), and I know that Negligee is great over tons of lipsticks, so don’t fear the purple lipgelee!
She-Boom! – This is what a gloss would look like if it was matte, I think…. It’s just very glossy without the shimmer. It seemed quite pigmented as well, which is good. I’m not a lip gelee fan in general, so I skipped it, though this would be on the list if I liked lipgelees!
Sugar Shock – This is similar to She-Boom!, but then it’s ultra sheer compared to the other three lipgelees. It’s a sheer medium pink with some shimmer.

Bang On Blue – A deep navy blue, but brighter–more intense–and it goes on quite pigmented without an overwhelming amount of shimmer. I can’t think of any existing product that really compares well with this one.
Big T – I would have to say that this color isn’t nearly so unique amongst the collection, because it does remind me a bit of Pompous Blue or Zonk Bleu!. They might not be exactly the same, but they are close enough that you could skip this color.
Eyepopping – Like Big T, this one instantly reminded me of previous MAC shadows: Bitter and Overgrown. I would say it is more like Overgrown than Bitter, because Bitter is flatter and more matte than Wondergrass. It’s a lovely color, but not overly unique. I’m also reminded of True Chartreuse pigment when I look at it.
Fab & Flashy – A shimmery medium orange without gold reflects, and it has such a smooth texture to it. This is close to Rule or Sunsplosion eyeshadows, though.
Going Bannas – If Chrome Yellow and Gold Dusk had a loveshadow together, Goin’ Bananas would be the result. The brightness of Chrome Yellow is there, but it isn’t so overwhelming. It has a good amount of gold in it, so there is shimmer in the finish.
Passionate – First, this is a repromote/permanent color, so I hope not everybody rushes out to get this one! I happened to already have it, because it is an intense reddish pink color with a near matte finish.
Romping – A better version of Hepcat/Plum Dressing, in my opinion, because it has great payoff without using any base. It also a healthy dose of shimmer, but it isn’t glittery. I just find it to be much smoother than the aforementioned offenders.
Wondergrass – This is a lovely green; a true medium green without being dark or too light. Think Swimming without the lustre finish, lots of shimmer, and so much more payoff. It does seem like a good dupe for Kelly Green pigment.

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