MAC Cosmetics - Antiquitease: Royal Assets & Heirlooms Review & Swatches

Overall, the palettes offer a little something for everybody, which I think is their ultimate purpose. MAC addicts are never as impressed with Holiday as the typical makeup consumer, who is far less knowledgeable on what products have come out, and they probably don’t own half the MAC store either (!). Palettes offer consumers a chance to pick up several shadows in an organized palette for $6 an eyeshadow (you know, a good deal!), and they also make excellent gifts for those who are not so beauty-addicted. The brush sets are the same way–take MAC brushes for a test drive without breaking the bank. Brush sets are usually machine-made versus man-made, but they are still quality brushes that are perfect for budget beauty mavens as well as for holiday travel.

Royal Assets: 6 Cool Eyes: I was tempted by this one just because of the incredibly lovely Queen’s Jewel (shimmery, deep purple) and Trophy Pink (bright medium pink). Shadowy Lady (deep brown), Silverwear (silver with pink undertones), Modern Heir (light purple, kind of like Stars ‘n Rockets), and Medallion (frosty cool pink, like Pink Freeze with better pay off) were not so persuasive. I might go back for this one, though!

Royal Assets: 6 Smokey Eyes: If you don’t have a smokey eye palette, you really should pick one up! This isn’t my favorite smokey eye palette put out by MAC, but it isn’t bad at all. There are plenty of new shadows in this, compared to last year’s palette (mostly permanent/repeat colors). Courtly Grey (greenish gray) is gorgeous, and I am reminded of the green from the Raquel Welch quad that came out awhile ago. Knight (gray-black with shimmer) is not a bad black, but I wasn’t too impressed with it. Majestic (warm brown) is a nice way to mix up the black smoky eye with a brown one, which is a nice bit to have. Rondelle (frosty silver), Maid of Honor (chalky gray-cream), and Palatial (flat gray) weren’t my favorites, though not bad to have if you don’t have similar colors already.

Royal Assets: 6 Warm Eyes: This is my least favorite palette because of the lack of new shadows in it; three colors are permanent, two are repromotes. Nobility (bronzy pink) is the only one that I don’t remember seeing before. Showstopper (matte deep brown) and Sunday Best (frosty white with pink undertones) are the repromotes. Club (duochrome brown-green), Star Violet (reddish purple), and Retrospeck (light bronze) are available any time you want.

Royal Assets: 6 Metallic Eyes: Going into Holiday, I felt like this was the palette I would like the most. Pictures weren’t too impressive, but I liked it better in person than what I’ve seen in the promotional photos. The vibrancy is really visible when you hold it in your hands. Creme Royale (creamy white-beige) is a nice highlight color, but nothing impressive; Honeylust (light bronze) is a permanent color, but I don’t have it so it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me. I loved Velvet Lady (I swear it should be named Stately Black, but based on my reading, it isn’t) is such a deep dark black with silver shimmer – it reminds me of Feline kohl power in intensity. Stately Black (dark blue-black) could be a fun color; a darker, more intense Deep Truth. Silver Fog (bright silver) is a lot like Rondelle, and I have Silver Fog pigment, which looks just like this, too, so that wasn’t too exciting. Manor (rich bronze) is ultra pretty, though perhaps easily replicated with Amber Lights.

Royal Assets: 3 Pink Lips: Courting Rose (pale pink-purple) is pretty, but it didn’t make me go “ooh, ahh” since I’ve seen it before. Ladyship (sheer cool medium pink) reminds me a lot of Sweetie, which I do love, but don’t need another of. I liked Reigning Pink (warmer medium pink with peach undertones) because it had good color pay off and the color would be flattering on most skintones.
Royal Assets: 3 Red Lips: I have to admit that Cardinal (bright red) caught my eye immediately, and I almost bought the palette just for that color. Glass Palace (light gold gloss) is pretty, but I doubt I’d really wear it. Media is a bit vampy for my taste, though it’s definitely one to consider, as it’s not terribly vampy – probably do-able for most!

Royal Assets: 3 Tan Lips: Pure Pomp (very light gold, sheer gloss) was all right, very holiday, but so sheer that it wouldn’t work well for me. Privee (medium antique gold) is incredibly gorgeous, but I’m not sure how well it would work on some complexions because it’s a bit brownish, though still warm. It reminded me of the Rushmetal lipsticks that came out (Soft Lust), without the overcoating. Sceptre (bronzy gold) is lovely, but the brownest out of the three – not sure how this would wear for most.

Royal Assets: 3 Coral Lips: Enchantress lipglass (peachy with pink undertones) is pretty, but it’s been out before, so only if you haven’t gotten it is it worth getting! Marquise d’ is a gorgeous medium-pink, and Princely is a brighter medium-pink, very subdued shimmer. Pretty but not essential!

Heirlooms: 4 Face Brushes: You get: 168SE, 187SE, 190SE, and 194SE. This is my favorite brush set they release, because the 168 is one of my all-time favorite brushes. The 187 is incredibly expensive on its own, and it is great for light-handed blush applications, mineralize skinfinishes, as well as even applying liquid foundation. The 190 is a good brush for general application of foundations and skin products. I also find the 194 to be a great way to put a bit of liquid foundation on different areas of my face so that I can take my 182 to buff it in thoroughly.

Heirlooms: 5 Eye Brushes: You get 209SE, 212SE, 217SE, 252SE, and 275SE. This is an okay set of brushes – not as usable for most people. I just find that a lot of these are single-purposes brushes whereas the other two sets give you a full range of application choices to do.

Heirlooms: Basic Brush Set: You get 129SE, 219SE, 239SE, 266SE, & 316SE. This is the ultimate brush set to get for any new beauty addict. The 219 is excellent for subtle work and lining eyes with shadow. The 266 is by far one of the best brushes to use for lining (including using with fluidlines); it’s also an incredibe brow filling brush. The 316 is useful for more precise lipstick and gloss application, which is helpful. The 239 is a great all over shadow brush for blending, application, etc.

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My sentiments exactly on Cool Eyes! I hope someone depots it down the road because I would snatch up Queen’s Jewel in a second. The rest of the colours are hideous! Yikes. Too many perm colours in Warm Eyes, I agree. That’s the first thing that came to mind. I guess if you’re a huge fan of all those colours, it might be worth it… but even then, how long would it last? The Smokey Eyes colours look so dull (minus Courtley Grey, that colour is beautiful)! I was really looking forward to it but all of the colours are so light. I’ve heard several people say now that the colours just aren’t dark enough for a real smokey eye. Oh, well. I only planned on getting Metallic Eyes and it looks like you’ve confirmed it for me, so thank you. ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh, I know, right? It would be most excellent! Same here, when I read the info before the launch, I was like, oh, so a palette of perms? Pass!

No prob, Skyler!

I only picked up the Metallic Eyes palette. I have most of the brushes in full size that I’d want, and I already have the face set from last year.

I can’t think of any MAC colors, and I’m not overly familiar with other brands to be of much help unfortunately! I’m trying to learn, though!

I ran off with the eye brush bag. It may be specialized, but since I have some version of everthing else it works for me.

Also, I wasn’t as WOWed by the pallets as I thought I’d be. Like you said earlier though, those owning half the MAC store likely wouldn’t be. I eagerly await the next phase. The pigmnent sets look promising….

This is GREAT!!!

One daunting thing about getting started with this stuff is that some of the looks seem difficult to a (relative) beginner like me. I can do natural stuff and I can do the stuff Carmindy does on What Not to Wear, but that’s my limitation.

I just found your site so I’m going to search through some more, however, if you haven’t already it would be really cool to see tutorials done with minimal product or products that can be bought in a case together all at once…to get budget conscious people who aren’t sure they can do it right started. (LOL. Me.)


Hey! I’ll try to do a tutorial with a few products, though I generally don’t do makeup (or even a tutorial) with a plan. I just go!

I do try to give detailed descriptions of the colors and/or take photos of the products. I am always happy to recommend or minimize the product list for you, too ๐Ÿ™‚

Definitely agree with the reviews of the palettes. When you have at least a couple of the eyeshadows and the rest are pretty much dupe-able, I didn’t buy any of them. The Viva Glamorous looked amazing (the case! red! ooohhh) but I am still on the fence. I ended up only walking away with the Keepsake set.

I find holiday sets are great to give as gifts or for people new to MAC. I passed on Keepsake because I have it all already, LOL.

Well these surely weren’t as exciting as I thought they would be. I thought I was going to want tons of stuff, but now I’m only thinking about getting the cool eyes palette and one of the viva glam palettes. The rest of it looks like stuff I already have :/ Oh well, less money on makeup, more for other crap, haha.

Update correction: My male companion brought me to MAC and got me the metallic pallet, cool VIVA glam set and pink lip set. Apparently the fate of the world rested on me having more makeup…

Who am I to argue with saving the world?

I am disappointed in the warm palette because I already have three of the shades and I reeeallly want Sunday Best, but I just can’t justify it. Boo.

Did you have a chance to feel the brushes in the eye brush set? I’m just wondering how they compare to the full size in stiffness wise.

Ooh, also which Viva Glam palette do you have swatched on your hand up there? You totally convinced me to check out the coral palette, it looks gorgeous!

Awww! I lot of people want Sunday Best ๐Ÿ™

They felt good when I played with them. I felt like these might even be better quality than last year’s!

I don’t remember, LOL. I swatched the Viva Glam palette last minute.

I think the sets are beautiful. I bought the Metallic eyes, Coral & Pink lip palettes. Can’t wait for the Finery lip sets! I did pass on the brush set this time…i heard they were a little stiff. Wanted the warm set too, but already had 4 of the colors in it…disappointing.

Awesome!! I’m glad you’re really liking the holiday stuff. I love the travel brushes personally – they felt really soft to me!

i got cool eyes and metallics from the palettes! I also got viva glam cool but immediatly didn’t like it but atnoeast it went for a good cause! do you think there’s a dupe for trophy pink?

The cases in photos always looked so shiny, but when I checked it out today, it was kinda dull. And I couldn’t afford anything else after buying the brushes for 70 dollars..

Great reviews! After seeing the collection in person, I decided not to get any of it, seeing as I already have some of the existing colours, and I don’t feel like paying extra for shades I might never use. Such a shame though, cause the casing is to die for!

On the other hand, I managed to get my hands on a shade of Moth Brown from the Barbie Loves MAC collection – FINALLY ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi Christine, since I am new with Mac I’m a little confused with the palettes. I have brown eyes, dark brown hair, medium skin (Nc20). Which do you think I should choose?

Hi Jenny! Honestly, ANY of the palettes can work for you! I would say pick up the smokey eye one, because it’s a great way to achieve the smokey eye with little fuss. I also love the Metallic one personally, but I would probably advise getting the warm palette for you.

I purchased the Cool Eyes and the Smokey Eye sets as gifts for my newly MAC addicted friends. I ended up with one extra Smokey Eye set so I kept it for myself. I rarely use it, unless I am traveling and want the neutral colours all together with a mirror. It is hard, however, to do a real smokey eye with the colours they put in! It does have a nice fancy case though… I’ll give them that lol.

Awww this review makes me feel so sad. I just swapped for the Cool Eyes and I love it. Jewel tones are my thing. I’m a makeup addict, but not a MAC addict so maybe that’s why.

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