MAC Cosmetics – Antiquitease Collection Review

Overall, I liked a few things from Antiquitease, and of course, I loved all of the names of the products. I found that there were a few standout items that I was instantly drawn to (Uppity, Gold Veneer, Majestic, Engaging), a few I liked enough to want to buy, but not head-over-heels-in-love (Queen’s Sin, Red Romp, Mi’lady), and of course, a few items that just aren’t my personal taste. I liked the pigments well enough, with Sweet Sienna being my favorite out of the three. I feel like this is a pretty good mix of products that will appeal to the population enough so that everybody should find one or two things to take home with them!

For detailed reviews of individual products released, keep reading.


  • Antiquitease is a rich coppery brown, very pretty, but I think most will find it works best with a tinted lipglass on top, as it may be too warm for some, and too brown for others.
  • Budding Lust is a lovely plummy color with a very sheer consistency. I would have thought this (along with Gilty Kiss and Her Fancy) were lustres from their sheerness and texture.
  • Gilty Kiss is an incredibly sheer nude – I could never pull this one off because my lips wouldn’t see any change in color other than a slight shimmer/sheen from the product.
  • Her Fancy is also a very sheer frost, only pink hued. Just like Gilty Kiss, my lips are too pigmented to find this one worth adding to my collection. It looks lovely, but I’d have to really prep and prime my lips to even get a hint of the color to show.
  • Queen’s Sin is one of the most lovely shades of red I’ve seen lately. It’s just a gorgeous scarlet with a touch of copper undertones (at least when I swatched it).


  • Corsette is a cool brown with lots of shimmer; it sort of reminds me of Reflects Antique Gold (ha!) when mixed with clear gloss. A bit dark for me, but I’m sure over a lighter lip, it’ll sheer out and look lovely.
  • Majestic is a darling nude gloss, and I’m really loving it – it has the perfect mix of opacity, shimmer, and color.
  • Red Romp is a vibrant, deep red hue, which makes it a sure sell-out for this holiday season. I really loved the color, but I am reminded a bit of Check, Please lipglass, just a touch lighter.
  • Trifle is a more typical light pink, very cool, though, which might make it a great match as many of the pink glosses to come out are warmer.

Mineralize Eyeshadows

  • Earthly Riches is a great smokey eye duo! Deep dirty purple with gorgeous reflects set next to a soft black. I like that it isn’t a rich, dark black like Carbon eyeshadow, but softer and less intense (but still pigmented).
  • Engaging is one I liked a lot, because it was just a good combination of a light pinkish white and a warm bronzey copper. Not the most original shades, but I found it to look quite pretty swatched. The bronze is reminiscent of Amber Lights eyeshadow.
  • Family Silver reminded me of Silver Fog pigment (bright silver) and Silver pigment (darker silver) – and since Silver pigment is discontinued, this makes a fine substitute. You could probably dupe the darker silver side of the duo with Silver Ring eyeshadow.
  • Mi’ Lady is obviously the most eye-catching of the shadows, with the bright purple and red. I found the red to be a touch too coppery to be a true-red like I was really hoping. It’s quite close, though, and it does resemble Violet pigment. The purple is gorgeous, and it is quite well pigmented, which makes this a worthwhile purchase.
  • Silversmith is a navy/silver duo, where the navy is much like a dirty navy with silver shimmer, whereas the silver is dirtied by navy shimmer.


  • Gold Stroke reminded of Maroon pigment a bit when I swatched it; a bit more brown than red-purple, and still a great color to use for fall and winter looks.
  • Sweet Sienna is my favorite out of the three new pigments launched. It is a lovely green-gold color, very antique looking in hue, and it has these gorgeous chunks of copperish shimmer.
  • Your Ladyship has a great texture, very smooth, and makes a lovely highlighter color. It’s mostly white, with reflects of gold shimmer.


  • Blacktrack is a great black liner, and as it is a permanent color, you have all the time in the world to get it.
  • Uppity is such a gorgeous true gold color that made me fall in love with it right off the bat. Really creamy and easy to smooth out, and very pigmented. I fully endorse this one, even though I’m not particularly sure what I’m going to do with it!

Nail Lacquers

  • Gold Veneer is very similar to Uppity – true gold, creamy formula, and very high sheen. I love polishes, and in gold? Oh, heavenly. Touch of antique gold as an undertone, but mostly a bright shiny gold.
  • Vestral White is a creamy, thick white polish. I’ve never done all-white nails (is this even acceptable?! ha), but this might encourage me to try.