MAC Colour Craft Collection Review – Part 1

Fashion Patch Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Colour Craft Collection Review – Part 1

OVERALL, the mineralize eyeshadow quads seem to have smoother, softer textures with more pigmented shades compared to previous mineralize eyeshdaow releases. Every year, mineralize collections sucker me in, even though I’ve never been a huge fan of the product line-up (particularly eyeshadows). This year is no different — lots of shades and combinations to choose from, with many wearable shades. There’s no instant-grab-your-attention-color like Sea & Sky, but the majority of the mineralize eyeshadows seem perfect for summer-wear.


Colour Craft: Colour | Official Information/Promo Photos
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Temptalia Product Photos (Eyeshadows, Lipglasses, Lipsticks)
Temptalia Product Photos (Blushes and Mineralize Skinfinishes)

The lipglasses were far more pigmented than spring’s Sugarsweet lipglasses were, though they’re not ultra opaque glosses either–just in case you thought they were. They’re semi-sheer glosses with some running sheerer and others feeling more opaque. The texture is similar to Sugarsweet lipglasses, which was semi-thin and not as sticky as traditional lipglass. I will never understand the increased prices on these, as regular lipglass is $14.00 for 0.17 oz. while these are $18.00 for 0.16 oz. The packaging holds fingerprints, it’s sharp, and the marbelized effect is a novelty (it doesn’t feel like it’s very functional). The lipsticks offered a good range of shades, and there are a few shades we haven’t seen before/not often, and that is always a welcome addition!

P.S. – This review is broken up into two parts, just because there is SO much to read and digest. I don’t want to get a bunch of tl;dr comments 😉 The blushes/skinfinishes and brushes are up next!

Temptalia Recommendations

Must-Haves: Natural Flare, Fashion Patch mineralize eyeshadows; Eclectic Edge, Funky Fusion lipglasses; Madly Creative lipstick

Nice-to-Haves: Assemblage, Girlish Romp mineralize eyeshadows; Crazy Haute lipglass; Colour Crafted, Trimming Talk lipsticks

Skip: Odd Bits mineralize eyeshadow; Pretty Pattern lipglass

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Assemblage Mineralize Eyeshdaow

Mineralize Eyeshadow ($19.50 U.S./$23.50 CDN)

  • Assemblage is a pinwheel featuring a bright silvery-white, pewter-gray, rich black with silver glitter, and a pale yellow gold. Each one has shimmer and sheen, and they feel smooth when swatched. I found only the black color to have a bit of a gritty glitter to it while the other three shades were smooth.
  • Eccentricity is a combination of a warm-toned yellow gold, soft silver-sheened lilac, warm mid-tone bronze, and a violet with soft sheen. The violet shade reminds me of Violet pigment, while the bronze shade reminds of long ago Elite eyeshadow. I didn’t find the yellow or lilac to be as pigmented as I’d like; they were a bit more on the sheerer side.
  • Fashion Patch is a quad of soft sky blue with aqua-green sheen, pale white-gold, soft silvery pink, and rich black with silver glitter. The black is/feels the same as the black shade from Assemblage as far as I’m concerned. All of the shades in this eyeshadow felt smooth and soft, and they had a soft sheen, with the black shade as an exception with more of a glittery finish than a soft sheen finish. The blue reminded me of a softer Parrot eyeshadow, while the white-gold seems like a golder Nylon. The pink reminded me of Pink Freeze eyeshadow.
  • Girlish Romp is a pinwheel of soft melon-y gold, soft bronze, medium pink with slight cool tones, and a silvery-pink. The silvery-pink shade reminded me of the light pink from Fashion Patch, though this one seemed a bit more pigmented. Again, it seems similar to Pink Freeze eyeshadow. The melon-gold was a bit on the sheer side, while the other three shades were smoother and more pigmented.
  • Natural Flare is a quad featuring a coppery-bronze, bright orange-gold, deep chocolate brown, and a soft, dirty gold. This one stood out the most for me, and being so warm-toned, instantly drew me in. The coppery shade is kind of like Amber Lights, perhaps a bit more bronze, and not as frosty. The brighter orange-gold shade doesn’t remind me of any permanent shades, which is always a good thing. The dark brown reminds me of a more matte version of Bronze eyeshadow. The soft gold shdae was fairly sheer and a bit gritty — not a winner for me.
  • Odd Bits is a smattering of medium-tone gray with silver sheen, soft opalescent pink, burgundy-brown with pink sheen, and warm-toned copper brown. This was my least favorite of the six, just because the shades were all a bit odd together (hence the name, I guess?). I also found the pink and coppery shades to be a bit on the sheerer side, and the copper one felt gritty rather than smooth like most other shades. The gray reminded me of a softer Silver Ring.

Eccentricity Mineralize Eyeshadow

Fashion Patch Mineralize Eyeshadow

Girlish Romp Mineralize Eyeshadow

Natural Flare Mineralize Eyeshadow

Odd Bits Mineralize Eyeshadow

Lipglass ($18.00 U.S./$21.00 CDN)

  • Crazy Haute is a deep pink-berry with gold and purple shimmer. It’s not sheer like the Sugarsweet lipglasses, but it’s not as thick as traditional lipglass.
  • Eclectic Edge is a bright purple-pink with multicolored shimmer with an emphasis of silver-violet shimmer. This reminded me of a lipgloss by Calvin Klein, actually, just with more shimmer. It seemed fairly opaque, but as a gloss, it will not show up exactly as swatched for those with more pigmented lips.
  • Funky Fusion is a bright pop of pinky-red with just a little bit of coral. It has silvery-pink shimmer laced throughout.
  • Miss Marble is a subdued, melon-y pink with golden shimmer. Against the other five, it looks a bit on the dull side.
  • Nice Mix Up is a coppery-orange base with golden-yellow shimmer. It’s like a much more opaque version of Nice To Be Nice from Hello Kitty. Maybe a bit browner, too.
  • Pretty Pattern is a subdued, dirty mauvey-brown. It has pink-fuchsia shimmer, but like Miss Marble, it feels and looks a lot more subdued. It also felt and looked creamier than some of the other lipglasses from this launch.

Crazy Haute, Electic Edge, Funky Fusion, Miss Marble Lipglasses
Nice Mix Up, Pretty Pattern Lipglasses; Colour Crafted, Ever Embellish, Made With Love Lipsticks
Madly Creative, Most Popular, Trimming Talk

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN)

  • Colour Crafted is a light but slightly bright pastel pink with soft golden-pink sheen. It’s like a more wearable, pinker version of Saint Germain lipstick. It is also sheerer than Saint Germain and not as cool-toned.
  • Ever Embellish is a brownish-copper with reddish shimmer and gold sheen. It’s semi-sheer, so those with paler lips will find this to give them better pay off than those with more pigmented lips. The color feels more like a “fall” color to me.
  • Made With Love is a semi-sheer pink with just a bit of coral to it. It has pink and gold shimmer with a soft sheen. I thought this would run a little more coral, but it came out fairly pink.
  • Madly Creative is a bronzy-mauve with a bit of pinkiness. It has a golden sheen and more of a frost finish than lots of shimmer. I liked this one because it felt more unique to me.
  • Most Popular is a subdued raspberry with soft sheen and a semi-frosty finish. It doesn’t seem the same as the Most Popular from Hello Kitty – it feels sheerer/lighter.
  • Trimming Talk is a mostly opaque bright fuchsia-berry. It’s not an ultra hot pink, but it still has a lot of brightness to it. It has a frosty appearance, and it seems like it will go on fairly opaque for most.