MAC By Request Collection for Spring 2014

You voted. We listened. M•A•C By Request is back for a second year! What’s old is new again, and the most beloved shades from the 90s and 2000s have returned for an encore performance. M•A•C is bringing back highly-requested retro-classic, long-lost lipsticks and eye shadows. Starting on July 8th— vote on Facebook for your favorite shades and the six (3 lipsticks and 3 shadows) with most votes will return in Spring 2014. Exclusively Online.


  • Glam Vivid, bright pinky-red (Matte) (Viva Glam, 1992)
  • Hoop Mid-tone rosy-pink (Matte) (Le Groove Colour, 1991)
  • Rozz Watermelon reddish pink (Matte) (Circa Pre-1990)
  • Tomango Bright reddish orange (Matte) (Circa Pre-1990)
  • Flavour Soft, muted peachy-pink (Satin) (Freedom Colour Additions , 1994)
  • Pink Poodle Vivid, fuchsia-pink (Glaze) (Valentine’s Day Collection, 2000)


  • Ashbury Matte taupe grey (Matte) (M•A•C Mod, 1990)
  • Butterscotch Matte warm beige (Matte) (Circa Pre-1990)
  • Chill Soft white with shimmer (Satin) (Le Groove Colour, 1991)
  • Diesel Cool grey frost (Frost) (Freedom Colour Additions, 1994)
  • Fiction Muted green with shimmer (Frost) (Colour Abstractions/Additions, 1997)

Did any of your old favorites make the cut? How are you feeling about the potential comeback shades? What will you be voting for?

See more photos!


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Yellowlantern Avatar

It’s interesting how this year’s By Request features a lot of products that are over 20 years old while last year’s By Request had mostly products that were less than 5 years old.

Christine Avatar

I know when I asked, they said they specifically wanted to really far back in history. I was really surprised to see the eyeshadow selection – so many old (as far as I know of, so not the oldest) shades like Theme, Phase, Riot, Scheme, Stomp, Atlas, Dream… I remember people wanting to collect those shades.

elka Avatar

I have been requesting Glam for years. Both online CS and at counters. Mainly looking for a dupe. It might be a boring old red easily dupable to many but on me it was the perfect red. I have yet to find another red lipstick I like as much. Of course memory might be making it better than it was but to be honest I wore it every day for years. I didn’t need another lipstick. Now I have close to 100 red lipsticks and I don’t wear any of them 2 days in a row. But Glam~ Glam made me happy and I wore it over an over and over neglecting all other colors.

fabiola Avatar

I completely agree, I don’t see anything familiar that would make them to be requested. I think pink poodle is the only thing that catches my attention, but not so much to make me vote.

Megan Avatar

These are pretty lame. They have had much more popular shades recently that people would rather have. I mean Heroin sold out really fast. I think they should’ve done recent products. The people who bought these lipsticks pre 90s may not be buying MAC as much any more. I just think these are easily dupeable colors. Not impressed.

ana freire Avatar

I agree. There are so many other pretty colors that sold out really fast and are still in high demand that they could have put in. And maybe a more statement color, not so plain.

Marieke Avatar

I like the idea of voting for your favourites to come back but most of these are older than I am! Memories? No. If MAC would really like to listen to requests, they would have restocked some more recent LE’s. They must be able to track down which products were a real hit. Or maybe even popular discontinued shades…

ana freire Avatar

Right? Like bring back Heatherette, Fafi, and Wonder Woman!!! Those are amazing in not only packaging, but color payoff. Those Wonder Woman powders are amazing!

fiaspice Avatar

It would be better if we could actually say the shade we want and then they narrow now for the vote. One of my favorite lipstick was LE (Drive me Wild) and I wish it would be back so I could buy back upstons of it!

Mae-Gwynne Avatar

Am I the only one who was really hoping Folio might make the cut this year? I love me some 90’s grey corpse lip action.

stacey Avatar

Ha Ha. Funny back when I was a poor student with a school loan to carried. I bought Folio and Taupe lipstick. I still have Folio in the refrigerator. That goth corpse look was the trend.

Tammy Avatar

I think it’s great that they are reaching back further in time. Someone had made a comment that a lot of the people that had purchased these lipsticks pre-90’s might not be buying as much MAC anymore. That couldn’t be further from the truth! I work for a cosmetics company. It’s the middle-aged crowd that spends a nice chunk of change on makeup.

I think it’s great that they are thinking about their loyal customers that have been around for quite a few years, in giving them the opportunity to purchase an item that they probably kicked themselves for not getting years ago!

For the younger generation out there who might not have been around for the first go round, here’s a wonderful opportunity to get your hands on some fabulous products that have been sorely missed by longstanding MAC addicts worldwide!

Anne-Laure Avatar

Tanks à lot to you! those previous comments made me feel so old ! But I’m only 40 next month, and in the 90’s, when I first entered a MAC store, I was in collège, and not able to spend that much money on cosmetics. I now wear and buy much more than when I was 20!

stacey Avatar

Yep. That’s me. I am that middle aged crowd that spends my money on makeup. Just bought over $300.00 of Addiction makeup from Japan. Marked up big time…but that marked up is cheaper than if I were to fly to Japan and spend time in a hotel just for buying makeup. Next to Guerlain, Japanese brands have the most gorgeous packaging.

MAC has great promo/ advertisement…the products just doesnt live up to the ads.
Us old ladies bought MAC BEFORE Estee Lauder acquired it….the good ole times of MAC

Jax Avatar

Me too, I’ve just hit 40 and bought the odd bit of MAC as a treat when I was in Uni, mainly because there were no stores/concessions near me.

Now I buy everything from high end to drug store depending on what catches my eye, including MAC. As I generally drop £100+ ($150+) in a go appealing to our age range is no bad thing.

Angie Avatar

I don’t get how the by request program works exactly. Does mac make all the stuff and give you a chance to buy? Or do you vote for one thing ?

Christine Avatar

Hi Angie,

MAC curates a list of shades, then customers vote on which ones actually make it into production for a limited edition release. Since they’re bringing shades back from long ago, they do make samples/product of the shades they’re putting on the list even if not all will make it – I imagine that they need to ensure they can replicate the color, texture, etc.

Stephanie Avatar

Eeehhhhhhh I’ll vote on pink poodle but the rest are a total pass for me…I used to have pink poodle back in like 2005 and it was an ok color, I only got it bc rates what reese witherspoon wore in legally blonde as elle woods lol

LuLu Avatar

I wish Relic lipstick had made the cut. It was my favorite go to lipstick as a 16 year old. I actually went through 3 tubes before they discontinued it. It was all I wore on a daily basis.

Michelle Avatar

I know it’s not that old, but I’m still waiting for my literally all time favorite lipstick Lazy Day to make a come back!!! None of these colors interest me much 🙁

Linda Ruquet Avatar

Oh how I can remember visiting Nordstrom’s and slowly building my MAC collection, those were the good old days when the quality of their products was much better than they are now. I think I probably had all the eye shadows definitely had Hoop & Flavour lipstick. Remember girls these were the it colors back then, they were staples in your makeup bag. I’m feeling a little older right now! Lol.

Eve Avatar

I was about 10 when many of these were originally released so I’m excited about seeing these. However does anyone have swatches of any of these to see, I also see many dupable shades here.

NinjaGlamour Avatar

Seriously MAC? I can’t believe demand would be so high for completely dupe-able shades like matte beige, greige, coral, orange red, bright pink and taupe. Nothing new or exciting here, really.

Despite this, I do have some lovely nostalgic feelings for Glam, admittedly 🙂

Shrutilaya Avatar

I think this is brilliant! Even though I wasn’t born when most of these shades were released, its wonderful to see the colours that were popular during a certain time period.
Cannot wait to vote!

Anne-Laure Avatar

Hoop and flavour look nice, but… just nice! Nothing to die for, all shades already seen except pour Glam! I think it’s the only iconic item worth voting for…
The eyeshadows are just dull, sad neutral shades, I don’t like any of them.

Why, with so many beautful LE shades, did they com out with such a terrible selection, for SPRING?!
I don’t get it…

@Christine: after reading your description of Glam, I was wondering if it could compare to Guerlain Le Rouge in the shade Gina? It also is a blueish bright red…

Charlotte Avatar

Gosh when these came out I was still trying to steal my mums make-up and hadn’t started buying for myself. I love that these are from many years ago that most of us have never seen before. However I don’t understand why these eye shadows shades are very autumnal but we are voting for them in summer, to be released in next Spring. Too much greige and not enough colour!

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