MAC Brunette, Blonde, Redhead Swatches

Left to Right: Femme-fi, Pincurl, Knight, Henna, Deep Shade

Swatches for all of the products from BBR! (Updated 1/8/09)  See more swatches…

Left to Right: Flip, French Cuff, 100 Strokes, Top Knot

Brunette MSF

Blonde MSF

Redhead MSF

Redhead MSF swirled on the far right

Left to Right: Live & Dye, Peroxide, Red Devil, Strawberry Blonde, Soft Wave

Quick Tease

Left to Right: All’s Fair, B-Babe, Blow Dry, Chignon; Row 2: Marquise d’, What A Do!

(Same as above, just different lighting.)