MAC Bloggers' Obsessions: Jealousy Wakes Comparison Swatches

MAC One-Off, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Emerald Green, MAC Gulf Stream

MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions: Jealousy Wakes Comparison Swatches

Now, I have no problems comparing Jealousy Wakes to other products, because it’s the shade I created and it doesn’t bother me to share comparisons with all of you. Β Part of me hoped to find something comparable, but the other part wanted to find nothing, just because that was the whole point! πŸ™‚

  • MAC One-Off is more of a green–it has a stronger yellow undertone, less teal/blue (this shade was limited edition).
  • MAC Emerald Green is significantly yellower. This was one of the inspiration pieces for Jealousy Wakes, but I knew I wanted something with less yellow. This is a PRO pigment (and one of my favorites!).
  • MAC Gulf Stream is a blue-teal, so it doesn’t end up being comparable–it almost seemed like it would be when I saw it in the pan. Β This was limited edition.
  • Urban Decay Graffiti is a much lighter, brighter green with a yellow undertone. Would be pretty with Jealousy Wakes!
  • MAC Humid is really nothing like it, but I had a few readers ask how close it was.
  • MAC Shimmermoss ends up looking so much bluer compared to all the green shades. Again, not at all comparable!

I haven’t tried it, but you may be able to get rather close with MAC Teal and Emerald Green pigments – a little mix of both just might get you there. Β I’ll play around with it later on this week to see.

See comparison swatches!

MAC One-Off, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Emerald Green, MAC Gulf Stream,
Urban Decay Graffiti, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Humid, MAC Shimmermoss

MAC One-Off, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Emerald Green, MAC Gulf Stream

Urban Decay Graffiti, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Humid, MAC Shimmermoss

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I don’t have anything side-by-side (and I actually swatched the two together when Surf USA came out for my own curiosity, and thankfully, they weren’t dupes) – but you can drag them side-by-side in the Swatch Gallery –

You’ll notice that Surf USA is much bluer – it’s more of a teal and has cooler undertones.

Jealousy Wakes will be my first MAC shadow! I’ve been dying to get Humid but just haven’t gotten around to it but seeing Emerald Green pigment, I want that soooo much more!

And that is why I always refer back to you because you’re so honest. I wonder if the other girls are providing comparison swatches to their product.

I’m too old and set in my neutral ways to wear this green, but wow… you did a hell of a job! Congratulations – it really is absolutely beautiful.

Jealousy Wakes is kickass! The fact that it’s bluer-toned for cool skin cinches it for me. I live for jewel-tones–thanks, Christine, for creating something totally unique from any shade of green I’ve ever owned.

I think jewel-tones look SO good on both cool/warm (and I think teals are super pretty on warmer skin, even though they’re blue-based typically), but I KNEW that yellow-based greens don’t always rock on cooler skin tones so I really wanted to find that happy medium, lol!

It is SO beautiful, seriously :3 But it sucks being unable to buy it, since I’m a spaniard living in her country; we europeans folks had poor luck with this D: Anyhow I had to say it: LOVE it!

Christine, the eye shadow you designed is probably the most incredible shade I have ever seen. Do you think it’ll be available outside the US? Cause I would LOVE to get my hands on it, sooo beautiful.

It’s U.S./Canada – last I asked (which was a couple weeks ago), they said no plans for international distribution πŸ™

boo, that sucks. Gonna have to ask friends in the US to get it for me then ship it to the uk hahaha I will get it though, too pretty not to own it! Plus you designed it, makes it extra special πŸ™‚

you don’t have to answer this but is JW completely smooth? there seems to be some particles in the swatches and i’m wondering if that would translate to fall out?

It’s not the smoothest eyeshadow of all time (I wouldn’t say it’s chunky or anything, I would say it’s smooth overall), but I’ve used it several times with no fall out — I wouldn’t put up with fall out. I think the way the gold and teal shimmer lay in it may make the gold pop out a little more. The swatch in the regular swatch/photo post is close-up and larger than the swatch was in real life, and you can see the texture best there (where it looks quite smooth).

thanks for replying! i know things can be different in swatches as opposed to on the eye which is why i asked. i can’t wait to get it!

Wow, Gulf Stream is really pretty. I’m sad I missed out on it but I am holding my breath (figuratively, of course) for Jealousy Wakes (and I just LOVE that name!)

Jealousy Wakes looks incredible! You did such a good job on that color. I agree it looks great with Graffiti, it’s one of my all-time faves from UD.

This is so exciting! And it’s a perfect idea – Beauty Bloggers designing colours for MAC? Genius. They should do it every year with different bloggers!

My prediction is that Jealousy Wakes is going to be the bestseller out of the eyeshadows, and that sparkly red (I’ve forgotten what it’s called) will be the bestseller out of the lip glosses. You did a great job with this one, Christine!

I can’t get the gallery to work on my phone cause I think my phone is acting up so I was wondering if you could answer the following…. Are jealousy wakes, surf USA and mega metal odalisque different enough to warrant owning all three? Thanks

I’m definitely going to have to wear Jealousy Wakes with Graffiti. Maybe Jealousy Wakes on the lid with Graffiti on the inner third, and UD Loaded in the crease? Yeah, I must make this happen.
Seeing it next to all these other greens (which are lovely in their own right) really puts into perspective how unique your shadow is. I already wanted it–now I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need to buy a backup. It appeals to me THAT much.

Well, it’s hard to imagine anyone going through a whole pot of brick red shimmer, but I bought a backup of UD Gash from Hautelook once–I was terrified its appearance there meant they were considering discontinuing it.
And I honestly think I could go through a whole pot of Jealousy Wakes in a lifetime. Mmhm.

Well, I feel like a ‘tard. I looked at the full photo, quickly scanned the caption to make sure #2 was JW, and thought to myself “man, #6 looks just like JW!” Then I finished reading the caption to find out it’s because it is JW!! Lol, I’m toooo excited. I woke up to a start yesterday thinking the 16th was the day.

It just came into my head, honestly. It happened when I was writing the color story for the April Fool’s joke for MAC for Temptalia, and it popped into my head as a name, loved it, and there it was. It wasn’t even for something green-based in the fake color story, lol! But when I was thinking about what colors MAC hasn’t done 813247243 times, emerald green kept creeping up, and I wanted to steal a name from the fake color story (it seemed so appropriate!), Jealousy Wakes was a slam dunk.

You outdid yourself, Christine. I must say that JW has a richness and depth that I haven’t quite seen before. It’s a complex color but it sort of reminds me of a peacock feather.

To me, your Jealousy Wakes is much closer to what I think of when you say Emerald Green than MAC’s own design of Emerald Green.

I would absolutely wear JW in the winter, personally. I’m not a great big big color wearerer but I get around enough to feel like this would be appropriate for my age, my lifestyle, and my make up application skill level(38, stay at home Mom/parent volunteer, moderately skilled). Fantastic job Christine. You really could be a color consultant or designer.

I don’t have it, so I can’t compare! I tried to Google, and some photos made it seem teal/turquoise, others greener, and then swatches were equally all over the map.

I am always on the search for the perfect emerald green eyeshadows and liners, and yours is so rich and gorgeous! I wish I was able to own it… Maybe temptalia readers in the US could help other readers worldwide getting it? I know I’d help if a product launched in Europe only..

I’ve always and forever been on the look out for the most perfect emerald and I have to congratulate you for creating just that! What an accomplishment having deisgned a product under the Mac brand πŸ™‚ I just hope I can get my hands on it!

Christine, two questions. First, are these Bloggers’ Obessions products ONLY online? I hate that…I really do like to SEE the products (I’d have bought MAC’s Groundcover and been unhappy with it, had I not tried it in-store first).
Also – and perhaps you’re not really allowed to answer this – but how do they make the different eyeshadow finishes? What makes something “velux pearl” rather than “lustre”, for example? Could something like Greensmoke be remade into a VP without any change to the colour? I’m must fascinated by the process.

It’s only online.

I only know how they make frost/veluxe pearl really, since those were the only finishes we were looking at (mostly VP). I don’t know the ingredient names (and if I did, those I couldn’t share!), but I believe that for veluxe pearls, a lot of it is based on the type of shimmer – or the pearl – included in it, whereas a lustre would obviously have much chunkier shimmer/glitter. They probably vary the percentages of certain ingredients, e.g. pigment in a lustre is probably a lot less than a VP or matte, because the payoff isn’t supposed to be super intense.

Very nicely done Christine. I bet that was quite an experience creating your own shade – I’m quite proud of you! How exciting! I love your color as it has just the right amount of teal and green. I’ll buy it to support your creativity and plus I love the color! You get a huge “atta girl”. Yay!

I’m just dying to put this on my lower lashline! Ok I have to play devil’s advocate a little.

I TOTALLY understand your reasons for not wanting to review this collection. No matter how objective you are, people will think you’re not being honest because of your involvement. However, this is an online only release which means that there’s no opportunity for readers to swatch and form their own opinions before making a purchase. The fear of sell out means that there isn’t any time to sit around waiting for other people’s swatches and opinions. Is there any compromise? Maybe you could comment about color pay off?

I’m just afraid that I’m going to have to stalk the mac website, order everything and return whatever I don’t like.

I provided color descriptions, photos, and swatches – you should be able to judge color payoff from swatches alone. You can’t hide poor color payoff. I’m not reviewing it, and I’m not budging on this. Talking about color payoff, texture, etc. that is a review.

I wasn’t trying to persuade you to review the collection, just hoping you’d understand the frustration. I wouldn’t want to judge my peers so I totally understand your stance. I’m just hoping a blogger that is uninvolved with the collection will review it before Tuesday. I love this site and respect you waaayyy too much to ask you to do something that you didn’t want to do. Especially since you do so much on a regular basis.

I know samples were limited for review, and the bloggers involved (like myself) only received our samples on Friday, which were rushed overnight (because MAC had only received them on Thursday). I’m sure some will receive them, but I’m not sure if it’ll actually be before the 21st. The turnaround for this launch was very, very quick compared to the average MAC collection so deadlines have been pretty tight.

Congratulations Christine!! Jealousy Wakes is so beautiful you must be so proud haha especially since you worked so hard to get that perfect emerald. I’ve always been a fan but this post compelled me to FINALLY comment.

I’m not trying to enter your international contest, so I wanted to tell you in another post how nice I think it is that you’re letting your readers in other countries have a chance to win. You’re such a thoughtful blogger!

Kristine it is gorgeous! But how do you feel about it? I haven’t seen you enthuse about it. Is that because it would seem boastful? Do you feel like this is the shadow you wanted to make? Would you change anything (finish, shade) You are always so modest, but I would love to know how the final product makes you feel.

I live for green eyeshadows! I have olive green eyes that reflect whatever green I’m wearing on them and they are my favorite thing about me so I buy up greens left and right. Yours is one of the prettiest green colors I’ve ever seen! I love the teal in it, it gives it such depth! It’s a color I’ve never used and I don’t own anything close. It’s a must get! Thank you!

Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. I’m so proud of this color you made. Even though I’m impressed by the other beauty blogger’s creations, this one REALLY stands out next to them. I can’t wait to order one πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

Hello Christine,

I purchased Jealously Awakes and love the color, but it appears more teal/ turquoise on my skin. I am warm tone. How can I make it appear more emerald. I tried it on my friend who is lighter completion than me and the color is beautiful on her.

Thank You

I love your colour, it’s the perfect emerald green. I more or less only wear jewel tones! Wish we could get it here in Europe though. :-/

I received my Jealousy Wakes today, and I am sad that mine doesn’t look quite like your swatches. It appears to be less pigmented than yours, and less blue. It looks more like your MAC One Off swatch, with a barely there blue sheen. I’m going to keep it because it’s still a lovely green and I don’t have any comparable greens, I just wish it looked like your swatches πŸ™

I tried to take pics but the sunlight is running out, so I’ll send you some if you’d like just so you can see what it looks like πŸ™‚

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