MAC Bloggers' Obsessions: Eyeshadows Swatches, Photos

MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow

MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions: Eyeshadows Swatches, Photos

Available online only for U.S./Canada on June 21st, here are photos and swatches of the four eyeshadows included in the collection. Each will retail for $14.50 and be available for a limited time. For official information, please check out the launch post. Please understand that I am not going to rate or review this collection, because of my involvement, as I do not think it would be right. I will provide comparison swatches for Jealousy Wakes very soon!

  • Jealousy Wakes is an emerald green with teal and gold shimmer. It has a veluxe pearl finish. Β This is the shade I created, and if you want to learn more about the creation process, check out this post.
  • Parisian Skies is a dusty, medium-dark blue with a subtle sheen. It has a satin finish.
  • Hocus Pocus is a dark, brown-tinged gray with green and gold shimmer. It has a satin finish.
  • Sparkle Neely, Sparkle is a medium-dark, warm brown with subtle gold sparkle (not quite micro-glitter but larger than shimmer).

Please feel free to discuss similar shades and dupes amongst yourselves, but I would prefer only to provide my color descriptions, photos, and swatches. The Swatch Gallery should help you find possible dupes and allow you to compare on your own for this particular collection πŸ™‚ Β (I know that the eyeshadow section is not fully up, but I do hope it will help.) Β I hope you understand.

MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow

MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow

MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow

MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow

MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow

MAC Parisian Skies Eyeshadow

MAC Parisian Skies Eyeshadow

MAC Parisian Skies Eyeshadow

MAC Parisian Skies Eyeshadow

MAC Hocus Pocus Eyeshadow

MAC Hocus Pocus Eyeshadow

MAC Hocus Pocus Eyeshadow

MAC Hocus Pocus Eyeshadow

MAC Sparkle Neely, Sparkle Eyeshadow

MAC Sparkle Neely, Sparkle Eyeshadow

MAC Sparkle Neely, Sparkle Eyeshadow

MAC Sparkle Neely, Sparkle Eyeshadow


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Nik Avatar

Yours is the most beautiful and unique shade, congratulations again
Im having to pull some strings and bribe a friend in america to send it to me. Thats how much i need it in my life πŸ™‚

Gretchen Avatar

I know you won’t do reviews or dupes and comparisons, which I completely respect, but will you at least do recommendations by skin tone?

Christine Avatar

The eyeshadows should work across skin tones, really – my hope for Jealousy Wakes was to keep it on the bluer side so cooler skin tones could wear it but not so cool that warmer skin tones couldn’t wear it. Sparkle Neely, Sparkle is the warmest, so that is one that might be better on warmer skin tones.

Caitlin Avatar

Oh wow, Christine! Jealousy Wakes is absolutely beautiful! I’m so annoyed I’m not in North America – I REALLY want that, it’s the most perfect Emerald Green!

So happy for you!

Leanne Avatar

Yay Christine! Im so proud of your latest accomplishment after reading your site daily for about a year now! Im definitely going to be picking up Jealousy Wakes, Parisian Skies, and then Evolution Revolution lipglass! Congrats again! Im so excited to be able to see them in real life πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Richelle Avatar

Ugh! I am DYING to get your eyeshadow and maybe another, BUT I’m a little short on money right now and I just know that they will be sold out fast! Do you know if you will do a giveaway soon with the collection?

Rachael Avatar

Your eyeshadow is beautiful. Its a shame that I put myself on a spending freeze until I find a job. I hope that I can get this one (once I find a job) if it is still available.

LuvJaime Avatar

The eyeshadows and lipglosses are amazing!! MAC should invite you for another project! You ladies definitely know what the readers/consumers are looking for.. Texture, opacity and unique colors!

Jaime Avatar

Hocus Pocus and Jealousy Wakes are a must for me! Still on the fence about Sparkle Neely Sparkle, it’s not as pretty as i thought it would be…

Judy Avatar

I’m liking JW, Parisian Skies & Hocus Pocus the best!!!!! Must buy now!!!
Thank you, Christine! I also hope that MAC will ask you back some time in the future to create some amazing lipstick, blush & eyeliner shades.

Darshana Avatar

Hey, I have recently started reading Temptalia, and despite not using much makeup in my everyday life, I love looking at swatches and reading product reviews. And I must say, I really admire the fact that you are not reviewing this collection or providing any dupes. I love your blog because of your extremely objective and detailed approach towards reviewing makeup, and while I am sure you would do a great job of reviewing the collection, it is commendable that you are not.
Oh, and I love Jealousy Wakes! It is the most gorgeous jewel-toned green ever!

Chelle Avatar

I was actually really looking forward to your personal review of this launch in particular since I rely heavily on your opinions before purchasing a product. That being said, I understand that perhaps you feel you’re a bit biased and/or a negative review on something you helped create wouldn’t exactly be a good starting point.

Still, I’ll be picking up your shade. It’s gorgeous.

Geek Faerie Avatar

I cannot wait to get my hands on the entire collection! I should probably plan to stay up late to order them as soon as they hit the store. I’d hate to wait till morning to find they all sold out.

Christine Avatar

I use a brush or edge of a sponge tip to kick up the color, then I turn the shadow upside down onto the skin (so it will drop onto the arm), and then I blend it into a swatch with my finger. By putting your finger into the pan directly, you’ll end up getting oil into the pan itself, which can harden the top layer over time, and you usually end up with more eyeshadow on your finger (have you ever noticed that if you do a swatch with your finger, it often looks totally different on your finger tip than on your skin?).

Victoria Avatar

How do you manage it to be so STRAIGHT! Wow this entire time I thought you were doing Karlasugar’s method of using a wedge sponge haha

Christine Avatar

Lots and lots of practice! It’s so much more time consuming to do it this way, but after really dissecting the swatching process, I decided this was worth it because the results are much more accurate and realistic to how they would look applied. (Andddd, a lot of my older MAC eyeshadows look gross from being swatched repeatedly with fingers.)

The reason I don’t use sponges or the like is I still want to *feel* the texture of the eyeshadow. I don’t have a good grasp on how finely milled it is, softness, blendability, etc. without actually feeling the product on a sensory level, and since I primarily do reviews, knowing the texture and being able to describe it from that sensory memory is just too important!

Dorna Avatar

Wow, I really picked the WORST time to go on a project 10 pan. I usually never care about limited edition collections but just… wow.

SatelliteDreamer Avatar

These and the lipglasses are all so beautiful! Excellent job, Christine, as well as all of the other bloggers that contributed!

Jealousy Wakes, and Hocus Pocus will definitely be mine! I’m also eyeing Parisian Skies, and a couple of the lipglasses.. Oh, I might as well admit it, I’m eyeing every shadow, and every lipglass!

Sass Avatar

Since I’ve been getting older (knocking on 33) I have been leaning more to the neutral colors, but since Christine came up with an eyeshadow then I MUST have it so Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus is on my list. So excited!

I am not feeling Sparkle Neely for some reason. Not sure why…

AS Avatar

What’s interesting is that even though these were designed by different people, the lipglasses look like a real collection – they look like they provide a nice range of colors, and the eyeshadows, though they might not go together, are a nice array of dramatic darker shades. The Sparkle shade totally reminds me of 1970s Lurex fabric! I’m super-impressed with the ideas that went into creating such interesting colors.

Kimberly Avatar

I can’t wait to get the shade you helped create…cool, only a few more days!! It looks so beautiful and alive with your beautiful brown eyes!! I think “Jealousy Wakes” will be rather popular ;c)

Maile Avatar

OK…I don’t NEED all 4..but after looking at the swatches…I’m getting all 4..or maybe just 4 of jealousy wakes ;)!! WONDERFUL JOB CHRISTINE…Of all, its my favorite…favor, could you do a look of the others maybe?

Joy Avatar

Definitely getting Jealousy Wakes and maybe Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle. I’m so scared your eyeshadow is gonna sell out before I get to buy it though. πŸ™

Lulee Avatar

i know you aren’t reviewing this collection, but can you tell us anything about texture? like what core collection shadow would you compare the texture of each one to?

Melissa Avatar

Christine your work ethic and intellect make me really look up to you. I wish I was as objective, straight forward and hardworking as you. I idolize strong working women, and you epitomize that for me. Thank you for all your hard work.

t_zwiggy Avatar

From swatches I’ve seen before Hocus Pocus looked like complete crap, but your swatch of it is absolutely gorgeous! Need that one for sure. And Jealousy Wakes has been on my NEED-list since the very first sneak peak you showed us. Amazing color! The other two colors are way too ordinary and meh for me.

Tiffany Avatar

I’m going to buy them all in support of all of the wonderful bloggers. Good thing I like them all as well. πŸ™‚ Naturally (but not surprisingly), my favorite is Jealousy Wakes! Are you happy with the final product, Christine?

kate Avatar

You ladies really outdid yourselves. While, of course, there are shades that I prefer to others (which is a subjective thing), the quality overall looks excellent on both the shadows and the glosses.

Anna Avatar

JW is an amazing color! And thanks for making it a VP!! yaay πŸ˜€ I really think JW and Hocus Pocus are the best by far! Great job!

Mariella Avatar

Love the name “Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle” but like a few others, I will be buying Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus (what a great looking grey that is). I am so excited about these and they better NOT sell out before I can get to the store!

bella Avatar

the brown-red one looks much nicer in the pan, it gets a bit muddy almost in the swatch :S
love the parisian skies one, the colour looks nice, maybe not so pigmented though.
yours probably is the most complex one πŸ™‚ good job to all of you!

Liz Mc Avatar

Love your shadow color – you did a great job and it came out looking just like the one you showed us awhile back.

I’m curious about Hocus Pocus – does it look like either Satin Taupe or Smoke and Diamonds? To me I see a bit of both in there….

Carolina Avatar

It’s a plus that your es is such an amazing green colour (cannot wait to use it), but for all I care it could be yellow with black glitter. It’s YOUR eyeshadow for MAC. I WANT IT! Is this collection going to be US only and if so how can I make a deal with you to buy it? πŸ™‚

Carolina Avatar

Obviously I didn’t mean you should set up shop and sell the es on a profit. πŸ™‚ But for all your followers from around the world this is a unique chance to support you and get makeup at the same time. lol Perfect deal.

I will have to try ebay then. Or perhaps some kind Temptalia reader wouldn’t mind buying me one and post it to me, in a totally friendly, non-profit way. πŸ™‚

Deetzi Avatar

Well done Christine, I don’t usually wear deep greens (prefer olives) but this is one I will definitely pick up. Sparkle and Hocus are must haves for me too, but I’m scared Parisian will be too cool for me. Congratulations!

Neshie Avatar

Haha! I said the exact same thing! I started out only wanting Jealousy Wakes and All My Purple Life. I ended up getting everything except for Parisian Skies and Evolution Revolution.

Brie Avatar

They’re all lovely, but yours is really the most unique (and most beautiful in my personal opinion), by a long shot! Awesome job πŸ™‚

Emma Avatar

I really really want SNS, and I don’t own B-Rich but I looked up swatches, and from what I can tell, yes it does…I’m sure there are differences, like maybe the shimmer…I wish these were in-store, I’d really like to swatch SNS for myself so I can properly decide!!

Elena Hernandez Avatar

Ah! I want all of these! It is really rare for me to want every shadow from one of MAC’s collections! I especially love Hocus Pocus and Parisian skies. I usually hate blues but there is something very unique to Parisian skies almost like a subdued blue.

ellie Avatar

I am soooo excited Christine. This color is gorgeous! I hope MAC will ask for your input again soon. I am getting so nervous it will be sold out before I have a chance at it. I’m in your time zone, should I stay up all night or set my alarm early? What time on the 21st do they start taking orders. Just thought I’d ask. Excited!

Cleo Avatar

Are you happy with the final outcome? I know you worked extra hard with the MAC team to make sure your vision was realized.

p.s. i love the final product — a lot more blue sparkle than expected but it’s a happy surprise. Hocus Pocus is also beautiful!

Jamie Avatar

I agree i have to get Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus. Congratulations Christine on the gorgeous color you must be so excited and relieved at the same time! Lol

Jacqui Avatar

Christine, I love your swatch gallery. I would love to see all the Mac eyeshadows on there. That would be so much fun to look at. Btw I love jealousy wakes, I haven’t seen anything like it.

Carrie Avatar

I really like Parisian skies (and can’t wait to compare the color of the make-up to the real sky in just over a week!) but too bad it’s online only. I hate paying shipping for a single item like that :c

Amanda R Avatar

They’re all quite pretty and original, but Jealousy Wakes takes the cake. Definitely ordering it ASAP – I have nothing like it in my collection and I LOVE emerald green!

Rochelle Avatar

I’m in Australia but will definitely be working my hardest to get my hands on Jealousy Wakes at the least and Hocus Pocus and Parisian Skies if possible.

May Avatar

Super pretty, congratulations Christine! Do you know if they’re only gonna be release on, or if they’ll be on like macys/nordstrom’s online sites too?

Kristin Avatar

I think all of the colors are amazing! Will you be doing looks with all the colors? I just love all the looks you’ve provided so far with Jealousy Wakes so far – please keep them coming!

Ali Avatar

Do you think you’ll be doing makeup looks with the remaining 3 eyeshadows? I’d LOVE to see the looks/combinations you come up with!

Emma Avatar

Jealousy Wakes is so gorgeous!!! I’d love to know how Parisian Skies would look when used wet. Hocus Pocus also looks beautiful. I can definitely see myself using Jealousy Wakes with a gold highlight… So pretty!

Rosie Avatar

I know that the time MAC posts things online varies but is it usually earlier in the day? I don’t have a desk job or a smart phone and I’m already fearing Jealousy Wakes selling out as it’s gorgeous and we all love it and you!

Christine Avatar

Nooo idea – I did ask if they had any particular window of time for June 21st or what, since they’re notorious for random, inconsistent timing… From what I can tell though is that it may be more involved than your average collection so it might be a more normal hour but I have no idea.

Pamela Avatar

They’re all pretty but I just look like crapola in cools so HP and PS are out of the question for me. But I can’t wait to play with JW and SNS!!!!!!! I have great hopes for those two!

anne Avatar

I wonder how close Parisian Skies is to Swan Lake from the long-gone Danse collection! I love Swan Lake, but that seems to be a bit lighter and less blue. I couldn’t find that in your swatch gallery, Christine. Do you own that one?

I love Hocus Pocus too, and I am contemplating getting it just because I LOVE that movie, but it looks super similar to Stila Diamond Lil, as does your description of a greyed charcoal with green flash.

Carla Avatar

I own Hocus Pocus, Diamond Lil, and Smoke & Diamonds, and they are all quite different from each other.
Hocus Pocus vs.:
Diamond Lil – similar in color depth, but Hocus Pocus is less green, more gray
Smoke & Diamonds – Hocus Pocus is more grey, less taupe, and has more sparkle

Jessica Avatar

Finally Mac brings out something original, only to limit the edition to North America. The world does not start and end there! Sorry but this makes me really angry….How are fans in the rest of the world supposed to get their hands on these beautiful products???

Renee Avatar

Quite honestly, I think I would’ve made sense to make this collection international as the fan base of bloggers is ALWAYS international. Just my two cents.. I’m planning of getting Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus!

Jazz Avatar

GAHHHHHH! Im not usually a green person , but I really like yours. Combined with UD graffiti and a grey shadow , that would be an awesome eye lol.

Chloe Avatar

I absolutely love Jealousy Wakes, times like these I hate not living in the US. If this was available in Australia I would have stalked the MAC website to buy it.

Emma Avatar

I think they’re all gorgeous, but I had to be realistic for the sake of my bank account and firmly tell myself that I don’t need them.
The only one I’m dying to have is Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! The inspiration for it is from “Valley of the Dolls” and that makes me want it BADLY. Amber really sold me on the sexiness of it…it may be low-key compared to the others but I love it!

Gala Avatar

I remember the post about developing the final swatches and how you kept working on it even after you returned home- your perfectionism helped to create a gorgeous shade, all the hues and sparkles are so balanced- don’t want to say anything negative about the other bloggers shades, but for me- it’s on a different level. Very well thought of, very sophisticated, it shows you wanted to make the best out of this opportunity! Great job you talented lady πŸ™‚

Emma Avatar

I have Love Lace…it looks similar enough, but LL is more frosty and shimmery, and there’s not really much gray in it like there is with PS

Michelle Avatar

Congrats to all the bloggers who participated in this! I am in love with Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus, they are my must haves for this collection. I just love when an eyeshadow looks more subtle in the pan and then looks WOW when you wear it or swatch it! I am kinda meh about the other two…

Luisafer Avatar

OMG Christine, you crated my favorite color!!! itΒ΄s such a beautiful green!!! hope I can get one of those!!! Congratulations

Jillian Avatar

I have to get every single one of these shades! SOOOOO gorgeous! I have cooler skin but I have always found greens to look good on me because of my eye color and this green seems like the perfect green! You are too amazing for words.

SusyLovesMac Avatar

Yaiii just placed my order!!! πŸ™‚ so excited!!!!

2 jealousy awakes
1 hocus pocus, 1 parasian skies


Rebecca Avatar

I was wondering that myself (I do have SnD). On seeing the swatches, HoPo looks so drastically different on different people’s swatches I can’t gauge how it’ll look on me (I’m pretty fair and cool-toned) or even to see if I have something similar. It’s one I wish I could see in person 1st. Also it’s a Satin finish which I don’t usually have luck with or gravitate towards.

Shauna Avatar

I was up since til 2am EST no go coming soon, then up at 7am still coming soon. My nephew broke his arm just getting home at 7pm EST Jealousy Wakes is sold out…uuuuggggghhhh!!!!!!

Eva Avatar

I am really looking forward to mixing Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, and Bows & Curtseys into various structured and smokey eye combos!!! Yay!!!

Daisy Avatar

Yours is the only one that really jumps out at me, as I’m always on the search for a great emerald green. However! It’s also already sold out online. Boo me.

Gorgeois Avatar

I really hope they make more Jealousy Wakes…it’s a must-have! I’m also pleasantly surprised by this swatch of Hocus Pocus; it’s been described as grey with silver pearl, which I thought sounded tres boring, but Christine’s swatch shows it to be a complex, interesting color. I’m getting those two along with Parisian Skies.

Carla Avatar

My Hocus Pocus is out for delivery by UPS TO-DAY!
I can hardly wait to see it!I’m planning to wear it Sunday with probably Seedling on the lid, and I’m not sure what to highlight browbone and inner corner.
Suggestions, anyone?

Carla Avatar

My Hocus Pocus came today!
Hocus Pocus is darker than I’d expected; it’s a deep charcoal gray, very “smokey.” It’s smooth, and only moderately pigmented, which is fine for this deep of a color. I do love the fact that Hocus Pocus looks true gray, not blue, not green, not taupe, on NW15 me.
I’m more into mattes these days, but Hocus Pocus is still a nice addition to my eyeshadow collection.
My Hocus Pocus is labelled “Satin,” but it has a generous amount of silver (or so it looks to me) tiny “sparkles,” which one doesn’t ordinarily find in the MAC Satin formula. The shine isn’t obnoxious, though; it’s not all that noticeable when Hocus Pocus is applied to the skin.
Unless you like a very deep, almost black, smokey look, be prepared to applyHocus Pocus sparingly with a good brush, like the MAC 224, and expect to do some blending.
In short, while I’m pleased with Hocus Pocus, and think it will look great as a crease color with a warm medium gray (MAC Clue, maybe) on the lid, the color is bordering on “too dark” for me, so no backup is necessary.
Since this collection is available only online, it’s a little tricky, deciding which shades will work for you.
In general, I’d say that if you’re deft at applying makeup, like dark grays, and are a serious smokey eye fan, you’ll probably be pleased with Hocus Pocus

Jennifer Avatar

I was able to get 3, but of course Jealousy Wakes was the one I wanted most and it was sold out. I had NO idea you created that color either. Congrats, it is gorgeous!

Jennifer Avatar

Grrr, Christine, do you know if MAC is going to put more quantities up on their site?? The ones I want are sold out already? The collection is supposed to be through August no?

Ruthless Avatar

I see that sparkle neely sparkle has gold flecks of glitter in the pan but it doesn’t seem to translate on your skin swatch, is it more noticeable when it’s on your eyelid? Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus are really gorgeous. Parisan Skies I’m kind of iffy on, soley because I don’t think the color would work for me. I’m kind of disapointed in the last one to tell the truth

tanni Avatar

I kept waiting for the bloggers obsession range to be launched in India. It never did πŸ™ I wish i could get jealousy wakes somewhere…any advice Christine?

hayley_beaumont Avatar

I live in the UK and managed to getΒ jealousy wakes from a vlogsale! SOSOSO HAPPY πŸ™‚ Such a beautiful green, don’t have anything like it.

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