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MAC and Rihanna Collaboration: RiRi Hearts MAC Collection for 2013

WWD reports that MAC and Rihanna will be collaborated for four color collections for later on this year. The first product we’ll see is MAC RiRi Woo–inspired by Ruby Woo–that will launch to coincide with her concerts on May 4th and 5th. It will be sold online and at Rihanna concerts.

The four collections will be released throughout 2013 will be called RiRi [Hearts] MAC with a total of 31 stockkeeping units. The summer portion will be sold online, which includes two additional lipsticks, Lustre Drops, and a blush duo. The third will be in stores for fall and feature sixteen products, such as lipsticks, a Lipglass version of RiRi Woo, two eyeshadow palettes, and false lashes. The final installment will be in-stores in time for the holidays with ten products, like nail polish, makeup bag, and more lipsticks. RiRi Woo will be sold in all four collections.

For more details about the collaboration and how Rihanna and MAC worked together, read the WWD article in full. 🙂


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Lena Avatar

Ugh. I’ve just gotten into MAC collections with their most recent one but LOOK AT THAT GLAMOROUS PINK AND GOLD. I NEED. And I love Ruby Woo so hopefully this collection doesn’t disappoint. I want that powder thingy & brush just for their packaging.

Deja Avatar

It’s really refreshing to see ppl commenting on the actual subject at hand rather than immediately jumping to Rihanna’s personal life.

I really adore the Temptalia commenters.

And yes that packaging is everything.

Xina Avatar

I don’t like the choices Rihanna’s made in her personal life, so I choose not to support her career. I find it distasteful that MAC partnered with her. I hope they can turn it around and donate a portion of their proceeds to victims of domestic violence.

See, you can have a dissenting opinion while maintaining a level of respect and decorum? 😛

Aida GJ Avatar

If MAC feels inspired by her, then so be it. I personally love the packaging.

And she’s a person, too. She’s a victim.
The heart wants what the heart wants.

Mac girl Avatar

I personally saw rihanna on course to become a viva glam spokesperson…if it wasn’t for the criticism surrounding her personal’s all a bit taboo for a lot of people isn’t it… either way, this is a great cause whoever were to front it.

But back to this collection, she oozes a fierce attitude, confidence and experiments with her style- these are all traits that MAC loves and the brand encourages its customers to express themselves as they wish. From this angle, I think Rihanna being on board works really well.

xamyx Avatar

While I’m not a fan of her music (it’s just not the genre for me), I think she’s beautiful, and I admire her style. I think those two things alone make her a perfect choice for MAC. Besides, by choosing a WoC, MAC is reaching out to what many have deemed a “neglected” demographic. From what I can tell from the promo pic, these shades will be suitable for those with deeper skintones. There have been so many complaints in the past about about collections just being suitable for lighter skin, when MAC finally goes this direction, *still* there are complaints. I take alot of issue with MAC based on their marketing choices, but this is one I can really stand behind; of course, it would be nice if these products were actually *available*…

As for her “personal” life/choices, they are exactly that-*personal*. We also don’t know all the details. She comes across as a savvy, intelligent woman, and if she feels a need to “forgive”, then so be it; alot of time has passed, and I’m quite certain that she has thought things through, and made choices based on the totality of the circumstances (I’ve concluded this based on interview clips I’ve seen). Who knows? Maybe she started the fight, and while he was defending himself, she accidentally got hit? Again, none of us were there, so we are in no position to judge. For the record, I’m not discounting DV, but sometimes there really are two sides to a story…

shontay Avatar

I’m far from a fan of Rihanna’s, but her makeup is almost always on point and I like the look of these products. I wish everything was coming out together because I’m not very patient. LOL. I knew it was only a matter of time before she had her collaboration with Mac.

Jannel Avatar

I’m kind of scared of how much it’ll all be.. Like c’mon.. MAC is never cheap, even with their permanent line. Now just imagine how much MORE it will be with Rihanna’s name on it. I know my wallet will be crying.. Ahhh so bittersweet, but I can’t say no! I love Rihanna AND I love MAC! Now I gotta save up for the whole year.. Nice play on that, MAC.. You know the exact way to my makeup-loving heart/wallet.<3 :'[ :']

Christine Avatar

They are pretty consistent – it’s usually $1 extra or so on most products under $20, e.g. lipstick goes up by $1 🙂 I’ve never seen MAC charge more than the norm “licensing fee” to customers on collabs except for luxury collabroations (DSquared, Marcel Wanders, etc.) but the packaging here is fairly normal. Actually looks a bit like MAC’s old Icon collections!

Daniella Avatar

OMG! That is adorable….I just wish it looked exactly like that minus the Rihanna stuff ;( I don’t dislike her, but I don’t like pop music at all…but I’ll get it anyway 😛 It’s just too cute. I’m a sucker…

maree Avatar

I bet that eye shadow is going to be bad. I can already see the review with phrases such as “stiff,” “not blendable” “poor pigmentation”. Sorry to be so negative. I’m just venting

18thCenturyFox Avatar

I will make my predictable comments. My money reflects my morality. I don’t think everyone has to be that way but Rihanna currently makes me pretty sick to my stomach. From the plane mess to her drug addictions and apparent self hatred, I just don’t want to purchase anything associated with her. That being said, I totally understand fans purchasing this and I thought her MU was lovely at the GG. So have fun ladies, hope the collection is quality!

Riana Avatar

I agree.

Rihanna (and Chris) are one of the few celebs who genuinely make me a bit sick these days. I see fault in many celebs and think they can be obnoxious, but those two…everything about Rihanna is just disappointing. I do hope others enjoy the collection, but yeah…this makes me smh.

18thCenturyFox Avatar

I honestly saw the post and was just shocked. This is as huge a faux pas as the Rodarte collab, if not more so. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the huge swathes of damage drugs and domestic violence leave in their wake, but I can’t divorce the cosmetics from the person. But that is just MY personal feelings on the matter. I kind of feel like this is a very heavy straw on the camels back, regarding my respect for MAC

divinem (Melissa) Avatar

I won’t support MAC’s collaboration with someone who flagrantly flaunts her reunion with an abusive partner. No thank you, MAC and “ri ri”.

Justred Avatar

You are being no less abusive in your condemnation of an abused woman returning to her partner. She needs support. It’s very common for abused women to return to their abusive partners as the woman’s identity is pretty much stripped during the abuse. She may feel like so many other abused women do: I have no choice.

18thCenturyFox Avatar

I don’t think she needs my money to further fund her choices. Not only the abuse, but the glamourizing of the drug using lifestyle. She has more resources at her disposal then any of us can ever imagine. I don’t stand in the way of her living her life as she sees fit, but hell will freeze over before I support her with my hard earned money. MAC watches carefully to see how ALL their collections sell, to see which spokespeople are able to move a collection. Why are we not allowed to voice our irritation? I would not condemn anyone who chose to purchase and support the collection, I would expect the same respect..

fks Avatar

The lipstick looks appealing, but if it will be a part of the online or concert-venue only collections, then it will be impossible to get them, so I do not have high hopes for this collection. How odd that the collection should refer to ruby woo, the only remaining retro matte lippy in MAC’s inventory. Do you suppose the retro mattes will be reintroduced with this collection?

Christina H Avatar

Ruby Woo is my FAVORITE lipstick, so I hope they don’t try to do anything fancy and mess it up, either way, I adore the packaging and I will be getting!!!

Sabriel Avatar

RiRi Woo? Now that’s just adorable. I also like the idea of the makeup being sold at her concerts.

Somebody could try and get her to sign one of the compacts, but I wonder, where would she write her name? 😛

I’m not really sold on the collection, but it will be interesting to read about. I hope the products all turn out to be stunning.

Melissa Avatar

I am so excited. I will probably be sacrificing money to SO MANY of these lipsticks (when are Rihanna’s lips not perfect?)

Not only is the packaging beautiful, but I think that the lipglass in that promo pic is probably the RiRi Woo one.. and if so, that lipstick will be phenomenal.

Joanna Avatar

She did a collection with River Island (UK fashion chain, not sure if it’s available in the US) that fashion critics have panned; although make-up is harder to get wrong than fashion, it will be interesting to see how this collection fares.

Bea Avatar

O.M.G… I cannot wait for this collection! The last Ruby Woo I purchased (as a back up) molded within a month. I had to contact M.A.C, and ship it back.. :-\ but anyways.. I’m glad to see everything sold at her concerts will be available for Online purchases. The packaging is gorg! Thanks for the heads up! xo

Melissa Avatar

Very disappointing choice for a collaboration. Unfortunately I know this will sell out. I will be passing. Her makeup is always spot on though, and the packaging looks great.

Yasmin Avatar

Im such a big fan of rihanna! I love looking at her perform on stage and in music videos because you know her makeup is going to be fantastic! i cant wait to see what they release! This is probably one of the only collections ive been excited for in a long long LONG time.

Kolorkoded Avatar

The packaging is cute. I hope the quality will be good because this has peeked my interest. Especially that compact. Lol. It’s so funny to me because I was just thinking why she hasn’t done the viva glam campaign and here she comes with a fleet of products. LOL. Rihanna is a big name this will definitely sell out for sure.

Gladys L. Avatar

No wonder the Hayley Williams collection is cancelled…

The brush looks horrible, and I don’t want another rather cheap looking holiday collection. I would rather give the toothbrush-like new brushes a chance instead of this.

But I feel good about lashes and blush duo, and please release better eye palette this time as concert people can go wild.

Vanya Avatar

Ahhh, I really like the packaging! But, even more important I hope the make-up itself will be good quality, because in the end you have to use it. I mean you cant smear the packaging on your face right?

Yellowlantern Avatar

Holy moly, a whole year of collections for Riri <3's MAC? Seems a bit excessive for her to get a collection for every season throughout the year, but whatever any excuse for another collection probably is cool with MAC.

chris Avatar

I can’t wait to see the first piece in May. I am sure it will be some form of red. Although I am not a fan of some of her clothing and make-up selections. She takes risks and is true to her artistry. By listening to her music and buying her cosmetics or fragrances, I am not endorsing the life choices she makes. I think that goes for any artist.

Tam Avatar

I haven’t been excited about MAC in a long time, but this? Can’t wait because nobody does edgy/pretty like her. Her makeup looks that she wears always leave me squealing with delight. Now, if she would only reveal or do a skincare line. Her skin is flawless.

laura Avatar

sold at rihanna concerts? and look at that packaging? (though i seem to be in the minority thus far on that one) MAC has totally gone from being a prestige brand with artistic credibility in the 90’s to little more than a gimmick vehicle in my mind. what’s next? a monsters high collection to be sold in walmart?

Riana Avatar

Lol, I was just thinking about how much MAC has changed in terms of prestige. They used to do collections on Diana Ross and Raquel Welch. Now they do collections for Rihanna and Miley Cyrus…it’s so temporary and fan-girly.

It’s like Demsey just looks at these women as celebrities and doesn’t care about their careers, what they represent, what they do with their time. That’s disappointing to me. It means that money is the only motivator.

MacAddict22 Avatar

RiRi Woo looks amazing! I’m psyched for this collection. As long as we get some fierce funky colors I’m in. If we get mainly repromotes I’m out. Love Rihanna. Can’t wait for the color story.

MACAddict22 Avatar

I’m really psyched about this collection. RiRi Woo looks amazing. Hoping it’s a really deep dark red color. Since Rihanna is so fierce and wears her makeup in such a fierce way. I’m hoping fingers crossed we get some really amazing funky fierce colors. I can’t wait for the color stories.

Emi at Project Swatch Avatar

That was a really interesting article – it sounds like Rihanna was actually involved in the creative process of making the collections. I’m really intrigued by the RiRi Woo lipstick – matte, moisturizing, blue-red, flattering on all skintones – sounds just up my alley!

rowan Avatar

i would buy that, it sounds hot!
i’m not a fan but i’m kind of confused by the comments re her personal life, how does it affect the makeup? none of us have perfect lives anyway

Amanda Avatar

I would never buy makeup at a concert. Is that just me? The first collection doesn’t really excite me, but I’m looking forward to seeing the other ones

RML Avatar

The packaging is what calls me. That rose gold is so pretty, I wish they hadn’t messed it up with her scribble all over it. lol. I don’t yet have Ruby Woo so I’d be interested in finding out how it compares to RiRi Woo.

Say what you want about Rihanna, but the girl is no dummy when it comes to making money. I don’t know her personally so I won’t judge her personal life.

Lee Avatar

That packaging is fantastic! It reminds me of the Diana Ross collection. I hope that’s a quality brush because I want it based solely off the packaging 🙂

Pamela Avatar

I love RiRi’s music and style–she’s gorgeous! But when I read articles about her she comes off as impulsive and immature. I was her age 14 years ago and let’s just say age sheds light on certain poor decisions with men. MAC should donate the proceeds of this collection to an organization that teaches young women to respect themselves and incarcerate guys that abuse them. On the bright side, these colors will work for me since we are of similar coloring/ethnicity. Wish I had those hazel eyes!

Platinum PJs Avatar

While I’m not a huge RiRi fan, I must admit the girl’s makeup is ALWAYS on point. I like that she’s edgey and pushes the envelope with her music ans style…which all fit into the MAC creedo of getting customers to express themselves through thier makeup. I honestly hoped she would be a Viva Glam spokesperson…I’d much rather see HER than that foul mouthed Nikki!!!

I refuse to judge her based on her personal life because let’s be honest, MOST people have things that they have done or expereinced that they would rather not have come to the light of day (and if you haven’t yet…as my grandmother used to say “keep living”). While many of you don’t agree with her decision to forgive and reconcile with Chris Brown, make no mistake that it is and always will be HER decision. And that I can can respect even if I don’t agree with it.

Thalia Avatar

I got into as well Mac Collections due to a friend that is a makeup artist. I have the Ruby Woo beautiful vibrant red pigment but so drying on the lips its matte which I understand but I own other matte lipstick from Mac and it isn’t as drying as the Ruby Woo unless I have a bad batch. Overall, the RhiRhi Heart Collection looks stunning with its rose gold packaging. I am interested with the three new lipstick they will launch later this year besides the RhiRhi Woo. I wouldn’t purchase something I have possession of if the formulation is the same from the Ruby Woo.

Elyse Avatar

Off topic, but oh my gosh.. when did people start calling her “RiRi?”

In any case, while I’m not a Rihanna fan, the packaging is very cute and Rihanna looked SO gorgeous at the Grammys. I’ll definitely be passing, but I can see why others would jump all over this 🙂

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