MAC 272 Small Angled Shading Brush Photos & Review

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Focus On: MAC 272 Small Angled Shading Brush

MAC 272 Small Angled Shading Brush ($21.50) is small, angled brush with lots of fluffiness. It’s made out of goat hair, so it is just a little softer than some of the synthetic-bristled brushes, though I’ve found softness to never be an issue with full-sized MAC brushes (they’re all soft!). I find that this brush works in many of the same ways that the 217 does, just that this has a more angled edge to it. It can be used for cream or powder products, depending on your preference, and it should do well with either. For me, it works well to blend out harsh edges in the crease, but I actually prefer it for applying a highlight color on the inner tearduct. It just fits into that little nook with such ease and makes application a dream. The 272 is subtler and blends softly and surely, whereas the 217 can overblend if you’re not careful. If you’ve had that experience, the 272 might be a better match for your style.

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