MAC 165 Tapered Cheek & Highlighter Brush Photos & Review

Beauty Basics: MAC Face Brushes

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Focus On: MAC 165 Tapered Cheek & Highlighter Brush

MAC 165 Tapered Cheek & Highlighter Brush ($34.00) is a medium-sized, tapered face brush with natural bristles. This was a limited edition brush that was launched with Brunette, Blonde, and Redhead in early 2009. It will be making a reappearance in October 2009, for those who wish to purchase it, too. (As of time of this writing, it is still available via I adore using this brush to highlight cheek bones. It just works effortlessly and places the highlight perfectly. It is a soft, dense brush, so it picks up color easily, deposits well, and doesn’t eat up product. It works well to blend out color and powder products, too.  This is one of my favorite brushes, so I would definitely urge you to pick it up if an opportunity presents itself!

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