Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick ($25.00 for 0.12 oz.) is described as “pink.” It’s a medium-dark, raspberry pink with cool undertones and a light shine. Chanel Ce Soir (DC, $34.00) is lighter (90% similar). NARS Flair (P, $28.00) is brighter (90% similar). Estee Lauder Inspiring (P, $30.00) is lighter, brighter (90% similar). Too Faced Pink Chocolate (DC, $22.00) is warmer, glossier (85% similar). Revlon Pink Truffle (DC, $7.49) is lighter, glossier (90% similar). Givenchy Moka Imprime (304) (P, $36.00) is lighter, warmer (85% similar). Laura Mercier Cozy (P, $24.00) is warmer (85% similar). MAC Out for Passion (LE, $20.00) is lighter (85% similar). Chanel Aura (96) (P, $37.00) is lighter, cooler (90% similar). MAC Candy Apple (LE, $17.00) is brighter (85% similar). See comparison swatches / view dupes side-by-side.

Despite looking green in the tube, much like a frog transforms into a prince, this green transforms into a pink–clever in a way, though if you were hoping for green, you’re looking at the wrong option! The formula is supposed to be sheer, hydrating, and long-wearing as it turns to a “pink tint.” The brand does mention that it “can vary in color from pomegranate to rose, depending on your skin’s unique pH.” It had sheer, even coverage that noticeably tinted the lips with a light shine. The consistency is lightweight with moderate slip and is on the thin side, though it doesn’t hug and the color wears for four and a half hours before it starts to fade away. The formula was hydrating and comfortable to wear. It seemed to be unscented to me.

Frog Prince

LELimited Edition. $25.00.

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Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick
Lisptick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick


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Maรญra Avatar

These were HUGE in Brazil in the 90’s. Of course, they didn’t even have a brand or anything. And they’d cost like $1. They were known as “24 hour lipstick”, and they did last for ages. I’d never pay $25 for these LOL.

Jessica Avatar

How does this one compare to Je Ne Sais Quoi from IT? I think it’s the same premise, but I’m hoping for different colors so I can justify the purchase haha.

Sienna Avatar

I suppose it all depends on body chemistry, but I’ve used both and find them to look different. Je Ne Sais Quoi turns hot pink on me, whereas Frog Prince is more rosy. Consider yourself justified!

Wendy Avatar

I have Je Ne Sais Quoi from IT and it’s more vibrant than Frog Prince. I’m still contemplating getting the blue one from Lipstick Queen though.

Nicole Avatar

Good info to know for sure! I may have to pick one up some day. It stinks that there is no where near me to actually try them on. They have some good sets out, I noticed.

Nicole Avatar

Thanks Bea, but unfortunately no Bloomingdale’s near me. Any shades or sets you suggest ? I could always google swatches. I always thought the name was catchy and have wanted to own one ( or possibly more:) ) .But, it’s hard to just buy blindly online.

chris Avatar

I have a client who is always on the search for a dupe for MAC Squirt Lipglass. It was a lime, slime green that gave your lips a beautiful honey-touched glaze.

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh my goodness, this reminds me of the mood lipsticks I bought from the drugstore back in the 1980s- think it was 2 for 99 cents back then, and they always seemed to turn my lips a horrible shade of neon hot pink. And these “self-adjusting” shades still do that to me! I think the packaging is really cute, too bad the frog isn’t on the lipstick holder itself, but a skip for me.

Taylor Avatar

I have the Hello Sailor one from Lipstick Queen, which is a blue lipstick that is berry on the lips. A lot of money for a glorified lip balm, but oh boy do I love it! It’s so fun! I’ll have to get this one too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Megan Avatar

My grandma used to wear a very similar “mood” lipstick- green or blue, and it turned pink. I found it at Sally’s for a dollar or so per tube, and it lasts forever! I wear it under all my lipsticks to give a stain to my lips.

I do love this packaging though!

Megan Avatar

It’s called “Mood Lips: Made in the USA” and it’s in the ugliest, cheapest looking packaging you can imagine. I would have skipped right over it had my Grandma not worn it (I guess I was missing her a bit), and I was shocked at how well it works! It’s a staple for me now.

Sol Avatar

Up in Canada, I found a similar green-lippie-that-goes-fuchsia at a local drugstore for something like $2.50.
The bottom of the tube says, distributed by Beauty Solutions.
Looks and smells like high school lipstick and lasts forever!

Lacey Avatar

Back in the early/mid 90s, I remember having a set of “mood” lipsticks that were all manner of crazy colors in the tube, but all turned some shade of pink on the lips. This seems like the (slightly) less gimicky, better quality version of my mood lipsticks. I might need it.

TheEverydayDiva Avatar

I purchased this after reading about it on LQ’s Instagram, and the moment I applied it for the first time, I was in love! I love bright, pigmented and colorful lipsticks for my days off and going out in the evening. But when I am working at my conservative office job, I wear my makeup much lighter and more natural. This is perfect for anyone who wants a quick, easy and polished look to put on in the mornings before work or for those who prefer softer, more natural lip colors in general. I have warm toned fair skin with an olive tint and this lip color looks great on me. I highly recommend purchasing this, I am almost done with my first tube and going to purchase two more soon!

StrangeOne Avatar

My grandmother had one as well. It turned orange or something. I never wanted to spent 50 on the lq lippies but 25 sounds all right. Wish the frog imagery would be on lipstick bullet instead. Its so cute.

I do have a feeling this will turn into that shade of pink I find very very unflattering. Lol.

Daheep Avatar

Color changing lipsticks always seem to go an unwearable neon pink on my lips. Did you find that the final color of this lipstick is a similar shade of pink as other color changing lip products you’ve tried? Or do you feel it is different?

El Avatar

I have this and it’s one of the only colour-changing lippies that *doesn’t* turn hot pink on me. It actually settles into a really nice mid-pink, fairly similar to the tube colour. I love it.

Tova J Avatar

This is so cute! I have a blush that is supposed to react with your ph-level too, from Essence. The downside is that it’s very easy to apply to much…

Quinctia Avatar

It’s a cute box/concept, but I’d feel weird paying Lipstick Queen prices for what seems to be the equivalent of dollar store mood lipstick from the 80s.

Nancy T Avatar

Ahhh!!! How COOL! ? I love this! However, I don’t know how this would do on my unevenly pigmented lips? They’re not an extreme case, but they still have a blotchiness to them that makes sheerer lipsticks ( like most MAC Cremesheens) look kinda weird? ?

Nancy T Avatar

Revlon Kissable Balm Stains always worked out pretty well and looked more even than say, MAC Sunny Seoul or Pure Zen! I know that I tried some other stain way back, but it didn’t look so hot.

El Avatar

Have it; love it. As I commented to someone else, the colour ends up being something like the tube’s pink, rather than the bright fucshia or neon that most colour-changing lippies turn on me.

For those who want a similar look/feel to Frog Prince but without the concern about what the colour might end up as, I’d recommend LQ’s Jean Queen. The formula is very similar on the lip and it’s intended to be a no-brainer MLBB pink that goes with everything (like your favourite jeans). Comes in a gloss as well, although I don’t have that so can’t comment on its quality.

Love LQ. Although I feel the same as you, Christine – the Velvet Rope expensive lippy isn’t worth it. I have one, and it’s a gorgeous colour, but it’s super high maintenance like the red lipsticks of yore, so I don’t reach for it much because I really can’t be bothered with that nowadays.

Aimee Avatar

I love Frog Prince! I also have the Sailor blue one and the sheer berry one. As well as the IT Je Ne Sais Quoi. These are NOT your grandmothers lipsticks or the “mood changing” lippies of old from the dollar store. I was always drawn to those color changing lippies in my youth, and every single one turned my lips a horrid bright unremovable fuchsia stain. But these are the real deal ladies! The grownup, higher end version and they are, for me, all unique in tone. I was a sceptic for sure, but so glad I took a chance with these. My skin is light-med neutral and each turns a different shade on me. All are sheer. Frog is a soft mauvey rose, Sailor turns a lovely light berry. The IT is a soft pink, more of a true stain, and slightly build able, coming closest to those old dollar lippies, but much better. And no, I dont work for these companies! Hehe! Just love these so much, they’ve been around awhile so I’m surprised more people don’t know of them. Love them! Hope this helps.

Floortje Avatar

The concept of this lipstick is lovely, and the name couldn’t be more fitting! But I can recall having a similar lipstick from a Moroccan brand that would do the exact same thing but is one tenth of the price. Nah, I would skip this one, but props for originality!

Helene Avatar

It’s fun that it’s green, and the name is very clever.
I read about the colourchanging lipsticks in a blog, but I can’t remember where. It was interesting to read. It was written by one of the bloggers who seem to like going into details on the ingredients and the chemistry bit.
I did have something like this in the 80’s and I have Hello Sailor. I find the consept fun, but Lipstick Queen is on the expensive side for me.

Kara Avatar

Hi Christine, could you possibly please review/swatch some more Lipstick Queen products? I’d especially like to see swatches of their Sinner range, I’ve heard good things about it but a lot of the shades sound similar and there are not many good swatches online. Thanks!

Zoe Avatar

I hope this means you will be reviewing more lipstick queen! So excited to hear your take on their “iconic” colors (cough, medieval, hello sailor, butterfly ball, cough).

Also side note:
Just want to say your reviews remain the paragon of objectivity and detail! So many reviewers just say things are “nice, beautiful, lovely” for everything, deserving or not. And while this is a wonderful attitude to have towards life, or they are being sponsored to say such things, it can lead to a lot of misses if you are a discerning makeup fan. I don’t know what your audience will do if you ever stop!

Stacy Avatar

I remember color-changing “Mood Matcher” lipsticks from years ago. A fun concept, but the quality was pretty awful — very stiff and waxy. I can only imagine that this would be a lot better quality. It’s a shame I can’t think of an excuse to buy one… it’s so cute!

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