What would you like to see improved with products as we head into 2015?


More price stability/less pushing prices up beyond “normal” price increases due to rising cost of goods–this year has seen a lot of brands price products outside of their normal pricing range (e.g. MAC with high-end, not mid-end pricing). I’d love to see brands tweak trends, rather than just follow them, and make them their own. I’d rather see a shade or product inspired by than the same one from twenty different brands. I’d also love to see brands make less outrageous claims (like 24-hour wear) and refine their quality control practices to ensure all customers are getting the product they should be getting.

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I would love to see brands continue with these amazing launches and innovation, while maintaining the quality that we pay for. Also, they should consider stopping keeping the same price for less product in new packaging.

Amen on the prices and the quality control. I feel like since the internet has pretty much made any information available, brands can’t really expect to get away with a ridiculous price per ounce (Gucci and MAC pressed pigments, looking at you!) or subpar quality.
I guess this is more what I expect to improve from brands rather than products, but I really wish some brands would take the online beauty and blogging community more seriously. The consumer now is not the same as the consumer even five years ago! I recently went to the Estee Lauder counter to try their new EE cream and the SA was extremely condescending, tried to tell me what I wanted rather than make suggestions, and shot down everything I said (“I’d like to try this EE cream.” or “No, I think my shade is Medium”).
I’m in my twenties and I freelance for MAC, and I have had many clients ranging from 13 to 60+ years old who know. their. stuff. I really think brands need to take customers more seriously.

Ok. Rant over. 😀

1,000% agree on certain brands taking their customers seriously. I, too, had a bad experience with a SA from a high end counter who was very condescending to me– as if I couldn’t *possibly* know anything about makeup at 21 years old, let alone know about what makeup was right for me! It was a very frustrating experience. I understand that they know a lot about their brand, go through a lot of training, etc. etc., but I wish they could share that knowledge in a manner that made me feel more welcome at their counter; I am spending my own hard-earned money there, after all! 🙂

Exactly! I always try to listen to the SA’s because usually I’ll learn something new, and I think a HUGE portion of the market now is younger men and women who blog and do YouTube. It’s just not smart for a company to alienate that many people.

I always go in with a physical, handwritten list, and simply tell the SA what I want-with authority. Once that first question is asked, it’s an opening for a sales pitch, which is typically something new and/or expensive. Having a physical reference source also tells the SA I’ve already done my research, and I’m not open to “suggestions”. Always keep in mind many SAs are working for commission, or have a quota to fill.

On the off chance the aforementioned doesn’t work, I simply walk away, and come back another time; the SA will remember me, mand sell me what *I* want!

Also, when I ask for ingretients, I want to know *all* of them, not just the “special” ones…

Must add that this happens to me as well, and I am way, way older than you are. My guess is that I’m so old I can’t possibly have a clue 🙂 This happens at higher end counters. Never at MAC, never in Sephora.
Having a list seems like a good idea. Must give it a try.

I think you nailed it. In regards to quality control I’d specifically love to see brands up their palette quality. There is so much over-pressing and similar happening in production that makes the palette pans different quality than full-sized pans. That has to go. Prices need to stop climbing ridiculously (Rouge G’s are bad enough, but why are Naked Palettes and the like so crazy overpriced and increasing every year without any packaging or production changes? What’s the thought process behind Gucci’s entire pricing scheme?), quality control needs to go up, claims need to rein it in, etc. This ties in with all that, but in-demand palettes like Lorac MegaPro and Urban Decay Vice LTD need to clean up their acts. No more advertising for months to build hype, selling out instantly, and offering less than perfect palettes.

OH! Another one! More cool-toned palettes need to come out. There has been so much warmth this year. Even palettes claiming to have cool tones turned out warmer than anticipated. More variation in undertone overall.

This is absolutely true. I guess I don’t have any statistics, but I would guess that cool toned skin makes up about fifty percent of the population. The palettes feel like they have been about 75% warm toned. They’re wearable to some extent, but it’s not always the look I’m after.

i am totally with you on this! it seems like everyone has the same lip colors. i also wish more companies would release great foundations in more shades-especially high end brands (i’m looking at you guerlain). i am pale, but have a yellow/green undertone and it is virtually impossible to find a foundation match. i have about 15 foundations and none of them are quite right. its so frustrating.

I have a hard-to-match skintone (pale and cool but not pink-toned, more of an ashy/greyish beige tone) and have had a lot of success with Korean BB creams.

As a girl with crazy oily skin, I’m optimistically hoping for more products that work for me. I’ve tried all the “holy grail” anti-oil products, from sprays to primers to powders and everything in between, and NOTHING works. I seek out products that people complain was drying for them, and it barely makes a dent in my oil. With so much stuff coming out that’s hydrating the skin, I’d like to see a little more love for us oily-faced girls so maybe I don’t look like an oil slick within hours of applying my makeup.

Honesty in ingredients. I’m allergic to mangos which end up in a lot of lipstick formulas. The sheer number of places I have to go googling to in order to find a full ingredients list is ridiculous. It’s inevitably some blogger who puts it up rather than a retailer and certainly not the company that makes the product. Or having the ingredients list under the product seal so you can’t read it in store without purchasing. Come on! The label is required by law, I know you have it, stop being so obtuse!

This also applies to chocolate boxes that don’t tell you what flavors they have until you open the box. I don’t want my box of chocolate to be like like, I want my chocolate so I can deal with life. Fess up!

Or, what about the ingredients “list” that is sooo tiny, you need a magnifying glass, and/or written in gold/silver lettering on a white background…?

Fortunately, I have no allergies, and few sensitivities, but I like to know if that expensive product really is worth the extra money because they use more quality ingredients, or they just want a larger profit margin. There are common, safe ingredients that are widely used that I prefer not to use, so I’m willing to spend more, but I refuse to pay top dollar for a moisturizer that is based on a petroleum byproduct when there are cheaper alternatives that are as effective.

I believe companies make ingredients lists difficult to procure is because they don’t want the consumer to know they are spending $75 on a $6 product. Unfortunately, they don’t think about those with severe life or death allergies…

I would definitely like to see better quality control along with more price stability. I understand prices eventually have to increase but I think the quality needs to get better too. I feel like we’re paying more for the same quality we’ve been getting. And these days, we’re getting even less product to go along with these price hikes smh. Let’s just leave the prices alone for like 2-3 years lol

I agree with the need for more high end foundations for oily skin. Drugstore foundations always oxidize on me and I love to use high end products, but there is very little out there.

I’d also like brands to take more risk with color. Everyone keep churning out nude palettes and serious makeup users already have a drawer full of these. Also, I think the quality control for palettes and Christmas collections is terrible. I have two Bobbi Brown palettes and the quality is horrible. They’re chalky and the shimmery shades don’t even transfer to the lids. I’ve never purchased a single eyeshadow from their line because I’m sure I’ll get burned. And the $50 Stila palettes? Horrible.

I’m not really bothered by prices going up. That’s inflation. EVERYTHING is going up. If makeup didn’t that would be weird. Companies have three options when if comes to inflation: adjust nothing and eventually go out of business, keep price the same include less product, or increase price. Companies aren’t just doing it to gouge us. They have to pay for raw materials (that are also increasing in price) and their employees salaries, as well as rent, distribution, etc.

I’m not referring to price increases of $1 – I’m referring to brands putting out new formulas and charging 30% or more because it’s a new formula, while the original formula is still their normal price. I’m referring to brands that increase prices 20% and decrease quantity by 20% simultaneously.

Fewer, but better limited edition collections. I feel like companies are in such a rush to put out as many special collections as possible that they put out bad or mediocre product and hope the exclusivity makes it sell out before people get a chance to realize how bad it is. These companies (*cough*MAC*cough*) need to learn that while that will make them a lot of money in the short term, it’s seriously damaging their reputation in the long run…

I hope to see more high-quality, affordable, and innovative makeup brushes! In general I would also like to see more brands creating colors that work well on medium to deep skin tones.

I would like to see quality to stay high, and see more consistency within products and/or collections. I definitely would like to see more originality in product colors and packaging. I would like to see even more makeup products for sensitive/skin eyes. It has been improving the last few years, but selection of brands and colors still isn’t great. I would like to see less $50+ lipsticks.

Amen to that! The prices on a lot of products that I’ve used in the past have gone up since and it’s irritating to have to spend more for the same product. I also agree about the fake sales pitches. Saying that a mascara is going to give you almost 2,000% more volume is crazy even if it does make your lashes more voluminous.

* Less price gouging.
* EVERY company listing their products’ ingredients online.
* MORE COLOUR! So sick of “nudes/neutrals” everywhere. (Looking at you especially, Urban Decay!)
* Would love to see MAC release fewer collections and focus more on new permanent products.
* Better quality control.

Want to see more makeup and lip products with at least SPF 15. While I wear sunscreen everyday, it also helps to wear cosmetics with SPF, to add another layer of protection to protect against wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, and skin cancer. I’m always on the lookout for primers, foundations, lipsticks, glosses, face powders with SPF. And I totally agree that prices on cosmetics have become ridiculous –while I love high end products, if I can find a drugstore product that performs same or close, it’s the best feeling.

Apart from the ridiculous pricing- I would love to see an improvement in product packaging. Bottle pumps that don’t leave you with so much product that you are literally throwing money down the drain (I’m looking at you MAC prolongwear and Ole Henriksen Truth serum). I would also love to see the release of quality palettes and sets.

I agree with everything! And if this is completed, quality products at lower price points will be availae to everyone in the myriad shades of our skin and tones! We need this! There aren’t 11 colors of people.. Surely brands can do better without having to pay exorbitant prices for pro products. Equanimity of all products, great execution and good makeup whether you pay little or drain the bank. Seriously, stop hitching up prices by 30%! I understsmd growth rate over a decade, but this is out of control! Especially when the continuity of excellent formulas has gone away! More proceeds going to where money is needed, and less collections if they can’t be done where all products perform as advertised. Propaganda can stop any day. Otherwise, as said, I agree with Christne and all I’ve read from the comments! Thanks for posting this question, MUFE Artist Shadow Queen Christine! And. Thank you to everybody for passionately putting your thoughts down here! (More samples like sepsis used to be, less special clubs.. It’s beauty and should be accessible to all and shared! QUALITY CONTROL THOUGH) 🙂

I’d like to add that I hope companies start regarding products as the category they fit into.. For instance, when best vampy lipstick was polled here, people assumed vampire, gothic, and cyber punk. A true vamp is a RED. Inaccurate propaganda is messing up the cosmetics industry. There are brands that specialize in luxury, some with underground and vegan couture.. I’d like to see each company JUST do what they are best at, do their greatest with it, and maintain who they are along with price, availability, and quality control. Sanitary control, too! Also, it would be nice if companies were as happy to give samples as they once were. I feel this year showed companies being all over the place and it hurt them. Rise above, companies, stick to your prices and product, and forget competition! That’s why so many exist! We can find where to go to for what we want! But not when its discombobulated!

More cool-based palettes and products. For example, there needs to be more ash-based lighter eyebrow products (most are too red, yellow or warm).

Better packaging. Enough with the useless feature (like studs on lipstick cases) or cheap construction, like mirrors that detach from shoddy gluing, etc.

Better delivery systems: put more products in containers with pump delivery system (instead of having doe-foot applicators, droppers, etc. that are messy and introduce air and contamination), try to get away from so many jars, etc.

Better thought put into the colors put into palettes — do they coordinate well together? blend okay? do their undertones go well together? same with products put into gift or value sets (too many have super cool with super warm, for example, or too many in same shade, etc.

Yes! Please, makeup market, more cool, ash-colored brow products, especially pencils. I’ve been through, man I swear, every single American brand and still, there’s only Anastasia which I can’t always afford.

All i want is for everyone to be consistent in formulas. If your single eyeshadow is amazing but the same color sucks in a pallet. why bother?

Also im tired of bulky packaging. i want slim like the vice3!

-higher quality purple eyeshadows
– greater shade range for foundations/more drugstore foundation options
-fewer products with alcohol and fragrance
-a truly comfortable matte lipstick formulation at a bargain price point
-more satin finish eyeshadows
-better packaging for drugstore cosmetics


Good point, Christine, and not just the mark ups overall, but also selling lower quality products at a higher price. Can we talk about Nars with their Narsissist palette? $79 and for what? Powdery nonsense. Even Urban Decay killed it with the deals this year, but the Vice 3 still doesn’t match the quality of previous palettes. Obviously to an extent, I understand — they’re still businesses, but some of it seems excessive.

I’m pretty sure most of these have already come up in the comments, but I don’t want to spam reply, so if you’ve already mentioned this, consider it a +1 to you! 😛

– Lower prices outside the US! 😀 Guerlain recently lowered their prices here in NZ by 12%, which is not a lot, but is welcome, and *proves* that it can be done! 😀 (*cough*asthecrazyincreasedpricesaremostlyformoreprofit*cough*) 😉

-More cool-toned eyeshadow and contouring products. Seriously, LOL!

-Better selections for super pale people in foundations. Particularly: not just having another shade lighter, but having a bunch of light shades with different undertones. I imagine the same probably needs to happen for the darker end of the spectrum too (honestly, we barely get either end here – if a brand has 20 shades in a foundation line, we get maybe 5, and they’re all ‘medium’, so I’m in a particualry restricted situation). I know there are brands that cater specifically to the ‘extremes’, but we don’t get those brands here, so…they should come over! 😛

-I’d like to see less greenwashing, less use of baseless and cynical feamongering to boost sales, and less egregious bull$h1t in the ad copy for things. Seriously with the Swiss alipne snow? It’s getting insulting, marketing people! 😛

I know the question was about ‘products’, not ‘brands’, but…

-MAC needs to stop releasing 459683475472 collections a year, when so many of the products in them are so mediocre. They do some really awesome sets, (like much of the Alluring Aquatic stuff), and maybe 1 or 2 stellar, highly desirable items per collection, but then so much of the rest is just ‘OK’, or mysteriously more expensive, or a repromote, or unremarkable filler (hello, chalky nude lipstick/dupeable red lipstick!) or downright dreadful (hello, Carbon eyeshadow and Nacho Cheese Explosion lipgloss! – to be clear, I am totally down with bright yellow lipgloss, especially in a Simpsons collection. But if you’re gonna do it, by the Gods you better do it right!). Not to mention all the launch website/sales shenanigans that keep going down, and their obnoxious international pricing…
To put it another way: MAC is a brand that I would really love to love. Why do they have to make it so hard for me (and other consumers) to do so?


I’d like to see old successful brands become satisfied with their profits & become morally satisfied as well. Possibly cut back on certain exports that increase animal testing.

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