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MAC Blot Powder. Mainly because I’m extremely unlucky and I always manage to drop it and break it (I’ve had at least 3 of these over the years!), but it’s the only product I’ve ever hit pan on!

I think for my it was the yellow concealer part of my Benefit Perk Up Artist concealer palette, but that was aaages ago. I think I might be nearing pan on my MAC Bronzer, though!

I wish UD made Limit as a single! It’s my favorite transition shade ever. Nothing else I’ve tried comes close…I’m terrified for when I run out of mine

Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Latte,I don’t think I used this colour that much but somehow it’s a only one that hit pan in my last four months 😉

A lot my products aren’t in pans. The lastest loose powder items that are almost gone are BareMinerals Orginial foundation, and their All-Over Face Color in Rose Radiance.

The last pressed powdered items where I hit an actual pan are some old school Mary Kay signature colors: Blush in Pink Flamingo, and eye shadows in Whipped Cocoa and White Sand. I haven’t bought from MK in years, but I found a stash. Most of the items were open and partly used, so I threw the out, but the unopened powdered refill items were still fine, so I’m using them up.

I’m close to hitting pan in an Almay i-Color trio for hazel eyes (pink, brown and champagne).

Physician’s Formula Nude Wear Powder- a great dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and gives my face the exact same finish as Dim Light!!

It’s not the new one that just came out but the Glowing Nude Powders that come in light and medium-I have both and have actually hit pan on both!

Urban Decay Midnight Rodeo eyeshadow. I love this color, and I don’t experience a bunch of fallout as others have written about on many blogs and makeup communities. It’s one of the few glitter colors I can still get away with, so I do use it quite a bit. I use it with a lot of matte shadows as well, and it seems to really make my eyes look incredibly green.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. I use it and Diffused Light liberally as setting/finishing powders. Expensive, I know, but just the right amount of pore-blurring and radiance-preserving for my almost 60 year old complexion 🙂

Thanks for posting this. I am having a heck of a time with setting powders and my combo/dry skin with this winter ! I even bought the $60 ByTerry hylauronic acid infused setting powder..still so dry feeling. I own all the Ambients and have always used them as finishing powders. I am at the point of just skipping powder. But then, I cant use powders for contour, blush,etc because it streaks. I am going to give this a shot. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

Nicole, have you tried Jose Maran’s Luminous Hydrating Liquid Powder ? She also has one with Coconut Liquid. I think QVC still carries one of them. It’s too hydrating for me during the summer but nice when my skin is really dry during the winter.

Thanks for the tip Katherine T! I will have to look into those. That does sound interesting.Although, If it has argan oil which I know most of her stuff does, I stay away. When she first launched her line, I rushed out and got her original oil and wound up with a rash for two weeks all over my face! So, ever since, I won’t use anything with argan oil!

I just looked them up. It appears they do have argan oil! Ugh..I can’t be certain it was the oil. It was so long ago. But, it was the only change I had made at the time. I just don’t know if it would be worth the risk. I didn’t even realize Sephora seems to be slimming her line? I like that they are adding lines. But, I don’t see why they can’t just expand. Thank you for the suggestion. If you know of a retailer that may carry it where i could maybe get a small sample first,please lmk. I really appreciate the suggestion! 🙂

I have dry skin, and had been omitting powders for the last few months because they felt sooo dry. However, I found my cheek products difficult to apply due to streaking. I have recently discovered, on a whom, WnW Fergie Take On The Day Mattifying Powder, which is silica-based, and it leaves my foundation able to accept blush/contour. Although I lose the dewy finish of my foundation, at least it doesn’t feel drying. It’s also less than $5, which is nice! The Physician’s Formula Nude powder someone mentioned above is nice, too, although I haven’t tried the Hourglass Ambient powders, so I can’t say if it’s a “dupe”…

Thank XAMYX! Both noted and certainly worth a shot!Even if the HG powders I already own work out, I am going to try to pick both up anyway to stretch those out and take in my purse. My “dim light” is already in pieces and it sits in a drawer and goes only form there to my table and back . No way will I travel with the ambients..so incredibly fragile! I seem to have bad luck with drugstore items and wind up spending more or equal to what I would on a higher end item on multiple that go to waste. So, anymore, I don’t generally bother unless, Christine does a review or a see a comment(s). Can’t thank you enough!

Oh no, both of Josie’s powders have argan oil, so might not work for you. And I don’t know of any retail store that sells it, only QVC. The other one that I’ve tried is IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Illuminator Powder (not the regular one which is drying but the illuminating one). No argan oil and gives a soft glow, but you have to use sparingly or it’ll look too illuminating, also carried by QVC.

I will check that one out! I don’t mind that “illuminated” look. I actually usually prefer it! I can always use one of my other matte powders in my t zone. Thanks So much!

Hi Katherine T., I just realized that a gel blush that I actually use pretty regularly is made by jM. So, I am considering giving the liquid powder a try. I want to look into their return policy first just in case. I would just “spot test” it first. I noticed there is also a non- illuminating form on amazon as well. Which one do you prefer of the Josie Maran’s? Also, Since you mentioned the It cosmetics secondly, I am assuming that is a second choice for you? Thanks for all the help. I am so sick of my face feeling like a prune by the end of the day!:)

Personally, I prefer the JM one because it’s more hydrating and gives a little more coverage, but the IT one is more illuminating. But you just gave me an idea –I tried mixing the 2 and really like it, gives me an airbrush illuminated look! For JM, I’ve only tried the luminous one, not the natural finish one. Both the JM and IT ones are carried by QVC, which has a 30 day return policy, and QVC has recently changed their shipping fees, so many items now ship for free or for $3 flat. So you can try one (or both) and see if you like.

I just ordered the Josie Maran one! I have so many powders I couldn’t bring myself to order the It one too! I’ll see how the JM works and don’t be surprised if I wind up with the It before long! Thank you for the suggestions!

I hope it works out for you! My skin is combo/oily, but gets super-dehydrated at this time of year. I have to change my primer and setting spray, but the Ambient Lighting Powders still work.

If you spray with a moisturising spray after your powder you won’t feel so dry. I can really recommend Clinique moisture surge face spray. I could never use powder products until I discovered that.
Good luck,

Thanks Susanne! I have tried that with several sprays. I am currently finishing Amorepacific’s moisture bound spray and can’t really say it’s worth repurchasing. So, I will absolutely be looking into the Clinique in the near future. This blog is great! It’s so nice to buy stuff that actually works well!

Hi Fran, I have another question for you regarding how you use the ambient powders if you get a chance to reply at your convenience, I would greatly appreciate it . I have all of the shades except the “diffused”. I have yellow undertones and when I first got them all was worried it may make me look too yellow. I now see that they are very subtle. I mostly use ethereal to highlight under my eyes and center of face and either Dim or Mood depending on how sallow/olive I am looking that particular day. I use Mood more usually in winter as I tend to look a bit more sallow/more olive then. I use the Dim more in warmer months and if I have a foundation that is maybe a slight bit pale than I prefer.Sometime I use all three! I very seldom use the others. maybe occasionally as a highlight. But,not something I plan to repurchase If i ever get through them! I was just wondering what you use you Diffused light” for?I know it indicates for redness reducing. But, I was wondering how it may work to replace the ethereal as an under eye brightner as I pick up a little color in spring/ summer? I am med skin tone and the Etherael may Pull to ghostly as I already go lighter on my underye concealer. Thanks for your advice!:)

Nicole & Fran, hope you don’t mind if I put in my 2 cents. I have Diffused Light too, and it’s so subtle that I don’t find it too yellow. I have light to light medium skin. I don’t have Dim Light, but I like Fran’s idea of mixing it with Dim Light if I want some more color.

Wow! Katherine T. you must have a ton of powders too! I am thinking about picking up the “diffused” light. It’s the only Ambient lighting powder I don’t have. I am glad you said it wasn’t too yellow.That was always my fear with that one.:)..And please never be fearful for putting in your :2 cents”! I will take all the help I can get!

Ill keep you posted. I’ve been holding myself back from the It one too because I literally have way more powders than I could get through in a lifetime probably! Lol. I’m wanting to get the Ambient diffused light too now after reading these comments that changed my view on it around . I have the Nars illuminating,Guerlain meteorites, and just about all the ambient( lacking diffused). Is the It powder different that you know of?

I don’t have the NARS or Guerlain Meteorites (the fragrance will dry out my sensitive face) , but I think Diffused Light is much more subtle (very minimal sheen) than the IT Illuminator, which gives more of an illuminating sheen. If you don’t find the JM one illuminating enough, maybe you can try mixing it with one of your existing illuminating powders to see if that works before trying the IT one.

Good suggestion! I would probably use the Diffused light like I use Ethereal now. I use it for setting under my eyes and center of my face. I use it like you see a lot of people use yellow/banana powder. But I don’t like that heavy powder feel as we have been discussing! I think Christine may be ready to kill us for the longest discussion regarding powders! lol..Really, Thank you for jumping in with your suggestions! The weather has been terribly harsh here and I can’t wait to get that package! 🙂

MACs Outre. It’s LE, but I was smart at the time I bought it to realize that it would end up being a staple color for me, so I bought two. I’m not completely out of the first one, but I’ve gouged out enough to reveal a pinky-nail sized area of the bottom of the pan, and the texture is different on what’s left (harder to work with), so I’ll be opening the other box before too long

Currently hitting pan on some wet and wild shadows – helped along by dinging the pans. Going to keep using them until they’re completely gone though.

I can see a dot of pan in the Chinchilla shadow in my Too Faced Matte Eye palette.

Otherwise, all my stuff looks new ( and I do use it! ).


I had to think very long about this. I don’t use anything consistently enough to hit pan on — at least not anything that comes in pan form — so it’s been a very long time. I think the last thing was a Revlon pink eyeshadow palette, and that was like 4 years ago!

Rose bronze blush from Chanel. Rare that I ever see pan on anything, and although I have a ton of blushes, I can put that one on in the dark and look “normal”.

My Makeup Forever Pro Finish powder foundation. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and I’m just now starting to see pan. I’m kinda excited lol

The only thing that I’ve hit pan on is my Naked 2. Foxy, bootycall, tease, verve, and YDK have pan showing. This isn’t even my favorite pallet; I prefer the original Naked. I’ve owned this one so much longer that most of my other makeup. I used to have a job where I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup. Most of my collection has been purchased after I left that job. Naked 2 is an exception the that.

smashbox fusion soft lights in intermix. twice. now it’s discontinued and i can’t find a single one on e-bay or anywhere, nor a decent alternative for my coloring! how could they do this to me? it woke my pale face up like nothing else does, and i miss it terribly.

I hit pan on my Colourpop Bae color (such a pretty color and such an oof name…)! I think it was my first pan I’ve hit since I’ve gotten into makeup (which was like, November), so I was super excited.

Oh wow! it’s been probably last summer. But Nars laguna is the last thing I can think of as far as hitting pan. If an empty counts it would be Givenchy Mr. light highlight pen just the other day. I tend to go for than more than the infamous YSL touche eclat pen.

Chanel Lumiere d’Artifices Beiges Illuminating Powder, an LE from 2012. I’ve had it for almost three years now, so its longevity has justified the price!

Pur Minerals and Too Faced pressed mineral powder foundations. I also it pan on MAC Desert Rose blush years ago but it will won’t finish….it’s almost magical how that stuff persists!

Hmm, I really can’t think of what I last hit actual pan on. I have so many eyeshadows that it seems impossible to achieve, lol. In terms of last product I replaced, it was MAC Cherry lip pencil. The old one was a stubby and not working well anymore.

Just hit pan on my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. It’s my second one I believe.. love that stuff.. but thinking of trying the NYX Pomade next just to see how it compares. Always looking for cheaper dupes! 🙂

My Natio blush/bronzer – all gone!
Estee Lauder Film Noir – the lovely light grey/silver shade – not completely finished yet, but I am scrapping the edges.

Maybe MAC Devilishly Dark? I’ve hit pan on several MAC eyeshadows over the past year trying to use some up and it’s hard to remember which one it was exactly!

Last one was Colour Pop’s Bill (lerrrrv that color!), but I always hit pan on blushes & pressed powders. Always. I have a NARS Orgasm with only a tiny bit left in the rt-hand corner, used up Lancôme’s Shimmer Pink Pool, bought another one but got over the color so I gave it to muh Dukes. I’ve been through two Bare Minerals Ready Mineral Veils in Translucent (currently need a 3rd), & the last one I can think of is UD’s pressed powder in light—the one that comes in the cute little purple & white bag…

I don’t wear make-up often enough to even come close to hitting pan on anything, but I was pretty pleased with finishing a L’Occitane hand cream recently!

Driftwood from the Stila In The Know palette. It was my brow colour for a while, now I use it mixed with the darker brown from that palette for a better match. First time I’ve ever hit pan!

My Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation in Alabaster. It’s been well-loved and since it’s nearly done I went and purchased another one. I will endeavour to finish up my old one completely before moving into the new one. 🙂

My “old” version of Nyx Taupe blush! And also the highlighter in my UD Anarchy face case as well. But still have quite a bit of Taupe left, thank goodness.

I can’t recall, but I’m quite sure it was a face powder of some kind, and I’ve long since finished it… I did recently toss out a L’Oréal Lineur Intense, as it was a bit old/dry, but there was still plenty left!

Hahaha, “Trench.” That’s perfect.

I… don’t know if I’ve ever hit pan. I’ve finished mascaras. The last mascara I finished was Too Faced Better Than Sex. That’s the best I have!

Okay, brain cramp. Reading the comments made me realize that I hit pan constantly with my pressed powders. I change them up, so it’s not important which ones I use, but I go through them pretty fast (though less fast now that I’ve staged them all over the place — desk drawer at work, the jacket I always wear, glove box, etc. — instead of just carrying one around everywhere.).

Wet n wild Copacabana powder. I use it on my neck to blend my neck color and foundation. Learned from @Tarababyz. Worthy mention, I hit pan in 4 shadows on my stilla in the light palette.


…possibly an ancient pan of Revlon cream foundation that I used to use for dance? I’m trying to work my way towards a couple of other pans at the moment, but mostly I ‘hit tube’!

Same here.

I’ve got about 1/3 of the pan exposed on my Burberry Trench.

Although I have 3 backups and can’t imagine doing a look without it since it’s such a HG for me, I cringe a bit each time as the hole is getting larger and larger.

Catrice bronzer, a LE from the Hip Trip collection. I use it as a contour shade on a daily basis. It’s huge, so although I’ve hit pan, there’s a ton of product left.

My brow powder! I use Canyon Classics Quad by Physisicans Formula and frankly, I’m ready to be rid of it. I’d like to replace it with an actual brow product (maybe from Anastasia or TheBalm).

Charlotte Tilbury’s Sophisticate Palette. The tan shade! Just the best (a tad cooler-toned than the tan in Cocoa Mirage, and I wear it ALL THE TIME.

I hit pan on Sugarpill’s Tako and Love+ fairly regularly. I use the red for my eyebrows and the white for my face and eyes (no, I’m not a geisha lol – I dust it over my foundation to lighten it and on my browbone beneath my highlight colour + swept under my eyes to clean them up and lighten the area) I also run through Shiro’s Moon Prism Power pretty quickly, it’s my HG brow highlighter and seems to go with everything!

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