Lancome’s Declaring Indigo Collection Swatches & Review

Indigo Charm Ink Artliner, Declaring Gold Color Fever Gloss, Indigo Charm Eyeshadow Palette

Lancome’s Declaring Indigo Collection is a large collection filled with a variety of products. In my eyes, it’s almost three distinct collections. Each collection features an eyeshadow palette and then colors and products that complement it.

Color Fever Glosses

  • Declaring Gold is a sheer glossy base with golden shimmer.
  • Raspberry Glimmer is a subdued raspberryish shade with multicolored shimmer.
  • Golden Rouge is a warmed up red with golden shimmer.
  • Berry Glamour is a deep, sultry burgundy-wine with golden-pink shimmer.
  • Rouge Magnificence is a subdued reddish-pink.


  • Rouge Liberty is a poppy red, seems a bit orange toned on me.
  • Front Page is a brownish-burgundy with sheen.
  • Paris Rouge is a subdued pink-mauve with multicolored shimmer.
  • Berry Sensual is a slightly berried-red.

Golden Audacity Eyeshadow Palette contains four shades of color: a soft, wheat-gold, a dark, cool-toned smoky brown, a warmed-up antique gold, and a softer, more golden-toned antique gold. The Nude Elegance Eyeshadow Palette contains a matte, subdued taupe-beige, a lightly yellowed gold, an antique-gold, and a smoky brown.

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Golden Rouge, Raspberry Glimmer, Berry Glamour, Rouge Magnificence Color Fever Glosses;
Rouge Liberty, Front Page, Paris Rouge, Berry Sensual Lipcolor
Row 2: Golden Audacity Eyeshadow Palette

Golden Rouge, Rouge Magnificence, Berry Glamour, Raspberry Glimmer Color Fever Glosses;
Berry Sensual, Rouge Liberty, Paris Rouge Lipcolor

Golden Audacity Eyeshadow Palette

Golden Audacity Eyeshadow Palette

Nude Elegance Eyeshadow Palette, Rouge Glow Blush