Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th

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Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th
Lady Gaga's Haus Labs Launches July 15th

Today, Lady Gaga officially announced the launch of her beauty brand, Haus Labs, which will be available for pre-order July 15th at midnight PST.

From the brand:

The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand. But that’s too bad. Welcome to HAUS LABORATORIES. Available for pre-order on 7.15. It is our vision to spread kindness, bravery, and creativity – and if that means beauty… #battleforyourlife

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but at HAUS LABORATORIES, we say beauty is how you see yourself. This is your glam. Your expression. Your artistry. We want you to love every version of yourself. You are the artist of your own life. Whether you’re a perfectionist or like to get messy with it. This is your time to experiment.

The ritual of beauty is personal. A full face of makeup, a little, or nothing at all, we want you to love yourself. Our tools were designed with artistry and versatility in mind to inspire endless self-expression and reinvention.

This is a creative collective. We are an artistic family and welcome you to express yourself. There are no rules. Together, we are building a supportive, empowering, inclusive community grounded in kindness, bravery, and creativity. All are welcome in OUR HAUS.

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On a first read, to me, they got it right in the first sentence. Reading this, I’m not clear what gap in the market they are trying to fill here. It’s also a pet peeve of mine (I find it uncreative) to see the black models in braids and fro, and Asian model in pigtails, flanking the “star” as sidekicks. Gives me Gwen Stefani flashbacks.

There’s also no one in my age group (over 60!) and not even anyone over 50 or 40 except maybe Gaga herself (I don’t how how old she is but I’m guessing in her 40’s).

Kira, I feel much the same – that first sentence sort of says it all. Nevertheless, I’m sure we all know this line will be a huge success. For the sake of those who are excited for this and purchase products, I do hope they live up to a high level of performance and quality. I’ll be interested to see the prices of the products.

I saw them reply on Instagram saying that they are cruelty free and vegan. Probably good to check one of those websites that confirms it.

I adore Lady Gaga to the moon and back, but my reaction to this announcement was simply a heavy sigh.

The market is too saturated with new brands already. What will make her stand out? Her name alone? Is that what she’s betting on?

It’s gonna be a pass from me. The overchoice in the market is too overwhelming.

I hope that it is a good quality and inclusive release. It would be a pity if the brand touts inclusiveness but doesn’t release enough shades to be truly inclusive. I don’t know what products she is launching with but I am interested. I have a love/hate relationship with Lady Gaga and am predisposed to like anything she is involved with but sometimes I feel like she goes too far. She has been better recently so I am looking forward to this release.

Very aesthetically pleasing, as expected! Most likely I won’t purchase items from the release, but I just can’t wait to see the creativity it will inspire people! It’s quite risky that she went with Amazon, given there’s no means to test/swatch in stores; but people might easier slip something in an Amazon cart, rather than a Sephora or Ulta. Gonna get some cat food, toilet paper and Haus Labs cosmetics… said the person who ordered her latest foundation on Amazon… with a package with shampoo and body wash waiting in her front door. 😆

Sorry I’m replying to my own post, but I wrote my first comment too fast, before I had a chance to think about it.

I am not a celebrity follower and I don’t like most mainstream music. The only reason I own anything by Fenty is because of the reviews; I’ve never even knowingly heard a song by Rihanna! I avoid the whole Kardashian/Jenner family like the plague. And the only time I’ve ever bought a makeup product BECAUSE of a celebrity was about 15 years ago when I found out what lipstick Angelina Jolie was wearing in a photo. But I have grown to like Lady Gaga, though her music is kind of a guilty pleasure for me.

I hope that this line will be creative and interesting, not just another celebrity cash-grab. One encouraging sign is that in the closeup facial promo photos of Gaga and her models, their skin is not airbrushed to perfection, allowing their pores and natural imperfections to show.

I wonder how fast these products will sell out.

Or, if you’re older, Our Haus is a very very very fine house, with two DOGS in the yard… (CSN). What I want to know, is who her MUA(s) are. And the ‘battle for your life’ is about brains, skills, compassion, and survival, not m/u.

^ This….. I’m really loving high end make artist brand for the quality of the products like Pat Mcgrath. But I’m curious how inclusive her brand will be in both every skin and every budget?

I’m hoping for more from her brand than just colour cosmetics (eyes and lips) because everyone can afford something good from all range of brand price point. Skin/base products are really hard to get right. Which is why I love the Fenty brand even if the foundation does not work for my skin, but oily girls are loving it.

“The ritual of beauty is personal. A full face of makeup, a little, or nothing at all, we want you to love yourself. Our tools were designed with artistry and versatility in mind to inspire endless self-expression and reinvention.”

^This gives me hope. Makeup is a tool and not the identity of the brand to covet like designer bags and fashion labels.

I covet makeup that really works and last longer in hot sweat conditions but few really live up to that demand for me without help. It’s Quality tools over the latest fads. Buy my search for the best is still ongoing.

Yes, the waters are thick with beauty brands, but something tells me that this will be anything but boring or the next neutral yawnfest! I’m here for it!

“neutral yawnfest” – Nancy – this might just be the thing that brings our online friendship to an end (just kidding, just kidding). I live for the next neutral (except with lips and cheeks) – neutral is my life-blood! You should see my wardrobe….black, black and black, enlivened with the occasional hit of ….. GREY! But like so many others, I’ll be interested to see what this new line brings. I was hoping there would be some charitable donation attached to this line because Gaga often seems to come out with statements or actions related to social concerns.

I’m cracking up because bmy Mom was all about neutral EVERYTHING, too! True story: my daughter was given a school assignment to “interview”bher Grandma. One of the many questions was, “what is your favorite color?” This ensued…
Grandma: Grey.
Daughter: Um Grandma, grey isn’t a color!
Grandma: Alright then, beige.
Daughter: Grandma! Beige isn’t a color either!
Grandma: Well, those ARE my favorite colors. Those are colors to your old Grandmother, Sabrina!
Daughter: Don’t you love flowers and gardening, though? There must be a real color you love, right?
Grandma: You know what, I do love bright pink, like a watermelon color, too! There; you got your color. Satisfied?

Funny enough, my closet is chock full of black clothing, but also hits of purple/plum, lime, teal/aqua, blood orange/coral and red, abound!

Definitely agree with you about the charitable donations from her brand being something I would imagine will become a reality at some point? Or, at least, I hope so!

Well, my favourite colour has always been red, but my clothing is mostly neutrals with some crazy colour tossed in here and there (mostly with scarves and shoes!)

There was a very funny movie quite a few years ago called The Matchmaker. It starred Jeanine Garoffalo (who’d been in Saturday Night Live for a while) and was set in a small town in Ireland during their annual matchmaking competition. Well, this old fellow who’s looking for a potential mate is asked his favourite colour and he says (with a lovely Irish accent) “Favourite colour? I don’t have a fekkin’ favourite colour. You wanna know my favourite colour? Bollocks! THAT’s my favourite colour!” Certainly makes beige seem even blander!

As oversaturated as the market is, I think that there is more room for different makeup options, especially more natural makeup which tends to be from extreme high end brands that few can afford. But this looks like the exact opposite: glam with metallic and shimmer, which is basically every brand already… I like Gaga and I hope this is good for the sake of her fans that will purchase but they have yet to show any products so I’ll have to pass.

I’m probably in the minority but I don’t find this is exciting at all. The market is over saturated as it is and too many celebs are jumping in hoping to cash-in on their names. A collaboration with Gaga would be interesting. Next up, Hailey Baldwin!

Although out of most celebrities I feel like Gaga has the most creative spirit with makeup and those she feels akin to channelling their inner self with makeup too vs those that are famous for their makeup looks on their already perfect faces they are banking on their
brand loyalty.

Smart to make collecting pieces from her brand a call to action (#battleforyoulife). I am 0 for 3 as far as commenting about new brand viability, and have since lemminged for 2 out of the 3 I originally thought of as an eye roll. I think the models in this ad copy are a bit stereotypical and I don’t think there will be anything unique but I think tying the concept of beauty to someone’s core identity in “battling for your life”, making it a collective, inclusive effort to support everyone’s expression and selling via Amazon will be what sets her apart. I’m pretty sure this will be too raw and edgy for my taste but she’s always had a mercurial artistic flare and I bet she knocks this out of the park.

Is starting your own line of cosmetics the new version of releasing a celebrity fragrance?

Apparently so. The profit margin must be enormous for everyone to want a piece of the action. At some point, though, supply IS going to exceed demand. It’s just a matter of time.

I think the “ gap” Gaga is wanting to fill that it’s for all PEOPLE, LGBT , etc…
It is neutral gender (,there is no mention of woman or man. ) it’s about being who ever you want to be.

You can say well a man can buy cosmetics at any store. But there are people who are mean & judgmental. The Haus would be a safe place to go.
The people with Lady Gaga in the photo are Transgender models. ( not exactly sure how they prefer to identify each other) The models were very creative, over the top fun and had different races.
This is what I think it’s about.

Easy pass for me. I find celebrity makeup a turnoff. I did buy 2 items from Fenty but it seems like a money grab. They are all trying to copy Kylie it seems.

I like lady Gaga and some of her songs but not a super fan. I can see her being inclusive since she’s bi.

I’m getting kind of overloaded anyway but hope it’s good for those that follow her.

I know the market is saturated with new releases daily, but this does make it exciting! I look forward to what she has in store for us. I can pick and choose what I will try and hopefully it is a success. Bring it on!

I’m not very interested in this brand because I don’t see Lady Gaga as a beauty/makeup icon – she’s a pop music icon for sure, but I don’t know what she could offer the beauty universe that is unique. I also feel like the “labs” aspect of the marketing is also kind of a rip off of Pat McGrath’s brand marketing.

I feel like this is just a way to stay relevant for Gaga, seeing how well Fenty was received, and kinda copying how brands like PMG have that luxury but creative feel to them. Her ad looks interesting but I feel like the products aren’t going to be anything new. It seems very try hard, using all the “I’m a cool inclusive brand” tropes but it is just another beauty brand at the end of the day.

Her music career is thriving and she just won an Oscar. I’m not sure in what way she needs to do anything or try hard to stay relevant.

I mean yeah the market is massively over saturated but it’s all problematic or brands that are not inclusive enough. We don’t need anymore nude lipstick collections or neutral eye palettes. I have semi high hopes that this will be a colourful, quirky and fun collection.

With Kat Von D as a brand seeming to die a slow death there is a gap in the market for that “edgy” colorful brand. But as big a fan of Gaga as I am I’m gonna wait to see product pics before I get my hopes up.

I have been excited for this brand to launch. I really like Lady Gaga and her style. I wish there had been some product photos. I’m really hoping their will be some really great, unconventional color products. I loved her fragrances, too, so I hope she’ll be doing some for her own brand.

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