Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book - The Art of Sculpting + Defining for Spring 2015

Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book
Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book

The Contour Book – The Art of Sculpting + Defining ($59.00) (New)

This palette contains detailed instructions and all the shades needed to redefine the look of your face. Make cheekbones appear stronger, your face appear slimmer, or just create a more sculpted appearance. The Sculpting Powder allows you to contour your face like a pro without looking overly made up. Get the look by following the sculpting guidelines with the included Kevyn Aucoin contour instruction book. This set contains:

  • 0.04 oz The Sculpting Powder in Medium
  • 0.08 oz The Celestial Powder in Candlelight
  • 0.06 oz The Celestial Powder in Starlight
  • 3 x 0.06 oz The Essential Eyeshadows
  • Step-by-step contouring instruction book

Availability: Now exclusively at Sephora

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Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book
Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book

Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book
Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book


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JBoogie Avatar

GAH!! Christine will you be reviewing this soon?? Like….tomorrow?! LOL I have been wanting the KA contour powder and was just getting ready to pull the trigger when I saw this. I may have to be patient to see if this is worth the wait…

Mahima Avatar

I’m so sad that this is $85 in Canada. It has everything I want from Kevyn Aucoin to try but I’m not sure if I should wait. It’s not limited edition right?

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Yeah I was excited until I saw the $16CAN markup. >_< Ouch, at that 28% markup. Although that said in total you do get more product then two of their powders. Might still get it because it does have 3 permanent shades.

I wonder if the eyeshadows are reapeats from the Essential Eyeshadow Sets.

I keep feeling that Sephora is getting more and more expensive. lol

Dustin Avatar

If there is ONE thing I’m SO completely sick and tired of its contouring and highlighting. People are rediculous about it and none of these kits and palettes and books come with the one thing you need to do it properly: Photoshop. Because that’s where it should stay for the 80some percent of people making themselves look like drag queens and saying it looks #flawless. I love a queen! You wanna look like one, be my guest! But just know… you look like a drag queen LOL

Sarah Avatar

THANK YOU. I seriously thought i was the only one who felt this way. Every time I log onto a blog or channel for new beauty news it feels like all I see is CONTOUR AND HIGHLIGHT AND MOAR SCULPTING and I just roll my eyes and sigh. It ‘s getting to the point where it feels like everyone is doing contouring just because, because it ‘s the “in thing” (for some reason) to do at the moment. You don’t need to contour inreal life, so wht do it?! Enough already! I like my face the way it is, I don’t want or need to change it so much the bone structure appears different!

xamyx Avatar

I like the concept of contouring/highlighting, and have been doing it for 20+ years (looong *before* it was a “thing”), and I’ve never come off looking like a drag queen… The problem is not using the right shade, or not blending, and with the introduction of several palettes means more shades/formulas.

As for “changing” face shape/structure, that should not be the reason to do it. Besides acceptance of what we’re given, there is only so much that can be done with makeup, and that’s where many run into problems. I have fairly pronounced cheekbones, and I like to *accentuate* what’s already there, not create something that doesn’t exist-that can’t be done for real-life looks. I also don’t care for intense, unnatural blush shades, and judiciously use sculpting techniques to add shape back to my face after applying foundation, and too add some color.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

The funny thing with me is I either to blush or contour even with exrteme makeup that is viable. I love to contour, but 80% you can’t tell I did anything which is intentional. I don’t like doing both or have both being prominent because I feel like it’s too much going on in my face.

I’m all for the rule of leaving 1 thing off. 😉

Nikki Avatar

I’m with you. I used to contour 70% of the time, but it was very soft jaw contouring that I wasn’t positive was visible enough to even do anything. All this over-contouring is putting me off even that now other than for straight ahead drag or glam rock looks. And honestly even when I DO have a burning desire to contour, the only specialized product I want is just a taupe contour powder. I like a (that’s one) highlight, but I want the one I want, not what happened to come with the set that had the best lowlight. And I’m sure the KA set here is lovely, I just don’t have interest in this sort of product and think that they are of limited utility for most people.

As an aside rant, I’m not super into the triangular concealer highlight that is so big right now either. I keep seeing pinterest memes about “You’ve been concealing undereye circles WRONG, this vast Kardashian concealer/highlight is the only correct method! Go now, and depart from me with your concealer game on point!” And I’m like… that’s a lot of makeup for every day and honestly unless you are a very full face type of person I’m not confident that the best suited concealer for undereye circles is necessarily the best one to drag across your cheeks as a highlighter. I like my concealers pigmented like acrylic paint. It does not look good applied across large areas of the face unless I have heavy coverage everywhere else, which I probably don’t want.

Andrea K Avatar

i cannot agree more! It just doesn’t look natural, specially on an everyday kind of situation. Look plastic and overdone. Not attractive.
Love your comments and videos, Dustin.

Veronica Avatar

I don’t get why people go so heavy on it in every day life, either. The only thing I contour somewhat regularly is my nose and jaw, and only in the winter where my skin gets very fair and a tad dimensionless. Heavy contouring is only good if you’re doing editorial or heavy photography, but I’ve even seen that overdone on the red carpet. It should, above all things, be subtle.

Nicole Avatar

Thank you for saying this Dusty because as much as I love Kevyn Aucoin as an artist and most of his products.. the freaking contour kits are out of control and it seems like this trend actually hit like two years ago. Geez…more striped,chiseled faces..c’mon..when did that become pretty? I think I saw Too Faced has one now too! From the promo pics, all warm they stuck their bronzers in a kit, event the matte “light” shade is dark looking..oh my goodness…should be interesting.

Veronica Avatar

In fairness to KA, most of these products have been in the main line for years. Aucoin’s 90s book “Making Faces” was probably the first to really significantly lay out the fine details of contouring way before it hit the mainstream. This is just a more cost-efficient way to put it in one palette.

Nicole Avatar

I absolutely agree! I scooped up “Making Faces” when it hit shelves. To this day, it remains the only make-up book on my shelf. I am in no way knocking him as an artist like I said in my initial comment in the stream, Sculpt, starlight,& Candlelight are superior products and this is an amazing value. I do recommend it for someone who wants to try these products,absolutely! This probably is the best contour palette out there and I wish it had come sooner. I also wish there were not so many or that they were all as well done. But, I suppose each company has their right at a shot.

Rachel R. Avatar

I lightly contour my cheekbones and my nose (it’s really wide). But if people are into the Kardashian mega-contouring, it doesn’t bother me. I’m sure some of the people into heavy contouring, taupe eyeshadow, and nude lips would look at my major daily eye makeup looks and say, “Damn, lady! Too much.” 🙂

The Silver Nail Avatar

I completely agree. I had no idea so many women in the world want to look like plastic drag queens. 90+% of the time, contouring looks terrible. Most people are not professional makeup artists and they are using the wrong products in the wrong amounts in the wrong colors in the wrong places. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

xamyx Avatar

Which is why it’s absolutely *necessary* to have a vast selection of products to choose from! Not everyone wants harsh, “fake” contoured looks, and “chiseled” features, but some of us want to emphasize what’s already there.

By the time I reached my third trimester of pregnancy, I had gained 80+ lbs, and my naturally defined facial features had been severely distorted. Fortunately, I had the tools/skills to contour, and it made me feel better about my overall appearance. I’m not saying chiseled/defined features are better, or more attractive, but I was used to looking at a certain face in the mirror for over 30 years, and I wanted to get as close to possible what *I* looked like. This was nearly 9 years ago, and we didn’t have the options women have now, so I had to improvise; fortunately I had products that could work, although it took a bit of trial & and error.

I’m by no means a professional makeup artist, but I spent time in theatre/dance, and had learned techniques, but I did not look anything like a drag queen, nor did it look any more “unnatural” than any makeup would. I think women (and men!) are very lucky to have these options now! Using the wrong products & applying badly will make *anything* seem off, so now brands are just putting together choices. We don’t have to buy them all.

melancholyaeon Avatar

Don’t hold back Dusty! Try telling us how you really feel. 😀 What’s more interesting is why drag looks are now fashionable for the street. Why has that changed? I myself prefer a more Jordan Liberty type look. . .but drag is what I see on the street and more and more in the office as younger women learn their makeup from youtube. It’s an interesting social change, in that drag queens are embraced as role models.

kjh Avatar

Big S has KA now, or just this set? I’m off to check their website. They certainly didn’t have any instore, when i was last able to get there. Personally, i have too many egregious face faults to worry about contouring. Hard to say if this overwhelming bandwagon trend is sublime or ridiculous. I think i agree with Dusty, it’s the latter.

Katherine T. Avatar

I like the contouring instructions, but not feeling this one. Some of the colors look too dark, too warm, or too white. And the pans look too small to get a brush in there. Also prefer cream contours rather than powder ones.

Lisa Avatar

So over contour/highlight products. I’m sure they’ll nice products but I have a round face and I’m tired of trying to make my face look like it ain’t! Rocking my own bone structure from now on :p

xamyx Avatar

I have Medium & Candlelight, and have no interest in Starlight, so I’ll pass on this. However, if the pans can actually accommodate a brush, this is a fabulous deal.

Veronica Avatar

Oooh, this is a tough one for me. The contour powder from the line is too dark and warm for an NW10/15, but I’d love to get my hands on the rest of these for $60.

Nicole Avatar

I think I commented a week or so ago that i wished kevyn Aucoin would make a contour kit! Here it is and of course I have already purchases the main features..Starlight,Candlelight,and Sculpt. So, i will be passing because I have no need for 3 more matte shadows.If you do not own own products that you love for contour and highlight, I do suggest this if you are interested in it. I love all three of those mentioned above. They are top notch quality. You do not need to apply like the instructions on the book. Just a little to suit your face structure. Emphasize what you have. I agree with the previous comments, an over chiseled face is so unattractive! A light contour under your cheekbones..not drawn to your mouth unless you want to look masculine, under your chin and jaw if you feel you need , your nose very light if you feel you need it, pout out your lip for occasions.. There is a time and place for every thing. But, always ,please, BLEND and with all 3, a light hand is necessary! But, this is a great deal and the products are fantastic in my opinion. but you don’t have to “contour” at all! blush will contour your cheeks alone by drawing the eye to that area. Just do what make you feel good.

April Avatar

Hi, I’ve read the comments, most saying no to this but, I’m kinda wanting to get this. I have no contour powders or creams and really don’t know how to. I’m 47 so I’m not into going crazy with it but would love to try it out to see how it looks on me. Really like that it comes with directions. So would you say it would be a good choice? I have medium skin. Thanks, I read your blog daily.

Sylirael Avatar

I have a soft spot for kits, but this vampire avoids contouring like it were holy water, LOL! I find that most ‘contour’ products are too dark/warm/actuallybronzers to even begin to work for me, and even with the matte taupes I can find in eyeshadows etc, I’m still not convinced it’s best for me – adding more shadows to my already vampiric and thesis-induced sleep-deprived face is a dangerous business! 😉

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