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Katherine T. Avatar

The Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Pop Up Party Palette. Not only do I love Hello Kitty, but I love the kit itself, and it was responsible for my first comment on Temptalia! I stumbled upon your blog by happy accident, and was following for many months, but was way too shy to say anything. But after you reviewed it, I had to chime in with my difference in opinion, and ever since then, I haven’t shut up ๐Ÿ™‚

Nancy T Avatar

Now that was a great shade of green! That I missed out on, because….

Ok, so 4 years back, MAC Vex eyeshadow was my first jump back into mid-high end cosmetics after approximately 25-26 years of only purchasing DS. Made me feel all kinds of special!

However, I have to weigh it against that now 6 years old, strangely still half full bottle of Avon x Christian LaCroix Absinthe. I bought that right after major lifesaving surgery for acute peritonitis ith septic shock. Nearly died. This fragrance smells of life, and death. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever smelled. It’s ethereal, it’s also grounded. It’s pretty strong stuff.

Anne Avatar

Mine is probably Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle. My sister got it for me waaaay back when I was probably about 16-17 and, aside from it being one of the few times she was kind to me before we got older, was basically my first lipstick. We went out for the day and she got me the lipstick and a Chanel lipgloss, and had them do my makeup, and we went out to lunch and a movie as well. Now that I think of it, it occurs to me that it was probably during a rare period in our teens when she was clean and sober (and she now has been for almost a decade) which made it especially poignant. It was a day that made me feel pretty, which I didn’t feel for most of my teens, a day that made me feel close to my sister again, and the lipstick itself is my middle name (and Coco Chanel’s actual name). So yeah, that’s the one.

Also holy crap MAC Jealousy Wakes is friggin’ gorgeous! I wish I had known about it when it came out. I don’t find many really good greens out there, and that’s my favorite color in general, as well as to wear on my lids.

Lizzi Avatar

Yes, Buxoms Stay There eyeshadow in Husky, and not because I own two huskies. The last time I really got to hang out with my brother before he past away we went into a Sephora and I pointed it out to him and commented that I wanted it. When we walked out of the mall, he pulled it out of his pocket and gave it to me. Yes, he had shoplifted it, and yes, I was horrified and scared but now it’s just the last thing he did for me.

Abir Avatar

Your story was strangely touching. Yes he shoplifted it, which is wrong, but it’s true that it was his last gift to you. I’m sorry you lost your brother.

Marieke Avatar

My way too expensive Tom Ford lipstick because I got it on holiday in Milan. That’s what you do in Milan, spending too much money on high-end stuff. Right?!

Mariella Avatar

I’m not sure I really understand the question but two items that I think of as “special” are MAC’s Smoke&Diamonds, because I must have got one of the last ones available in all of Montreal when I was fairly early in my intense makeup interest stage, and also Guerlain’s Les Fumes quad as I wore it at my daughter’s wedding so that made it special (that and the fact that it ALWAYS looks terrific, which is why I wore it!)

Brandi Avatar

My electric palette. It’s the first makeup my husband helped me buy. He finally realized my passion and couldn’t fight it anymore. So, he took me to Sephora for our anniversary and picked that out and told me he sees me look at it on the inter net all the time and I should get it.

Victoria Avatar

I love a Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme Lipsticks that bears by daughter’s name, that my daughter gave me on Mother’s Day. She was 5 years old and beaming proud at the gift. It joins MAC Ruben and Isabel Toledo LE in the lovely special packaging in Victoriana which she gave for my birthday–at her age not at all bothered by the fact that it’s not exactly my name. And of course, at her age, they also speak of a loving husband and father who does his research! Neither are colours I’m naturally drawn to, but man can I make them work (different lip liner or gloss) for feeling the connection.

The Silver Nail Avatar

Yes, the classic Revlon lipstick in the color Love That Pink. It is the only, and I mean ONLY, shade my late mother ever wore. I bought one and keep it pristine, never use it, but take it out and look at it sometimes.

sally walker Avatar

That is so lovely. It made me smile. I lost my mum recently and your coment made me remember a lipstick I found in her handbag just after she died.It was a loud purple and she had seen it in my makeup bag. I said I never wore it so she asked for it because it was in a lovely jeweled container. That was years ago and I didnt realize she had kept it all those years.

Gillian Avatar

There are a few but off hand I can only think of one, which is MAC Smoke and Diamonds eyeshadow. It was limited edition and I let my Mum borrow it one day and it subsequently broke so she chucked it out. I went to great lengths to get a replacement and now I’m too scared to use it in case I finish it and have to source another one! I just absolutely love the colour, that’s really the only reason why it’s special to me. ?

Abir Avatar

Smoke and Diamonds is lovely.
Still Diamond Lil is as close a dupe as you get. And you can still find it at Amazon and other websites for sale. Amazon has it for $18 I think.

Tova J Avatar

Ohh I didn’t know you collaborated with MAC! That’s so cool, the eyeshadow looks beautiful! I don’t have any very “meaningful” makeup products I think…

Jessica Avatar

Yes, I have a couple – the first one that comes to mind is a Tom Ford lipstick in Addison. I have been writing (laboring?) on a novel for over ten years now and the lead male character’s name is Addison. I had about given up on the whole story when that lipstick came out last year and took it as a sign that I was meant to keep going. It took me until this year to actually purchase though!

The other is the Guerlain holiday highlight that had the peacock feathers pressed onto it. I LOVED it upon first sight but was unemployed. I was living off my unemployment insurance (which was not a lot; I was a laid-off Catholic school teacher) and it was just too much money. I started saving every spare nickel (literally, I would pick up change I saw on the ground,) and it sold out before I came anywhere close to enough. My mother bought it for me for Christmas that year and every time I use it, I remember how I struggled and fought my way back into the workforce.

Stacey Avatar

Several. Halston blush. The shape of the container looks like a heart. Chanel duo eyeshadow in purple and pink….duo chrome…back in the 80’s. My first Chanel product when. Was 15 years old.

Jealousy Wakes. I bought two. N I am not fond of Mac. So special for Temptalia. Dupe is Mochi from Sugar Pill.

Eileen Avatar

Meaningful? Hmmm . . . I guess it would be my collection of Mรฉtรฉorites (both permanent and LEs) that date back to 1987. For each container, I have a card that details the release date, the name of the collection, and a promo picture. Heaven knows why I started collecting them. Perhaps it’s because they’re fun and they make me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Vanessa Avatar

My all time favorite nail polish of all time is Essie Footloose. I’ve heard rumors that it was going to be discontinued so I’ve bought numerous back ups not to mention giving out bottles to my closets friends who have also fallen in love with the color. Secondly it’s my MAC 140 brush its old numbering and my first makeup brush ever that I received when I was 12 or 13 yrs old. Its a small angle brush w brown natural bristles, not small like lining brush but small as in eye shadow….

Pearl Avatar

I have really enjoyed reading all the answers and will be checking back to see if any more pop up. Jealousy Wakes is a gorgeous color!

Guerlain Meteorites Perles for my meaningful beauty product. I’d been following Temptalia for about 2 years and had seen this product mentioned time and time again and wondered what all the fuss was about. I bought it and I specifically remember the first time I used it being a 1-2 punch – the smell was just heaven and when I used it on half of my face to see if there really was any discernible difference, I remember saying outloud “Oh my God I’ve got magazine skin!”. I’d been buying (and returning) many products at this point because I was starting to get back in to makeup, but it wasn’t systematic buying, it was just this panicked frenzy to get current again and I think I was trying to get ‘the lost years’ back, really. I am not very good with color coordination and through the massive hauling stage, learned that it’d probably work better for me to go back to getting makeovers and just picking from those products instead of hauling all the latest trend products or sets. Meteorites was the first product that I picked out unchaperoned (ha!) and it not only lived up to the hype, it made me feel pretty again.

Dez13 Avatar

Wow Christine! I had no idea you had done a collaboration with MAC!!! I’ve only been following you for maybe 2-3 years I think, though I think I officially joined only a year ago. I guess your collaboration was prior to my following you.
And I realized last time I posted a comment that your site has switched my user name, which is odd. It used to show me as Dez. I’m the one always thanking you for introducing me to Guerlain face makeup. ? I’m not sure why the switch happened; I know I didn’t open a new account on your site. โ“โ”โ“
As for a special item, it would be the Too Faced gift set that was the Merry Go Round. I loved it when I saw it because I’ve collected carousels since I was a little girl, but it had sold out when I went to buy it. That was lucky because my Mom had seen it and bought it for me for Christmas!

Christine Avatar

Could you email tech support? nick[at]temptalia.com. You are able to edit your name – it is right in your profile settings! He would be able to ask the right questions, as I’m not sure how your name would change unless there was an edit made to your profile. Only someone who has your password would be able to do that. Your username is dez13, but the name listed in your profile is Traci.

Dez13 Avatar

Thanks Christine! I’m not sure what happened. I don’t remember changing anything. I guess I can go in and change it myself and see what happens. Sorry for the confusion. โ˜บ๏ธ

Andrew Avatar

Lady, I never knew you collaborated with a brand! I’ve followed you for nearly three years now and never knew that! Here I’ve been thinking brands have been snubbing your magnificence but dang, I’ve apparently just been behind the times haha. I wish another brand would collaborate with you. You and your team are absolutely brilliant!

Ellen Avatar

Urban Decay Sheer Revolution lipstick in Ladyflower.
I bought this lipstick as a present for my Nana for her 85th birthday this year. She’d always been so into makeup and looked so gorgeous all the time. The staff at Mecca (I’m in Australia) laughed when I told them who I was buying it for but that was Nana – age was no limit to where she shopped and I knew she’d love the colour and formula. She was delighted when I gave it to her and put it on immediately at her party. She looked so beautiful.
She passed away suddenly a couple of weeks ago, devastating our entire family. Days later, I found the lipstick I gave her, tucked inside her little lipstick case in her handbag. I couldn’t stop crying. Mum encouraged me to keep it and so I wore it to her funeral and have worn it most days since then.
So this is my most treasured item in my makeup collection and will remain that way for a very long time I think.

Aeri Avatar

Quite a few things! I saved a bit of my makeup from junior high and high school, and I have the last lipstick my mother wore before she died, as well as perfumes she gave me when in high school. Also, to a lesser degree, things with fandom names.

Genevieve Avatar

Quite a few of my make up purchases are special – because I am given or I get them to commemorate certain events: for example for my 60th last year, my son gave me Charlotte Tilbury’s the Rebel and Dior Jardin’s palette.
I got the Urban Spectrum palette for my birthday this year too.
My very first palette was Estee Lauder’s Sea and Sky – I saw that on my birthday in David Jones and it was the last one they had. Because it was my birthday, they gave me a little bottle of Beautiful.
Sometimes it’s a lipstick – a Dior one in an orange red to celebrate getting a new job.

Genevieve Avatar

By the way, I was just looking through my stash – and there it is – the only one of MAC’s products that I have purchased – Jealousy Wakes! I just wanted to check to see if I had it and I did. I remember looking around for a good green and the MAC counter had just opened in Myer in Chadstone. The MUA recommended the colour and I loved it. Wow! – what a great colour to have created. No wonder it is special to you.

Krista Avatar

Christine, any chance MAC will ever repromote Jealousy Wakes? I’d be first in line, it’s gorgeous! Maybe you could give them a little nudge and tell them your readers are asking for it…

Brittany Avatar

Probably Sugarpill Poison Plum. It’s one of the first non-drugstore colorful eyeshadows I ever bought and I wore it a TON for a long time after getting it (just not so much recently because I’ve been lazy with makeup and not wearing much eyeshadow). Purple’s one of my favorite colors next to blue and I love the hue of Poison Plum. I consider Poison Plum and other Sugarpill shades my gateway drug for getting into bright makeup colors. ๐Ÿ™‚

Adrianna Avatar

A blue and white cameo from Estee Lauder that inside has Youth Dew.
I bought this for my Mom many years ago. When she passed away, I had
found this in her nightstand drawer along with a birthday cards I made her
as a small child. I never like the way Youth Dew smelled. It would make a gag.
Now it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Eve Avatar

It’s got to be the original naked palette. It’s the first makeup item my now husband bought me way back when it came with the dual ended pencil eyeliner instead of the brush. He didn’t understand anything about makeup just that I’d been lemming over the palette but couldn’t bring myself to spend so much on it at that time being fairly broke and all. Now he totally gets it and often even recognizes when there’s something new in my collection!

Andrew Avatar

I try to purge my stash pretty often to my sisters and my mom, but I will say that the Archie’s Girls collection from MAC holds a special place in my heart! I grew up loving Archie comics so it’s a really awesome nostalgic collection for me. I have Betty’s pearlmatte powder and lipstick, and Veronica’s shadow quad and blush. None have been used much just because they have such a special place in my heart!

I will say though that the pearlmatte powder has seen the most action. I really wish MAC would make the formula permanent since it gives such a beautiful, natural glow!

Emma Avatar

MAC’s Plushglass in Power Supply for me. It was the first mid-end makeup purchase I ever made when I was 14. I still have it! It smells weird though, so I don’t wear it. I just keep it for sentimental reasons.

I remember I bought it because I wanted to have my makeup done like a model in Seventeen magazine.

Pteetsa Avatar

1. Not so much a product, but… I save most of my receipts, especially those from Sephora because you never know when you’ll need to return something. Sometimes when I am looking for something else, I will come across the receipt for when my mom and I went to Sephora while she was staying with me before my wedding. She lives out in the boonies and doesn’t have access to many stores, so that day I bought her some makeup to wear to the wedding. I also bought some of my own wedding makeup that day, too. She lives on the other side of the country, so we don’t get to have mother-daughter shopping days very often. So this receipt reminds me of that day.

2. Bath and Body Works blush in Spiced Peach. I know I’ve mentioned this many times before. It is one of the first blushes I ever bought, and it is the absolute best color for me. I’m so sad B&BW discontinued not only this blush, but their whole cosmetics line!

3. Urban Decay eyeshadow in Roach. Best eyeshadow color ever!

Cat Avatar

It would have to be the UD Gwen Stefani palette. I surely didn’t need the palette (or more eyeshadows in general) but it will always remind me of my son. My son was on the verge of turning four when the song “Hey Baby” was released. I can’t remember him singing along to any other song until he was much older, but he loved (still loves) that song… and he would sing along to it with such excitement in his voice. Needless to say, I often had that track on replay.

Nadia A. Avatar

The most meaningful makeup product in my makeup collection right now is the Urban Decay/Gwen Stefani Palette. I absolutely love both Urban Decay Cosmetics and Gwen Stefani!!! Urban Decay, Gwen Stefani, and I are all from Orange County, California. Therefore, this palette is even more meaningful to me. I feel that the palette is also a big nod to my beloved Orange County. Since my family and I live in Orange County, California, I was able to purchase this palette from the actual Urban Decay Flagship Store in Orange County, California. For all of those reasons and the amazing eyeshadows in the palette, this palette has a real sentimental value for me.

Tracey E. Avatar

The makeup I wore on my wedding day has special meaning. Coincidentally, the lipstick shade and our family cat shared the same name!

Very cool to have a collab with MAC!

Stephanie Avatar

The only item I’m sentimental about is my Tartelette palette. It’s the first higher end makeup my husband ever bought me. I’d been eyeing it on the Internet for a while and he gave me his credit card and said to order it. He normally stays out of all things beauty.

alie Avatar

one that sticks out in my mind – a dior eyeshadow compact from likely the early 90’s. it is a midtone purple (think mac pigment in entremauve?) but a regular eyeshadow. the meaning comes from – it belonged to my ex-bfffev4’s mother, before she suddenly passed away in 2000. i had met her for two weeks, my friend (who was like a sister to me, the closest person to me in my life, my person and my soulmate – if she’d been into ladies we would have been married etc) and i took a trip to spend time at her mother’s home in virginia – it was an amazing trip, we had SO much fun… and i really understood my friend more after having spent time with her mother.
unrelated, my friend did a “de-stash” sometime in may 2000. i got the eyeshadow then. after her mother passed, i offered several items back… but she said keep it, that her mother liked the way i did my eyemakeup, and she’d probably want me to have it.
i rarely use it, but when i see the compact in my massive collection… i sort of smile and think of linda rose.
as far as me and my friend go… i feel irreparable damage was done to our relationship. long long long long story. but i miss her, we havent spoken in about 5 years. i feel a piece of me died. she meant the world to me, and i couldnt show her financially how much she meant to me (as id just moved cities, had no job, then got a job and made no money and encountered health problem after health problem uninsured… ) we basically stopped talking after she evicted me via email *after knowing me for 15+ years* …. it was one of the saddest days of my life. i thought our friendship had no pricetag. i thought our friendship would be forever. ….
i digress.
yes, dior purple eyeshadow, 90’s edition. reason: belonged to deceased mother of someone who used to be like a sister to me.

Kat Avatar

I have a truly ancient little bottle of Chanel No. 5 that I took from my grandmother’s house when she died. It was probably over a decade old when she died (she never replaced anything that wasn’t completely empty) and it’s been another decade since then, so it’s completely gone off and doesn’t smell anything like Chanel No. 5 anymore, but I still sniff it sometimes when I miss her a lot. We were extremely close when she was alive, and she died when I was only 10.

kellly Avatar

Not especially meaningful but I managed to snag a MAC Skin Finish in Superb a couple years ago. How I managed it, I’ll never know. I use it as an eye shadow and it’s soooo shiny and beautiful. I feel like I got really lucky to have gotten one since I had seen a photo of it in its first release in the UK years earlier and thought it was absolutely gorgeous but of course wasn’t able to get it that time around.
When I travel (which isn’t very often) if I buy an item while on the trip, I always remember where it was that I purchased it, so quite a few of them have memories attached for me.

Candice Avatar

I didn’t even know you collaborated! I just went to read up on all those posts from that time and WOW how impressive! Congrats even if I’m 4+ years late ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s such a gorgeous shade!

Lindsay Avatar

There is actuallyโ€ฆ We have a store called Ocean State job lot and they were selling physicians formula powders and there is one with the Daisy shapeโ€ฆ And one day my husband came home with it and surprised me with it it doesn’t work well at all but I cannot throw it out!

KK Avatar

Hey! I didn’t know about your collaboration with MAC and Jealousy Wakes. Went through your post. It must have been so much fun for you to be part of the entire process of ideation to creation of the actual colour! Hope MAC people watch this space and decide to re-promote it. Would love to own this one!!

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