Is there a makeup technique you'd like to master?

I’d love to be able to apply false eyelashes without it being an ordeal, but they often cause my upper lash line/waterline to act up, water, or just get really red/irritated. But I’d love to at least have it be an option for extra special/dramatic looks or occasions!

— Christine
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Christine, have you tried attaching singles to your actual lash hairs rather than the eyelid? Like close to the roots? That is what I do!

I don’t think I’ve attached them to other hairs (I think I would worry about it pulling my real lashes out – how do you avoid that?), as I try to get them close to the root, but I know when I’ve done that, I still get some irritation – not as bad as full or half lashes.

I don’t know how others remove falsies to decrease lash loss (perhaps that’s a question for the blog?). For me, lash singles come off same time as when I remove waterproof mascara and I use jojoba oil or cleansing balm or oil. I saturate a cotton pad with lots of oil (until not only is the pad saturated with oil but there is some nonabsorbed on the surface) and then hold it against my lashes for like 15 seconds. Then I gently spread the oil through my lashes with my fingers and/or qtip. It is harder to re-use falsie singles/clusters this way but I don’t lose my real lashes (but bear in mind–I don’t do this every night so I don’t know what would happen to my lashes if I did–but there are people who do this quite often).

Lisa Eldridge has a video on how to apply lash singles to lash hairs and she is a good teacher.

Some people get reactions from using certain popular lash glues so perhaps try others. Other than DUO, Revlon works well. There is a Korean one called Darkness and Sephora sells a velour lash glue?

False lashes used to have the same effect on me, watery eyes/irritation. I found that it was the glue I was using. I switched to Revlon Precision lash glue from Duo and don’t have that issue anymore. Plus, I love the brush with the Revlon glue…so much easier to apply.

Tightlining. I always seem to end up putting the liner on my upper waterline instead of between the lashes.

The eyeliner “flick”. And I recall that the last time this question or a similar one was asked, LOTS here answered the same thing which I found reassuring. To be honest, I think it’s partly the shape of my eyes and the fact that, as I’ve aged, I’ve developed the very common “hood” or “droop”.

I have very hooded eye Ana didn’t even try a flick and use a thin line as possible. U can’t see my mobile life at all except a little at the corners. Watch every video on them I come across. But being late 40s for me know it’s not going to get better. I have a crease that the line will mess up. But I have to go up above that. I haven’t tried it yet because I usually make a mess. Lol. Stephanie Lange has of great videos for hooded eyes and has been doing her mom and her moms friend makeup for older ladies. They r always great to learn from. I need to be able to false lashes and thinking I should try clusters. I don’t have any on one eye because of shingle scarring on my eye. And wear glasses. Whooo older lady problems. I don’t even desire mascara but do wear it. Because of it. Steohanie just did a video where she cut her off a little price and used it make fake brows. Really wish they would come up with something for that because j never plucked but not a lot there especially that left eye with scars. Good luck on the flick.

Have you watched any tutorials on youtube? There are some good ones for winged eyeliner (and other eye makeup looks) specifically for hooded eyes.

Christine what las glue have you tried? latex ones make my eye swell up slightly and most none latex can still cause minor puffiness with me. I’m still trying to find the perfect one.

Ones that don’t cause any swelling are:
Fantabulash tape works but I find the tape only work on bare skin. I don’t bind to any makeup for me.
TrueGlue which does work but I find it doesn’t allow the band to flex and I feel like the corners of the lash band are jabbing my eyelid as a blink. >_<
Quo Full EyeLash, this one causes my eyes to water because of the alcohol fumes when I first apply. The lashes stay on, no swelling of the lids, but pain to get off……

I have tried latex-free, though I am not allergic to latex – but my eyes are just pretty irritable, I guess. My eye doc said it’s no wonder everything irritates them, based on the texture of the interior of my lid/skin around my eye. I’m not sure if it’s the glue or just the feeling of the lash band (I can even feel the weight of liquid eyeliner for some reason, lol). Will look for Quo Full Eyelash, though!

Definitely false lashes. I hate individuals and I prefer the fun spiky lashes that come in a full band, but they’re a pain to apply. I’m not sure if it’s just because I don’t do it regularly or because my eyelids are super hooded or something, but it’s always an ordeal. Half the time, one lash looks great and the other is crap and at a weird angle.

I have finally mastered winged eyeliner! I still cannot quite get the hang of eyeshadow. It never looks blended.

I’ve figured out the right shape for my hooded eye with winged liner, but it still pains and stresses me to try and get the job done properly with some semblance of symmetry. Also, sure, would love to be able to do false lashes with aplomb as well. My co-ordination and skill set has definitely improved, but I do not wear either on a consistent enough basis to get over that awkward hurdle. For now, these are left for days when I have the time to screw up and retry or I’m just practicing so don’t care about the results.

Yes! Definitely false lashes because I really to like how they look, but I find application to be very difficult. I also need to get better at winged eyeliner.

I really want to answer this question, but I can’t come up with anything. The two most common answers seem to be specific eyeliner styles and false eyelashes, but neither interest applies to me. Maybe … eyeshadow blending? I think any issues I have there tend to stem from which eyeshadows I use (some seem to blend well, others not so much), but maybe more mastery would help me with the finicky ones???

A steady lip line! I swear it always comes out crooked on the bottom lip, like one side curves in more than the other. If I could do that, my problems would be about 85% solved. Oddly enough, I don’t like winged liner on my eye shape so it’s not a priority to learn lol.

Idk if I have more pronounced bone structure or fat pads on the left, but it’s more pronounced. Maybe it’s just age/fall. Should hit up Sephora for a lesson on how to balance this with contour, highlighter to make greater symmetry. But then, I’d start coveting the Lunatick big contour palette, that I def do not need. Def would never have an implant. Not that noticeable, anyway. Always could improve on most technique.

Setting my undereye concealer so it doesn’t crease… this is such a struggle for me and I’ve tried a lot of different concealers, powders, and techniques but it seems like I’m always having to pat out the creases soon enough with a finger. I think the problem is my powder application, but I’m not sure.

Definitely false eyelashes here too! They just leave me in a state of feeling inadequate as far as things I’ve aced. Because that is the last frontier, and I’m too nervous to even attempt them without being “walked through”! But I may need to learn how. Last night I got caught out in the middle of that deluge, too afraid to use my umbrella, my Benefit Roller Lash DISSOLVED right into my eyes and burnt like Hell-O!!! Walked from Osborn to Cheery Lynn; BLIND.

Applying foundation! I’m clueless! I use concealer bc it’s easier to just blot. Also mastering the “cat eye” – bc one is usually perfect, and the other is usually a little crooked!

I had lash extensions – individual lashes – put on by a professional this spring and I did lose quite a few of my natural lashes. This gave me the motivation to teach myself to apply strip lashes. I would recommend the Ardell Wispies as the easiest for newbies, along with Duo white to clear glue. If interested, I can write a little lesson of steps that made it easier for me.

What I would like to perfect is the cut crease but because I have hooded eyes, I doubt that will happen despite vlogger Stephanie Lange assuring me it’s possible. Same goes for winged liquid eyeliner. Lastly, tight lining. I’ve never tried it so I don’t really know how difficult it is. Do I need the cake eyeliner for that?

I lost my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes 6 times due to chemo. My eyebrows didn’t exactly grow back though minoxidil is now helping. I can never get a good look on my brows. I have 8 products I’ve tried. The best is Stila with the thin felt tip for creating tiny lines. It’s just so hard to do. It always looks so obvious that they ate drawn on.

I am so sorry what u have been thru have done it myself. Have NHL that slow growing treatable and not curable supposedly not curable it’s been 13 half yrs almost 14 think I have fought it about 5-6 times I have lost count with so much chemo two ur plans at a time. I don’t lose my hair. But I got shingles a few hrs ago and came down my left scalp and face and my immune made it really bad. It turned black and hard and have a lot scaring from it. My lashes the few there sometimes grow into my eye rub on the cornea and caused blurriness in that eye i wear bifocals. Have for many yrs. I’m late 40s. Not a lot of eye brows on That side either. I struggle with lashes and brows. Only time complete loss of hair was bone marrow transplant. 11 yrs ago. I had to comment I love to meet other survivors/ fighters. They know the struggle. My forehand looks like I got burnt. But I wear bangs. My hair is just really thin and falling out more lately??? I’m in remission as of last check in April. Hope ur doing well and pray it goes into remission for u and is cured. God Bless.

I’m still trying to master eyebrows. Mine are uneven and when I try to balance them so they look even they still look off kilter or one looks really fake.

A cut crease on my eye shape. (Double folds in my crease, deep set, very low brow, a lot of visible lid in the area closest to my nose, and not much on the outer area.) They’re such a weird shape!

Falsie application! No matter how hard I try, there’s always a slight gap between the falsies & my lash line & it drives me nuts!
I’ve fallen for Velour Lashes so I want to wear them w/out being able to see the space in between my lashes & the falsies!!

Just to be able to put eye shadow on my right eye as well as I do on my left……I am left handed and my right eye never looks as good as my left.

Christine, love your site, as a pro makeup artist, it sounds like yo may be having an allergic reaction to the glue. There are quite a few non latex glues on the market that work wonderfully. I carry two in my kit. Personally I really like Duo brand as it is a surgical adhesive. The trick to applying lashes is after you have measured the length and done the strip like a slinky, look DOWN into a mirror laying on a table. The just kind of pop on this way. Try it and you’ll see.

I have tried latex-free glue, but I don’t have a latex allergy, so I don’t know if it’s that! I have also tried looking down, and I do usually cut full lashes in half to apply vs. the full strip. Thank you for the tips – will certainly keep them in mind next time I try!

Winged eyeliner. Actually, applying eyeliner in general. My right eye usually looks pretty good, but the left one…not so much. Maybe one day I’ll become an expert!

Eyeliner of any variety, and contouring. I always look like I have either a brown line on my face, or the product just completely disappears when I try to blend it out.

Christine, this is exactly what happens to my eyes when I apply false lashes and the reason I don’t wear them anymore. I will sometimes use individual lashes but only a few. I was thinking about getting lash extensions in hopes that I won’t have that problem anymore but I’m worried they’ll cause the same problem and then I’ll be stuck with them for weeks.

Anyway, I have problems with liquid eyeliner. I suck so hard at making lines. They always end up all squiggly and uneven. I would love to master it and be able to do it in under 20 minutes haha.

The real smoky eye look with cat eyes, or cat lines. Also fake eyelashes! I keep trying to do it, but you can see the glue and just tell that they aren’t real. I even tried the single one’s. Forget it. I rather spend extra time applying coats of mascara! ?

I too would love to put on lashes without it being a huge ordeal LOL.

As I love watching tutorials and what not, I’m not into all the techniques so I’m not interested in learning how to do any techniques…just lashes.

I wish I could learn to put on false eyelashes. I’ve tried everything under the sun and I still can’t do it!!! Ardell lashes, Sephora lashes, Duo lash glue, tweezers, whatever. I still can’t get those lashes on right. I would also like to be able to do better with liquid eyeliner. I’m also dealing with hooded, aging eyelids (I’m 47).

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