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They’d be more useful to me if they were based more on skin tone (e.g. light, medium, deep, etc) rather than on a rather of colors in the same tone where maybe only one shade works on my fair/light skin, and maybe one shade works for someone with deep skin. Usually only about half or less of a palette like that is useful/wearable to me. When they’re in smaller groups say duos or trios like you said Christine, they tend to not have this issue as much. And I do like blush/highlight duos (I really want to pick up the new Colourpop ones). Bigger palettes aren’t all bad though, I love my Tarte color wheel palette.

They’d be more useful to me if they were based more on skin tone (e.g. light, medium, deep, etc) rather than on a rather of colors in the same tone where maybe only one shade works on my fair/light skin, and maybe one shade works for someone with deep skin. Usually only about half or less of a palette like that is useful/wearable to me. When they’re in smaller groups say duos or trios like you said Christine, they tend to not have this issue as much. And I do like blush/highlight duos (I really want to pick up the new Colourpop ones). Bigger palettes aren’t all bad though, I love my Tarte color wheel palette.

I like to stick to just a handful of blushes/highlighters, so I’d rather buy singles. I would maybe be intrigued if I found a palette where I absolutely loved every single pan, but that hasn’t really happened for me.

Up until just this year, I had not ever bought anything other than a few duos and one trio! Then, I bought 2 face/ cheek palettes with 4 in Alchemist, and 6 in ABH x Nicole Guerriero within 2 months. As for how useful my 2 larger palettes are, they do see much use as both are also useful as eye shadows, therefore, doing double duty.

Personally, I avoid them for 2 reasons. The first is that I really don’t want or need to be carrying 6 blushes or highlighters with me (not in my purse on a daily basis and not even when I travel) and I find that they always, always contain shades I simply cannot/will not use. I don’t suit warm toned blushes and never understand why virtually all companies will mix warm and cool toned blushes or highlighters in one palette. That alone makes them less than ideal purchases for me.

I’m very specific about the shades and finishes I use as Blush/Contour/Highlighter, so I’ve yet to find one of that I like, but I’d like to own one for convenience/travel.

I’m very specific about the shades and finishes I use as Blush/Contour/Highlighter, so I’ve yet to find one of that I like, but I’d like to own one for convenience/travel.

Love that kind of palette, but it’s not easy to find the one really has all in one and that you can really use most of them.

My favorite is by far is the By Terry Sun Designer Palette #2.

The formula in this particular palette is the best on the market. Even powders in Tom Ford’s face palette are not as finely milled as those imo.

It has highlight, blush, and bronzer ! It has 6 shades but I mostly use these 3.
It wold be perfect if the other colors are for eyes with bold and vibrant colors.
They definitely should avoid to put similar colors in one palette ! It’s not because one palette is perfect that I won’t buy other stuffs !
I’ll but the perfect palette and some backups, and I’ll still buy other things because I’m curious !

If it is a palette that contains a blush, highlight and bronzer that are well coordinated I will be more likely to buy it, as it would make getting ready easier. If it is just a mish mash of product, no deal.

I love my Nars Adoration because I love both the blush and highlighter. And, I love my Guerlain two-tone blush. But I consider these to be the exception, not the rule, because these are the only two palettes I own. (I didn’t even think I owned any palettes before this question, lol.) If I don’t love all the colors in a palette, I don’t buy it — whatever it is — because, to answer the question specifically, the palette wouldn’t be useful to me.

If anyone can wear a pre-made palette of highlight, blush and contour that suits your skin tone perfectly — hooray for you! I’m envious. If anyone can wear all 3 to 6 highlighters or all 3 to 6 blushes or all 3 to 6 contours in a single palette or any combination of them in 3’s to 6’s — again, hooray for you. I’m green with envy. I’m a real mixer at heart, but I know couldn’t make them truly useful for me. They’d just end up in a stack of stuff I wouldn’t use.

I like trios best. Blush, bronzer/ contour, highlight. I have yet to find the perfect one.( perfect colour combo and perfect quality on all 3 products. The perfect one would be bronzer from guerlain, blush from hourglass and highlighter from chanel :)))

I’m not a huge face/cheek palette person but right now, I prefer my face/cheek color products to come in a trio palette of highlighter/blush/contour. I feel like it’s easier to open one palette for face/cheek color, especially when time crunched.

I’m typically not a fan. I usually don’t care for all the colors and can’t quiet jive with paying for shades I’ll never use.

I do have the Becca Champagne face palette which I nearly never use. I wanted to grab the Fiona Stiles Multidimensional palette at Ulta while it’s 50% off because I’ve heard great things but we’ll see 🙂

I wish I grabbed Benefit’s Cheekathon while it was still around!

Not very, lol! I have the Gwen Stefani face palette from when she partnered with UD, but you know…I never reach for it like I reach for my singles. And that palette has the whole face – bronzer, blush, highlight!

I think the only face palettes I do use are the ABH highlight palettes, but even then there’s only one type of item in those and more often than not, I’m using my single pans of highlighter over those packaged in a palette. I find as a whole cheek and face palettes don’t cover my skin tone (ghost pale) so buying singles that match my skin tone perfectly is more important than getting more bang for my buck with a palette.

Blush/highlighter palettes are good in my book, but anything else is overkill and runs the risk of not being the right combo of shades for one’s skin tone. Contour (which I hope is a dying trend) colors usually look too dark, and concealer often isn’t the right color either.

It’s pointless to me. Given my skin tone, it’s rare that all colors in the palette will work, be pigmented enough and not look chalky.

If I want to apply contour, blush and highlighter… I just don’t want to open 3 different palettes. So I’ll call them useful; but just the self-made, I rarely find the pre-made on point for me.

They can be very useful. Love some, like Nars di summer 16 and unfiltered 1, some of the recent holiday releases. If there is a conspicuous absence of warm pink and coral, I’m there. Despite being a big Zoeva fan, their blush palettes have zero appeal, due to the shade selections. 4 corals? I’d never touch it, and give it away. I like how you can tweak colors a bit with palettes, warm it/cool it/darken it/lighten it, and s.t. highlighter or contouring shades are included. Can simplify the thinking process….though for me it usually does not. I’m always dragging out too many products for the flat surface, or trying to compare X and Y to see which I prefer. The butter London cooler blush trio caught my eye recently at Ulta. Different.

I have a couple that come in quite handy for travel, as they include several blushes, highlight, and bronzer. That being said, my absolute favorite blushes and highlights are scattered across other palettes/singles, so it’s definitely a compromise in favor of convenience when traveling.

Now I generally lean towards palettes that are permanent (or otherwise get good reviews here) because I find that companies are so prone to downgrading quality for limited-time palettes. Live and learn!

Two answers: Cheek products are not my main passion. I have one blush I really like (it’s a kind of dusty rose?), but I sometimes want to coordinate more specifically with my overall makeup look that day. So, a palette of several shades to cover my various blush needs (a pinker one, a plummy one, a peach one, a tawny one, a corally one… all to go with my desired “look”) could be useful to me, just so I don’t need to go buy a bunch of singles (for economy, and ease, and because peach is one I only need every couple weeks, but boy I would like to have it those times) My skin tone worked ok with that Gwen Stefani / UD blush palette, and in theory something like that would be good for me so I could have various shades. However, while all of those are fine on me, it does not actually cover the range I’d like.

Other answer: I kinda like the UD flushed trios. I have one (old Native) I got on clearance once… turns out, I can use all three shades, together or separate, and it’s not bad for travel or just for a week where I want only one thing out on the vanity ha ha. I use it usually only for the highlighter, or I kinda lightly mix the “bronzer” and “blush” shades to get a nice tawny rose shade. Anyway, a trio like that could be great… again, like others have said, if all the shades are just right.

I’m loving all the ones I have so far, but pretty sure they are the best of the best being from NARS, Hourglass, and Tarte.

You’re not the only one! I have three duos, but I don’t think of that as a true palette. I only just picked up my first trio with the new Tom Ford soleil collection. I so rarely look at face products with more than two shades.

It really depends on the palette. A lot of them just don’t work with my very fair skin. At least some of the blushes will be too pigmented, and almost always the contours/bronzers will be too dark, warm, and shimmery. I don’t touch anything except my lips and maybe eyeliner during the day, so I’m lugging palettes around in my purse.

However, a good blush or blush & highlighter palette that suits my skintoneis really handy for home and even more so for travel. For me, the Tarte blush palettes have been fantastic. All the shades always work on me, and they travel well. Sleek Blush x 3 palettes are really great, too, and they come in a large variety of color families. They’re ultra-pigmented, but sheer out nicely so I can wear them.

I find highlighter only palettes really nice for home, as I can see what I have available at a glance. I have ABH Moonchild, KVD Alchemist, and a ZPalette with all my Looxi Beauty HLs, plus a few other favorites, in it.

As for full face palettes that have everything for cheeks and eyes, I like them for travel. I don’t use them often at home, as I have so many other options. But they’re great for when luggage space is an issue, or for short trips where I don’t need much variety and just want something neutral and easy. UD Naked on the Run, LORAC Pro To Go, and BareMinerals The Magic Act are favorites.

I am not currently a palettes buyer of any products – I purchased them in the past and some of the products in the palette were wasted There are so many wonderful products on the market and more hitting the market all the time, so that’s what I am most interested in and isn’t it fun seeing all of the new things?

I do not tend to buy blush or face palettes. Rarely do they make sense for me from a shade perspective. I have a small TF palette and I never remember to use it or pack it for overnight. I bought 2 Sleek trio blushes palettes, and again, I only use 1 shade of the three for both. Lesson learned.

My light medium skintone and warm undertone is pretty convenient, because I’m no where near rich, deep skintones, and I’m not the fairest of them all. So most blush palettes suit me!

My dream face palette would be a cool matte plum blush, a shimmery coral blush, a golden highlight, a shimmery warm bronzer, a cool matte brown, and a matte truly translucent face powder. SIGH. I’ll have to build that myself one of these days!!

I PERSONALLY have no rants, because like I said I have the “perfect” skin tone for 90% of them. But I wish they would come out with less “all in one” and more Fair, Light, Medium, Deep, Rich, cool, and warm palettes!

I really like face and blush palettes! I think they’re great for travel, and I’ve tried a few shades that I would never have bought as singles, but ended up loving.

Christine dido on the duo for a cheek and highlighter they tend to compliment each other. With eye shadows I like two to three shades because I like to keep it simple.

I prefer to buy blushes, highlighters and bronzers singly because the shade combos that companies come up with just baffle me sometimes and it seems like a waste to buy a whole palette if I’m only gonna use two or three colors. I don’t travel that often, so condensing products for that sake isn’t really a problem for me. I can see the use in them for some people, but for me I would just pick my favorite of each thing to take with me. Now eyeshadow palettes are a different story!

I really don’t much care for blush palettes and have no use for face palettes as my skin is so fair most of the products do not work for me. I do like making my own blush palettes so prefer blushes that can be depotted and added to a custom Z-palette. Otherwise I just stick with single blushes or small duos or trios.

Until this past year I only ever purchased singles for blush but hourglass starting putting out their face palettes and I liked getting a selection of their products to try. I’ve picked up hourglass ambient lighting palette, hourglass ambient lighting edit palette, 2 different Nars Audacious Duos and BECCA x Jaclyn Hill face palette and none of them were the be all end all I wanted. Then I picked up Nars Unfiltered II in November and I’ve not looked back. I use every single color and it lets me come up with so many different looks. It’s hands down my favorite face palette.

I don’t mind them at all and I use them often when I’m travelling. Blush is my favorite makeup item to put on so I love having options. That said, I don’t feel like there are many pre-made palettes out there that are to my liking. I do appreciate companies that allow you to create your own blush palettes (Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, MAC, Nars , Surrat, etc). However, my two current pre-made favorites is the Narsissist Unlfiltered Cheek Palette #1 (love love love Exhibit A) and the By Terry Sun Designer palette. I’ve also been using the Bobbi Brown ‘Bobbi’s Beauty Book’ Eye, Cheek & Lip Palette from Nordstrom that has just been great to travel with!

I don’t find cheek/face palettes useful at all. Quite often only one or two of the colours suit me, the rest don’t. I still prefer the all in one kind of blush/highlighter where I can swirl all the shades together.
Some face palettes have bronzers, which I would never use. Trios are much better because brands do seem to try and make them suitable for particular skin tones – eg fair, medium, deep.

I think it depends on the person. Some will get a lot of use, some will never reach for them. For me, I keep my cheek/face palettes to a minimum as I know some things I prefer separately (contour, for instance, as I only have one I use). I also find a lot of palettes that have a highlight/blush/bronzer trio usually have at least one shade that just doesn’t work for me (the Hourglass Illume Trio being the exception) so I don’t tend to go for those, but I would if I could customize my own, as it would be great for things like travel or just for an everyday “don’t have to think about it” makeup look. I have been getting a ton of use out of the NARS Unfiltered palettes lately though.

I think for traveling they are great otherwise I prefer singles. I would like to find shades that are suitable for my cool as cucumber skin but usually they’ll throw in a bronzer or contour shade way too dark. Would be nice to find all cool trio set with blush, bronzer, highliter that matches skin tone perfectly. Wishful thinking I guess! I prefer blush, bronzer and highliter rather than more countour which I rarely use. But highliters are not dying in me anytime soon have fallen for them hard as the most dedicated mermaid. Lol! I apply everything soft though can’t afford otherwise would look like a clown. I could be called ‘the blender’. ?

I actually like cheek palettes quite a bit, especially if they offer truly different colors and textures of blush!!

I really like them. My favorites are the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Palletes that have four eyeshadows, an eyeliner shade, highlighter & blush, the NARS Unfiltered ll blush pallette, and NARS Banc De Sable Highlighting Palette. I made a mistake by not getting the Tarte Blush Wheel when it was available.

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