How much makeup do you bring with you when you travel?

How much makeup do you bring with you when you travel? Are you the type that over-packs?

I used to over-pack (think bringing ALL my MAC palettes or the like), but I’m much, much better. I end up less “creative” on a holiday, but it’s so much less to deal with!

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It’s quite simple: I go to Sephora and ask for a few empty sample jars, into which I squirt a bit of my everyday foundation. I don’t like to bring the full size¬†because I’ll never use that much. And I ditch my loose powder for a pressed one. That’s all¬†I change. I’m curious how other minimalists further simplify their already short routines.

I used to overpack too, but now I always try to think about where I’m going and what I’m doing and plan from there. I always bring the face basics (foundation, powder, a blush and a bronzer), a MAC custom quad with trip appropriate colors, pencil eyeliner, a lash curler, mascara and a lipstick. I also pack a flat paddle style face brush, an eyeshadow shader brush and a blending brush. All of this fits quite well in a medium-small makeup bag with enough room for travel sizes bottles of moisturizer and makeup remover.

I try to just bring stuff I use everyday/regularly in my makeup routine. Most trips I take are during the warmer months, and spent predominantly outdoors, so I don’t feel the need ¬†to take a ton of stuff with me. ES usually gets left behind unless I know I’ll be going to some specific event or place where I would want to go all out. I usually don’t have the time on trips to sit around and put on makeup since other people are usually involved, and none of the girls I know bother with much makeup, if any. I feel like I have to be ready before or exactly when everyone else is ready in an attempt not to annoy them. Besides, it leaves a lot less for me to lose or forget to repack before leaving!

Wayy, wayy too much lol. Hell, I used to bring all my makeup for overnighters not so long ago. Now, for overnight trips, I try to just bring my everyday face stuff, naked palette, black liner, 1 colored liner, mascara, and 1 nude, 1 colored lip. Still a lot…for longer trips I tend to feel like I need to bring everything ‘just in case’…which was bad, since it consisted of around 7 palettes just for eyes.
Now I just have three z-palettes…still a lot, but a lot easier to pack. Plus foundation, concealer, 2 powders, bronzer, 2 blushes, highlighter, face and eye primer, black liner, colored liner, mascara, brushes…sugarpill loose shadows, a few lip colors, and a pair or two of falsies.
It might seem like a lot to non-makeup-junkies, but compared to what I actually own it’s not a lot.

I’m more likely to overpack on clothes than makeup! I’m pretty good with the makeup thing because I’m afraid of it getting lost, broken, or confisticated at airports. And I keep it basic on vacations because I don’t usually feel very creative, either!

Entirely *way* too much. I also overpack when it comes to clothes, as well. On my last trip, which was three days, I packed both Naked palettes, three Kat Von D palettes (Saint, Sinner, Poetica), three lipsticks, one lip liner, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, a pearl white shadow, and foundation & powder. Everything fit into one large makeup bag, though, so it wasn’t too bad. What can I say-I like options. I used to bring *more*, but having larger, quality palettes has really helped in paring down. When I had to rely on singles & duos, I could never decide which to bring, so I ended bringing alot; however, with palettes, I can just limit myself to a few basics and a couple with color.

It depends on what kind of vacation it is.¬† If we’re talking outdoors-y situations, then little to none at all.¬† Something more family or friends related, I’ll bring a little more.¬† Then you have to consider what kind of traveling you’re doing – for example, if I’m flying, I try to avoid bringing cream/liquid products because of the TSA regulations.
I’m actually packing for a trip in two days as I type this.¬† I’m thinking it’s probably going to get pared down to routine basics:¬† mascara, blush,¬†concealer, liner, one palette (probably the UD Naked), and a few lip shades.

Oh gosh, the amount of makeup I packed on the “vacation” I took back in February was ridiculous >_> In my defense, it was the first time I was going on a trip since I’ve become enamored with makeup, so I was all gung-ho and excited. Plus it was a month and a half stay.
I packed two Ziploc gallon-size freezer bags (one for palettes, one for everything else). The amount of products I actually used are as follows:
– 1 palette (UD Rollergirl)
– 2 blushes (Covergirl Golden Pink, MAC X-Rocks)
– 2 eyeliners (UD Radium, Whiskey)
– 3 lipglosses (Aerie Vanilla Giltterball, MAC Social Light, Maybelline Born With It)
– 3 lipsticks (MAC Blood Red, MAC Plumful, Revlon Ravish Me Red)
I think it’s safe to say I was a little overzealous with the packing. xD Safe to say there will never be a repeat performance, especially since the sheer amount of things I brought made it easy to lose things ( including a lipgloss I can’t get anymore |: ).

Much more than necessary. It’s a little bit ridiculous and silly when I think back on it, but I always overpack. And I always find myself packing extra when I fly, as opposed to when I drive. I even try to avoid it by packing my bag and then taking a bunch of stuff out, but I still end up bringing entirely too much haha. I think the last trip I took I ended up wearing the same makeup every day, but I packed enough to last me 6 months!

Does it still count as traveling when you’re away from home and in hotels 95% of the time? I’ve learned what is my minimum over the last year or two of traveling for work, and what will get me through most situations and events.

Foundation (Vitalumiere Aqua is a favourite because of its leakproof but light packaging)
A pressed powder compact
Two blushes (one warm, one cool), and possibly a bronzer
Between 2 and 4 eyeshadow compacts (with a NARS 6 pan palette counting as one compact)
3 or 4 lipsticks, including one red
Cle de peau concealer stick
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
Shiseido Perfect Mascara
Guerlain Khol Me Pencil in Ebony
Cle de Peau eyebrow pencil

I used to really overpack, I’d want to have nearly everything with me. But I started to depot into my Z palettes so I’m not so bad anymore. I can just mix and match my blush/eyeshadow into 1 palette. Then I just need¬† foundation, powder and 1 or 2 lippies.

I get so much better at travelling light the older I get. Nowadays I take a TINY bag of make-up (like a small pencil case) and make sure I use every single item I take with me, as I hate feeling like I’ve been lugging any excess baggage around with me when I travel!

Palettes have made my life easier…I usually bring something like the Naked 1 or 2 or else 2 MAC 4-pans that I’ve put together myself. I bring one liquid and one mineral foundation (the latter is so much quicker and easier for me), 1 or 2 pencil liners, 1 blush, 2 or 3 lipsticks and a colourless lip liner, a mascara and concealer. If I take the Balmbini palette, it’s got 2 blushes and my highlighter in one slim container which is a major bonus. I also bring some sort of setting powder (MAC Blot, MSF or a sample container with a bit of Prep and Prime or MUFE HD)

I try to take everything I can x) Because I’m not simplistic when it comes to makeup… I mean I go for simple looks daily and only heavier looks at night but still I’m not satisfied with one simple color for every outfit… I link each outfit to a kind of makeup so¬† I’m a everything-you-can-carry kinda gal :p

Only a pressed foundation, black eyeliner,2 lip glosses,a blush if im in the mood only. Who has the time to be creative n experiment on trips? I get only 5 mind to do my makeup on trips. I don’t have a benefit’s benetint, if I owned it, id take that too I guess.

Funny this is today’s Temptalia Asks You! I’m just about to post my Weekend Makeup Bag Essentials.
It’s super simple for me these days–just concealer, cream shadow, blush, and gloss. I remember when I used to pack a neutral look, night out look, and colorful look with like 10 blushes and lipsticks/glosses. I still would if I wasn’t so lazy lol! I miss my super creative makeup days. *sniff sniff*

I just went on a 4 day trip and this is what i brought:
Skin79 oriental gold bb cream with built in skin tint (blush taken care of!)
maybelline mattefying powder
diorskin Nude Tan Nude glow sun powder in honey
naked2 palette
chanel inimitable intense mascara
Chanel monte carlo and romance rouge coco shine
korres lip butter
that was about it along with a couple of brushes and a small bottle of baby oil as a make up remover. even if the trip was longer this would probably still be all that i brought with me. for most of the trip i didn’t even wear eyeshadow or lipstick!

I try to pack a palette with a lot of colors and multi-use products (lip and cheek stains or liquid illuminators for bronzing/highlighting) to streamline space. Black/brown liner for brows and eyeliner and I also bring a nude, red, and fun color lipstick and maybe two blushes.

Too much, and I’ve decided it’s not worth it. ¬†I keep thinking I should have everything at my disposal so I can do whatever look strikes me, but¬†I never end up using more than a few basics.
I just got a pile of Zpalettes and have been depotting. For my next trip at the end of the month I’m taking two large Zpalettes with blushes and eyeshadows (rather than a giant bag of cosmetics), and 1 medium sized makeup bag full of the rest (foundation, concealer, mascara, a few eyeliners), and a small brush roll. I have to say depoting everything sure makes storage easier. Plus, I’m finding all kinds of goodies I forgot about.¬†
I still end up having an overstuffed bag because of my hair dryer & straightener/curling iron. I’ve learned to not count on there being a decent hair dryer wherever I’m going. At least the makeup won’t take up as much space.¬†

I love Bobbi Brown products because they are so easy to switch in and out of palettes. I take one 6-pan palette with 3 eyeshadows (i always include a dark color to do a smokey eye), 2 blushes (one that is more natural – tawny – ¬†and one with a pop – nectar), and a small lip compact that I got at a CCO. So that covers eyes, lips, and cheeks. For face, I take some depotted tinted moisturizer (kiehl’s) and bobbi brown concealer that comes with a powder. ¬†Then I toss in a mascara and gel eyeliner. Sometimes I take a shimmer brick.

Packing for a vacation always gets me excited but I used to overpack my makeup because I never know what kind of look I feel like doing until the morning that I’m getting ready! I’ve started to pack what I need. Usually I will pack either my Naked 1 or Naked 2 because you can’t ever go wrong with either of those and then a small coloured palette (like¬†a Wet ‘n Wilf Palette). Other than that, I usually just pack the basics. Basic brushes (shadow, blender, blush, powder), a blush, a mascara, a BB cream, and a setting powder. Packing all my toiletries is a whole other story-I still have to pack my fash cleansing¬†products and my hair stuff. My suitcase usually has more products than clothes!

I have a travel bag that tri-folds (the kind you can hang off of a towel bar). I allow myself to fill that, but if it’s hard to fold up again and won’t stay shut, then I know I have a serious problem! I’ve had a much more critical eye for my palettes/single eyeshadows recently, so now I know which ones I continuously reach for for those everyday looks that are easy and go with everything. The next time I travel I’ll be sure to take those and nothing else. The only time I might bring something special is if there’s a special event on the trip (like a wedding), but there’s nothing like that in the future…for now!¬†

I absolutely overpack! I prefer to take more with me than to miss something, especially lipsticks and ipglosses, I think I take with me at least five of each.

My Clinique BB Cream, 2 blushes ( light rose and deep or bright rose ), 2 lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, Bad Gal mascara, lipbalm ( the Chanel one ! ), 2 nail polishes, a liquid blush, the Liquid Powder from M.A.C and a few other things, good make-up removers ( budget ) !

I *always* overpack. My friends constantly mock me, roll their eyes at my bags,¬†and say that I pack for trips as though I were “preparing to invade a hostile country.” LOL.¬†I can’t help it; my OCD and perfectionism requires me to include things for¬†EVERY possible eventuality.¬†But…. I actually don’t pack all that much makeup. (They disagree, naturally.)¬†¬†I have one of those big, fold-out makeup bags with two¬†sides/pockets and only one side is filled with cosmetics.¬†Not to the brim, either. I put a lot of things into the small Sephora sample pots, like primer, foundation, etc. etc. to save room.¬†(I admit though, I have a¬†whole separate, but smaller,¬†makeup bag just for my “necessary” lipsticks!)¬†My problem is that¬†*other* stuff takes up so much room and adds so much weight.¬†Yes, I really *do* need at least 3 big handbags,¬†3 pairs of boots, walking shoes, and 2 diff. evening shoes just for a week’s trip! Yes, I really¬†DO need to bring my own coffee, Equal, bandaids, scissors, sewing kit, etc!¬†

I definitely bring more than the average person. But I do better when I plan out my makeup instead of bringing a bunch of random stuff.

1. Foundation
2. Mascara
3. Eyelash curler
4. maybe an eyeshadow palate maybe not 
I prefer to pack light. 

I always (always!) take too much stuff thinking that at any moment the “perfect look” is gonna come to me or I’ll get inspired, guess what? it never happens! The worst thing is I almost always travel to the States wich is were I get most of my makeup shopping done, so the amount of products I come back with is ridiculous! Last time I tried to edit and only took a 4 color palette from MAC, few lipsticks, foundation, powder, concealers, mascara, gel liner, higlighter and 10 brushes! Whew!!!

Good Question!  Im about to go on a trip and this is helpful. 
As a follow up to this question, I would like to ask HOW you gals pack your makeup (do you check it in, if so, how do you protect your eye shadows, etc) or do you carry it in your carry-on bag??

Funny I found this question! I’m just about to do a trip to Yucat√°n, Mexico! I didn’t know what to pack since I’m going to buy MU in Mexico City

Oye! Way too much, but it affords me plenty of options. I take more when traveling by car. We just enjoyed a week-long trip and I’m too embarrassed to divulge the specifics of what I took. I made an effort to use most of the products and I was pretty darn successful. It was fun, actually! Okay, so this might be a tad twisted but I even packed numerically (eye shadow & blush palettes) & alphabetically for other products, but it did allow for ease of access & use. So I’m a little OCD…don’t hate me.

I try to only pack things I know I’ll use, I have several palettes that are small and lightweight and try to plan what kinds of looks I’ll do around the one I decided to take. I used to take several blushes and lipsticks/glosses with me but now I generally pick out a shade, maybe 2 if I want something more bold for a certain event/time of day that will match with the rest of the makeup. As for hair, I try to go with my natural texture (which is curly/wavy) just because I don’t want to deal with lugging a straightener around or worry about it getting lost or burning something with it xD. I also discovered Muji last year, they sell a lot of travel-sized jars and such but they’re all nicely made, so I bought a few to re-package cleansers and moisturizers into just so I don’t have to take big packages with me :3

I pack most of my makeup, but my collection is really small so it’s not as much as it sounds. Most of it lives in one bag anyway, except the eyeshadow palettes, so I just take the bag (which isn’t very big) and my separate lip products bag, and I’m good to go. I do usually take the Naked 2 eyeshadow palette separately, because it won’t fit in the bag, but that’s all the eyeshadow I take with me.¬†
(contents of bag include: one foundation, one tinted moisturizer, two blushes, one highlighter/bronzer, two mascaras, two eyeliners, one pressed powder compact. lipsticks and lip glosses are in a separate bag, plus another small bag in my purse, and brushes are packed separately.) 
(also note: I’m increasing my collection, it’s just slow going because I like the higher-end products and can only buy so many at once. ūüėõ )

I bring far too much when I travel, but that is because we live in a very rural area and I don’t get to use most of my “fun” eye shadow and lippies very often when at home.¬† I pack all of my sparkly items.¬† If I’m going to stay in one place for longer than a week, I’ll ship my small heavy items in a flat rate United States Postal box and then ship it back to my house before I start my journey back home.¬† I have started to downsize as much as possible, but it is very difficult for me to make decisions about what to take and what to leave.

I’m a minimalist.¬† I¬†bring my primer, bb cream and/or foundation, my 2 powders (Smashbox Halo and Estee Lauder Double Wear), 1 blush, a travel sized eyeshadow primer, travel sized mascara, and my naked palette.¬† Oh, and 2-3 lipsticks.¬† But those are normally in my purse anyway.¬† I have travel sized makeup brushes that I carry with me wherever I go.

Funny that Temptalia asks this now; I’m leaving for Vegas, then driving to CA next Saturday for 5 weeks. xD Last time I didn’t bring much because I only wore concealer, eyeliner, clear mascara, and lipgloss. So now I’m having an INSANELY hard time trying to decide what to bring. Definitely my Kat Von D Sinner palette, as I use it everyday, clear mascara, eyelash curler, foundation, cheek tint, a few mascaras, some eyeliners, and a bunch of UD palettes and eyeshadow singles… @[email protected] Really trying my best to condense. =P

I fit as much as I can into one makeup bag (about 6 inches in most dimensions), although I don’t bring bright colors anymore. I stick to neutrals for the most part.

I will usually take maybe 2 Mac 4 palettes so eight eyeshadows, enough for some variety. A waterproof mascara, bag of wipes, makeup remover, cotton pads, maybe 3 or 4 lipsticks and 2 lipglosses. Then a bb cream, primer depending on where I’m going, a couple powders (one for purse one for makeup bag), concealer, a blush or cream blush or multiple, two tubes of lip balm, an eyelash curler and brow pencil. That’s if I have space. If I’m limited, one Mac quad, 2 lipsticks, a brow pencil, a lip balm, one powder, bb cream, wipes, makeup remover in a sample jar and a couple cotton pads will last me about a week or so.

Usually a nice size makeup case full, I don’t like getting some where and realize that I forgot something so I bring more then I need most of the time, I’m with you Christine I like taking my MAC palette as well

Not very much, just Naked 1, eyeshadow primer, mascara, black eyeliner, brush roll, foundation, pressed powder, bronzer, Concealer, a couple of lipsticks(neutral and bold), and a neutral lipgloss. It all fits in a little bag and it works for just about any trip.

Well, I think it depends on where I’m going and how long I’ll be gone. ¬†Here’s what i took on my honeymoon. ¬†I knew there would be nights where we were going out for fancy dinners:
foundation, primer (travel sized), 3 blushes, finishing powder (travel sized), setting spray (the mini sized)
primer, the Naked palette, a green eyeshadow duo, 2 sample sized mascaras
one pencil, 3 lipsticks, lip conditioner
At the time, I was kind of just really getting into makeup.  I have a ton more now.  It will be interesting to see how I can scale down my makeup collection next time I go on vacation.  

I bring a little more that the average girl. I tend wear neutral make up, a soft smokey eye or a bright lip. On a trip to london i brought: 5 lipsticks, 3 lip glosses, my 15 pan MAC neutral palette, Sleek Bad Girl palette, 3 Blushes (a neutral one, a orange/peach one, muted pinky-brown one). ¬†I also brought my MUFE full concealer, Bobbi Brown eye concealer, MAC blot powder and Sephora’s powder foundation, Sleek contour kit and Nars south beach multiple. I also bring a nail kit, plus 2 nail polishes (a neutral one and a red nail polish) ¬†as well as base coat and top coat. I’ve always like to switch up my make up looks, hence my travel make up bag ¬†must reflect that.

It depends. When I travel by airplane I pack mascara, liquid foundation, 2 lipsticks and lipglosses (one for day and one for nighttime), a blush or bronze, one MAC quad or Bobbi Palette, 2 or 3 eyeliners, 1 or 2 paint pots or aqua cremes. All neutral colors and I prefere sample sizes and 2 in 1 products.
When I travel by car I pack more products. I have a beauty case filled with makeup and skincare.

I never pack makeup in a suitcase, I carry it with me on the plane. Powders and lipsticks are OK for TSA, liquids are not, so I don’t bring liquid foundations nor primers. I pack travel or sample packets/sizes of moisturizers and sunscreens. I pare the routine down to this:
Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in Sand–doubles as a concealer too.¬†
Chanel Poudre Universelle Compact Face Powder in Light
Tarte “Park Avenue Princess” powder bronzer
Chanel blush, any shade–my fave now is Tumulte
one waterproof mascara, usually Definicils
One powder eyeshadow compact with a sponge applicator in it–like a Chanel quad in “Prelude” or Edward bess “Soft Smoke”
One eyeliner pencil, Chanel Le Stylo waterproof in brown or black
Dior Creme de Rose lip balm–also doubles as cuticle cream
One lipstick–a rose or pink–like Bobbi Brown “Sandwash Pink” or Burberry “English Rose”
makeup remover wipes, any drugstrore brand, Aveeno, Neutrogena, etc. 
a tiny bottle of antibacterial hand gel!!!
I don’t bother with brushes. I hate keeping track of a lot of stuff and I don’t like resting things on hotel sink counters. I use what’s in the compact and just cope with it. The point is to look polished, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Plus it’s always fun to buy makeup on vacation in case there’s something you’re really needing to have. The less you travel with, the better.¬†

I actually have a separate makeup kit that I keep packed and ready to go for travel (I travel a LOT!) – it’s composed mostly of duplicates I bought by accident *lol*

I’ve gone a lot more minimalist about it lately. Thank Goodness! Nowadays I pack one face (so foundation, powder, primers, blush, mascara and an eyeshadow palette or a couple of singles that provide natural and smoky looks) and two lipsticks – a neutral and a bright. Then lipbalm and lip scrub and I’m good to go.

I already have a nice bag of makeup with me all the time so I just take that with me, and for skincare, thank you Sephora since whole year long I use the samples I got from the stores when I go for holiday ūüôā

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