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I’ll try a product a few times/different ways to see if it was just that particular application method (like the first one) that wasn’t working. If it doesn’t work after a few attempts, though, I typically move onto something else. If it’s some really innovative and new product, I might look into how you’re supposed to use it and see if that helps at all. You just won’t see me going back to a product that requires two bases, using it wet, then setting it, then whispering magic words of encouragement, and then touching up a few hours later.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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I like easy products so if I have to put much effort into trying to make it work, I usually give it away or return it if I still have the receipt.

LOL Christine. Yeah, for makeup, if it doesn’t work for me after a try or two, I’m usually over it. But for some reason when it comes to skincare, I will keep trying and trying and trying–no matter how much it breaks out my skin or inflames my face or irritates me. It’s probably because all my skincare choices are carefully planned out and researched and are always things I’ve been lusting over big time. So when I purchase it, I REALLY want it to work!

lol at “whisper magic words of encouragement”
if it’s something i already have in my stash i’ll try to make it work (for example, i still haven’t really figured out cream eyeshadows even though i have two benefit ones i’ve received as gifts), but i’d never even think about buying a low-rated product because someone says they have some magic way to make nars soft touch pencils stay not creased for more than five minutes.

I guess that depends on how good the product looks in the pan and how much money I spent on it. If it is really unique and expensive I’m practically willing to do ANYTHING to make it work. It there are dupes for the product and it just doesn’t work for me – then it’s gone. There are so many amazing eyeshadows and lip products out there, a product has to be really unique to be worth the hussle.

Same here. I have a few colors that I will do anything to get on my eyelids. I have a small number of shadows that I know for a fact don’t work for me, but I love the colors so much that I still optimistically try again at least once a week (on the other days I just  stare it them wistfully).

LOL your answer cracked me up so bad!
Same here more or less. The thing is I do tend to invest a bit in the pieces I acquire, so I just don’t think I should be expected to jump through hoops to make my makeup hold up for the whole day. I do hesitate to call a product disappointing on my blog without trying all I can to make it work (primer, setting with powder shadow…), but I am just NOT going to touch up on my eye makeup during the day, and if it doesn’t hold up then sorry but it won’t be loved!

If it’s an issue of a lack of pigmentation I might be willing to work with it and keep the product and use it for days I want sheer, natural color. 
If it’s an issue of very short longevity/poor application/major creasing/major fallout. Nope. Products with those problems get returned or thrown in the circular file bin.   

Christine when you say “product” are you talking about a makeup item or a beauty care item because solutions to those two are totally different 🙂 For makeup I usually try once or twice, if I don’t like I usually give it to someone else but this happens rarely because I almost always try it before I buy it, but for sure sometimes that narrow timed experience can be tricky (usually due to the lighting in the stores lol). For skincare if the product doesn’t break me out, but useless, I use it for another purpose like if it is a face wash item I use it as a shower gel or if it is a face cream I use it as a hand cream or so… Maan, I am chatty today! 🙂

A lot less than I used to! If I really like a colour, I will try my best to find a way to use it, but when I was younger, I really never admitted defeat no matter what. Now I’m OK with admitting I made a mistake.

I gave MUFE HD Liquid foundation a really good go.  I tried for about 3 weeks to like this product.  It just did not give me the coverage I wanted.  I couldn’t believe it, everyone raves about this product and I was hating it. I even threw away me Sephora receipt I was going to make myself like it.  Well I used it with different brushes, different sponges, damp not damp, a better primer….Nothing.  Still no results.  I gave up and returned it for store credit.  It just was not for me and I had to come to terms with it.

I’ll usually try something once or twice. I know pretty fast if it’s a bust and I form an opinion pretty quickly.

It depends on the problem, but honestly, I won’t go out of my way to make a poor product work. If a lipstick looks streaky or dry, I’ll try to wear a gloss on top to see if that fixes it. If an eyeshadow suffers from fallout, I’ll try a sticky base. But one extra step is all I’m willing to take, and generally, that one extra step will probably leave that product sitting unused in my makeup drawer. Why fuss with it when I have other eyeshadows/blushes/lipsticks etc. that work flawlessly with little effort?

It depends on how much I like the product.  If it’s “close” but not quite, I’ll experiment.  But if I really don’t like the results, I won’t bother. I’m especially likely to experiment with foundation application, as that is something that varies with a product.  If I like the way a foundation feels, I have a good color match, and it agrees with my skin, I’m going to try and make it work.

I think it depends on whether or not I can return it.  I return most things that I don’t like.  I can think of two cases where I really worked with a product.  The first product was a lipgloss that came in a MUFE kit.  I really like all of the other products, so I didn’t want to return the kit.  So I’ll lightly use the lipgloss over lipstick periodically.  The result is fine, but I would never repurchase the lipgloss.  
The other thing that I worked with was a foundation.  I ordered a bottle of L’oreal True Match from Ulta.  It was close to my color, but not quite there.  By the time I paid for return shipping (there are no Ulta stores in NYC, so I couldn’t go in person), I would not have gotten any money back.  So, I decided to buy another color and mix the two to make it work.  It turned out great.  I actually love the foundation and the two bottles together are still less than half the price of the foundation I was using before.  

none. I have 2.5 kids and have 10 minutes to get dressed everyday. It has to work/blend/set, whatever right away or it’s gone

I don’t put any additional effort into a product to make it work for me. But nine times out of ten, I find something else to use it for. Urban Decay’s Ink For Eyes in Pyrotechnics was HORRIBLE as a glitter cream liner, but it was AMAZING as a glittery cheek or browbone highlight and also looked great on the neck and chest. I keep it in my kit and still use it on clients for that purpose when glitter would be applicable to the job. I would prefer to get use out of the things I pay for, even if that use isn’t what the product is marketed to do.

I usually find if like something it will keep turning up in my routine somewhere, if I don’t like it I tend to forget about it. Then, when I find it again in the bottomless pit of my makeup draw, I might give it another go, sometimes I actually like it better second time round, if not I give it away or bin it.

not much – i hate it when there’s too much of a learning curve. usually i return it r toss it if it takes more than just basic techniques to apply.

I’ll try anything I can think of! Anything to avoid the possibility of returning/trashing/giving away a product only to come up with or find out about a good use later.

Not much. Makeup should work for me, not the other way around. I don’t mind learning new skills for new types of products, but a product that requires me to bend over backwards or take MUA courses to get it to work… no. Just no. 😀

Not much! For example my MAC studio Fix Fluid is a mess in my face, it makes me so oily… It’s gross! I have to combine it with other foundations

I will try any product at least two to three times to make sure it wasn’t my application or technique that caused me to dislike it.  But generally, if I don’t like the way it applies, my relationship with that product is over.  I mostly use high end makeup and feel that I shouldn’t have to put effort into a product for it to do what it’s supposed to do.  My motto when applying makeup is effortless beauty! I’m likely to return it or give it to a friend or family member who might find it useful if I hate it!

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