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if I am going to buy something I might wait for one. but now the brands I like don’t have them Chanel I am looking at you

Lauder is the only one now that I might buy from now

It doesn’t impact my buying decision and I find them a nuisance tbh. Not that I haven’t liked a gwp but I have stockpile of samples, minis etc I’m trying to go through so they don’t overrun my makeup area. I really dislike the skincare ones they try to unload. Most are irritating or not for oily acne prone skin

It used to a lot when I was trying anything and everything. The last time I can remember that I bought large amounts for a gwp was when Sephora had YSL Touche Eclat Blur primer deluxe minis. I had an order that I parceled out so that I could qualify for it each time I placed an order. If I do get something that happens to have a gwp or deluxe mini with it, typically I end up giving it away. I’m not really into trying abything new at the moment, I don’t travel that much to warrant a drawer full of deluxe samples, and I probably have the full size anyway.

Not at all! You should never feel compelled to spend on things you don’t really want or need just to get a GWP. GWPs are designed to encourage impulse purchasing and by the time you add that extra item (or more) to your selection, that GWP has actually become an expensive add-on. I much prefer it when a helpful SA asks if he or she can give me samples of the things I’d like to try.

A lot, actually. If I’m wavering about buying a product and I find out I can get a bunch of free stuff with it, I will probably buy it … but only if it’s free stuff I like or am curious about. Often, I discover new products I love from free gifts.

Depends if the value is there and if there are products in the gift with purchase I’ve been wanting to try. Plus if those products are a good amount to try it out. Sometimes I pick up gift with purchase because they have an item or two that my sister or one of my friends have been wanting to try also.

Yes! Free, fast shipping and cash back from Ebates don’t cause me to purchase things I don’t need or want, but those perks do determine where I’ll be purchasing my goodies 🙂

I think gwp was more meaningful 20-25 years ago, when there were far fewer brands, and most companies did them. Now, you do see it w/EL cos, and occasionally other dept store brands. But the move has been to multibrand players and online purchases, with their ‘loyalty’ programs. Occ I do a Mac bonus with, or abh NLD, but that is not the same game. Suspect if you were loyal to EL and Clinique, the gwps could be good to follow, even still. Personally, I am driven by the item to purchase, rather than the add-ons.

Nothing like they used to. I usually can’t use the skin care in them, and the makeup is normally not very exciting to me. A long time ago, they sometimes had brushes, which usually drew me in. I still have some of the brushes from GWP!

Never. I buy my favorite products when I run out and if there is a gift with purchase at the time, it’s a pleasant surprise. But I never buy a product just because of a free gift. 🙂

It’s almost always a fortuitous coincidence for me. I’m already buying something I want, and I will rarely spend more money just to get the incentive. The only GWP that I have ever used consistently is a Nordstrom makeup bag from a few years ago that has two separate zippered compartments and lays flat when unsnapped. It’s actually my favorite makeup bag.

When I was first starting out with buying makeup (as an adult), gift with purchase offers were tremendously persuasive to me. Now, brand-specific ones rarely entice me, but I do always check sephora.com to see what they are offering for their free with $25/$35 purchase. I have been able to try many products that I am curious about that way (and more often than not, they help me rule out a purchase. Looking at you, DE Umbra Tinte).

A discount or gift card offer or a high eBates cash back offer is more likely to entice me to buy something I need/want than a gift with purchase. That said, there are certain brands, like Lancome, where I will wait and buy at a discount or during a gift with purchase (or both) because I can use the skincare. I often avoid the ‘tote filled with a million samples’ due to the large number of perfume vials. I don’t wear perfume and have difficulty giving them away.

If I’m waffling on something or have something on my wishlist for later, a reeeeaaaally good gwp could push me over the edge into actually buying right then, but a gwp isn’t going to make me buy something I wasn’t already considering.

Always. I like them more than discounts. Of course, if I can have both (which they rarely stack), even better. I don’t really care about Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique ones because they are never ending and dominate most GWP blogs. But I will usually wait to do stocking up until there is a fantastic bag a Barney’s, etc. Sephora is my fave for tacking something on to little purchases. Nordstrom has fantastic ones also.

It impacts my decision only from two reasons. If it is something I was going to buy and then found out that if I bought it on a certain day, I could get a free gift with it, Or if the free gift is something I have been wanting to give a try or something I already love and wouldn’t mind a back up of.

Almost never. If I want or need something, and a GWP just happens to be attached, I will gladly accept it. But I don’t ever actively seek them out.

I was going to say “never”, but then I realized I was only thinking of the traditional GWP sets like what Lancome or Estee Lauder keep offering. I definitely don’t fall for that (how many minis of the same product do you need??) but I have sometimes bought something for a deluxe sample on Sephora…

I do like a GWP but it won’t cause me to purchase just because there is a special offer. But I will wait to see if I can time a purchase (for example, if I’m getting low on moisturizer and think there will be a GWP coming up) so I can take advantage of it, as I just did with repurchasing my Clarins eye and body creams.

No impact at all. I never seek out GWP when buying an item. I much prefer choosing my samples and in particular when I purchase in person I will ask for samples of the products that I am interested in trying.

Back when my collection was small they were very important but fast forward four years they almost never influence my buying decisions. The only time I could see them making a difference would be if they offered something in the gift that I really wanted to try. As it seems that most G / P offerings are the same ol’ retreads, I never go out of my way for them any longer.

Whenever I get an Ulta freebie coupon, I HAVE to go to the store that day unless it’s something I would never use… So I’ve only skipped one of them (a cleansing oil) ever… 😛

I only buy Clinique stuff when there’s a good bonus bag!

Most GWP’s have a minimum of above what I want to spend, so I rarely get them. Mario Badescu ones are usually with any purchase, so if it’s something I’ll use while traveling, I’ll get it.

I won’t buy brands like Clinique without the gift with purchase. I’m always looking for discounts or GWP deals to make the price per item more reasonable, as I believe even drugstore prices are becoming a ripoff.

Not much these days but lived it as a high school, college kid. I don’t hate it either but just have too much that really don’t need much more. It depends on the day whether I’m wearing my ‘Dorothy’ brains or not sometimes i get excited and fall for it.

That depends – if all of the items in the GWP are ones that I would use, then that can influence me a lot. Quite often though, they contain a pink lipstick or lipglosses and that puts me off.
Secondly, the amount you have to spend to get the GWP is another matter – for some brands it’s like $90 or more – so no thanks. Or sometimes their is the catch of one product you purchase has to be skincare and that skincare is so, so expensive. That’s you Clarins and Lauder!
Generally I like the minis because it’s a good way to try a brand’s skincare without the comittment of a full sized version.
Some brands have great GWP – Natio, for instance. You usually have to only spend $38 and quite often there is a choice of GWP from makeup to skincare to bath and body products. Love those.

They rarely affect my decisions any more but many years ago, before Sephora and in the days when Lancôme and Clinique were dominant, I only bought when gifts were offered. My friends and I would trade among the bonuses. I did not buy mascara for years and used only the Lancôme gifts. And some of my favorite lipsticks and eyeshadows came that way also.

It’s so rare that there’s anything I want in a GWP that it’d be approximately with the frequency of a blue moon that a GWP would push me to buy something I didn’t already want. If it happens, it’s fine, but more than likely the GWP would get passed on to a friend.

It can impact my buying decision, but I am wary of it with some sellers. I found out the hard way that GWPs were BeautyHabit’s way of getting rid of expired items. I was so excited to get a fancy French perfumed body cream in an elegant jar for free, until I opened the jar and found that the product had liquified.

My favorite GWPs are when a full size item comes with a free travel sized version — very handy.

If I’m going to buy something anyway, and there is some place gifting with purchase, I might grab the opportunity and to get something extra to try on.
or there are two stores with almost the same price and I’m choosing where to finish my purchase, a gift is an advantage the same way free shipping or a discount code may be to decide where to buy.

If it is the product I’ve been contemplating buying anyways and there is a gwp offer that I like, that will quite probably swing me towards making a purchase. Otherwise, I don’t really find it compelling. Still like the samples though, IMHO, you never know when you might come across something actually really good.

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