How has the influx in product releases impacted your purchasing decisions?

I’ve had to become a more efficient reviewer, and I’ve also had to spend a lot more time figuring out what I can an can’t review, what to focus on, what brands to let go of, etc. I’ve been purchasing and reviewing more products in the last five years, but I run around the same rate – like I’m not sure that I could review many more products than I do presently since I feel I’m as efficient as I can be! I’ve had to struggle with a heavier, more perpetual feeling of disappointing/letting readers down because I can’t review everything and can’t review everything by some brands any more – like with MAC and ColourPop both releasing tons and tons of products, I can’t keep up with both while also covering the dozens of other brands I normally feature!

— Christine


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Erica Avatar

Depends. Sometimes it’s intriguing. Like ooh look at this. But mostly it’s encouraged me to use what I have. I think we’ve reached a point where nothing is new. It all just seems like brands are releasing the same thing over and over. Colourpop releases so much I just tune them out lol

MJ Avatar

I notice that things go on sale much quicker. I used to just buy new releases and be distracted by other releases soon after. Now I add products to a wishlist and just wait for the price to drop. If I still want them by the time they’re half off or I have a good coupon, I get them!

I’ve also tried to centralize the majority of purchase to Ulta which is handy for some major point rewards which I use on products I don’t really “need” or ones I’m too excited to wait for a price drop lol

Shaina Avatar

We really appreciate all you do in keeping us updated and we know you’re doing your best. It’s really overwhelming to keep up with everything when we’re bombarded with so many new releases and new brands constantly. I’ve pretty much hit makeup fatigue and it’s hard to get excited when new things come out.

disco cats Avatar

Well, personally, I think you do a great job Christine. No let dow or disappointment here.

To answer your question. Like I mentioned in your other question, it may just be that I feel like I have enough, but I think the higher output has helped me buy less? I feel like a lotta the releases are pretty similar, which I get. Obviously, every band wants to sell what’s popular to their particular customer base. But when it started feeling so samey to me, I really started paying less attention. Can’t buy what you don’t know is for sale and all that. Pretty much all I notice now is stuff on your blog and even then, it’s probably more cause I enjoy reading your reviews, seeing the looks you and others do, and reading over the community’s input rather than just itching to see what’s new. Things that do still catch my eye, I’m perfectly happy to wait on to see if another brand does it better or offers a better price instead of feeling like I wouldn’t be able to find something comparable. And then deciding to wait usually makes think about what I already have then realize I’m not really keen on owning it after all.

PJ Avatar

Christine, you should never feel like you’re disappointing the readers. You are providing a service which is completely free to the readers of your blog. It’s fantastic that it’s an avenue for you to make a living, but you do not “owe” anything to the people who are reading it, as we all know you do the best you can, especially given you are a one-woman reviewing enterprise. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

AJ Avatar

When I first got into makeup, it was a BIG DEAL if Urban Decay released a new palette, and it felt fun and exciting and I’d be eager to buy it. Back then I only had maybe two palettes, so every new palette was adding interesting colors to my collection.

Now everyone is releasing new palettes, new liners, new lipsticks, new highlighters (which weren’t even really a thing when I started), etc etc, CONSTANTLY and none of it is exciting, because there’s just so much of it. So it’s a lot easier for me to resist the hype and not buy much.

The ridiculous pace of releases and sales and constant FOMO-based marketing has also lead to me unsubscribing from mailing lists and unfollowing brands on social media, so now it’s not unusual for me to walk into Sephora or Ulta, see a product, and be like… wait… when did this come out? If I don’t see an announcement here, or see it mentioned on one of the few YouTube channels I still watch, it might as well not exist.

kjh Avatar

You never disappoint your readers. Period. End of story. The endless releases have totally turned me off. Basically, I read everything, with good attention, and there is such similarity that my thoughts are ‘duped to death’ and I seldom consider any color cosmetics. Concealer, liners, and colored mascaras are exempt from non-consideration, lol.

Christina Avatar

It actually has prevented me from purchasing releases because everything being released looks the same. I don’t have the time to keep up with all the releases and compare which one is better, so I just don’t buy any unless there’s something that really catches my eye. It’s a good thing because I don’t feel like I’m being an excessive consumer and it encourages me to use what I have and recreate the looks featured.

Nancy T Avatar

I believe I’ve become a greedy goose! There are just so many options available to us now that we’re non-existent only a decade ago. More unique color stories and shades, newer innovative formulas, duochromes galore, you name it! Plus: Palette-geddon!
Foundation ranges of 40-60 shades exist now, too. Which was unheard of back when I was in my 20’s, 30’s or early 40’s. I believe only MAC and Lancome came close 10 years back!

Christina D. Avatar

You do an amazing job at reviewing most items in a timely, thorough, and efficient manner. And you still find time to do the lists of dupes, comparisons, recommendations, best of/worst of…geez it’s a lot!

As for me, I’m finding the constant influx to be overwhelming. I’m feeling quite a bit burned out and, dare I say it, put off. I’ve started to narrow my focus to only a handful of tried-and-true brands that are cruelty-free and not made in PRC. There’s just way too much.

Deborah S. Avatar

I agree with everything both you and the other’s have shared. I feel overwhelmed more than I use to and it has affected not only my buying practices but also my viewing. I have unsubscribed from so many YT channels and will likely unsubscribe from several more. I use to follow so many makeup/beauty channels and watching them gush about a product today that you never see them use ever again, is just depressing. Don’t get me wrong, I know why they do but it just gets to be too much. There are more and more people jumping on the YT band wagon and thinking they are going to strike it rich and end up like Kathleen Lights or Tati Westbrook. I can’t tell you the last time I watched videos from either of those content creators. In fact, I think I watch only 4 channels consistently now and those are “drama” free channels.

Susan Avatar

Let me echo the sentiment that you do a fabulous job Christine! I have a large collection, and I find the pace of releases ridiculous. Yet I am still tempted to buy (mostly lip and eye products) as the onslaught of constantly new and improved formulas promise hold promise of “holy Grail” status. I just threw out half a dozen lipsticks that were too old or just didn’t grab my attention anymore. I hate wasting money that way; I’m trying to use up things in my collection and be less distracted by new releases. I find your reviews very helpful in considering new purchases.

LauraR Avatar

When releases were slower it was more exciting, and I felt like I wanted all the big releases. These days with so many products constantly being released it helped me slow down my purchasing. When it’s impossible to buy all the new goodies I’m more selective and don’t just buy to have, if that makes sense.

Nicole D Avatar

Well, I’ve been on a complete no-buy for the past four months, makeup that is. I have discovered that I have unused or barely touched beauty products. And this is very disappointing for me, because it means waste and bad investment. So I reconsidered my purchasing habits and the no-buy came naturally.
I might purchase a few products during the upcoming Sephora sale, but it will be solely based on what I really need.

Z Avatar

I’ve been pretty happy with the state of makeup releases these last few months. It all feels very “samey” and has for a while, and that sameness couldn’t be further from my personal style. So, in that sense I’m happy to spend less on cosmetics, but also that money has been going to skincare so it’s not like I’ve been able to save. A few things here and there catch my eye, and maybe because there is SO MUCH PINK EVERYWHERE, but the things I truly notice end up being things I splurge on. I *think* I purchase less, but the prices have gone up so much all over that I honestly can’t tell.

All that to say, the tidal wave of products being released every week has made me much pickier on what actually finds it’s way home to me.

Laia Avatar

First of all, Christine, you are doing an outstanding job as a reviewer! I am not sure I would be able to keep up with all new releases as well as you do.
When it comes to my own habits, I have decided to shop my own stash more and declutter everything I do not use anymore. The amount of new releases in the beauty world is ridiculous, I can hardly keep up and honestly it’s been a while since I have been truly excited about a product. Also, I have decided to not go for Limited Edition items anymore (there are exceptions to this rule, such as the Lisa Eldridge lipsticks) as well as try to prioritize purchases of permanent products because honestly, it sucks to not being able to repurchase a product via the conventional channels and having to buy several backups at +100 EUR/USD via Ebay :/

Zelda Avatar

I love your reviews, I don’t buy anything without checking your review first.

But your swatches are very helpful even without a review, because I know that they’re honest swatches, done the way people actually use the product and haven’t been manipulated with photo editing software.

Zelda Avatar

I’ve definitely bought more because there’s more to buy. I bought the Colourpop Blue Moon palette even though I already had plenty of blues in my collection. But I thought it would be handy to have them all together and it was only $12. I certainly wasn’t wishing or looking for a blue palette before I saw Blue Moon.

I sometime think I’ve reached the point where I feel like I can’t shop for makeup because I have everything. But then something new catches my eye and I want it. I love eyeshadow and I love color and somehow I always want more pretty colored shadow.

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