How enthusiastic are you about makeup releases currently?

There’s been a definite slow down in releases to me, which I’m okay with since I’m still doing my job if I’m covering what’s new, and it has given me a chance to explore some indie brands that I normally wouldn’t have time for. I’ve been trying to continue to produce a similar amount of content, but if it’s a slow week, I’ve been giving myself a little more permission to spend time with family/take a break. My general enthusiasm is the same; I don’t get THAT excited over any new release, but I am innately curious about new products, so there’s a simmer of enthusiasm most of the time! I tend to get more excited for new formulas over new shades.

— Christine
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Not very. There’s still a lot of stuff without any appeal for me – orange/red/pink eyeshadow palettes, matte lipsticks. Also, with mask wearing still a reality, most of my face is covered and I’ve made the decision NOT to work for the next few weeks, until the vaccine’s full immunity kicks in (and I realize this doesn’t make me “impervious” to the virus), wearing makeup is pretty much just for me and so I’m just cycling through the huge amount of makeup I have and enjoying it. I do have a list of 3 things (2 of them skin care) that I want to get at the Sephora sale but, really, that’s about all I’m “enthusiastic” about.

I’m not too excited about recent releases. Kaleidos,Nomad, Shroud, Natasha Denona. The color stories are just so cringey. 🤮 nope cannot do. Sorry

Lately none except one, because others (Wayne Goss, PMG as examples) have been let down. Right now, honestly, I check you site everyday for one and only one release, YOURS & Sydney Grace! LOL! Seriously, it’s spring and that is my only thought on my free time. I am purposely not buying ND’s Circo… palette nor any PMG palettes despite the sales until I see yours. 😉

Same here. They’re the only things I’ve truly been excited about. Otherwise, I’m using the things I love that I already own.

Mainstream makeup releases have just been so boring to me.
Indie has been more interesting, but anything I really want sells out too fast and/or is more than I want to spend.. Even a lot of indie releases are looking the same, TBH.

Not really, I’d rather either support brands or collaborations with YTers I follow but that is really much about it. It has been too long while since we are constantly bombarded with new stuff and at the end of the day I just have one face and one wallet, so I cannot spend an infinite amount of money on anything new that is up and coming.

Not at all.
I used to check just arrived at Sephora all the time and I can’t remember the last time I did.
MY cart for tomorrow has only one new release in it, Melt Honey Thief. I couldn’t resist, it looks so nice on you, and I’ve seen it on others (eyes, cheek and lip). I don’t have a cream blush in that shade so It will be a nice addition.
Everyone seems to be on the same track: cream multi-use makeup, barely-there foundations/skin tints, lip balms… I get why, it’s the safest bet right now. After we get through this I wonder how many people will return to their pre-2020 full face makeup?
I’m not sure where I’ll stand. I put lipstick on now and it looks strange, seriously; I put in on and dab it off.
The brands who are not on the same track, who are still blazing their own trails, are on repeat within their own brand for the most part.

I remember the days when new collections came out for Fall,Spring, and a couple in between. It was exciting, and thrilling. Now that new releases pour out like water it’s not as exciting. It is fun to see other people play in the new water and tell if it is ok to jump in, but not the same.

Same! I miss the routine and structure of seasonal releases. It gave me something to anticipate and look forward to. It’s like the difference between planning a vacation and just going on a spur-of-the-moment trip. They’re both fun, but you don’t have the anticipation with the last minute trip, and they lose their appeal if you do it too often.

Yeah, mask just ruins makeup wearing for me even if I’m home. It just took the fun out of it.

To be honest, I’m underwhelmed by the plethora of ‘new’ this, that and the other. It’s just the same old, same old trotted out under a different name. No unique colours, textures or finishes, I’m just waiting for something to REALLY grab my attention. In the meantime, I won’t be holding my breath.

Not at all. I have become very conscious of how much I already own so a new release would need to be 100% of a game changer for me to buy it now. And nothing seems innovative just now.

Still enthusiastic enough to check the blog regularly 😉
I like watching new stuff come in but for the most part it’s just window shopping. I’ve been zeroing in lately on what colors/finishes/brands really work for me and I’m not getting anything that’s not perfect. I’m spending very little money on makeup, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still like to admire!

Every day I check trendmood, the new arrivals at Sephora, etc but haven’t seen anything I am remotely interested in. I used to get excited about Colourpop releases but their weekly releases of the same old, same old kind of killed it for me. All I see across most brands is the same neutral to warm brown shades for eyes, nothing unique or I don’t already have. I am just waiting for the perfect aqua/turquoise eye palette (wink, wink, Colourpop!), if anyone ever comes out with one that is decent quality. Other than that, I have enough makeup in every category to last me beyond the next 2-3 years.

I have pulled back from following makeup except for this blog, and occasionally peeking at a few brand instagram accounts. I am still very excited for your collaboration with Sydney Grace and can’t wait to see it all come together. I wasn’t as excited by Pat’s last couple of releases, but there are still some older items I hope to get eventually. I bought a lot of new makeup last year and am still appreciating all the new looks I can come up with!

To be honest, this past year with so much general tragedy and then my own personal traumas, has really dampened my usual enthusiasm for new releases and such. Not that I have no interest, just not where it was even a year or so ago. I wish that I could even feel the passion I once felt only a short while ago towards my own makeup stash. But it feels like something died inside of me. Add to that, I’ve been feeling quite disheartened and depressed in general.

Virtual hugs to you, Nancy! I really enjoy reading your comments on this site, and I hope that more light comes into your life. These are definitely difficult times.

Hugs Nancy, this has been a very difficult year and adding anything on top of that is just disheartening. I hope things turn around for you.

Oh Nancy, I’m so sorry to hear that. Reading your comment broke my heart. I hope you feel better very very soon.

I wouldn’t say excited, but I’m about as interested as I’ve always been. I regularly check for new drops online as part of my usual window shopping routine. What has changed is that my impulse to actually purchase something has slowed down. But I think that is more because I’ve got a sizeable collection now so anything new has to work harder to capture enough of my interest to actually prompt a purchase than before.

Not very excited at all. I can’t recall the last time a release really caught my eye in a good way (there have been a few that caught my eye in a “Wait, what now?” bemused way).

Still eagerly awaiting the release of your Sydney Grace collab palette, but that might be the only major makeup purchase I make this year (all other purchases may just end up being re-upping things that have expired during the pandemic).

I found that I just can’t wear eye makeup at all anymore (at least not without strong repercussions) due to worsening dry eye, so that has ruled out one major category for me. I still have an addiction to lipstick, but this past year has reinforced to me that there are a limited number of shades that look really good on me. (That doesn’t mean that I DON’T wear shades that don’t look as good on me, but it does reinforce that I need to be more particular about my purchases and not just buy colors that look beautiful in the tube or on others.) These two situations have really decreased my level of interest in new makeup releases. On the plus side, I found that the absence of wearing a full face of makeup (and upping my game on serums) has improved my skin to the point that I really don’t need foundation anymore! Who knew??!

Not very.
It can be because I am now very aware of how much makeup I actually own, my temporary not so very good economy (both dogs need(ed) dental fixing, so expensive!), the fact that I seem to own dupes or near enough or releases seem to be sort of same old again and again.
As so many have said already, I’m waiting for a certain collab and I’m very excited about it.
I still get a bit of a must have feeling seeing red lipsticks, I just can’t help myself, but I don’t buy any right now. I’m still on my quest to try all my lipsticks for at least a day and purge my collection a bit.

I still love to come here, look at the photos and read the reviews, the new comparisons and all the other features. I read most reviews, and look at all the photos. the times I don’t read is when I know the colour(s) wouldn’t suit me at all.
I should have said this in the original post, and I thought I did, this time my fingers were too slow to follow my thoughts.

I am always enthusiastic about makeup releases and new products – that’s why I love this blog so much.
I am glad to read that you have been able to relax a little and spend time with your family and new little addition – Winston.

Just chiming in to say not very excited.

I’m a bit melancholy about losing favorites or things I meant to try (RIP BECCA – I did try some of the lipsticks recently after being on my wishlist since you did your review of them and really like the ones I got and the highlighters are some of my favorite).

I’m a bit befuddled by the release of all these cream blush sticks, especially the ones that don’t really dry down. While Merit and a couple others give me some strong Tarte cream blush nostalgia from my college days, thanks for giving me yet another product that will smear all over my face and on to my mask, I guess?

It feels like companies are trying to up their color game for eyeshadow, which makes sense but indies have been doing that for years and I’ve got what I need.

I am, however, kind of excited about shopping my own stash and rediscovering things or discovering things that I bought say in February last year and didn’t even bother opening once I started teleworking. Like I LOVE Fenty Mauve Wives cream lip gloss. And the OFRA Cloud 9 highlighter I bought when they were on sale at Ulta. And the Bite matte crayons which really are quite lovely even though I’m still bitter about not having a lipstick proper from them yet.

I don’t even have anything in my cart for the Sephora sale starting tomorrow. Having no reason to really put makeup on I haven’t touched my stash hardly at all. Any new releases might interest me a little, I like to look and see what’s new, but nothing that I have actually put in my cart yet. I’m getting good at talking myself out of purchases.

Meh. Not very. I still like seeing what MAC, PMG and Chanel have to offer.

I want to see more from Rare Beauty, Fenty and LYS (I’m excited for when their cream blushes are back in stock).

Enthusiastic enough to peek at new releases and enthusiastic enough to follow you, Karen at MBB, UD, MJB, and NARS on Instagram. Natasha Denona Circo Loco looks interesting to me, but I think I’ll wait and see if it goes on sale on ND’s website (since brands sometimes give deeper discounts on their own sites than Sephora or Ulta do).

Just like you, Christine, I am more excited about new formulas than new shades, especially in lipsticks. And even though I feel like the market is saturated with brands, colours, huge palettes and new collections, I make an active choice to keep looking up new releases because I still feel that thrill of new makeup, even if it’s less than it was 20 years ago. And also… I am hoping to find that wonderful, nourishing, long lasting lipstick in the perfect dusty pink shade that makes my lips look full and sexy. I’ve had and used up two different ones but that shade is so hard to find! The quest is not over yet!

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