How do you test out a new perfume/scent?

I make sure that I’m not using any other scented products that would interfere, and then I apply it about 45 minutes post-shower and take notes throughout the day about what notes are prominent or have weakened and how much it is projecting at various intervals.

— Christine
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I go in with no other fragrance on, except my daily skin lotion, which has barely any scent. The reason being, I want to see if or how it interacts with it. Usually doesn’t though. I’ll apply the fragrance I am interested in, where it walking around the mall and home until I go to bed. If I’ve loved it, liked it or really hated it, I will know after wearing it a good 5-7 hours! And then decide if it’s just right for me.

I smell it first in person at the counter (usually sprayed onto one of those stick thingies) and if it is a scent I like (which is rare as I’m very picky about scent) I’ll ask for a sample to take home and test out to see how it works with my skin and how it wears throughout the day. If that works out, I add it to my list of scents I’d like to buy.

I like to try it three ways: on my skin, on my clothes and one of those perfume paper stick thingies. And then I wait and see how the scent develops. In the past I’ve often made the mistake of smelling and then immediately buying, forgetting that a fragrance changes over time and that some scents disappear on me real quick.

I just apply it and sniff it throughout the day to see how I like the changes. If I do it for the blog I take notes, but usually I just make up my mind throughout the process and at the end of the day decide whether I liked it or not.

My husband. I “crush” it by rubbing my wrists together, let it dry for like a half an hour, and do the “husband test”. He always goes for the scents that smell like very soft, woody, warm florals.

You shouldn’t be doing that rubbing because your destroying molecules of perfume :/
I learned that in school laboratory so I know for sure.
That’s so wrong and I don’t know why so many people does that, what’s the point….

Interesting, I didn’t know that. For me, I do it because I spray it on one wrist (on both would be too much) and so put them together to get it on the other wrist. So how do you recommend? Thanks.

I know, that’s why I do it. I want to “fade” it faster. My husband hates almost all top-notes. I also do it so I get a better idea of what the dry down is and how long-lasting it is. If I can smell it hours later, even when I crush it, I’m impressed.

I like to really test out a fragrance on a weekend day when I stay at home, when I’m less likely to be using lotions or hand sanitizers frequently, so the scents don’t compete. I shower at night, so I’ll spritz on whatever I’m trying when I get up and then go about my weekend chores (or, um, Netflix-binge). It’s also nice to test at home because if it turns bad, I can wash it off and not worry that people at work think I’m stinky!

I’m the same with testing it out (usually), and for really stubborn scents that don’t want to come off, I’ve found a cotton round with some of The Body Shop’s waterproof lip & eye makeup remover completely removes any trace of the scent. So strange, but a very handy trick.

I almost never buy perfume because I’m allergic to most of it. But if I find something I really love, I have to test it out at the counter or store to make sure it doesn’t make my eyes itch or water, and that I don’t erupt in a sneezing fit the second I spray it.

First, I read the fragrance description. My husband is allergic to heavy florals, especially rose, so those kind of scents are out of the running. Then I have my husband smell it in the bottle or sprayed into the air. If it doesn’t give him an immediate migraine, then I spray a small amount on my wrists. I do not wear any other fragranced products when testing a new perfume or fragrance. I can then see if my hubby develops any headaches or other allergy symptoms, and get a feel for how the fragrance smells on me. I have a weird body ph tha turns cosmetics weird colors and can completely make fragrances smell out of whack on me. I will sniff the scent throughout the day to see what the notes are, how it changes, how much it lingers, and sillage.

Please give your hubby my heartfelt sympathy and I’ll send him strong anti migraine vibes 🙂 Scents can be one of my triggers too. It suckkkks going about your day just fine but a 30 second elevator ride with someone wearing the “wrong” scent and I’m down hard!

You’re sweet, Bonnie. I get migraines, but fortunately scent is not a trigger for me. Scent seems to be the only that does give my hubby one. I had to have fake flowers at our wedding. lol

I just spray it on my skin and sniff it regularly throughout the day. Most perfumes disappear on me within a couple hours, so anything that I can still smell after half a day gets major points for wear!

I am so selective with fragrance, I’m lucky if I find a new love every 2 or 3 years. I know if I like it at first sniff. The only question is it’s staying power. I won’t buy it if it doesn’t stay with me at least 4 hours. I bought Bottega Veneta’s Knot from the sample in a magazine. I just know what I like, I guess.

I test a fragrance candidate at least 3 times, see how it acts in different venues, day vs. night, at home vs. out in the world, different social occasions, different seasons and temperatures, under different stresses, different amount of skin perspiration, even on a different part of the body. I try to see what a fragrance does on me from as many angles as possible before purchasing.

I’m extremely sensitive to fragrances so I never spray anything directly on me until I’ve first sprayed it on paper and allowed it to dry down. Then, if the scent is appealing, I’ll spray it on my inner wrist, over my normal moisturize since I’ll always wear it that way, and check in on it every fifteen minutes for the first hour. Then, every hour thereafter.

I will usually take a sample and wave it around in the air – sniff. I never buy without at least trying a sample or smelling a sample in a magazine. If my daughter recommends a scent then I will be sure to try it in a store and see. Easy peasy.

I am so very picky when it comes to wearing a new scent.Perfume and personality go together like spaghetti and meatballs, but finding the right fragrance that says you is half the battle.I like to take home a sample and wear it around the house, so in case I don’t like it, I can shower it off. My finding a scent I like takes forever, which is why I usually stick with a great scent for about 2 or 3 years,

I like to sample a fragrance on my wrist first. I love to see how long a fragrance last all day. Also, I read reviews of my desired scent and determine whether or not it is for me based on the notes and potency. I look for a rose based, moderately scented fragrance which is wearable all year round. If an fragrance passes my inspection, I will most likely will be adding that fragrance to my collection.

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