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I make a list for the things I want most, in ranking order, and stay true to the list. The only time I go for things lower on the list is either they’re at a good price, or I happen to not be able to find the item that’s a higher priority. If I’m at Sephora or a drugstore, I might put an inexpensive item in my basket, but really think about it while I finish my shopping. It ends up going back about 75% of the time. I used to just stay out of Sephora, since it was at the opposite end of the mall; however, a free-standing store was added a few months ago, and I have to walk past it to get to Target (which as a parent, I go there *alot*), and what’s worse, is an ULTA will be opening next to Target soon…

I have the opposite problem! I always talk myself out of great purchases, only to buy them in a rush and at a premium the night before an interview or big event. To break that I cycle I try to keep a list in my phone of the items I’m looking for and the best prices I’ve seen them at; if something beats that I pull the trigger then and there.

When I decided to become a semi-vegetarian ( eggs, milk, fish but no other meat anymore ), I stopped very easily. When I say I am going to go Vegan or cruelty free for nail polishes I know I probably will  ! But I cannot resist beauty products whatever they are ( make-up and other ). I’ll never be able to, and it’s really an addiction. Going on vacation  ? Better forget it this year. Honestly speaking I can’t live without perfumes and beauty products it’s good for my personal mood and balance. Resist ? yes but never to beauty addiction lol !

…I don’t resist impulse buys. I’m pretty much the definition of impulse buyer. Which is why I have a Sephora.com order arriving Tuesday, a Chanel order arriving possibly Monday, and just bought a bunch of stuff off a blog sale. Plus I stopped at Walgreens tonight and picked up a couple things. I came home and signed on to instant messenger and my best friend said “Hi, how was dinner and how much makeup did you buy?” 
(I feel obliged to point out that I have a job that pays well and a budget for mad money, and am coming off two years of unemployment where I couldn’t buy ANYTHING, so I think that’s part of it, but still.)

I wouldn’t say I’m the best at resisting impulse beauty buys unfortunately… With more expensive products, as sad as it sounds, I pin them to Pinterest so I can come back to them/admire them and decide eventually if I still want them.

That’s easy: I don’t!!! 😛
…ok, just kidding. I just try not to hit up the mall unless I know I have the money to spend–because chances are, I WILL find something(s) that I want to buy and I won’t be able to say no (I honestly have no willpower!)! Online is different–I can say no to pretty much anything online because I don’t really like to purchase beauty items sight unseen.

Woow, this is a fine question, I can’t wait to see other girls answers, ’cause my method doesn’t really work that well, at least for makeup. For other things, like clothes or accessories, I’m a lot more conscious, I suppose because they’re much more expensive.

I can’t, I just can’t resist…..Well, sometimes I remember I still have a few unswatched nail polishes at home and I don’t need more. Sometimes I know I won’t be able to buy food if I buy that one expensive lovely lipgloss. But when it’s cheap and I have money, I can’t resist..

I bought some items on a list from a newly opened Shu Uemura boutique w/ 20% discount. I still feel so much regret now because I bought 2 Kolinsky brushes and it’s still ridiculously expensive even with the discount compared if I purchase it in Japan or Malaysia. I didn’t want to pass up the sale and I did save at least 50$ on one Kolinsky brush and it’s still about 50$ more expensive compared to other countries.
I consider it an impulse buy because even if it’s on my list, I got caught up in the “sale” and I didn’t have the foresight to compare prices. I can live without the brushes, yet, but I felt I might be wasting the opportunity to buy it on a discounted price. 

My impulse buys often occur when I am purchasing other things I have previously determined I definitely want to buy and it usually comes in the form of buying the same product only in a different colour.  It’s my greatest weakness.  I also have a terrible habit of buying items in threes.  I do it in the grocery store as well.  I try to avoid this by saving everything to a shopping cart on-line before purchasing.  Then I pair down the shopping cart over the course of a few days or weeks before I buy either on-line or in person.  Then I go in with the intent only to buy what is on the list and this helps tremendously.  I get into trouble more frequently with limited items that may sell out quickly and I have to make snap decisions.  I always end up buying too much in these circumstances.  I’ll look forward to other comments on this thread and maybe someone else has a unique way of avoiding this.  I must add that Christine has definitely helped me in avoiding some serious pitfalls, but at the same point, opened me up to other possibilities.  A good example of this would be my beloved Sugarpill palette which I never ever would have purchased on my own and yet I am really thoroughly enjoying and using a great deal.  I would say, Temptalia has not helped me to reduce my purchases, but rather to make better decisions about what I am buying… Less products I buy and completely do not use. 

I just ask myself do I really need this today? Most of the times I make a list, what beautyproducts I want to buy on my shopping trip.

I kind of just freak myself out and say I need the money for something else like taking the bus, or trying to think if I have something similar 🙂

I really don’t have too many impulse beauty buys, so when I do, I allow myself to buy it. And it is pretty much almost always nail polish (and I certainly don’t need anymore). Occasionally I will impulsively buy a blush,

I do not buy any beauty products MADE IN CHINA…..beauty makeup, skin-care, brushes, cosmetic bags….nothing.  Sometimes, I am tempted to, but ultimately I dont.  I may get free gifts cosmetic bags but I dont purchase it.  By not buying MADE IN CHINA stuff, I eliminate alot of beauty purchases….this is my boycott…One day, when U.D. sells in China, it is possible that there will be fake UD products like there are fake MAC products….and that would be so so funny.  BTW, I am Chinese and left Asia many moons ago….

@stacey There are probably fake UD products out there *already*. The key is to buy *any* cosmetic item via a reputable retailer (although I’m guilty of ebay purchases, but even then, I do a *thorough* read through of feedback).

Nothing I buy is an impulse buy because I always contemplate purchases before I make them. Even if I find something I want in store, I never buy it on the spot (I’ve had bad experiences with impulse clothing buys and constant returns). I keep a text edit file on my computer called “Not a wishlist,” and I write anything that I really want to purchase on there and wait 3-4 weeks (sometimes up to 8 weeks) before buying it. This cooling-off period is really necessary: usually the novelty wears off, or I realize that it wouldn’t have been a good purchase, or my preferences change and I’m glad I saved money and held off on buying it. If I didn’t use this method, I’d probably just have these items constantly in the back of my head, and it would take a lot of energy just trying to ignore it. Instead, I acknowledge that the items are things that I want to own and can own as long as I wait, although I usually decide against buying them in the end. This method is important because when I hold off on an impulse buy, I’m just “waiting” instead of resisting, and this makes it easier psychologically.
Realize that an inexpensive purchase is still a purchase and if you don’t get good use out of it, you’ve wasted money. (It adds up.) Don’t fall for sales/coupons/promotions so often because you’ll probably end up buying something you weren’t intending to get and end up spending more money in the end. Also, ask yourself: what could I have used that money for instead? Do I really need this? If you didn’t buy this item, could you save money for something that you want/like a lot more and therefore enjoy it more?

I have a beauty inventory (excel spreadsheet nothing too fancy) where I keep track of all of my makeup. It lets me determine whether or not I need a specific product. I also keep a wishlist. I buy things from my wishlist whenever a specific product is on sale (especially drugstore makeup). Sometimes I will even reward myself by buying things from my wishlist like if I do well on an exam.

I try to wait at least a few days to see if I still want the item, see if I can find the item on sale at other places, or try to figure out just how much I’ll be using the product.  If, after a few days, I still really, really want the item and it seems like I will get a decent (if not more) amount of use for it for the price, then I go ahead and buy it.  Also, when considering whether to buy an item, I try to think of whether I already have any other items very similar to it and will try to pass.

I’m pretty bad at that…I usually only make impulse buys when I have a coupon or there’s a promo, but I still have way more than I need.

It’s easy for me to avoid the really expensive purchases because I just flat don’t have the money. Otherwise I try to avoid Ulta at all costs! Ulta is an impulse shopping minefield for me. 

I am very conscientious about returning items that I buy impulsively. If I know I’m not going to USE something regularly, I will return it and get my money back. I hate clutter so I don’t like having a graveyard of products in my bathroom that I planned to use, but ended up just gathering dust.
With expensive items, I ask myself “For ever dollar I spend on this, will I use it that number of times?” Like if I buy a foundation that costs $30, I better use it at least 30 times or else it has to go back.
If I buy several colors of lipsticks or eyeshadows at once, I tend to get overwhelmed and not take the time to really try out each shade and pair it with different looks. So if I just bought a particular item (eg. a lipstick) I will forbid myself from buying any more lip products until I have thoroughly tried out my most recent lip purchase.

If I stab myself in the eye, I suddenly realize what is important, and it helps with the reality of spending 30$ on a eyeshadow.

I tried to transfer money from my current account to saving account before to avoid impulse beauty buys . the method is basically when I see something I want but i don’t need, I do an online tranfer for the price of the products instead so in this way, I can save money and see how much money i would waste normally.
but it worked only for a very short while and i ended up buying even more after trying to resist….
I tried to give myself an allowance a week before as well and it didn’t end well either.
If I try to stop my shopping desire, I would end up spending even more after. so I kind of give up now and now i think because of my beauty buys hobby, I actually save lots of money somewhere else..beauty products are way cheaper then clothes or shoes anyway!

I am definitely an impulse buyer, but in an effort to control it I’m trying a “shopping cleanse”. I’m staying away from malls, and the beauty aisle as much as I possibly can. It’s amazing how much more relieved I feel doing so too. I don’t stress myself out by having that inner dialogue of “I shouldn’t, but it’s on sale!” I’m not saying it’s a great method, but it helps me take a step back, use my things at home and not worry so much about those things. If I see something I like, I do pin it to pinterest also or fill my online shopping cart and then leave the website. It’s incredible how you just filling that thing makes you feel like you bought it. It has a weird way of indulging the impulse, even though you didn’t actually buy anything! If I really want it, I’ll come back.

Unfortunately, staying away from malls doesn’t help me.  I live in Superior, Wi and the closest mall that sells all the wonderful brands I want, is in MSP, at the Mall of America — a good 3+ hour drive each way, which of course, requires a night spent over in a hotel to make it all worthwhile.  There isn’t a Sephora’s up this way either, only an Ulta, which I find very disappointing.  SO, to purchase almost all my cosmetics, I need to buy online.  And, since I’m online all day anyway, for business, it’s very difficult for me to not buy.  I’m just a makeup junkie, that’s all.  LOL  YIKES!

@ariel36 I just did that on NARS’ website; I filled my virtual bag with about 12 eyeshadow duos, but realized I only *really* want half of them enough to pay full price. However, if I see them on ebay or something at a great price, I can always go back to my “list” and see if it’s something I still want. Also, another pro of a virtual shopping bag, is I can see how much I am actually spending.

 @xamyx  @ariel36
 oh, i do that also.  i go “virtual window shopping” all the time.  i fill my cart with everything i think i “need” and then when i’m done, i’ll go thru the cart and delete things i don’t absolutely need.  i usually only end up with one or two items left.  so, i guess i do have *some* control.  ha ha  I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!! 🙂

I try to think about how many of a product I currently have and how it will take forever to use up the stuff that i have already.  I started an Excel spreadsheet that I eneter the product in as well as the date it was purchased to help me use up oldest products first.  I also try to think about how the money could be used to go to something else I really want/need (like a trip, paying off student loan).  It helps put whether or not I really NEED another pink/nude lipgloss or nailpolish into perspective. 🙂
I also read all of the reviews on this site before visiting the counter, especially with the MAC releases.  I trust Christine’s opinion on products and she has actually saved me quite a bit of money.  Thanks Christine!

The answer used to be simple for me- I didn’t resist! I would always just go for it. However, lately I’ve started to feel rather guilty about my excessive spending on makeup when I already have a good size collection. As I’m trying to pay for school and also save up to attend another school in three years time, I try to keep that in mind when spending. A few hundred dollars at Sephora could have been a few hundred dollars towards textbooks, etc. Every paycheck, I automatically transfer a large amount to savings and never touch it again but leave myself some spending money. I’ve also made a list of beauty products that I would eventually like to add to my collection and every few weeks I’ll allow myself to purchase one or two things off that list. I even find myself looking back on that list asking “do I really need that?” It has really helped to reduce my spending but I could probably still cut back even more.

I think about all the makeup I still haven´t touched and I try to convince myself I definitely don’t need yet another pink lipgloss! But it’s really tough for me to resist…   I also become addicted if I like a product – I will want to get it in all the colors, so I have to take a good look at them on the website (no pressure from sales persons) before actually going to buy something. I also add up the money I spent on impulse buys and think about how I could have spent it better…..ouch. These days I am also writing down a list and I check it out constantly to delete any product that doesn´t interest me anymore or if I realize I actually have something similar in my stash.

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