How do you feel about purchasing backups of limited edition products?

I used to do it occasionally, but I am, in general, over it! There are still exceptions, of course, but I have tended to make it for products that are discontinued and get one backup–assuming it’s a product I use often. The last time I went crazy was when Burberry discontinued Trench eyeshadow, which is just a boring beige but was the perfect beige for my brow bone highlight. I bought four backups, and I’ve used two of them and will most certainly finish the rest!

— Christine
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I never used to think of it. Like ever but I bought a back up of a few things recently. MAC’s Real Redhead l/s and Blanc Type, Folie and Mystery e/s. As well as Loreal’s Glam Bronzed. But as I think of it more, I just think it is unnecessary if you have a large makeup collection. I will never get through half of what I have so why am I buying back ups? I’m no makeup artist so… The struggle!

I was in high school for the Wonder Woman MAC release and my family couldn’t afford much but I grew up reading the comics. My father let me go into school late the day of the release and we went to our nearest MAC store, he purchased two items for me. A lipstick and the mighty Aphrodite blush. It was so beautiful!!! I felt like a goddess wearing it. I stupidly brought it with me everywhere, even school and I shared my gym locker with another girl. She slammed the locker door on my purse one day and the blush was crushed. It shattered into pieces and so did my heart hahaha. I couldn’t afford to purchase another, couldn’t salvage it. I can’t find the product anymore. I completely completely condone purchasing back ups because I know I’ll spend the rest of my life missing that mighty Aphrodite blush.

I bought a second tube of Bite’s Mauvember in November. I’m sure it’ll be an annual release but I just loooved the shade (and formula, of course) In 2016. I’m in a peachy-er phase at the moment, so my backup was probably not necessary but it was also for a great cause. It’s the first time I’ve ‘stocked up’ on something.

I have done it! Not often, though, only if I really loved that specific item just that much more than normal. MAC Royally Riotous, Maybelline Violet Intrigue and several dc’d items that were favorites of mine, like UD Catfight and the original Revolution version of Streak. But as I mentioned; only truly special, very loved items.

A few months ago I bought a backup of Chanel Les Empreinte Du Desert and just recently bought a backup of Estee LauderxVictoria Beckham Modern Mercury, and if MAC hadn’t made Extra Dimenison eyeshadows permanent, I would have definitely bought a few backups of each. I think as long as I am discerning and it’s not a shotgun approach to just BUYING ALL THE THINGS!! because they are LE, I’m okay. I don’t like the LE frenzy and anxiety, but when something is unique enough (and in the example of those 3, it was the finish), I’ll buy a backup.

I still haven’t opened the backup I brought of Urban Decay Naked 1 palette, lol. And I have two bottles of backup perfumes. No more backups for me. I have enough of everything. When I infrequently finish a product, I replace it with new up-to-date products .

I’ve never done it, and I probably won’t. I’d prefer more people got a chance to try it so rather than hoard something I’ll just look on here for dupes ☺

I have considered buying backups, but eventually I decide to just use up the one thing I have and enjoy the thrill of knowing it can’t be replaced. However, knowing dupable nature of cosmetics, I probably will be able to replace it, but then again by the time I finish anything completely, there will be more limited editions to chase after. Still a better love story than 50 shades of grey.

Sometimes I think I sound like a broken record when answering questions but this answer truly does depend on what the product is and how it is packaged and stored. Some products that I really love would not last well if I purchased multiple backups and then tried to use it a year or so down the line. I wouldn’t want to buy mascara for instance, and then wear it down the road. I know many manufacturers say that as long as the packaging is intact and unopened then the product is still good but I am not chancing it. I also think that even though I really love a product and it is HG for me, someone is going to make something down the road that I will like just as much. I have purchased a couple of backups of lipsticks which I know can go bad quickly but I store them in my refrigerator and so far haven’t had any problems with them. So, in general, no I don’t really go crazy buying back-ups of products.

I have to admit, I just bought a few backups of the Ole Henriksen On The Go cleanser because it was 1/2 off on their website and I’m terrified it’ll get discontinued (my hope is they’re just repackaging because I got an email saying OH is getting a “new look”), and I bought three tubes of the Diorshow mascara in Mahogany (a LE shade) over the summer because I loved it so much. So yeah, I think if you know you’ll go through them, it’s worth buying a backup or two of a product! But I wouldn’t buy a backup of a product I hadn’t tried yet, or something with good quality permanent dupes.

I’ve been tempted from time to time but realistically, I never finish up anything but lipstick and pencil liner so I don’t do this any more. The only backups I’ve purchased lately are 2 Sephora eyeliner pencils that were discontinued and then brought back on sale (Roof Top Party and Snakeskin Dress). I do this, though, with skin-care. Some of the products I use (Eucerin Q10 and all the Alpha Hydrox products) are only sold in the US so whenever I’m there, I do purchase backups.

I don’t buy backups of limited editions. There will always be another limited edition item that I will fall in love with.

Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I’d buy a backup of anything. Certainly not an eyeshadow. But…while I was (way) late to the party, I am now a card-carrying member of the Chanel Empreinte du Desert Fan Club.

When you know that a combination of shadows has never looked better — with my eye color, skin tone — it’s time to get a back up. This is getting hard to find, but I will get one.

Other than this product, no other LE has ever tempted me to buy a second, truth be told.

Linda, this could possibly be one of the only times I may ever buy an eyeshadow quad or palette b/up! If I do spot one once I get my skincare next month along with some CP singles, I might get a 2nd Empriente du Desert. Because ???

Because ???is right! I did pull the lever last night on ebay. It’s bugging me that I’m being stingy with it for fear it will be used up (crazy, but you get it). I have NEVER done this before — replacements, yes; backups, no. But it is so amazing.

I could not help myself. I am highlighter obsessed. I purchased champagne pop back up when it was limited edition and now it is permanent. I fell in love with the Becca rose quartz highlighter. It is absolutely beautiful. So of course, I purchased a backup.

I think it’s fine to hoard if you really like something. I see a lot of pretty packaging/embossing on items I wouldn’t use but you could always make some money on eBay!

I used to do it all the time, but now, rarely. I am kicking myself over an LE Chanel pencil in this great bronzey colour that I cannot get my hands on anymore. On the other hand, there is always something new down the pipe that catches my attention. I do have some true gems in my stash which I covet and don’t use as often because I don’t want to run out.

I still take your advice from a few years ago where you said good and better things always come along, so don’t go crazy just for fear of missing out.

That’s really helped me! I also think about how likely I am to finish a product. If I was fast enough to grab Revlon Lip Butters in Peach Parfait and Pink Truffle, I probably would have grabbed maybe 5 of each.

But since that advice, I haven’t really bought back ups of anything. I try to stay pretty grounded with want/need when purchasing backups!

Ditto. I used to do it, esp. If the item went on sale and I felt like it was good planning to get back up(s). However, I too have learned my tastes change a bit, and new and better does come along.

I wish I had bought a backup of the Urban Decay Mariposa palette. Infamous was the perfect shade for me. I really miss it. And the blue-grey-greens in the palette were perfect for me too. Sigh.

Mariposa is such a great little palette – it’s in my rotation this month and I always love the range of shades. Infamous is the only shade I don’t use (not into pinks) but the finish is beautiful.

I avoid LEs in general. But whether I do go there or it looks like a favorite permanent item may soon be discontinued, I certainly do buy a back up or two.

I never buy backups of any product. If I’m interested in a limited edition product, I buy it and I don’t worry about running out because there will always be another limited edition that will take its place lol. Or I can always find something similar. I don’t understand why cosmetics companies do this anyway. I can understand a Holiday collection being LE, but just a random product? It’s annoying.

Wow, I am impressed that you’ve used that much of your Burberry Trench stash!

Specific to LE products, I don’t buy backups. Usually in those cases, I have not owned the product long enough to judge wether I’ll truly continue to use it, even if the first impression is good. I occasionally make an exception for discontinuations of thugs I’ve been using for a while, but even that’s rare- I just finish so few products!

I haven’t bought any backups of LE or discontinued products, but I kind of wish I had with MAC Gunner lipstick, MAC Luna Luster powder, and ColourPop Effect shadow. I’m sure I can find dupes but I really like the quality and look of these. (I have 2 of the dupes for Gunner but they aren’t quite the same).

I don’t feel one way or another, but I don’t do it (or have only done it twice). Honestly, I think there are enough dupes out there of most products that it isn’t necessary. And I’m changeable enough that by the time I finish a limited edition product (which might not happen), I’m likely to be favoring different things.

I wish I did it more! I’d love to have backups of a few NARS and Chanel things I’ve bought over the years. I wouldn’t be so precious with their usage and I’d use them more.

Exactly! That’s why I got a second Empreinte du Desert quad. I was already being stingy with using it, and that was bothering me. Now, all day-every day if I want. πŸ™‚

If it’s a color or formula that’s super unique that I absolutely love, I will. Because I have a huge stash–and really most shades are duped by somebody eventually –I don’t bother. I’m not really afraid of using things up, only that they’d get lost or damaged.

I never purchase backups. I think of makeup as an accessory and just as accessory trends and styles change, so do the trends and styles in makeup. In addition, formulations are constantly improving and so I can’t imagine hanging onto a product that has become passΓ© when I could be enjoying a product that is the current best of the best. When I buy a product, I use it and enjoy it but then I’m ready to move on as fashion evolves. I can count on one hand the number of color products that I’ve used up in the 59 years that I’ve been wearing makeup and so, no, of course, I’d never buy a back up.

Yes, I’ve done it a few times over the years. There are certain items that are just so perfect, I actually feel lucky to own them. On those rare occasions, I’ll buy the LE, fall insanely in love with it, and buy another before they’re gone. But, I’m more inclined to buy an extra(s) when I find out something I virtually live in is going to be discontinued. Either way, I’ve had no regrets yet.

I don’t really care about Limited Editions…I try to stay away from them. So no backups I just try to not to get involved in case there’s something I really like but can’t ever get again! Boo Hiss!!!

Burberry Trench was the last thing I bought a backup of. Wish I had been able to score more as I’m on my last one, too. Have you ever found a dupe for it? I keep checking the dupe list to no avail.

I will do it only if it is something I really like last time I did it was with certain Tom Ford lipsticks which I would not do anymore because I am really not crazy about any of his lipsticks anymore and also his cream shadows which even though they were limited edition he keeps bringing it back so I won’t do that anymore being I didn’t make a dent in the first ones I purchased. I did purchase a backup for Victoria Beckham’s Modern Mercury Highlighter which is coming back in March and if you want you could order if from her website which she is offering free overnight shipping no matter how much you spend and it ships the 24th of this month. That is my favorite highlighter and it is the only one I continually wear.

Nope. There will always be a dupe–maybe in a better formula!–sometime in the future. I can’t think of any color cosmetic I wear frequently enough to run out of that couldn’t be duped if necessary. (That said, I’d definitely buy backups of some of my favorite everyday products if I thought they’d be discontinued!)

The only exception: a handful of LE nail polishes. (And I have run out of those! I’m on my second bottle of OPI Goldeneye.)

I just purchased s few back ups of Chanel Sweet Beige lip gloss and Louise Rouge Coco Shine lipstick . They are discontinued and I wear them daily. I bought Satin Beige and Innocent Beige lip liners on EBay ( not duplicate purchases) only to be disappointed… but they were LE. So, I thought I had to have them. I almost purchased another MAC Mariah Carey -All I Want lipstick but Christine saved me there. In her dupes I saw Gubby by Urban Decay and like it much more. I paid double on eBay for the Mac one. Lesson learned . I will use Temptalia for dupes rather than purchasing back ups.

I resist the urge. Honestly, I have so much great makeup there’s really no need because it’s doubtful I will use the first one before it expires.

It depends on the company. Many companies are hyping sales calling products “LE” only to bring them back a few months later. And I REFUSE to buy backups from those companies. But some makeup companies rarely bring back limited edition items and so I know I’d better grab all I can!

No. Just no. I almost never buy le products at all. I refuse to fall in love with something that will only be available for a short while. Also, with so much gorgeous makeup out there and so little time, well, I try more to find the elusive “holy grail” products. If I do, then I buy a bunch. Just doesn’t happen very often.

Never bought back up!
How often do you finish a highlighter/ bronzer/ lipstick / blush / eyeshadow!

And there’s always room for dupes and other products to try!

I bought a back up of Nars Tomorrow’s Red nail polish but mainly to avoid the hassle of looking for a dupe. The differences among nail polish colors can be very subtle and I regret not having bought a back up for Essie Midnight Cami (a navy blue) because other similar shades now available have too much sparkle in them.

I bought a back up of the Revlon lip butter in Fig Jam but then moved on to bolder colors after I left the corporate world.

I don’t often notice when a product is LE so. I don’t buy dupes for that reason. I do buy multiples occasionally if it’s buy one, get one free or half or discontinued. I also buy multiples off products I use a lot of like shower gels and some hair products. I do this especially if I’m ordering it.

I recently stocked up on Bare Minerals oil free prime time primer. I used to use UD deslick in a tube primer, and when it was discontinued I hunted everywhere for a similar formula. I have quite oily skin and work 12hr+, so need something mattifying with staying power. Water based primers work best for me. Anything silicone based turns me into a shiny melty mess after like 2hrs! Bare minerals oil free Prime Time was ‘the one’ . Now they’ve discontinued it too! I stocked up and bought the last 5 bottles the beauty counter had. It is so bloody frustrating when they discontinue great stuff! Now I’ll have to find a replaceable when what I gave runs out! Suggestions anyone?

Hey Christine, sorry I’m lazy today and don’t want to login… Any link I click to read your latest reviews on Tom Ford Inhibition & Gratuitous Cheek Colors (2017) does not work, whether I click the one in my email or if I try your February posts, nothing seems to work. Just thought you would like to know. πŸ™‚

If it’s a product I love and use a lot – well, definitely I would buy backups. I have done that will all of my favourite lipsticks – because lippies get discontinued pretty easily.

I normally don’t, because most of my collection is dupable even just within my collection! I guess I just know what I like. πŸ™‚ Plus, it takes me forever to work through products. I did buy a second tube of MAC Selena Amor Prohibido lipstick because I really do love the color, but aside from that, no back-ups.

I learned early to buy backups if it’s the best product look on you you’ve ever had. Even if it isn’t limited as they can discontinue it at any time. I have residue of an EstΓ©e Lauder blush I bought in 2007. I just can’t give it up. I wear it to special occasions like weddings and class reunions where there’s lots of pictures taken, lol.

I have only fallen lately for a couple of highliters bought a second one of each since they were a challenge to find but will never fall again for the trick. There will be better, improvements and from so much variety to choose from. Although I truly love them don’t think I’ll even get to finish them with the variety I have already. I love rotate and try different colors to keep it fun so I have lots of goodies in my heavenly stash. Lol!

I just don’t do it, for two reasons:
– I very rarely finish any makeup product, and I definitely NEVER finish eyeshadows, blushes or lip products – what LEs tend to be. So there’s no point in buying a backup if I’m never going to finish the first product.
– Imagining I could finish the first product, there would be something new and more exciting around by that time to replace it with. I’ve never found a makeup product that I considered really irreplaceable.

When using LE cosmetics I always keep in mind that “this is just a fling, don’t get too attached!” But I cannot say the same when something I love is discontinued… When Hourglass stopped selling their eyeshadow duo in Suede I went a little overbord. (It was my everyday work eyeshadow- so neutral, flattering and so convenient!)Over the next year I stocked up whenever one became available for sale or auction. I was like a squirrel hoarding nuts for winter! Recently Hourglass has released a new lipstick line (your swatches and reviews of which are great!) but they are nixing the old ones. The color Fawn in the old formula was my first MLBB shade and my introduction to the brand, which has since become one of my favorites. I know that I could just look for a dupe or something, but instead my inner squirrel has reimerged. What can I say, I am loyal to a fault.

I used to buy backups of certain products, but right now, I only buy backups of my holy grails, products that I use on a daily basis and I know I’ll finish. I’ve realized that I’ve never finished a LE product, so there’s no point to have a backup. Ok, one exception, my MAC Goddess of the Sea lipstick. I lost it and I missed it so much.

I own backups of a few items and I do regret them to an extent. I had an ephiphany that I can’t keep buying backups forever. I would either have to find a dupe or just fall in love with another product that serves the same purpose. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be the same shade, formula or texture, but for example a neutral lip; it can come in any shade, but I would just have to love it like I did the other product.

I also find some companies so annoying because instead of introducing new permanent items they’re focusing on collections. Most of the items I own from MAC are limited edition. They were one of the first brands I went to starting out. Now I haven’t purchased much from them save for some blushes recently (apple red and fever). I am a little deterred from purchasing from them, since I stopped purchasing LE items. Last LE item was Krazy Kahuna lipglass which I do own a backup of.

I own backups of a few items and I do regret them to an extent. I had an epiphany that I can’t keep buying backups forever. I would either have to find a dupe or just fall in love with another product that serves the same purpose. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be the same shade, formula or texture, but for example a neutral lip; it can come in any shade, but I would just have to love it like I did the other product.

I also find some companies so annoying because instead of introducing new permanent items they’re focusing on collections. Most of the items I own from MAC are limited edition. They were one of the first brands I went to starting out. Now I haven’t purchased much from them save for some blushes recently (apple red and fever). I am a little deterred from purchasing from them, since I stopped purchasing LE items. Last LE item was Krazy Kahuna lipglass which I do own a backup of.

I bought backups of Tom Ford Lip Sheer in Rose Soliel from two summer’s ago and it went rancid before I could use it. I bought three backups of Chantecaille Sunrise Lip Chic when I was told it was limited and being discontinued and it wasn’t – they went bad too. The only thing I don’t regret, and still buy on eBay is the long discontinued Tarte Dark Circle Defense under eye corrector. I love it. It is kind of tacky, and although it settles into lines a bit, it is not drying and works well over eye creams.

Ha Ha , I had just ordered a couple of backups when I saw this. Not LE’s though.
I’ve been learning a lot about my habits lately as I’ve been trying to whittle things down. Turns out I use much less than I think I will and stuff accumulates quickly so I’m buying much fewer back ups of any products. Then add in samples and gifts and things are getting out of control for the space I have.
I did buy a backup for UD Vice Bruise LE that I got for Christmas since I can go thru a lipstick I love even if it takes awhile. The stuff I just ordered was the UD powder foundation and brow box on clearance. I finished one and recently opened a new foundation powder so I know I can use this up easily. I still have my Honeypot brow box going after about 1 1/2 yrs. The next will probably sit awhile but it was cheap. I use it or the Ofra Universal brow pencil. With the big brow focus last couple years there are probably other products I’d like now as well ( I kind of like the Benefit Kabrow) – but this works and I don’t like looking for brow stuff because until recently it was too hard to find a good match.

I did at one time but rarely do now. I have come to realize that a) I rarely use up a product, even ones I’m mad about and b) there will always be something new to replace the item I thought was irreplaceable!

I’ve bought back ups of mascara a few times and eyeliners to give me time to find a new one I like.
There was one LE product I should have bought back up of and it was my first MAC purchase (and first non-drug store purchase too) and Temptalia made it happen πŸ™‚ It was a MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick in Cute-ster and I ended up buying another one on eBay when I finished my first tube.
I remember you stocking up on Burberry Trench and also Chanel Dragon. Another lipstick I bought because of Temptalia!!

I bought Marc Jacobs Midnight in Paris palette + a backup. Then I got bored with it and never hit pan on the first one. I bring it back out every winter because it makes for a good holiday smokey look. I almost bought the Bare Minerals holiday palette In the Glow as a backup because the one tan shadow in there is amazing and I’ve hit pan already. But I know I will move on soon so no backup.

BTW bare minerals has an outlet store and….they sell discontinued Burberry! Your post made me think of it because I just bought trench!

I have in the past and it served me well as I lost two of the shadows before hitting pan so I used the back ups. That made me think about whether or not I would get to the back up if those hadn’t been lost.. Now I spend more time looking in my stash for a dupe and if it’s an absolute can’t live without maybe I’ll purchase one more before it goes – but not likely.

Not for me, but I could see myself doing it if I really fell in love with something and it became an everyday staple. I did buy my cousin a backup of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette for Christmas when I found it at Nordstrom Rack because it’s the only palette she uses and was hitting pan after having it for a year! She was relieved to have another one πŸ™‚

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