How do you convince yourself to go outside your comfort zone?

Whenever brands put out interesting color combinations, since I try very hard to stick with a palette without adding anything to it (except brow bone but even then, I avoid going outside the palette if I can mangae it!), it makes me have to get a bit creative.

— Christine
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It took me many years to go outside my lipstick comfort zone, which was limited to nudes and browns. I was convinced to try on a fuschia lipstick by a sales associate at a high end department store. She was brilliant…the color brightened my face and from then on, I’ve never been afraid to try new shades.

As far as eyeshadows go, it’s the palettes that have nudged me outside my nude/brown comfort zone, which I buy after seeing fantastic looks online. (I’m still fighting the urge to buy KvD Saint & Sinner.)

I don’t have too much of a makeup comfort zone anymore. I’ve done a lot of experimenting, especially after discovering Temptalia. Sometimes I make new discoveries, like the fact that purple lipstick looks good on me. Sometimes not so much: greige lipstick makes me look dead and corals clash with my skin tone.

For me, there are so many colors I LOVE but I think “oh, that may be a little too bold to put on my face”. But then I remember that it’s just makeup, it washes off. Even if it looks terrible, or too over the top, or whatever, I can remove it. So really, what’s the harm in trying it?

When brands come out with more unique shades/colors and textures, I try to look for inspiration from other people. Especially from people closer to my skintone so I have a better idea of how it would look on me.

There are two factors that make me go outside of my comfort zone. One is that every single time I do I enjoy it so much. So basically knowing that breaking my comfort zone makes me happy is what leads me to repeat.
The second factor that breaks me out of my comfort zone is inspiration from others. One person that comes to mind is Jkissa. Her love of wild color is part of what leads me to use so many colors every week!

I don’t….it’s a “comfort zone” for a reason – it’s what I like. So I don’t make any efforts to wear seriously orange matte eyeshadow or green lipstick…it’s simply not something I want to do nor is it something I like so why force myself? (it’s the same with food – if it’s a food I don’t like, I’m not going to force myself to eat it). From time to time, I will try an unused colour in a palette that veers toward shades I don’t much like (something like Kat von D’s Wrath from the Monarch palette) and I’ll experiment with it at night, before I wash my face, to see how it looks and if it’s shockingly ugly or weird. Often that will get me to try it in the daytime (as with Wrath, though it’s still not a favourite shade) or convince me that I’m wise to stick to my comfort zone (Too Faced Totally Fetch).

I don’t –as far as makeup goes. In other parts of my life, the list of pushing my boundaries is long. But in my look and style, I like what I like.

Before bed, or on a weekend day when I have some time (and am willing to wash my face again if needed), I’ll go very warm, or very cool, or try to mix textures and sheens from different palettes to try an idea. But that’s about it. I’ve yet to discover something in my experimenting that is better than what I like and do ordinarily. 🙂

My non comfort zone is atypical…pink corals, warm pinks, and it’s mostly a lip issue. I’ll keep something from a set, like k-dub, that I think is too bright and young (e.g. reads trying too hard) and use it at night, night job, or when staying home, to increase my comfort with it. I think people should remember that their personal comfort zone (which is fully valid) does not extend to the public at large. The public is quite likely to say something looks great, when you think it doesn’t. It can, but won’t necessarily, increase the comfort zone.

I’ve never been afraid to try on new colors – after all it’s just makeup, you can always wash it off!
However I won’t force myself to wear colors that I think don’t flatter me. I love being creative with makeup, but I also want the looks I wear (at least outside the house, lol!) to make me look good, so I won’t wear an unconventional lipstick just for the sake of it, for example. Like I just bought one of the Wet n Wild Midnight Mermaid liquid lipsticks in a teal color, and no, just no. So I mostly stick to my comfort zone, which can expand when I discover new colors or products I like.

So many things! The first time I did so was 41 years ago when, inspired by thunderstorm, I paired a charcoal grey eyeshadow with sunshine yellow and blue eyeshadow. Pretty wild for 1976! I’ve been an envelope pusher with eye makeup ever since. Lipstick in less conventional shades is something that I have dipped my toes into, but only so far. Just into the ones which I know look good on me, like; purples or an occasional greige taupe.

If it looks like it’s quality and they aren’t too outside my wheelhouse and I have some very disposable income I’ll go for it.

It took me too long and cost me too much money to find my comfort zone. I have absolutely no desire to abandon it. There are plenty of options and new things to create and try within my comfort zone. Whatever is outside my comfort zone, I admire on other people.

I agree! That’s the one thing that is frustrating for me too. I’ve finally got my collection paired down to loves that I reach for often. I feel badly when it feels like I’ve wasted money on something I don’t love or don’t use. Donating to a women’s shelter or passing onto friends/family helps though.

I usually don’t! I have a pretty massive comfort zone when it comes to makeup, and the things outside of it are mostly either unflattering on me (nude or pale lips) or don’t reflect my personal sense of style (super super done up instaglam looks, bombshell next door VS looks). I recently tried a Kardashian style heavy base/contour and although I wouldn’t do it often, I did learn that I really appreciate temple contouring, so maybe I should do it more often after all. 🙂

I don’t think I really do push myself. I have pretty traditional color choices and if I do go outside my comfort zone it is likely as the result of seeing a look on YT and thinking I want to try it but usually doesn’t work out because I am pretty good at judging what suits me. I am going to temper my boring, predictable choices by saying that as I have gotten older I have tried a few more color and look choices. I guess I have mellowed a little in my old age or have become more adventurous. I also get a lot of inspiration from other Temptalia readers.

It happens when I see someone with an interesting look on the street or on mass transit and I observe that no one is staring at her or laughing or anything like that so I feel safe to get a little out there myself.

If it looks great when I try it on my face, and I can visualize myself going out in public to my usual places without looking crazy. I like a “wow” factor, but not a “what was she thinking” sort of reaction. And I’ve learned to read ingredients before purchasing, in case there’s something in there that I’m allergic to, especially if the product is going to be near my eyes.

When I first discovered Temptalia a few years ago, I went right out of my comfort zone to wear different shades of eyeshadows. Up until then I was wearing only grey/navy blue shades. I started wearing neutrals, greens, olive and khaki shades and it was like a pandora’s box opening.
I started to wear and experiment with different shades and brands of lipstick too – peachy, ginger and orange/red shades to pair with different eye looks.
I have never looked back…….

My “comfort zone” is comprised of what I know to look best on me, of what is flattering for my facial morphology and for my eye/hair/skin colour and undertone and also, of what is appropriate for my work environment vs going to an evening event/club/party. So, I don’t have to convince myself out of it or to go beyond that.

Help fellow Temptalians! I know as an older woman it’s crucial to push beyond your comfort zones in all areas of your life to feel challenged and energized. Shaking up your makeup is one way. I’m curious about:
1. Are video tutorials ever done by women over fifty? Any site recommendations? I’ve avoided videos as they’re often so long.
2. Are you usually sitting down to experiment with new colors/techniques? I’ve only applied makeup standing in my bathroom mirror. Just standing, not moving is tiring! Esp. after I’ve gone thru many skincare steps.
Love to hear your advice!!

Hello fellow Temptalian, Lulu !! Kind of like that name for us. I am 63 and will share my choices for what it is worth. Makeup products, YT’er’s and blogs are so personal that it doesn’t always translate and some of the channels focus more on skin care with an occasional tutorial while other do a fair number of tutorials. Most of my favorites have significantly hooded eyes because that it what I have but once you start watching and reading comments you will find other channels that might meet your needs more. I like:
Angie from “HotandFlashy” (makeup, skin care and seasonal look books)
Melissa at “Melissa55” (makeup, skin care, family, vlogs)
Renee at “Gothamista” (pretty much straight up skin care with Asian/Korean brands)
Anne Marie at “Beauty by Anne Marie” (skin care, makeup tutorials, products)
Marnie at “MsGoldGirl” (makeup tutorials, hauls, skin care and fashion. Also does book reviews)
Laura at “Shake Up Makeup” (makeup tutorials, product reviews, tools, skin care)
Nisha at “SugarPuffandFluff” (makeup tutorials, reviews, skin care)
A couple of younger channels I like:
Vivienne at “Vivienne Fung” (younger but has good makeup tips, products and reviews)
Lisa at “Lisa P” (makeup, reviews, skin care)
Jen at “Jennifer Jenkins” (makeup, skin care)

Very young but next to Temptalia the best hauls and swatches, bar none: Tara at “Tarababyz”

As to your second question, I do my makeup sitting down because at my age I can hardly see myself in the bathroom mirror-old eyes you know!! I use both a 5X and 10X mirror on my vanity. Sometimes I don’t want to see too closely or I wouldn’t leave the house.

Hope this helps.

I missed two recommendations and had to go to my YT subscriber list to notice. I also like Monique Parent. She is an actress but does YT videos and is really funny. She does a lot of different types of videos including tutorials, products and lifestyle. I also forget Uppiesbeads59 and Littlepoet. Both are older and ageing gracefully. They do mostly tutorials. I am sure there are many more and I am looking forward to seeing what others watch. Hope this helps.

If a product comes out in either a color, or a formula that is out of my normal comfort zone I will attempt to swatch it first to see if and how I can incorporate it into my normal routine. If I can try a new lip or eye color on and just wear it through the day that is helpful as well. If it is a product that is available as either a sample or a travel size I might try it in that smaller form.

I don’t. My collection is curated at this point and I’ve spent a lot of time and money getting it just so. I don’t feel the need to push myself. I like what I like. I don’t really like bold or loud looks, but I’ve seen some women wear some beautifully vibrant looks that I’d never feel comfortable wearing, so while I do admire it,it’s not something I’d ‘push’ myself to do.

I figure it’s makeup, not a tattoo, so I’ve always done what I wanted. Some great results and some I wish to forget, lol. But I don’t know if I don’t try. Plus, makeup is easily removed, so no big deal. I guess my look depends alot on my mood, the weather (humidity is a bitch!) and also where i’m going. Not gonna do a wild colorful look at a funeral or a full face in 90°+ humid weather. I have my “comfort zone” for sure of tried and true products that I know will not fail me. Something else that I don’t always follow is changing my makeup with the seasons. For instance, if I wanna do a pastel eye in the dead of winter then I’m doing it.

I guess I’m always going out of my comfort zone if that is possible since I do wear makeup very light cause I’m fair as a ghost. By trying new makeup or rotating each single day. It keeps it exciting my stash is mostly drugstore which I’m happy with. In general life, I’m known to be bubbly and talk lots, animated and a marathon runner (used to be up to 2011 Big Sur was my last one just glad to be alive and walking straight it is all rolling hills but a gorgeous view) my family says I’m the crazy one. Lol! I love people – well, except a few, just a few!

Deborah S., you’re the best. I’m awed you provided so many terrific suggestions. I immediately printed your post, as well as your 2nd post.
I quickly checked out a few and now understand the video-only women are followed on “channels” thru You Tube. See, you’re also expanding my limited computer knowledge. I don’t use social media, not even Facebook. Give me my print copy of The New York Times and I’m happy and informed.
Anyway, I digress. I’m thrilled with your generosity and I can’t thank you enough!!!

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