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I’m very lucky to have pretty supportive parents and friends. My friends were actually far more into makeup than I was, so that made it really easy! My dad likes things natural, so he would always joke about my fingers looking like they were bleeding if I wore a red polish, but it’s in jest (and not the I’m-joking-but-I-really-mean-it way). I know my family thinks I look my best in natural makeup, though.

— Christine

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this is such a great prompt! I think there’s a lot of people who judge others for wearing makeup, when it’s really the same kind of creative expression as fashion or art!

I’m only in high school so I only feel confident enough to experiment with makeup in the confines of my bedroom walls, but even with my natural makeup, there has definitely been some snarky comments here and there

Lol…no one supports mine either haha. It’s hard having this problem! It’s costly and addictive…but we sure have fun with all our goodies. Really though…i’ve got to tighten the reigns on my spending.

My family is very old fashioned, and my parents literally shake their heads when/if I wear anything colorful. By colorful, I mean anything that isn’t neutral or matte. If it’s glittery or even slightly shimmery, my parents will scold me and literally tell me I look like a hooker. Forget colors.

My friends are a little more open minded, but they like to play it safe also. I don’t mind color.

Would they die if you replied, “At least I look like high class hooker”? Because I would so love to watch that.

I understand families and folks with traditions and values but the idea of prostitutes only wearing makeup went out of serious consideration oh, about 500 years ago at least. Elizabeth I (the virgin queen 😉 wore lots of makeup and I’m pretty sure no one who called her a whore actually lived to talk about it.

Oh, absolutely. I have online and offline friends, and my online friends are pretty supportive–some of them are the ones who got me into this! But my offline (RL) friends are less into makeup and “girly” things and I get teased a lot about makeup and the money I spend on it. My husband gives me a hard time on occasion but usually it’s when I’ve spent a leetle too much (oops). He doesn’t quite get the collecting mentality.

Yes. My father would walk around singing circus music because he said I looked like a clown. And one of my old roommates said I, and other girls, look stupid with makeup on. It reads a lot more harshly than it was said, but it still made me not confident enough to wear makeup.

I’m not going to comment on your dad, but your old room mate is a jerk.

People (I guess he means women for that idiotic comment but men in general shouldn’t excluded in any way) don’t look stupid, they act stupid or do stupid things on occasion, but very rarely, if at all do people LOOK stupid by the way they appear to others.
All that does is show the prejudice and ignorance of certain close minded individuals, who it seems, we are fortunate enough to then recognise as such when they open their mouths (so we can avoid them better).

Enjoy your womanhood and own beauty, with your friends and supporters and ignore the hateful trolls with their sad spiteful existences as they so justly deserve.

Peace out.

My friends aren’t as into makeup as I am, but they don’t say anything about it. Well, they do tend to ask me for reccomendations, or opinions on a brand or product, or what colors they should try.

My mom, on the other hand, is my biggest critic. She never wore makeup, so she doesn’t understand my passion for it. She thinks I have entirely way too much, and that I spend too much time getting ready. I don’t let it get to me, though.

My brother and cousin always gives me a hard time. They always make comments like ” what did you do to your face”. It’s okay because my girl cousins love the way I do my makeup :). My hubby and mom never have a problem either.

When I went through my goth phase at 14-16, I wore black eyeshadow/eyeliner and red or mauve lipstick all the time. My uncle and my grandma on my mom’s side would pick on me for it, but I knew they didn’t mean anything serious by it. My step-grandma, however, would blatantly comment on how much she disliked it. It was really rude, honestly. Outside of that, I’ve been fortunate in that the people who love me are understanding that it’s me expressing myself, not necessarily trying to look glamorous or natural.

The makeup I do now is more sophisticated, but also far more colorful and crazy. I can’t help but wonder what my step-grandma would think of it.

Most people never say anything about my makeup. My mom makes it known that she strongly prefers natural. My dad either doesn’t care or he knows his opinion wont change anything I slap on my face LOL He did say he liked the color of MAC VG Nicki & Vegas Volt lipstick and those aren’t exactly natural unless you’re a neon flower.

“He did say he liked the color of MAC VG Nicki & Vegas Volt lipstick and those aren’t exactly natural unless you’re a neon flower.”

Which I am, thank you very much! 😛

Yes…my fiance is continually irked by my MAC spree’s (which I have really cut back on & I try to only shop big hauls with my friend who has a pro card.) My mom has actually gone into my stash and taken products out to send to my cousin (who in turned threw them out because she did’nt like any of it.)She justified it by saying I had so much I could share…haha. I want to go on a NO BUY starting soon…tee hee. I really have wayyy too much. I also need some train cases or Ikea Helmer’s to store it all, it’s so disorganized right now. 🙁

Wait . She felt the need to go through your stash , to send to someone else? I hope I am missing some of the context here, because I am mad for you.

Haha, I remember I was dressing up for a university formal when my mom walked in, saw my makeup and burst out crying, sobbing that she didn’t give birth for me and raise me to look like a prostitute. Then I felt guilty and wore minimal makeup — and all the other girls turned up with very heavy smokey eyes and dramatic looks. I felt a bit dowdy 😀

I’m pretty odd, so I think people tend to comment on other things before the oddity of my makeup. I think the worst things my friends or family have said about my makeup involves my *not* wearing it. Like once, after I’d put on my makeup, my mom said, “Aren’t you going to put on makeup before you go out?” and it really sounded like she meant I shouldn’t go out without it because I looked horrible. Meh.

The other thing that sticks in my mind is that once I dared to answer the door to a friend without makeup on, and she basically gasped and went, “OMG, what happened??? Why do you look so different???” Yeah, never did that again with her…

yes they did…but rightly so. Back when I first started taking interest in makeup, I was obsessed with the whole over drawn brown lipliner, nude lip combo (think Janet Jackson in her That’s the way love goes video) – I know right, and I don’t even have the complexion to go with it!

My family and friends used to hate it saying it looked like I had smeared a chocolate bar all over my mouth. I can see how right they were but it all added to trial and error over the years and led me to my career as I’m a successful pro makeup artist now 😉

My husband will tell me that he hates to see my makeup. I often have to point out stars on TV who he thinks aren’t wearing makeup – but they are!! He also needs me to point out that certain boobs probably are not real! LOL But, I try to ignore his little comments. Although I wish I could train him to tell me when my mascara is smeared!

I definitely think a lot of guys who say women look better without makeup need that wake-up call about just how many of the women they think are hot are *always* wearing makeup! 😉

Definitely! I have a stash of makeup which my mom recently discovered and showed my twin aunt through FaceTime. Both were in disbelief of how much makeup I had and my aunt made it out to be worse than if I had committed a felony. Lol! Dad says my winged eyeliner looks like knives and I look like I have a black eye when I use brown or burgundy Shadows. Yep that’s family for ya….

My mom was horrified when I started wear makeup at 19 (I was at college at the time). She thought I wanted to start seducing guys. Which is funny, since most guys don’t even like girls to wear makeup, at least not visible makeup.

I can remember the look on my mom’s face the first time she saw me do a smokey eye… Needless to say, she made me wash it off. But then when my younger sister started wearing makeup shortly after, my mom kind of turned around and started being more accepting and supportive of it, seeing how nice my sister (then only 15) looked.

There are still a few looks I can’t pull off when my mom’s around, like dark smokey eyes and red lips, and she won’t let me wear foundation or blush/bronzer. But other than that I think she’s come around, lol.

My grandparents actually make pretty pointed comments about my makeup and nail polish, like “she never wore a drop of makeup when she was young” and, “I couldn’t waste time painting my nails, there’s too much work for me to do”. But I don’t take it personally, it’s just they way they were brought up in a much different time and place. Now, Every friend who has been to my house and used the restroom has exclaimed over how much nail polish I have…

Outside of cries of “more makeup?!” when I get in an online order, or the fact that my sister’s current boyfriend’s first impression of me was “girly,” not so much.

Most people actually just like to ask me questions because they know I put time into researching products before purchase.

I’m really glad I married someone who also really loves make-up. (Equality for all!) He does sometimes give me a hard time about how much I spend on make-up, although that tends to forget that a significant percentage of the make-up I buy goes into my artist’s kit instead of personal collection. ^^;

Yes haha, how much I lug around with me when I travel, how I have it set up at my dresser, how long I take to get ready (that one particularly)! I just say, “Well I look nice so lump it!”

Oh wow so many memories are coming back to me. Such a provoking question! Like how my family used to call me Miss World for spending so much time on my appearance, and the time my friend asked me why I spent so much time on my eye makeup when it didn’t make any difference. (That same friend has since asked me to do her makeup, and she is always asking me to put false eyelashes on her because she can’t do it herself.) Snide comments made in conversation about people who wear too much makeup, and direct questions asking why do I wear so much? I would always answer, because I like it! It’s my thing, I don’t buy shoes, or bags, or clothes (I could really stand to buy more clothes lol), I buy things in pretty bottles/jars/containers. And after all these years of practice and mistakes, I’m now really good at it!!

Ha! No. I like to think they wouldn’t dare.

And I’m that teacher that comes to work with Illamasqua’s Violate on her lips.

I wonder if I just don’t hear what’s being said behind my back, or radiate one hell of a bitchiness aura around me. One is never sure. 😉

Yes Everyone I know thinks I have too much! But Its my passion and hobby so I just say I dont question their very expensive electronics or their very significant amount of shoesssss. Im lucky that for the most part people have just accepted my passion for makeup.

Well, my dad is a biker so I guess he’s a little alternative and he never bothers about my makeup. He actively encouraged me to grow out and paint my nails because his mother used to do that and he liked the aesthetic (I actually keep mine fairly short though). My mother just comments that she likes everything and that it all looks great. On the other hand, my boyfriend is my biggest critic. I moved to a fairly conservative continental European country to be with him and he’s always saying how it’s not normal here to wear any kind of obvious makeup – nevermind the dramatic eye looks that I favour (tbf, I do dramatic eyes almost constantly as it goes a long way in hiding the ptosis I have in one eye). He comments that my look is “fine for when we’re in the UK or the USA, but not normal here” and I must expect to be judged for it etc. It’s a little hurtful as I often think he’d prefer a neutral looking local girl, but then I guess he wouldn’t put up with me and my hundreds of nail polishes if that were the case…

If it´s not extremely indiscreet, an I ask you what country is that? I assume it must be one from the dissolved USSR but I could be wrong…lol about two years ago when I went to the Chech Republic I was one of the few to be wearing any kind of makeup as much as I could tell (me and my bold lipstick) I only remember one girl that looked Chech with eyeshadow. Then again I only went to Prague, the capital has very heavy tourism so maybe thats the reason I didn´t get any negative looks from anyone (they are used to foreigners). But I´m really curious to know what country you are talking about, if it´s not trouble for you 🙂 .

Nope actually western European! The country is the Netherlands. People do wear makeup but conservative natural looks are strongly favoured, especially compared to the UK (where I’m from). More plain, “normal” clothing is also strongly favoured and you see a lot less alternative culture, it’s a contrast with for example Germany which is a lot more “colourful”. But I was in the Czech Republic last year and you’re right, in my limited time there it was also quite conservative. Myself, mostly I tend to see conservative natural looks as being for work (and I don’t need to worry about this since my line of work is in art :P) or sober occasions rather than something I would actively choose…

Wow! thats sad to hear… I´m going to Holland to study next year for one year a Masters degree…it´s kind of strange to hear such an extremely open minded country (homosexuality is accepted, marihuana is accepted)like Holland to be so closed minded when it comes to something as simple as makeup 🙁 . Maybe some people think that women that use makeup are prostitutes? because I had an incident with a greek (restaurant in Amsterdam where the owner was (well he looked like the owner and wasn´t young but not old either I´m guessing he was greek) where he remarked that they were closed, but I could see people eating…yes it was late and maybe they weren´t taking any orders but…maybe he believed I was a prostitute? for the record I was using Girl about town lipstick, mascara on lashes and no other makeup. I asked the receptionist in my hotel if wearing makeup ment I was a prostitute and she was ashamed and said NO, and looked traumatized lol. For the record I´m 23 and a virgin so anyone thinking I was a prostitute because of my lipstick would be very sad, ironic and kind of funny. The only countries in Europe I have seen girls with makeup were Italy and Greece (and they are heavy on it) but I didn´t see many women with makeup in Germany either…though had no incident. Considering I´m from a conservative country where women use alot of makeup this is sad and funny…however topics like homosexuality, prostitution and marihuana are shunned here, and the last two are ilegal…interesting… sorry for the long reply :s and a million thank you for your reply Sarah 😀 .

I forgot to say that this actually has changed my idea about the netherlands (Holland) I might actualy now choose not to go at all, I really dislike such a level of close mindness, still thank you Sarah, lol I´m the christian, virgin and kissless prostitute 23 and never kissed, and proud to say it, and I´m very religious but I´m open minded, I have homosexual friends and wouldn´t treat someone I don´t know with disregard before knowing them…you learn new things everyday 🙂 , again sorry for huge rant.

It could be the restaurant really was closed. I’ve worked in many restaurants (albeit in the US), and at a certain time, we closed to any “new” patrons. If we kept letting in “just one more”, we’d *never* close, LOL! I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but from what I’ve heard, although the women there tend to be modest, it’s a personal choice, and they’re not judgemental, which is different. Oh, and as a Greek person, makeup is totally acceptable!

Thank you for your input Xamyx, maybe I overreated, I hope I was wrong and I simply made wrong assumptions. After all you are right I should have an open mind about it, and if I´m ever again in Amstedam I´ll try going again to that place to be sure. Since I don´t know I can´t judge right? 😀 let´s be positive 😛

A lot of people come here to NL thinking it’s a very open and laid back country but it is actually a mistaken view. Although the country is tolerant to many things which are illegal elsewhere, it is still very conservative, ESPECIALLY if you live outside of Amsterdam (which is indeed much more international). NL even has its own hyper-strict Bible Belt (more than the USA!). It has to be recognised that although the Dutch will tolerate many things, that’s not quite the same as liking them or not passing judgement on them. There are a lot of interesting issues here though regarding women which would require more than a comment to look at, which are unique to the “BeNeLux” area. Overall there is a large expat community for Holland and it’s worth looking into the pros and cons before coming here, for sure…unfortunately a lot of people base their views on a trip to Amsterdam or what they have read in news stories and it leads to a LOT of unhappy, shellshocked campers!

Very interesting…about the hyper Bible belt I would have to say my country is many times more strict that the USA, and more than likely any part of Europe. Still I only went to the touristic route of the Netherlands (Amsterdam, the Hague, Volendam, Marken, Edam, and the other cute village close to Amsterdam… I´m probably going to research alot before deciding on my masters degree, allthough I could still go for only one year and then leave…still learning some new things is always a nice thing, Thank you both Sarah and Xamyx for your input 😀 .

Not if they want to live, LOL.

Seriously, this is my face, I can do what I wish with it and if you don’t like it, don’t look at me and go somewhere else or otherwise shut your mouth.

On the very rare occasion people feel the need to comment on my appearance, I usually comment back on their upbringing and manners, or lack thereof and invite them to mind their own damn business next time.

My mom once made a comment about how many bottles of nail polish I had (about 75 bottles…it’s gone down since then). I think she was doing the “I’m-joking-but-also-serious” thing. My husband, God love him, must have seen the mild hurt on my face – he asked me if my collection made me happy and then said that he didn’t care so long as I wasn’t spending irresponsibly.

Aw! That’s really cute. I’m in a similar situation too — my fiance doesn’t care, he never said a word about it except that if I like it, I should do it. It’s wonderful to have a partner who can understand collections. Then again, he collects little model soldier figures (and they apparently cost a fortune!) and I encourage him… so fair trade-off 😀

I’ve got really encouraging people in my life, thank goodness! My two best friends are just as bad as me, so every trip out turns into enabling city. My mum’s always been the type to not care what I’m doing as long as I’m happy with it, so she never comments unless I’m doing something particularly dramatic for no apparent reason. The closest to negative I get (on a regular basis) is my BF rolling his eyes or not wanting to be kissed when I’m wearing make up/lipstick.

Of course, there was that one time I played with pink eyeshadow and an old coursemate said it looked like the BF had been beating me. Which was offensive on a number of levels in a very concise way… then again, she usually is. :|a

Yes, from my mom. She never wears any makeup so when she saw my collection, she would always call it a huge waste of money. But over time I think she came to at least accept if not understand it and last year bought me a beautiful makeup case for Christmas. 🙂

I think my boyfriend sometimes just side-eyes the spending. He doesn’t mind whether I wear makeup or not and says he loves me however I look, but if makeup makes me happy then it doesn’t bother him. He does hate that he has no space in the bathroom or on top of the dresser though 🙁 working on that.

My parents don’t care. My dad doesn’t even know what blush is and my mom is allergic to everything so she doesn’t wear anything.

My best friend is a huge makeup addict. I think she started me on all this. I don’t blame her though 🙂 it’s fun!

Sometimes my boyfriend will give me a hard time about buying/owning makeup. He thinks I spend too much on something that, according to him, I don’t wear very often.

The funny thing is that I do wear makeup. Usually 6 days a week, though I rarely wear dark or bright colors and I don’t usually wear a full face of makeup so I think that’s why he doesn’t notice that I wear makeup pretty often. Other than that no one has ever commented negatively about my makeup.

Some of my friends, especially my old friends, did not understand when I got into make up (a year or so ago), but now they don’t mind. I do still get some annoying remarks from a girl I don’t consider as a friend anymore for various reasons. I would never, ever have dared to put on make up in high school, because I knew I would get teased (but anything a bit feminine would have caused a stir. Ah, high school…), but then again, it didn’t interest me at the time.
I got more daring (first with clothes) when I had friends who shared my interest, and when I gained confidence!
My family doesn’t mind, they are rather supportive actually, and I really appreciate it when their give me some compliments! My father does hate it when I have like blue nails or any original colors, but he keeps an open-mind. I managed to make him like Chanel Vertigo after repeating “Look, loook at the pretty!”
I feel like it’s a problem so many girls face though. If you don’t wear make up and are not feminine in general, you’re not deemed as “a true girl”, but if you do like it, then you’re also mocked because “lol girl stuff, silly”. It just irks me.

“I feel like it’s a problem so many girls face though. If you don’t wear make up and are not feminine in general, you’re not deemed as “a true girl”, but if you do like it, then you’re also mocked because “lol girl stuff, silly”. It just irks me.”

I agree with that entirely. It’s a double standard and it’s very unfair.

My family and friends don’t have a problem with me wearing makeup. The issue is how much I spend. If my fiance finds out how much I really buy he’d be in shock. I keep saying I’m not gonna buy any more l/s or blushes but then here comes MAC with there limited edition colors and I cave smh.

Uh kinda. When I first started getting into makeup (roughly 2 years ago. I’m a real late bloomer) I was trying to experiment with looks I did not yet have the skills to do. I know I have attempted smokey eyes that made my old roommate raise his eyebrows to the forehead, but since then things have got a lot better. Bolder lipsticks used to be my boyfriend’s nemesis, but it’s either he got used to seeing me with them or he realized they could look good. Nowadays he’s totally fine with it as well!

My mom complains about my choice in lipstick all the time. lol “It’s to bright!” but I’m not one to were obnoxious bright shades either anything with a pop of colour is to bright for her. lol

I totally understand! My family feels like anything that isn’t clear is too bright for the lips. lol Once I wore a pigmented coral gloss with nothing else but my foundation and my family made so much fuss over it that you would have thought I was walking around with baby blue lipstick on my face! They can be so dramatic! Lol

I am Vietnamese and my WHOLE family (aunts, uncles, cousins) always have something to say about anything…

I remember when I first used makeup, around fourteen(which I think is the age that everyone start experimenting with makeup!), I loved eyeliners the most. So I would wear eyeliner from time to time. When my aunts and uncles saw that, they ALL said something to my parents, to me, to anyone who was ready to listen. -_- And it wasn’t nice at all, believe me. Funny things is that now, THEIR KIDS are even heavier with their makeup AND at a younger age! It simply makes me frustrated. I guess that’s the downside with being the oldest in the whole family…

Anyway, I could go on and on about all the mean things that were said, but I will contain myself.

Not makeup for my face (most people ask if I am wearing makeup) but they have as far as nail polish. My mom doesn’t say much if we are out and about and I find nail polish. I think she knows that, I know, I have a slight obsession with polish. My friends on the other hand DRAG me away from the cosmetic aisle because I will find a polish or 10. My bestie gets on to me about perfume. I do have an abnormal amount of fragrances.

Weirdly enough, I often get rants about how much someone (almost always a guy) hates makeup, as if I’m not WEARING makeup! Maybe because I have black hair and usually go out wearing concealer, a tinted moisturiser, black mascara and a smudge of black liner, so people go “Oh, she’ll agree with me!”

Yep. One time, I decided to order some lipglasses from Mac. My aunt saw them, then had a fit about the price. I dont see anything wrong with the occasional 15-20 splurge on a lipgloss.

Basically , they have a problem with what I spend. My makeup budget isnt even that big ( $50-60 a month) , nor is my collection outrageous. I could see if it was their money I spend, but its not. They can go have a seat as far as Im concerned.

Yes. Long before I adopted a more natural approach to beauty, I would receive comments from family, friends and my boyfriend of many years. My routine was MAC Studio Fix Fluid, heavy eyeliner and mascara, bronzer, pencilled-in eyebrows, and MAC Myth lipstick, all set in place with MUFE Duo-Mat powder foundation. Haha… That was really embarrassing. It looked really good in photos, but in reality, I looked too overdone and cakey. To this day, years later, my boyfriend still comments on that “look”.

Since that time, I’ve started wearing LM tinted moisturizer mixed with MAC f&b in white, Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm and brown mascara.

I’m a very very late bloomer. I didn’t get into makeup up until about seven years into my marriage in my late late twenties. My hubby absolutely hates me wearing makeup. Never ask him how I look. He always says I look beautiful natural. He never compliments me when I wear makeup. He doesn’t forbid me to buy makeup but he never encourages me. Our friends and family say it’s because without wearing makeup, I look like a teen or college student. I look really young that most of the time people think I am his daughter! We are only two years apart! But I like playing with makeup because the products are incredible! They are way better than when I was growing up ( pre-Internet days). There’s so many options to choose from.

No, but I don’t have anyone in my life who would be so closed and judgmental. Wearing noticeable makeup is a bit of an anomaly in my group of peeps as my mother wears absolutely zero makeup ever and I’m surrounded by horsey people and farmers who tend to go for a more natural look. The people I involve myself with are far more interested on what is on the inside than the outside.

I’m absolutely astounded at the number of comments on here that involve people being called snobs and sluts by their own FRIENDS! People who call you rude names, no matter the time you may spend with them, are NOT your friends!

Yes, I’ve gotten some snarky comments about my makeup. I’ve gotten more praise for it (I’m in highschool and I’ve had a number of girls ask me to do their makeup for school dances or just for days in general when they want to look extra special) but from both boys and girls I’ve gotten some pretty negative comments. One girl that I use to be friends with when she decided she didn’t like me called me and said my face looked fake orange and plastered on (this same girl when we were friends would constantly ask me to do her makeup and had me help he get matched to a concealer) and some, but not all, of my guy friends sometimes say that I look better without makeup. I think that, unless something is smeared (like mascara), people should just mind their opinions and only give constructive criticism if someone asks for it and just mention it if you have something nice to say! 🙂

None of my friends or family has ever made negative comments about my makeup. I grew up outside of Palm Beach and it’s totally normal to wear makeup (and most people do go crazy with it). I lived in NYC for a short period of time and I always felt uncomfortable wearing makeup there because a lot of the girls I knew didn’t wear any. And there were a lot of times in NY that I was made to feel like a Barbie for wearing makeup – and my makeup style is fairly natural to begin with (but I do throw in a bright lipstick most days). And my roommate at the time thought it was weird that I liked to paint my nails.

My friends call me an eye shadow addict lol. BUT what they don’t realize is that THEY are the ones that have fueled my sudden deep interest and addiction to shadows. When I started trying to go out of my comfort zone and start using colors my friends complemented me on the looks I created…which gave me the courage to go further. In order to go further I HAD to buy more colors…and each encouragement had me looking for even more ways to be creative. So it’s their faults! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it lol

Oh definitely. No one in my family ever wore makeup so they were a little appalled to realize that their little girl had the soul of a 70’s drag queen. Friends in middle/high school would click their tongues disapprovingly and proclaim my makeup over-the-top…but what’s wrong with over-the-top?!

Yes. I was never allowed to play with make up as a kid growing up. I’m not talking abou the cheap make-up that comes in sets for kids during Christmas time, but the plastic stuff that came with fake nails that you slip the tips of your fingers through and the plastic tips. I wasn’t allowed to paint my nails as a kid and the only time I did was for my prom and my mom did them. The first time I wore make-up was for prom as well.

So as I went into college I got to see other girls wear make-up on a daily basis and it was weird for me. In college I wore clear mascara, a champange colored shadow and a peach blush that I got in my senior year of college. I started working right out of college and I knew I had to wear some make-up to look professional aka not dead! I started watching Youtube and I literally fell in love. This site actually helped me start out my make-up collection because I didn’t know what to buy so Google always led me here.

Now, it’s still a secret I love make-up and the only person who supports me is my boyfriend. Everyone says I’m obsessed, I have too much and that I only need one of each thing anyway. I don’t like hearing the rude comments especially from family so I just keep to myself, but it is sad that I can’t talk to anyone about the new make-up I find etc. so sites like this really help. So thank you for all that you do Christine. It really means a lot especially to me.

I started wearing lip gloss when i was 16, plain that is. My Mom was very conservative about it and she allowed foundation n concealer and the rest only after i was 20yrs old. I’m 24 now and absolutely love make up and mother in law, Mom and husband compliment my red lip stick, eye make up etc. i remember the 1 St time i wore red lipstick with a black dress and black stilettos n my hubby was so turned on by the time we got home from the wedding, ahem! But yes now since he’s gotten aware of silicones, alcohols and other chemicals, he advises me to use mineral/organic/natural cosmetics and yes he gets annoyed when i go shopping for makeup.

I don’t ever recieve outside comments from strangers. My mom is very old fashioned, she still under the impression that makeup will leave “pot marks” on your face. I’ve been rocking makeup since High school (I’m in my early thirties). I still don’t have “pot marks”

My husband is super supportive, for Christmas every year he gets me the latest UB palette. He really is amazing that way.

My only comments I get, I have a huge 48×48 framed metal sheet in my bathroom. I took all my makeup and glue magnets to it. So its all on display (mainly to free counter space). I get comments from my friends of “wow, that’s alot of make up”. Or you spend how much on all this… I don’t even buy makeup every month.

When anyone asks me how much I spend, I usually ask them, how much they spent on something, like a Video game, clothes, shoes, car, etc. Gets my point across.

Yes, especially when I was in my teens and early twenties. My critics -aka family- whinged that my lipstick was too garish, my nail polish too bright etc. Now, it’s my husband who occasionally critisizes my make up tastes, usually by saying that I’m too old to be wearing ‘whatever’ …. Now, as then, I just ignore my critics and wear whatever I like ….

I’m 18, and I have quite a lot of makeup for someone my age just using it for every day wear. I’m surprised how much my parents leave me alone about it. My mom knows I’m careful about what I buy and don’t make impulse purchases all the time. My dad kind of ignores it. The amount of makeup I wear has increased a lot the last few years, but I think they’ve been okay with it since it was gradual and I’m out of high school now. Some days my mom might comment that my eye makeup looks a little heavy, but I usually trust her opinion and try to tone it down.

They tell me I have an obsession or I have too much (yeah, I do have both) but it’s what I like to collect, they don’t always support me but in the end they give me makeup on my birthday or christmas 🙂

And for my friends… i’m the only one who really does her makeup that precise hahaha I teach them.

I was kind of goth in high school (I say “kind of” because I was the least goth of all my friends) and my mother hated the dark makeup I sometimes wore.

She also didn’t like the more natural makeup I had because she insisted that I was warm toned and should be buying lipstick that was “less purple and more brown.” I’m getting back into makeup again now (age 26) and I’m seriously questioning that advice. I think my skin is cool toned.

Regarding money… my best friend is very frugal and earthy, and she would judge me to the moon if I talked about makeup with her. So I don’t, and that’s fine.

My boyfriend has had plenty of crap flung his way about spending money on warhammer and warmachine, so he’s not going to judge anybody for spending money on a hobby. He’s actually very supportive, and he’ll come with me to Sephora and give me his opinion while I swatch things. I’m learning about contouring right now, and I have been giving him lessons about how you shadow the face, which has been useful for him painting his models. 🙂

Seriously, though: Hobbies are expensive. There aren’t very many hobbies you can get into without putting down some cash.

Yes. My father, he just gives me this look whenever I’m using some treatament or trying something new… He even told me once ‘why are you doing that? Such nonsenses do not work…’ I must clarify he thinks a daily routine is washing your face with cold water ¬¬ Such inocence!

I first started to use makeup when I was 12 it was a brown-pink lipgloss from Jordana that my mother bought me. Lol I haven´t looked back since then…my father doesn´t care, my friends wouldn´t recognise my face without lipstick since I don´t go out without it since the age of 15. Honestly without concelear and lipstick I look sick…I have undereye dark circles so concelear is a must and my lips are very soft pink and if I´m not feeling so well (which is unfortunately often) they look WHITE. My makeup routine is lipliner to correct the shape of my lips then lipstick in my entire lips including on top of lipliner and then concelear on my dark circles and mascara only on the top lashes…that is all. Even though I don´t use alot of makeup it looks as if I did because of the bold lipsticks I like to use lol! I think my friends and family would be absolutely impressed if I went out without lipstick lol. I sometimes get comments from my mother though about the Chanel and Guerlain lipsticks I buy, she always comments “Don´t you already have a similar color?” but she doesn´t say anything else, however she rants about how horrid foundation is, how it ages your skin, how I should never use it etc. She also says I don´t need eyeshadows etc. so it depends on what makeup item I want to buy, rather than makeup in general. 😀

Sort of. I can be pretty obsessive about how much stuff I buy. I will go through phases where I’m ordering tons of products online, so several packages will show up for me in a week. Then I get *looks* from my parents. They are the looks people give you when they think they might have to stage an intervention. But most of the time, they appreciate the way I use the products I buy 🙂

no my mom was the one that encouraged me to try makeup but i was stubborn and resisted i didn’t get into it until last year when i turned 19. the only thing she complains about is that i have too much makeup but whatever :P.

my dad doesn’t care, my friends are great about it but they don’t wear it and they always compliment on my eye looks

This question hits home for me. My whole life, my friends, family, and even coworkers NEVER wore makeup. Or if they did, it was only light, like only foundation. I really only know a handful of girls who wear lipstick, eyeshadow, etc and they are almost all makeup artists. I wear a VERY natural look from day to day, but I love makeup and I LOVE experimenting! Whether I’m natural one day or wearing lipstick another, my friends or family will say “You are wearing too much makeup. You don’t need it.”

I always wonder if the beauty gurus out there, or even women on this site get people telling them that too? My current boyfriend doesn’t mind makeup at all–he loves when I experiment with a red lip or smokey eye. But even when I used to wear clear lip gloss, made my ex boyfriend would say, “why are you wearing that??”

I honestly think 98% of people who comment on my makeup, though, are men. Some of them just don’t get it. If I wore one of the amazing, colorful looks-of-the-day that I see on this blog, people would be like, “WOW! Why are you wearing all that eyeshadow!”

I will continue to love makeup forever though : )

Wow, some of these comments really made me tear up ;( No mom should ever call her daughter a prostitute! That is so terrible and wrong. Rock your makeup, ladies!

My mom gives me some grief about how much money I spend on makeup. Since I’m still in college and not supporting myself yet, she didn’t like how much money I was spending which is understandable. She doesn’t get it because she doesn’t wear makeup, but whatever. Anyway, now I support my makeup habit myself, yet she still gives me crap about it. I consider it my hobby, like she enjoys creating jewelry and buys tons of jewelry making supplies. I always tell her that just because she doesn’t understand something doesn’t make it wrong!

I was wearing winged eyeliner once and my dad thought I had made a mistake with the eyeliner because it was pointing up at the end of my eye…but then he added that since I had done it on both eyes, it must have been intentional. He likes to joke so I wasn’t offended at all, I just laughed. 😀

My mother was never the motherly/lovey/nice type of person, and I remember when I was a young teen starting to dabble in makeup she gave me grief for it. This was a woman of the 80’s who wore makeup herself, but for some reason when I started out, rather than help me learn about makeup (how to put it on, what certain makeup is for etc) she would tell me on a regular basis I looked like a baby slut. :\
Oh well, there are some people in the world who are jerks, and sometimes they have kids.
Now I am happy to say I love makeup and love getting all dolled up. My husband even buys me bottles of nail polish or little cosmetic gift bags as surprises. But the best thing, I look forward to the day when I can help my daughters learn how to use it if they want to ^_^

You are right about jerks in the world that happen to have kids. Your daughters are very lucky. I’m happy for you.

My hubby’s been giving me agro about my brows, saying they’re too thick, I keep tryna tell him big, bold brows are in this season lol!!! I’ve toned them down a little, but refuse to anymore, I like then, so he’s gonna have to get with the program lol!!!

Hello how are you, I’m from Argentina and I love everything you post on your site, I’m much, it’s me and get your updates whenever I hear news of your country, that while I post on my blog I always placing the source of information is your site. Just so you know where I take the novelty. I hope you do not mind up information about you.
A kiss and are connected by this passion is makeup.
I love your dog or bitch.
A big kiss.

Yes, but I’m the type of person that doesn’t care about the opinions of others. I pretty much do what I want! My sister and I are the only “girly girls” in our family and we get jokes and comments all the time about how we’re always so “dressed up,” the brightness of our lip color, or our new hairstyle of the month (all the women in my family have long hair and my sister and I regularly cut and color our tresses when we get bored). I explain to them we that just like variety and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look our best. Our mom doesn’t really give us grief. She’s more curious than anything because she’s never been a make up/fashion junkie so she just wonders where we get it from. Lol My husband is pretty neutral about my love of make up now. He tells me all the time that he likes me best in natural make up, which is my go-to anyway unless it’s a special occasion, but he does prefer me without it with the exception of gloss which he loves on me! =) He used to complain about it, but I just had to explain to him that my love of make up is a hobby just like his love cologne and video games! Same difference! Since that conversation, no more complaints and I get make up as gifts! Win-win for me!

About 5 years ago, i was a tomboy, didnt even know how to apply makeup, my mum asked my cousin to try and make me more feminine in fear that i wouldnt find a guy. Now thanks to YouTube and blogs, i taught myself how to apply makeup, now my mother thinks i wear too much makeup!

My Boyfriend hates me wearing bright lips, and coloured eyeshadows and is always encouraging me to look more chic and natural. Hes watched me apply my make up and is shocked at how many products i use.

Alot of my friends dont believe in spending alot on makeup, i usually steer towards high end brands because their service is better, the products arent opened, the displays arent messy, and i can ask advice & help. Also i find most drugstore brands arent pigmented on my skinone. so im willing to pay a little bit more than drugstore, and my friends often call me a snob, as they prefer drugstore brands. But im not bothered, i work hard for my money. So im happy to spend it on whatever i want.

I almost said “no” and then I remembered a few months ago when my mom was questioning my eyeliner. I had some bright blue liner on the upper inside corners of my eyes, and she just could not get with it. I did get a compliment from my younger cousin, though. Mom says she’s never seen people do this, lol. She’s not into makeup that much.

This thread makes me sad! But how great is it that we can come here and read and support each other. Be proud, everyone, in the words of Dustin Hunter, “Do what you want, it’s YOUR face!”

Thankfully, I’ve never really gotten a hard time about my makeup from my loved ones. My husband asks sometimes how much makeup I need to buy, considering I only have one face, but he has no issues.

My coworkers on the other hand, don’t really understand the concept of a neutral eye look. I’ve gotten asked to wear heavy smoky eyes to work by a female supervisor: she prefers that look herself and feels all the female employees should wear it like that. She hasn’t had much luck enforcing her idea of a good policy though.

Wow. I’ve never heard of a supervisor asking someone to wear *more* makeup. It’s, er, interesting that she feels the need to dictate the makeup style of everyone around her, and that she thinks her own style is right for everyone.

My mother just stayed with me a few days and got into my drawers and cabinets. So she got to see all the stuff I have and did mention that I have too much and shouldn’t buy so much anymore. But that’s about the worst of it so far. I’m forty years old and spend my own money so she’s not in a position to say much.

Yes, my boyfriend hates it when I wear lipstick and would prefer it if I wore no makeup at all. He prefers the “natural look” on me and thinks I look “beautiful” without makeup. I actually think I look better with some lipstick on, especially deeper or brighter shades. When I was younger, my mom would give me a hard time about not blending my makeup properly and having harsh lines on my face but now, she doesn’t comment on my makeup or else she thinks it looks fine. The main thing she gives me a hard time about now is how much I spend on makeup. She says I should stop buying because I already have a lot. This may be true, to some extent, but I feel like I carefully look into my makeup purchases, use everything that I buy, and feel that I’m entitled to treat myself now and then for how hard I work and what-not. When it comes to makeup, I try to avoid making impulse purchases and think through what I buy to make sure it’s something I really want and will use.

I’ve always enjoyed wearing makeup and experimenting with different brands and different looks…I don’t think this’ll change anytime soon. Makeup is too much fun…

When I put on a full face, I get complimented. I have two train cases of makeup and yes, my friends and family give me a hard time. It’s all in fun however and I’ve been asked to do their makeup for special occasions.

Almost ALL THE DAMN TIME. If I have some dark eyeshadow, then it’s too dark, if I have red lipstick it’s too ‘slutty’. I always make sure to either give importance to my eyes or lips. Family just doesn’t get it, they wish I had a more normal style or didn’t wear make up at all. And my fiancè really hates it when ever I wear lipstick, regardless the shade. Either way, I’m going to wear what ever I want to because I’m gonna be in my 20s only once in my life so fuck em.

My big sister has made comments about how much I enjoy researching makeup, but she’s asked me to do her wedding makeup and she has super sensitive skin so I think she appreciates my interest now.

Very occasionally, mostly in regards to how much I spend on money. But I got into my girly makeup phase AFTER my radical feminist phase, so I went into it with the approach that, as a woman, I live in a society that’s highly invested in telling me what I ought to be with little consideration for what I want to be. So…the hell with it. Way I see it, we don’t give men shit for their expensive cars and baseball card collections, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to feel guilty for owning one too many blushes and highlighters.

The worst I’ve ever gotten is a friend of a friend or two whining about how ~natural girls are so much prettier~ in my presence (not directed toward me but while I was obviously wearing makeup). My family and friends generally seem impressed that I’m more daring than a lot of people who wear makeup and most of what I get is during good sales so I don’t get crap for spending.

Eh, neither of my parents really comment, but I also tend to wear relatively subtle makeup. My mom never really wears any makeup except for brown eyeliner, so I felt massively self conscious when I started to wear makeup, but I know now that my mom mostly doesn’t wear makeup out of laziness and lack of interest. She said she probably would look nicer with it, but that she doesn’t much want to bother. My dad has never commented, but from his comments about other people, I know that he thinks heavy eyemakeup is unattractive and out of place at family dinners.

My grandma, on the other hand, loves the stuff. Amusingly enough, it’s my little sister who judges me for spending as much as I do on it (which isn’t much-I do try to stick with the more budget friendly stuff. But it does add up, and figuring out what you need is actually really tricky, so it’s easy to acquire too much at first).

Thinking back on it, had I gotten into makeup earlier, they still wouldn’t really have cared, it’s just never been one of the things my parents would ever pay for. They probably would have let me buy some at a pretty young age, but would probably have tried to get my grandma or my cousins to prevent me from looking like a clown (on the basis that my grandma and cousins use makeup and don’t look like clowns), and I would have certainly been the one buying the stuff.

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