Have you purchased products based on an influencer's recommendation? How did it go?

Oh, yes, all the time! I’m often sweet-talked into trying something in particular (perhaps something I was on the fence about) from people like Samantha Ravndahl, Lisa Eldridge, Kathleen Lights, Chloe Morello, Tarababyz, and Karima McKimmie. I don’t think I’ve bought a flop yet!

— Christine
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I don’t know if you’d call emilynoel83 on Youtube an influencer, but she’s one of my favorite reviewers and I have yet to have something I bought on her recommendation flop on me.
I’ve also bought stuff on the recommendation of Samantha Ravndahl because I have a great big crush on her and I wanna be able to leave insightful comments on my experiences with the products she talks about on her videos, lmao. Notice me, senpai.

I actually bought some emilynoel83 recommendations in the past and they didn’t work for me. I have come to the realization that e.l.f. and I are not meant to work together. Ever.

However, I do buy quite a few products based on your reviews and recommendations, Christine, you and Isabella of Musings of a Muse. But the YouTubers, most of whom I think are ridiculously silly and shallow, nope.

All the time lol. I don’t buy everything they recommend. But if it’s a product I’m already interested in, then I probably will buy it if N Influencer I like approves

Yes and it’s a 50-50 chance of them working out. Not nice to point out those that didn’t work out. But items like Urban Decay setting spray, Becca highlighter and Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara are some that become staples.

Never solely on the recommendation of an influencer but if I am interested or intrigued by the product I will do my own research, look at other YT videos, check the blog here for a review and if possible, see it in person. I think that is why I don’t care a wit whether a YT video is sponsored or not. I would never run out and purchase a product because a sponsored video said it was the best thing since sliced bread, regardless of whether I trusted the YT’er or not. Products are very personal and even if you think the influencer has your same exact skin tone you may still hate the product because your skin type is different, your preferences are different or it behaves completely different on you. I have purchased many products that influencers have recommended but only if I love it.

Yes, I always look up products I’m interested in on YouTube to see how they apply and what the reviewers think. And just about every piece of makeup I’ve bought since discovering this blog had to pass the Temptalia test! Christine, your reviews are crucial to my makeup buying decisions. I’ve looked up your reviews on my phone while in Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s. Most recently was this past weekend when I was trying to decide between three shades of Amuse Bouche lipstick at Sephora…I went with the one you rated an “A” (Rhubarb). Thank you!

I’ve bought several products based off of Christine’s recommendations – including Clinique Cheek Pops and Make Up For Ever’s Cream Blushes – which are my holy grail blush formulas.

Pixiwoo introduced me to their Real Technique brushes which I love and also to Mac Face & Body, which is one of my favorite foundations.

Jennie Jenkins got me into Colourpop Lip Stains, as well as, Mac’s Cork Lip Liner (A personal fave)

Tymetheinfamous put me on to NYX Matte Lipsticks (I love Bloody Mary and Shocking Pink)

Lisa Eldrige is the reason why I bought Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation (and also learned so many techniques!)

I’ve bought products recommended by @nikkifrenchmakeup and they are always awesome.I also have a list of of brushes I will be purchasing asap because of Samantha’s last brush video.All the Smith brush recommendations and the eyebrow brush she recommended for creating individual hairs with brow pomades.It is really hard to find a brush stiff enough to create those hair-like stokes so any good recommendation I hear about I try!

I bought benefit’s Porefessional primer based on reviews from so many different influencers, and it’s definitely worth it in my opinion!

I bought Laura Mercier Starlight power solely from Lisa Eldrige’s recommendation alone. It’s discontinued. And anytime a beauty guru gives high praise to a disco’d product (to the point where they stock up b/c they can’t be without it), I pay attention.

What I’ve always stated; the beauty bloggers and vloggers whom I perceive as having integrity and being honest are the ones I pay heed to. So you can bet your booties I have! Ones who have won the honor of assisting me in my acquisition of a fairly hefty stash include: you yourself, Christine, plus, Allura, Emily Noel, Tarabynz, Karen @ M&BB, Jackie Aina, Phyrra. I’m probably forgetting a few, but those are the main ones I listen to recommendations from. Arm happily twisted! And so far, most (like 95%!) have turned out to be everything I had hoped for!

Yep, all the time! I usually check multiple reviews before though and I try to find people who have a similar skin tone/color to make sure the purchase will be successful!

Yes, numerous times. In the beginning of my blog reading career I was disappointed quite a few times, but ever since I learned what works for me and it always worked out great.

EmilyNoel83, Tarababyz, Kimberly Clark (best drag queen for more heavy duty makeup tips ;)), Mary Greenwell, Kristi at Raw Beauty…
But I always double check with Temptalia if possible because 1) I like Christine’s clear, concise, well written critiques & 2) Christine has spent the $ on good camera equipment and has photography skills that make her swatches & pics the most true to color on the internet!

I’ve purchased waaay too many things I’ve seen on youtube but I don’t know which youtubers are “just” youtubers and which are categorized as “influencers” – I honestly don’t. Even with youtube recommendations, I generally also check out Makeupalley reviews and if it’s something that has been reviewed here by you, Christine, I will check those reviews out as well. It was your review of the Chanel Entrelacs palette that stopped me rushing out and grabbing it.

Tarababyz, Stephanie Nicole, Lisa Eldridge, and Monika Blunder to name only a few. And, I’ve researched this blog and Sonya G’s blog (sweetmakeuptemptations) a lot. I bookmark beauty recommendations for future reference from people I like and trust, especially those who have a similar skin tone and type. On instagram, I follow a few big designer houses to see their latest beauty collections as well as a select few European, American and Asian bloggers. I use fragrantica.com all the time. I love beauty tips and mixing concoctions, so I’m sure I’ve left out quite a few people who have ‘influenced’ my purchases. Collectively, all of them have provided me with invaluable information as I very rarely buy on impulse anymore. (I feel like I just gave a mini acceptance speech, thanking everyone for my beauty collection, lol.)

Oh yes, definitely. It’s rare I buy something without hearing about it here or on YouTube. It has mostly worked out well for me– It Cosmetics CC cream, NARS Translucent Crystal setting powder, Marc Jacobs Tantastic Omega bronzer, NYX Microbrew pencil, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, Maybelline eyeshadow single in The Glo Down, UD Anti-Aging Primer Potion– are just a few of my staple products that I originally bought on an influencer’s recommendation. But there are a few things I’ve bought into the hype of that weren’t bad products, they just didn’t suit my preferences or skin needs.

I watch a lot of influencers… I have buy a few items and I have been very happy with I bought.. I love Desi Perkins and we have almost the same skin tone, so I do trust her recommendations.
Like on the subculture palette I watched a lot of influencers not happy with the palette… but I bought to get my own opinion, and I have to say .. I really don’t have any problem with the palette..

Kathleen was my first favorite when I started to become interested in makeup. So she has convinced me to try so much, but I rarely use her suggestion solely, I like to look up as many reviews as possible. Samantha is a more recent favorite for me, I love how educational and sardonic she can be. I finally committed to buying a few nudestix because of her, though a ton of people I like talked about them before she pushed me toward the final buy. Stephanie Nicole is probably the only person I would buy based off of solely her opinion, but still I like to listen to many more opinions (which SN would want me to do).

I try not to, of course, but I do. Many times I already have what they are raving about bc I love to scour the aisles of Walgreens, Target, Ulta and Sephora for new things to try. I purchased quite a few things from the recommendation of Emily Noel, Lipgloss Leslie or simply from watching a beauty tag video. I just picked up face wash from Fresh bc Kimberly Clark used it in a video. Glad I’m on a no buy for a lot of things bc my collection would be crazy from this site and other sites influencing me to buy. Subconsciously, you all do influence us. So yeah I don’t want more beauty influencers collabs/brands. I don’t need more brands tempting me to buy. It already so crazy and difficult to counter lol

Yes, my latest was an night time eye cream recommended by glamtwinzz. I love it. Sometimes I look at swatches from WoC influencers for my skin.

Sometimes yes definitely. Few of my go-to people would be Tarababyz, emilynoel83, TotalMakeupJunkie101, The Fancy Face, Edward Avila, Joan Kim, and Kathleen Lights.
They state all the time what their preferences are and their skin type which is always helpful. They also give their opinion if the product will work for other skin types and if someone with different preferences would like it. These influencers are all very thorough which has helped me make great decisions with products, I’ve never been let down with their product recs.

If you rec it and I like it, likely to get it. Snow White (Cat Cactus) AB/KB skincare ‘influencer’ the same way. Will go for some drugstore/Asian product with Muse rec. For color cosmetics, probably I have never heard of the influencer. Got the Chloe haul, use the hell out of it, but have yet to watch a video of hers, or does she blog? Idk. Choice comes out of brands, like CP, that I watch, then hear about Kathleen Lights, suvarhii, Raye Raye, etc. For the most part purchasing an influencer product does not lead to any further looks at the person. Confess to watching a few Bunny vids, despite not getting swamp queen items.

Not on a single one’s recommendation. If many of the ones I like/trust recommend something, I will often check it out, and might buy if my research shows I might like it and the quality is good. That usually works out very well for me.

I admit there are a few I have bought bc so and so blogger talked about it but honestly a lot of it I already had before I saw any video. I had Essence Pure Nude Highlighter before I saw KathleenLights talk about it and I had the small elf stipple brush before Emily Noel. I am happy I don’t know half of the influencers rattled off here. Makes me feel I do think for myself a bit:)

I’d say only your recommendations, Temptalia. My problem is I don’t have the time to do a lot of product research in a lot of places, so you’re my go-to and it’s always gone well. I get more various youtube videos on techniques than products.

If you consider yourself an influencer! Your reviews are responsible for at least about 1k of my hard earned money per year 😛

I’ve also bought things that Caroline Hirons told me to get. And Gothamisa, though to be fair on both counts they were things I would have bought anyway but they gave me the extra push.

Yes, I definitely look at your site before buying a lipstick. If you’ve reviewed it and have rated less than an A, I don’t go any further. You always state how you arrived at your rating which is what we are looking for.

Yes, of course. First is you Christine, then Tati, EmilyNoel, Tarababyz and Mariah Leonard. If one of you is raving about a product I check to see if any of the others are too. I purchased UD Velvetizer after I watched Tari’s review and makeup BFF tried it and fell in love.

I don’t know if I’d say I bought something strictly because of an influencer. I know myself and the brands I prefer well enough to be aware of what they have coming out and my level of interest in it. I tend to use influences as a supplement to my research – seeing how it looks on various skin tones, any quirks or problems, etc. This is usually in addition to looking in person if it’s available around me.

Christine here on temptalia, Isabella Muse on musingsofamuse, Jen Chae, and Lisa Eldridge. Usually these influencers introduce something that I like the looks of, in which case, I will do further research on makeup alley, e-tailer reviews, looking for ingredients and experience while wearing.

Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Night Serum, recommended by my fave, Jamie Paige. It was hell expensive, but extremely worth it and now it’s a staple!

I have in the past but they didn’t work out for me so dont even watch them anymore, they are influencer’s being paid by the company to say it’s great so no, no no.

I don’t know if I bought it because influencers recommend, but they definitely let me know about things I would not have known existed. Most recently it was the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette, the Colourpop Yes Please palette, and the Sephora Pro palettes. The Sephora were actually not recommended, but they looked so beautiful I got them anyway. Same with Huda Beauty – more negative reviews than positive. I will say, Huda Beauty’s Rose Gold is so much better than the reviews would have me believe. Sephora Pro palettes ARE really beautiful, but the warm one came with two knocked out of their pans. They are very soft in texture, especially the shimmers. And I haven’t tried the Yes Please out yet but it was only $16 so it’s not a huge risk.

You have been and will remain my trusted source for product reviews. You’ve never steered me wrong and continue to be true to yourself as well as your business. I even discovered my signature lipstick color thanks to you. (Mac spice)

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