Have you ever stayed late/woke up early for a product release? Worth it?

Not in awhile! I can’t remember the last release I really went out of my way to stay up for/wake up early for–the older I get, the more I just need my sleep, LOL. I just barely made it to midnight PST for Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale last year… that’s probably the closest.

— Christine
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I didn’t have to stay up late but I was there for the noon (PT) launch of the ABH Subculture Palette. And YES ABSOLUTELY worth it. Top five palettes still! Loved it from the start, had no issues and didn’t change my views to match the hate bandwagon. JS

About 5 years ago, I used to be an active member on a beauty board and MAC’s up and coming releases were a big thing to discuss. There were a few times, I stayed up late or awake early to catch something. Looking back on it; it wasn’t worth it. I bought into the hype of collecting and finally realized, I was just wasting money needlessly.

Yup. I did for the original launch of the too faced sweet peach palette. When it sold out in record time, I was mad and awake at 2 am…and became angry with myself. Never again.

I didn’t wake up earlier than normal, but I made my purchase of Mac’s Venomous Villains collection first thing in the AM.

Only once . For the maybelline x puma highlighter on ulta. I’m undecided about if I like it or not though. I’m ok with staying up late for it. Most likely I will for UD’s Game of Thrones collection.

I’m typically awake until 2-3 am PST, and wake up before 7 am PST, so I never had to make the effort to be awake in such an event. On the off-chance I happen to fall asleep at a more “reasonable” hour (10-11 pm PST), I will more than likely wake up between 1-2 am PST, anyway, so it still isn’t an issue…

Never, I usually wait for a product to be released and other people try it first. I was never the kind of person who felt the need/want to stay up late to get the latest make-up, phone or anything else launch.

I have! As weird as this must sound, the sense of gratification only lasts a short while because, try as I might, I usually cannot get back to sleep afterwards. Leading to a grouchier and less productive day than my usual. That said, I’ve been glad that I did get up early for some very special collections! For example; MAC Aaliyah and Selena collections.

I’m a night owl who usually goes to bed between 3-5 a.m. Pacific time, so usually it’s not a big deal for me. I have tried to grab releases early in the past, and sometimes it’s been worth it. It has become less and less worth it, and I stopped sweating it. Too often, the brand websites go down, things sell out in seconds, and things sell out of my cart. So I just wait till later. Too Faced Sweet Peach and the earlier ColourPop releases broke me. Now if I can’t get an item later or on restock, I figure it wasn’t meant to be, and I’ll get something even better later.

Nope, nor would I. I buy my makeup in person/in store so I go when the store is open and when it’s convenient for me. If I miss out on something, it’s really not the end of the world, though I will be dismayed if I’m unable to get Lannister Gold eyeliner!

I am a real night owl, hence working graveyards for almost 25 years. When I first retired I really tried to stick to a tight schedule. Suffice to say, there are reasons why our bodies need to sleep between certain hours and not doing so leads to chronic illness. Having said that, if I am awake past midnight then my body switches into graveyard mode and I am awake until at least 5 or 6. I have been in this cycle since my daughter moved home as she is a night owl also. I am going to have to force myself back into a more realistic sleep schedule. The answer to the question is yes I have a couple of times and won’t ever do it again unless I am already up for some reason. I set an alarm for the Huda Desert Dusk palette and purchased 2 then went to bed. Got up in the morning and it was still available, LOL. I also set an alarm for the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette and didn’t get it. After a couple more restocks I was able to get 2 of them and that whole hyped up situation is when I decided I wouldn’t do it again. If it sells out then it sells out.

YES! I set my alarm for 2am, 3am, & 4am for the Mac’s Selena Collection and it paid off! #AnythingForSelenas

Yes! I do it roughly every 2-3 months or whenever a plant person/herbalist I know updates her shop. It’s agonizing and more stressful than Black Friday and cyber Monday sales. I’ll admit it… I’ve stayed up and set my alarm to shop online for product releases and sales. I’ve prepared by double checking my PayPal, making sure my info was correct on sites I shopped at, had different devices ready when sites crashed. I even hung outside in the rain where I get a faster internet connection for some reason.?

It’s been years since I stayed up for the ball to drop in NYC (and I live on the west coast) on NYE.
So, no.

I don’t even do that and I don’t live too far from midtown. It can get noisy. I’m so lame! I’m more serious about snagging my products than celebrating.

Yes once. I’ve made sure that I was able to order a Pat McGrath’s LE release when I was out on the coast taking care of my Mother a couple of years ago. I left late to the hospital that day so I could put my order in and yes it was worth it.

Once and it was not worth it. I bought into the hype and I still have not used any of the products. It’s been 2 years. I think the confusion and hype and anxiety and then the orders being taken out of my cart as I was checking out soured me on the products.

1) Hate feeling part of the virtual mob, fighting for the spoils. 2) Dislike the idea and sense of being manipulated by artificial scarcity. 3) Can’t imagine anything so unique that I couldn’t find a dupe at some point in the future – if it’s truly amazing, there will be copiers/better iterations/the co will bring it back. 4) I already have more makeup than I’ll ever finish, and as I get older, there’s a diminishing pool of things that work beautifully on me – and I don’t think they’re usually offered in small quantities after midnight. I’m
no longer in their demographic (if I ever was).

No, never.
I can’t think of anything tempting enough. Also with releases in the US it.s mor a question of getting up early, and that is even worse. I like my late-ish morning sleep.

No. It seems I’m always at work when they drop, usually 1pm EST. I have to sneak and order and if it’s a really big one, like the recent Blue Blood palette, It’s a loooong time and gets hard to cover up. But I did it and have that palette coming to me eventually.

But yes, I would stay up late or get up early just for a release. I already stay up until about 1:30am and get up around 7:30am most days so not a huge stretch. Plus, I don’t have a hard time falling asleep or back to sleep.

No. I have served overseas for a number of years so often midnight East Coast is 5 or 6am Western Europe time or it may be noon in Japan. Plus a number of them don’t always ship APO

No, I’ve never done that, not even for non-makeup things. For makeup, I figure if it get around to looking for an item within a week of launch and it isn’t available, then it wasn’t meant to be. For non-makeup … I’ll never be that person that crowds the doors waiting for them to be unlocked on Black Friday. Nor will I ever sleep on the sidewalk in a line waiting for a movie or game release. Seriously, movers are never released for a *single* showing — so why not wait until later? And games … they’ll make more, I promise; and if for some reason they don’t you can buy them a few months down the road from someone who finished theirs.

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