Have you ever gone on a low- or no-buy?

I’ve never done a low- or no-buy full-stop for an extended period of time on all beauty products or even larger categories. There are product categories I don’t review often (if at all), and I have tampered down buying products in those areas (like nail polish) quite a bit. I’ve done low- and no-buys on non-beauty areas like shoes and clothing, though.

— Christine
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I had a very successful no-buy for the first part of this year. I was so proud of myself. Then I broke it in a BIG way and bought a ton of stuff. I’m trying to convince myself not to buy anymore for the rest of the year … after the two orders that are currently on the way to me!

Oh God, me too!!!!

There really wasn’t much the first half of the year that appealed to me or that which I didn’t already have dupes in stash. I was yawing through the first half of the Holiday collections, and now suddenly I’ve hit the wall and I’m picking up a slew of things.

I’ve sort of tried a no-buy; it failed! I’ve done a few “low buys” with somewhat more success, and I guess I’m sort of on one now (could I possibly equivocate more???) but mostly because there’s little for which I don’t have dupes and the few items I really crave aren’t available to me in-store, which is a big issue for me. I’m waiting for the next VIB sale but only to replenish items (skin care mainly) that I use all the time and I’m close to finishing.

Never consciously! I’ve definitely done a low buy, especially around the holidays as seasonal collections never catch my eye and I’m usually devoting money elsewhere. Also, palettes (which are my thing to buy) are now being launched year round so I don’t feel pressured to snatch up these limited edition items.

I am on a low-buy right now 🙂 Working on a rolling project pan (inspired by Beauty News, YouTube) and I decided to purchase if 1) I sincerely didn’t have the product or 2) I had finished a product. I laid the same rules down for clothing and anything related to my horses as well.

I attempted one… it only lasted about 2 months. I’m definitely going to really push a no-buy for 2020 though, hopefully for the full year. I just have SO much and use very little. I have been decluttering a lot though, mostly eyeshadow palettes that I don’t love/use since those are the items I’m also buying the most.

How do you talk yourself into getting rid of palettes? I have some that are almost unused, but since I spent money on them, I can’t get myself to throw them out. My friends and coworkers aren’t into eyeshadow as much as I am, so I have no one to give them to.

I did find someone, but the amount i have to declutter would solidify my rep at a m/u ho, hoarder, and profligate. Funny, but kind of sad, to look reality in the face.

FWIW, what you’re talking about is referred to in accounting as “sunk cost.” The cost has come and gone. Business managers make poor decisions when they let the sunk cost affect how they handle other costs and related decisions in the present and future. For example, if they continue to invest in a failing project just because they’ve already invested in it in past, that’s example of a sunk cost affecting what should have been a cancelled project. The business doesn’t benefit at all, and frequently, as in the case of Sears continuing to throw money at its stores, makes the business have a loss or even go under.

If I objectively look at a palette I bought that I find is all wrong or that I shouldn’t have bought, I consider the original cost a sunk cost and try to not let it affect what I do with the palette today. I ask myself if I would buy that palette today. If I say no, then I let myself move on.

I found that seeing the palettes all the time that I spent money on caused more buyer’s remorse, guilt and bad feelings that over weighed any positive feeling I had about keeping them because I had spent money on them. How I found out that the feelings were better to get rid of the unwanted palettes was to get rid of just one and see how I felt; before getting rid of it I noted (in writing) what was wrong with the palette so I had documentation for future decisions. Getting rid of the palette after documenting what was wrong with it made me feel better than keeping it so then I got rid of the others I never used in the same manner (document so learn, then get rid of the palette).

I discovered that a local food bank takes used makeup in very good condition, assuming the makeup is sanitized (use 91% rubbing alcohol on pressed eyeshadows). So that’s where I get rid of the palettes. Maybe that would work for you. Regardless, where it ends up shouldn’t control whether you get rid of it. You could always Freecycle it or give away on CL too if that aspect of decluttering is holding you back.

Seraphine, if you would like to get rid of palettes then there are lots of organizations that take gently used/new makeup and they sterilize it and give it to women who need it. One that comes to mind is Project Beauty Share. I am with you and find it difficult but if I truly am not using it then I would prefer to pass it on to someone who would truly value it.

Well…I tried to for 2019, but I proved to be too weak-willed with it, unfortunately. And yet, I continue to be very overwhelmed with my crazy large stash! I know that I need to do a mini destash and go on a dead serious low-buy. Even a no-buy, except for restocking mascara, tightliner, concealer and foundation. Just essentials.

I’ve been pretty successful this year, but i attribute it to my age, and to a lesser extent, the inverse psoriasis jumping from my neck to my face. I live at Goodwill, and donate beyond belief. One day, i brought in 38 pairs of shoes. The guy said, “What, are you crazy? You are always here and you donate lots of good stuff. Track it and take the deduction.’ So, i started. Life is short, and i don’t want to leave behind a bunch of stuff that others must dispose of.

I am currently on a no-buy. I went a little crazy during the summer sale at Sephora and told myself I would not buy ANY makeup (aside from my necessities i.e. mascara) until the next Sephora sale and the holiday season and even then I was going to be doing a low-buy. I included my friend so I could have someone in my corner cheering me on and helping me resist all the new releases! So far I have stuck to my no-buy and I’m so proud of myself. I want to continue this in the new year and actually use my makeup collection rather than growing it and letting everything go to waste! Good luck to everyone that is also participating in a no-buy, WE CAN DO IT!

Theoretically I’m on a permanent low-buy. I don’t own duplicates/multiples of things and I only purchase items as I finish them or when the ones in use reach `expiration` date. I think that’s most people consider a low-buy, while for me it’s just a way of living. I’m not doing it because of financial reasons, but because I want to reduce my belongings; I feel better just owning a few things and being less wasteful.

Practically I’m on a no-buy for mascara. I get mini mascaras so often as gift with purchases, perks or reward points, that I change my mascara every 2 months and I never actually need to purchase one. 😆 Best part? So many new and good mascara are given like this, I never feel left out from the trends. 😀

I was on a low-buy for the first half of the year and stuck to it fairly well! Honestly, I would say I’m still doing fairly well on color cosmetics, but have failed on the skincare front. I’m only allowed to purchase backups during the next Sephora sale and then I should be on track again for a while! Fingers crossed!

I was on a no buy for about 5 months at the beginning of the year and while that may sound good, I had actually planned to stay on it for an entire year so in reality, it was a failure. I did manage to not buy anything for quite some time until the Sephora sale in the spring. I also had limited myself to only three palettes for this year and while I have gone over that number, I haven’t purchased as much as I usually do. In comparison to previous years, I would consider this a low buy since my no-buy ended. I am not that dedicated so in reality my low buy is mostly my just not seeing anything that interests me enough to actually purchase it. I do have full carts at several locations however!!

I have been on a low buy for myself for the past two years unless I REALLY want it. I purchased quite a few PMG palettes in late 2017. I didn’t get them all, only ones I know for sure I would use. Last year, the only palettes I got was Natasha Denona Gold and Camel. I talked myself out of the Sunset palette.

I’ve destashed Viseart, Urban Decay, TooFaced, Tom Ford, and am about to do another destash. i have a neighbor, my stepdaughters, and hopefully my sister in law this Christmas. The issue with my stepdaughters is some of the stuff I want to destash…I got them the same palettes. My boss may be an opportunity though.

I purchase more skin care and am on low buy now for that too…I’m stocked up and since I’ve started drinking bone broth, my skin is in great shape. Most necessities that I use up like foundation or mascara, I try to get those on sale and stock up. I’ll be getting two Pat Mcgrath mascaras for the November sale at Sephora. I get my hair products from Ouidad when they have a liter sale. For nails, I get dips on my hands and ALWAYS red (Chanel Pirate) on my toes so I’m covered there.

Yes, many times. I was poor growing up, and lower middle class most of my adult life, with many medical bills. I was mostly in those modes for years. Our income is much better now. Now, sometimes other needs come up (my mom’s passing, my brother moving in with us, etc.), and I have a much, much larger stash, so I just don’t need to be buying as much or as frequently. Now, we’ve got a new roof and are trying to save for travel, so I’ll (hopefully) be low-buy mode this coming year.

Generally I do a low buy most of the time as there is very little I really need now, except to replace staples like foundation, mascara and eye brow pencil.
In terms of the low buy, it is fortunate that most of the eyeshadow palettes, which are my downfall and weakness, are not to my liking either because of the shades, the finishes, over the top expense or accessibility.
It means that when I do see something I absolutely love and adore I have no problems getting it.

Yes, I’m on a replacement-only no-buy for makeup/beauty items for the foreseeable future. I think I started sometime last year. I’m on a no/low buy for many other things too, like clothes, shoes, home goods, etc.

It feels so good to break the seemingly never-ending cycle of want/buy and just appreciate what makeup I already have. I’m focusing more on improving technique than going out and buying something that will supposedly make my life so much better.

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