Have you ever fallen out of love with beauty and makeup?

Have you ever fallen out of love with beauty and makeup? Has it been an enduring love affair? Or is it an on-again, off-again kind of relationship?

It’s been pretty enduring! Surprisingly so, actually. I get really committed to what I’m working on, but my interests usually don’t span years upon years.

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Never fallen out of love, but I did go through a period where I got lazy and stopped caring as much as I did. I didn’t put as much effort in and only bought new products occasionally. It was short lived though!

It’s been an on-and-off for me, in a way. I first got into makeup as a young teenager, then I went through a phase where I wore nothing, then I started wearing eyeliner and concealer and blush again, then I sort of jumped to where I am now. I don’t think I ever stopped liking it, I just lost the energy to do much of anything before class in the mornings.

No never.  The closest I’ve ever come is going through periods where I just feel too uninspired or lazy to do anything but minimalistic “natural” makeup looks, but that’s never really a matter of a lack of love.  It’s usually a matter of time as colorful, dramatic makeup tends to take more time and care to do than neutral looks.  At least that’s the way it is for me anyway!
I can’t imagine ever falling out of love with makeup, as I literally can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with it.  I used to raid my mother’s vanity as a toddler and had my own makeup (mainly for play use) since I was in elementary school.  It’s been a constant in my life. 

While I’ve *always* loved makeup, I’ve gone through points in my life where it just isn’t a priority, either because other, more pressing occurances take precedence, or because I just don’t feel it’s a necessity. Even now, I don’t wear makeup every day, as I like to give my skin a break when possible. That said, skin care has always been a constant. I don’t walk out the door, for *any* amount of time without a minimum SPF of 30, and days I don’t wear makeup I’m applying moisturizer several times a day.

I’ve never fallen out of love with it, but I definitely have periods of , I guess, boredom. And sometimes irritation, like now when I can’t find the perfect color of lipstick that seemingly exists only in my head. So I get in little ruts where I just don’t feel like bothering coming up with new looks or putting a whole lot of effort into my makeup. I’ve never completely stopped using makeup, or being interested in the beauty world, though. But I think we all go through periods of (for lack of a better word) laziness 😀

I tend to go through periods of tremendous passion for a particular subject or genre before fading out and hyperfocusing on something else for awhile, but generally I still retain a fondness for something after I’m done with it.  Last year, I was really big into fashion and clothing – now I’ve slowed down my buying, but I still enjoy dressing beatifully.   Admittedly, the main culprit for these periodic obsessions is my ADHD, where having an intense focus on a particular hobbies is a common trait of people who have it.  When I got past my teen years, I had to discipline myself with spending so I’d have a balanced approach toward the amount of discretionary income I put into my hobbies.

Can’t say that I have…yet.  I’ve been steadily interested in beauty and makeup ever since I was about 11 or 12 (maybe even younger) and my interest has only grown.  Now I spend a lot more time researching makeup products by looking at product reviews online and I’m much more aware of what a lot of different brands have to offer but I can’t see myself ever growing tired of beauty and makeup.  It’s an enduring interest for me.  I can’t see it ever not being fun and a way to express one’s self.

Definitely on and off. Teenager and twenties I almost always had some make-up on, did several friends weddings as an amateur because they knew I would do a good job. Level of Work in the last 10 years has meant I don’t have time to do anything complicated on weekdays. Trying to get back into it., 🙂

I’ve loved makeup ever since I started using it as a young teen.  When my kids were born and I was busy with 3 young children, I wore much less but I think I always wore concealer (I’ve got fair skin and have always had dark circles under my eyes) and a bit of lip gloss and blush and I have always been interested in and concerned with skin care. As my kids got older and since returning to work, I’ve really indulged my interest and enjoyment of cosmetics.

I understand what those words mean, but I’ve never seen them used together before…. Seriously, are there times when I don’t want to wear makeup? Sure. The idea that makeup artists, or even fans of makeup, wear drag-quality looks on a daily basis is a myth. But, even when it’s not on me, I find it fascinating. You can make ugly pretty with makeup; you can make pretty ugly; you can make anyone a Klingon. What’s not to love?

Considering all the things that have come and gone in my life, this one has been very steady right alongside with fashion.  Considering I live on a farm and still wear makeup with many days where I am seen only by myself and my partner Hairball who thinks I don’t need a spot of it (crazy dude), I think it is fairly safe to say, my love for everything cosmetics will endure.  

Not so much out of love, but out of time.. I have a massive collection, and used to take the time to do a full face every day. I’ve since joined the military, and can’t wear makeup to work (I wear tinted moisturizer, and fill my brows though!). Now that being quick and always being ready has been ingrained in my head, I find it difficult to sit and take the time; even on the weekends. It’s really become all about quick and simple looks for me. 
I don’t miss it that much, either. The odd time that I do a very intricate look, I find I look clownish, because I’m so used to being plain faced now. A year ago, a neutral look made me feel like my face was naked. 
The best thing about it, I buy a LOT LESS.

I have had my days actually, but nothing ever too extreme. I’ve yet to have a  “what was I thinking?!” moment… but I’m still young. 😉 I think makeup is something that will always be with me though. I was that little 4 year old girl who played in her mother’s stash as often as possible (there are plenty of embarrassing photos), so in a way it brings me way back into my childhood. 🙂
But generally, it’s just *so hard* for me to find something I’m really passionate about. I treat finding a new hobby like finding a new friend — I’m very picky/choosey, but once I find something that clicks, it sticks with me for years to come!

I’m currently out of love with beauty and makeup right now.  I’m in my last month of pregnancy and for the entire duration of it my focus has shifted (obviously).  I don’t obsess as much as I did about products.  And I certainly don’t spend as much as I used to.  I think it’s somewhat hormonal.  Gone are my days of wearing really complex eye shadow combos.  It’s just a quick and simple routine of primers, liner, mascara, lip stain and blush.  I wish I had the interest to do an amazing eye look but I just don’t care anymore.  My shadows are in cold storage.

@Pamela I went through the same thing. In fact, until I returned to work after a year, I really didn’t bother with makeup. It also didn’t help that my daughter was born in August, and we had an unusually wet Fall & Winter following. I just sort of got used to the idea of not wearing it. She was a really “easy” baby, but I wanted to spend *every* free moment with her.

 @xamyx  @Pamela I’m looking forward to getting back to makeup but I agree with you about spending free moments with the baby.  He’s my priority.

Ever since I started wearing makeup, I’ve always loved it. I do go through periods where putting it on every day isn’t something I do though, like if the weather is hot enough to melt off my foundation or my work schedule doesn’t leave me enough time to put anything more than mascara and BB cream on in the mornings. I have gotten progressively more serious about it as a hobby, with research and purchasing higher-end brands, but it isn’t always a huge priority for me on a daily basis.

I am in a period of frustration. I recently moved into a much MUCH smaller place that has forced me to confront the amount of make-up and products I own. I am overwhelmed by how much I have and how I have a whole jamais vous thing going on with MU application. I cannot apply a decent eye to save my life! It used to be second nature and I cannot blame the products or brushes as they have remained the same. I went out the walk the dog last night looking like some ogre had snotted all around my eyes. I used to be mistress of the smokey eye- and no simple one at that! I feel I’ve contracted George Costanza syndrome. And still the habit demands to be fed.

 @18thCenturyFox OMG LOL — “ogre had snotted all around my eye.”
You’ll get back!  I feel that way with more elaborate looks, because most of my time is spent testing one or two shades per eye so I can actually see whether it fades/creases!

The only times in my life where I actually had a falling out with beauty and makeup was when I was working in the retail environment. When you are in that environment, sometimes it gets overwhelming, and you start feeling like a villain when your boss is hounding you to have more and more sales volume and basically wanting you to sell as much products as possible to people, whether they need/want them or not. After I left that environment, I totally fell back in love with beauty and makeup.

I go through phases where I *love* makeup and phases where I just can’t be bothered with it. I’ve never owned as much as I do now, though, and I am wearing more of it, and I hope this sticks around and that I maybe even wear more sometimes. I’ve always cared about skin care and bath and body products, and spent money on them, but makeup is relatively new to me. I’m loving it, though, and I don’t *think* I’ll fall out of love any time soon

I fell out of love with makeup during my first couple years of college.  I was crazy for makeup during all four years of high school and I probably spent an hour doing hair and makeup every day before school but when I got to college my life changed so drastically that something had to give.  Plus for the first time ever I was living without a car and having to walk around a huge campus in one of the hottest, most humid areas in the States.  I didn’t have time to figure out how to make my makeup hold  up.  But for the past couple years I’ve jumped back into makeup and now my collection is bigger than ever and my tastes are much broader.  I still don’t get to wear everything as often as I’d like but it’s become a fun hobby.

No, there are always a new brand to try or to test at the beauty counter….So many makeup brands that I used are extinct…Ralph Lauren, Halston, Versace, Prada, Ultima, Calvin Klein, Helena Rubenstein, The Face Place- now Benefit and the list goes on….So, there is always something new on the market to test…

Being pregnant in the Texas heat definitely has me in a state of less is more. A bit of tinted moisturizer, cream blush, mascara and Revlon’s colorburst lip butter is going all out!

@NicoleCS My daughter will be 6 in a couple of weeks, and I’ve *finally* gotten back into the “swing of things”, LOL. Although she was a very easy baby, there was *always* something that needed to be done, and makeup just sort of fell to the wayside.

I’ve never fallen out of love with beauty and makeup, but I’ve been disappointed in hyped products that promise so much and don’t deliver. Thankfully, the industry is vast and constantly changing and there’s always products that cater to my needs.

as soon as I have read all those more renowned books and videos, and most importantly, solve my unbalanced eyelid problem, I can’t stop using them, even though I have quite allergic skin.

I’ve had a couple periods where I’ve just been sick of the makeup community because of drama, but I still loved makeup. I just didn’t want to deal with any of the drama surrounding it.

I fell out of love with makeup when I was going through a depression…
I had so much on my mind that makeup was the last thing I thought of. When I started to feel better, I took better care of myself and slowly my love for makeup returned. Every now and then I still feel a little ‘off’ but I always make an effort to look good 🙂

@InkedAngel78 I feel for you, when I am going through one of my Arctic circle extended Dark Night of the Soul periods not only do I stop wearing makeup I start purchasing it at an astronomical rate. So not only am I not enjoying it, I am quickly going broke accruing it. My UPS lady finally broke down and asked me if I had a cosmetic selling business. Yes, that’s how many Sephora boxes were showing up.

I used to be pretty into makeup in college, especially my junior and senior years.  I was in love with Kevyn Aucoin’s books.  Somehow after college I pretty much stop wearing makeup.  I had a little bit of makeup, but I definitely didn’t wear it with any frequency.  So I would say that I was out of love with makeup for at least 5 years.
I started getting back into makeup last year.  I was trying to get my makeup done for my wedding and I couldn’t find anyone who did a good job.  So, I followed the old, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” rule.  I learned a lot about makeup from youtube, blogs, and reviews. I even found my old Kevyn Aucoin books and got other books for research.   Most importantly, I practiced a lot.  Now I love makeup and have way too much.  

I wouldn’t say I fall out of love with beauty and makeup but sometimes my interest just wavers a bit. I’ll go through phases where I love doing elaborate and crazy looks inspired by all sorts of things and then I’ll hit a wall and feel like wearing as little as makeup as possible! I think it’s normal to go through these “phases”

It’s pretty enduring for me! Sometimes I dedicate more time to creating looks, and sometimes I just do the same smoky eye because I’m rushed and uninspired. But overall, I love the way makeup makes me look and feel, and putting on makeup feels like I’m treating myself, so I don’t think I’d stop putting it on completely! 

I’ve never been out of love with beauty and makeup. Ever since I was a very young child I remember being curious about and attracted to anything that had to do with makeup – be it my mom´s small eyeshadow palettes, magazine advertisements (trying to figure out exactly what products the models were wearing – little did I know back them about “retouched” pictures, ha ha!), makeup sections at drugstores and counters at department stores, articles about skincare and makeup looks…. you name it. While I was still in elementary school, I put on face masks of oatmeal and honey, I kept an imaginary wish list of the lipglosses I would get when I was older and “stole” my older sister’s foundation to play with it.  Until now, I still feel the same curiosity, interest and fascination for anything related to beauty and makeup, but especially makeup. I simply LOVE it!! Of course, life takes us through ups and downs and I’ve also gone through times when I have not had a minute to dedicate to makeup, but it´s definitely an enduring love for me. And these days, with beauty blogs and YouTube, my addiction has definitely got worse :)!!

I have always been a lover of beauty and makeup it, but what I do not love is actually applying and removing my makeup, but most days, I suck it up because I love the end result.  I sometimes find it a chore and will skip wearing makeup altogether if I can’t gather the energy to apply it.  

I have always been a lover of beauty and makeup, but what I do not love is actually applying and removing my makeup!  Most days, I suck it up because I love the end result, but I sometimes find it a chore and will skip wearing makeup altogether if I can’t gather the energy to apply it. 

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