Has the role of influencers changed over time for you?

I find myself watching more content from influencers today than I did before, whether in the early days of YouTube to a few years ago. As I’ve increased the volume of products I review over time, I don’t take in a lot of review-based content, so I think the way content has shifted to be more of a mix of lifestyle and beauty has worked for me. I always think about how diverse the pool is now, too, which makes it easier than a decade ago to find the people who you enjoy interacting with/watching.

This question is about your relationship with influencers, generally, and how that has changed (or not) over time. This is NOT a space to speculate about an influencer’s mental health, how terrible specific influencers are, etc.

— Christine
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There has been a shift for me. I used to watch influencers for product recommendations, but found my opinions varied greatly with theirs. I love Wayne Goss, but I so rarely agree with him on product and I do not care for his rather sloppy quick approach to makeup so I do not tend to watch him anymore. The swatch thing on the face was the end for me; so gimmicky and silly. I also used to watch influencers for technique and for that I am grateful as my makeup game is much better as a result.

Now I watch a very small number of influencers who I view as having real talent and who make me laugh and do not take themselves too seriously. Occasionally, I’ll pick up a new tip, but it’s more about the familiarity and entertainment and a feeling of connection with the individual. I avoid all the big names and gossipers and industry commenters… so not my scene. I avoid braggadocio style vids where influencers are shoving their expensive lifestyles in people’s faces. I guess some would view that differently, but I’m very old fashioned and think it shows no class and is very rude.

Yep, I agree! I usually just watch something now because either it entertains me, I really like the influencer as a person or I want to learn a new technique. If I need swatches or dupes I always come to temptalia. I don’t need to watch a 20 minute swatch video where the intro is 10 minutes of life updates.

` I don’t need to watch a 20 minute swatch video where the intro is 10 minutes of life updates.` This!
And I dislike it even more when they specify `You can jump to minute 11`. No, if I’m interested in the personal life of an influencer I’ll follow them on Instragram or Facebook, I’ll watch their vlog channel. If I clicked a video for swatches or a review, I want 90% of the content to be that info.

You are my main “influencer.” Precise, honest and tested reviews. Thank you for doing the hard work so we as consumers can make better informed decisions.

Yes, it has somewhat. It went from being something I watched for tutorials to brush up on my rather dormant skills to more currently, watching reviews by several trusted YT’ers (Mel Thompson, [email protected], Kelsee Brianna Jai, Raw Beauty Kristy, Jackie Aina, Michelle Wang, Allura), GRWM videos, and non-makeup related home and beauty related videos like Leesha and Raw Beauty Kristy will do.
Also, for written material, I only read yours here @ Temptalia and occasionally Karen’s @ M&BB. These I mainly go to for reviews and previews, plus great writing that can go very deep or very humorous!

One of the things that changed for me with the role of influencers is my ability to have a thick cross line between content I consume for information and content I consume for (beauty) entertainment.

I started watching YouTube videos and found this website due to my `obsession` with MAC lipstick swatches, as I wanted to find the best colors. Something in me still watches lipstick swatches to this day, although as beauty content for me they’re the most useless. 😆 It’s just my guilty pleasure.

But the role of influencers has definitely changed for me. I consume more the content for information, techniques, rather than actual product recommendations. I have learned to interpret opinions on a product, so I can tell for example that even if an influencer hates a product I would actually love it for the exact same reason. I also started to like a mix of beauty and lifestyle content (as long as it doesn’t get too personal, I wish influencers would protect their intimacy better).
I still prefer favorites video (even if I hear about the same product for the ten thousand time), and I don’t like PR unboxings and first impressions.

Some have lost all credibility to me, and I have watched less and less of them. I just don’t care for them anymore and I’m tired of the consumist culture they promote. Then, when they declutter, they have the lamest excuses ever.

Veronica, you’ve pretty much touched on all my feelings about a lot of “influencers” (Temptalia and Christine are not included in this – I think that goes without saying).

I don’t watch a lot of influencer content anymore. I used to like to find people who had similar coloring to me for product recommendations, but too often I found they were giving dishonest opinions based on what items they were getting for free or getting paid to promote. I still watch a couple people from time to time but my YouTube viewing has largely shifted away from beauty-related content and more to Animal Wonders, Legal Eagle, and various cocktail how-tos, lol.

I used to follow the most prominent beauty influences on Instagram, but felt I was taking in too much advertising content that was not aesthetically pleasing or informative, so I unfollowed all beauty accounts. To follow trends, instead I follow a few makeup artists (Lucia Pica, Vincent Ford), models with similar facial features to me, and hair/wig stylists.

For Youtube, after I learned a lot from Nic & Sam (pixiwoo), I sometimes watch foreign youtubers (e.g. RinRin Doll) to practice passive language skills, and entertainment (Jackie Aina, Alicia (KInkysweat), Naomi Campbell). I sometimes watch popular Korean influencers out of curiosity and for inspiration, though they are usually too pale and have a different eye shape and aesthetic to be particularly helpful to me.

I really only read this blog and have been for maybe 10 years? I was thinking the other day I need to brush up on my skills but I’m not sure who to start with besides the ones I watched before. For a while I got a little bit jaded because I felt like they were all pushing something for their own agenda and on here at least I know you’re not. And I have previously tried ‘influencer’ recommendations and didnt like them. I feel like some ‘influencers’ say they are giving honest reviews but will just not review bad products or they go easy on them. I’ll stick to temptalia reviews lol

I don’t pay attention to influencers they are not pros and most are just looking to get famous- I will not buy anything that’s a collab with an influencer. I would rather look at reviews from real people than someone (most likely) paid to promote a brand.

No I don’t watch at all. Tried recommendations from them and didn’t like any of them. They seemed phony and we’re just in it for money .
I did learn things I liked from Wayne Goss but really only follow you Christine daily.

I watch nail art videos or nail swatch and review videos but rarely any makeup videos anymore.

I am put off by most personalities except for a few. I think most are running out of content so the next phase is monetizing their life/style and I don’t really care to hear about their personal lives. In a way I feel exploited; the assumption that we care or that their life is worth knowing and posting about still baffles me but I realize I am among a few that feel this way. I’ve always shown up for the content and it’s annoying to have to click through the life updates or the gross, needy mugging that some still do.

I used to rely much more heavily on tutorials than I do recently. I don’t like the “older lady makeup videos” because the few that I’ve watched, the video quality is poor and unprofessional compared to the younger youtubers – I guess they aren’t making a career out of it or something so they aren’t investing in lighting or cameras. Also what I’ve seen is geared toward masking or accommodating or camouflaging aging. If I’m not going to wear a shimmer on my hood it’s because I don’t like it, not because it makes me look old or it’s in poor taste or whatever. I am all about careful application, but it’s because I love building my makeup look, not because I’m trying to make myself look younger. I don’t subscribe to the mimimalist approach just because I should because I’m aging, but it seems most older lady makeup videos are geared toward that. I still love wearing a full face.

I prefer to read reviews in blog format rather than so Christine of Temptalia is my primary influencer. I’d much rather read a clear, concise, well-written paragraph and look at properly lit, color correct photos of swatches than listen to a YouTube video babble on and show overly exposed, non-color corrected, blown out, or distorted swatches (those lights for filming are HARSH and difficult to correct for the washed-out saturation they create.) Unfortunately, not many blogs have the quality photos that are very accurate in color as Christine does. (Kudos to you for mastering both photography skills and great writing, Christine! As a former food blogger I can truly appreciate that!)
On Youtube, I like Christine Wang and Mel Thompson for luxury products.
MrsMelissaM, Emily Noel, and Shelly of Geek Out of Water are my faves for drugstore and a little luxury sometimes. 😉

My first sentence should have read :
I prefer to read reviews in blog format rather than videon so Christine of Temptalia is my primary influencer.
(So much for good writing on my part, eh?)

I will say that it has changed over the years, yes. YouTube has obviously become more of a “for profit” business than a platform for sharing information, and it shows. There are certain influencers who I used to watch because I felt they were nice people and of course, we had something in common, ie. a love of luxury makeup. Now, there’s so much PR and so many paid promotions, I don’t know that I can trust these same people to be 100% honest. The two exceptions, though, are Temptalia and M&BB. I’ve followed Christine and Karen both for at least ten years now, and I feel the integrity and honesty are still there, as well as the best swatches and reviews on the interwebs 🙂

Yes, I look less (perhaps because I’m spending less???) and in particular I’m not seeing too much “uniqueness”. I used to watch to learn new techniques (Wayne Goss was great for this and I’m so disappointed that I don’t see this aspect from him the past few months to year). I’m into Jackie Aina (for the humor and girlfriend-type aspect of putting on makeup) and Jen Luvs Reviews (to update on the business and trends). And if it’s for a purchase, updates on new products, sales, anything quality, it’s you! 😉 Not trying to flatter, you’re the most regular site I check out in and out fo the store.

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