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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

“Why do I have two sets of antlers, Daddy?” My Dad is known as the Answer Man, because you can ask him any question, and he’ll give you some kind of answer.  (It’s usually the right one, but sometimes he’ll turn it into a joke if he doesn’t know it.)   He is one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters–I have been told that both my mom and sister have caught him watching my YouTube videos or catching up on the blog!  I’m pretty sure he frequents Temptalia more than my mom and sister do, actually! And I actually call my dad Daddy more often than not.

Today, we wish a happy Father’s Day out to all of the amazing people who have been our fathers in our lives, from fathers, fathers-to-be, uncles, grandfathers, brothers, neighbors, friends, and even fur-dads, for being there for us, supporting our dreams, and loving us in a way only fathers can.

3 Things My Dad Taught Me About Beauty

  1. Painting your toe nails red just makes it look like your feet are bleeding! I don’t, visually, see that image myself, but whenever I wear red nail polish, I’m instantly reminded of my Dad.  It always reminds me that we all have our different tastes, and what one person might not like, someone else may love.
  2. Perfume is meant to be subtle! Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, and I had to keep any scents subtle because even those were toeing the line.  But I think there is something to be said for subtlety in your scent of choice–it should be there, apparent, lingering, but not overwhelming.
  3. You’re already pretty without makeup! If there was one person who I knew really meant it when they said, “You look better without makeup,” it would be my Dad, and it’s not an insult but how he genuinely feels.  There is real joy knowing that someone finds you as beautiful with makeup as they do without.

3 Reasons I Appreciate My Dad

  1. He is completely and utterly rational. This means he’s not only a good sounding board, but he can be a really calming presence when you’re in the middle of a freak out and feel like your world is falling apart.  There is no subterfuge with my Dad; he’ll tell you how it is if you ask him.  He’ll help you find a solution the best way that he can.
  2. Dedication and commitment are rare qualities. He embodies both of these qualities to the fullest, and everyday I strive to be as dedicated and committed as he is to the things he loves most (like family).  He does some things everyday that I put on my New Year’s Resolutions’ list every year; like have breakfast and walk the dogs (rain or shine or snow or hail).
  3. There’s no shame in being smart. I told you, my Dad is the Answer Man, and I grew up playing Jeopardy! with him and having a big, “WHAT?” every time he’d get an answer right.  Even today, I’m just like, “How did you know that?”  He’s not even a big sports guy, but he’ll get sports questions right.

Feel free to wish anyone in your life a happy Father’s Day, too! 🙂  I’d love to know what beauty lessons you learned from yours!

Mellan & Shaun… Fur-kid and Fur-Dad

We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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somehow i do agree with scents must be subtle
I just hate it when some women put so much perfume on that it smells like they actually emptied the whole bottle on themselves :/ Even more when they’re strong scents cause it usually gives me headaches 🙁 That’s why sometimes I have a hard time choosing perfumes cause I like the scent but it would be too strong for me and give me a headache. So far the one that owned a place in my heart is Flower by Kenzo

My dad is the same way – really strong scents can give him a headache! I have to be careful with florals, because they trigger sneezing fits 🙁

wow I have no problems with sneezing but I know that I can’t stand scents like patchouli or too strong lavender scents. It can be anoying though 🙁

thats awesome post Christine and I would love to see what your DAD has to say about this 😀 😀 …. loved reading your mom’s message on mother’s day and now would look forward for Uncle’s 😀 😀
wishing all the lovely Dad’s a very happy Father’s day and its my hubs b’day too so yeahhh double celebration for us 😀 😀

Great post! One major reason I appreciate my dad is that he always brings me back down to earth in situations that seem outrageous. He’s an old fashioned type of guy so he reminds me also how good and simple things used to be back in the day before all this technology and advanced gadgets. 😀

Aw, this post was sweet. I remember you saying one time your mom heard your voice and was wondering what it was but it was your dad watching your video. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. It seems like moms get all the credit, but I can’t imagine who I would be without my Daddy! (I call my dad Daddy, too. I’m the same age as you and still call my mom Mommy, as well!)

Awww…what a great post! I don’t get along with my own father, but I have lots of uncles who treat me like a daughter, so it doesn’t feel like I am missing much without my father around. 🙂

If you put the second pic of Christine side by side with her current makeup pics, she still poses like that today. The head still tilts that way. So cute and adorable today and then.

I don’t think my dad has ever taught me about anything beauty related because he’s not very opinionated in that area. I do remember one time when my sister and I were painting our nails, and we kept on removing the colors and trying something else. He walked into our room and asked, “What are you girls doing drugs in here or something?!” He was joking because it smelled really strong of nail polish and remover. I guess the lesson was try to pick one color and stick with it!

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy (yes I still call him Daddy!) He gave me a passion for all things beautiful. After my mother had a very bad stroke, my dad was my shopping “buddy”. We would go shopping every Saturday and he still to this day complements me on my outfits. Even through shaking his head, I think he still understood why I needed that latest lipstick. Here’s to you, Daddy – just the best Father in the world.

Well my Dad is the sort of person who seems to share quite a few attributes with yours, minus Jeopardy! and substitute anything with Bill Moyers. My Dad was not a fan of The Make-Up, but he really wasn’t too observant either. It took him a year to notice I had commited hairicide with Sun-In. He is pretty much my mental safe place because of his constant and genuine calm. He just came back from Alaska today and it’s funny to be so excited someone else had a great vacation. Love my Dad so much and love my Mum for knowing he would be a great one.

My dad is the reason that I love makeup and beauty so much. He was the one who brought me to a makeup counter when I was 14, and he was even the one who introduced me to Sephora! I’m so lucky to have such an understanding father. My mom was never good at being a mother, but my dad sure stepped up and filled in the blanks. He’s one of few men I know who could name all of my makeup products and what they’re used for while still being a “manly man”.
I guess one of the biggest things I learned from him is washing my face! He really emphasized having good skin because you don’t have to wear a lot makeup to cover up imperfections if your skin is flawless!

Christine, what a beautiful tribute to your father. I hope you know how blessed you are. It’s so great to see dads doing it right and kids honoring them! 🙂 I hope your dad had a great Father’s Day. 🙂

My dad thought me to also use perfume subtlety unless you’re an icon when people wants to know what you’re wearing. He also once commented that i put on too much blusher when i was still new at makeup. Love my daddy!!

Christine, what a wonderful, supportive father u have – so similar to my Daddy – yes even i still call him that. He instilled in me a love for:
– being super organized, making lists, punctuality and being neat – clothes ironed – even PJs, shoes polished always!
– travel – my b’day gift from him when i turned one was an Atlas – talk about an early start!! And i’ve had gifts like yearly subscriptions of Readers Digest; National Geographic etc. to holidays in so many exotic locales.
– being a quiz whizz (i’m a miss-know-it-all) as growing up tv was restricted to knowledge/ educational based programming – lots of carl sagan, david attenborough, jeopardy, discovery etc.
– womens equality a lesson he taught thru example – he did household chores incl making morning tea, breakfast, take-away school lunches, baking cakes, dusting, washing up dishes to vacuuming.
– importance of saving and finanial freedom – which is why i have zero credit card debt; own my home n car, and have substantial investments n saving.
He is such a proud, supportive father – he has collected everything from every doodle, every letter, every card, that i (or my sisters) have ever given him. Right to certificates of merit; letters of promotion; to newspaper n magazines featuring my ads/ creations. He has always been there cheering me on.
Today he’s retired (he’s a Civil Engineer and served in the army as a Colonel) and to date whenever i need something re-wired or fixed or get a technical opinion he’s the first person i call. Just realized that though i wished him for fathers day – he’s visiting my sister – i’ve never ever told him the reasons why i appreciate him as i did in this post.

I loved this post, it really made me smile! It’s funny because growing up my Mom was never a super girly-girl however my Dad was a metro before there was even a word for it. He was always perfectly groomed and had stylish 80’s style suits. LOL!! It was actually my Dad who started my love for beauty. For Christmas one year he bought me my first Clinique 3 step set and it was all over from there…. 🙂

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