Guerlain Sable Show (851) KissKiss Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

Guerlain Sable Show KissKiss Lipgloss

Shimmery Basics – Champagne Shimmer with Guerlain

Guerlain’s fall collection is just starting to pop up on retailers now (but so far, I’m seeing back-order dates, so it’s more like a pre-order). I’m excited, because I picked up Gilda and Bonnie Rouge Gs and Grenade (another Kiss Kiss Gloss shade). For now, though, let’s take a look at Guerlain Sable Show (851) Kiss Kiss Gloss ($32.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.), which is a warm champagne-shimmered beige-peach. It has some multi-colored shimmery bits and bobs, but it is predmoinantly pale champagne–almost white in some lighting. Dior Satin Peach is milkier and has gold shimmer. MAC Naked Space is more opaque, milkier. Hourglass Imagine is similar but also has gold shimmer. Dior Twin Set Pink is similar, a little paler. MAC Jana has a similar look on lips, even though it seems colorless. There’s a smidgen more shimmer content that tends to make it a little more than sheer lipgloss, but it’s still more similar than not.

Kiss Kiss Gloss is supposed to be sheer, hydrating, water-resistant, and comes in three types: petal, pearl, and gloss. I’ve never been sure how one can tell which finish is what. I imagine that Sable Snow is pearly, since it yields a very pearlescent finish. It’s semi-sheer to semi-opaque; there’s a lot of shimmer and sheen, but there’s a lot of translucency so my natural lip color comes out, too. I’d say this tends to warm and lighten my natural lip color.  

Sable Show wore for three and a half hours, which is around average for a gloss, though a little longer for something as light/sheer as this, and my lips felt well-moisturized during and after wearing the gloss.  The consistency reminds me of a creamy gel; it’s not a thin gloss, and it’s on the thicker side, but it’s not goopy or heavy. It’s not MAC Lipglass, which is one of the thicker glosses on the market. It’s non-sticky and stays that way, and it’s scented with a sweet perfume-y fragrance (I can’t seem to place it at the moment–does that ever happen? you totally blank on a scent, and the next time you smell it, you can instantly describe it?).  The applicator is a short brush-type housed inside a clear plastic tube.

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Guerlain Sable Show KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Sable Show KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Sable Show KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Sable Show KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Sable Show KissKiss Lipgloss

Guerlain Sable Show KissKiss Lipgloss

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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I love these shades for a natural look with a bit of glimmer, but the price tag is too steep for me for a lipgloss..  I’m so cheap when it comes to lipgloss.  I’m really excited about the Guerlain G colours and the new lip product and I could feel my heart pounding when you mentioned them, Christine.  I’m such a dork!!! ..  I’m freaking I won’t catch the products while I’m out in the middle of a field on the bloody tractor bouncing around.  Text messaging is a total challenge let alone surfing the net.  

I’m so with you on that! I *hate* spending alot of money on a product I have to reapply every 20 minutes. This one is so pretty, though, although I can probably dupe this with a couple of glosses I have already (I have a ton of glosses in this range, and I have a couple of “pearly” ones).

I love this, but it looks super similar to an Iman gloss I have.  Since I paid less than $10 for mine, I don’t think I can justify this purchase (dang it!).

I’ve been stalking the sites trying to find the new Rouge Gs and have spoken with several people who have told me that they won’t be out until end of Aug/early Sept. Where did you find yours? After your swatches, I really want Gisela!

@Virginia G Anything I’ve shown on the site from Guerlain fall has been a press sample 🙂 I placed my order for a few of the products from fall that I didn’t receive from PR, but Nordstrom won’t be shipping until mid-August!

I love this! That silver micro-shimmer that gives it that gorgeous, gilded champagne look is stunning! I just saw swatches of this and Grenade yesteday and I am really loving both! Trying to figure out which will be my first KissKiss gloss 🙂

You look particularly lovely — nay, beautiful– here! I’ve seen this precise makeup look (the ETK, Burberry, UD liner, Orgasm) on about 3 or 4 lip swatches/posts thus far but this one really comes together to look ravishing with that eye makeup and the Orgasm blush. I think it’s the champagne pearlescence of the lipgloss which brings it all together. Or perhaps it’s all just you and you were glowing more than usual in this photo. 🙂 

Kafka Orgasm blush looks SO good on her, doesn’t it?! It never looks this pretty on me, lol.Btw, I think you’ve subliminally changed my perception in regards to the peachier blush shades. I’m wearing Gina today, and all I see is ORANGE. I keep singing the Oompa Loompa song!! HAHA. Goodness.

The blush looks *gorgeous*! It doesn’t look glittery at all, which is what I always expected it to look like from what I’ve seen in the pan. I may have to swatch it…

I’ve been apprehensive, thinking that it would give the dreaded “disco-ball” look, hence emphasizing my pores, but the sheen/glow is reminding me of the gold of Albatross, which I love (at least on my screen, anyway).

wwendalynne  Haha, I knew it. Once you hear that song, there is no way you can read about highlighters, shimmers and glitters WITHOUT it immediately ringing in your head! I think Christine cleverly stayed the hell away from it. <grin>

@Miss J  It looks phenomenal on her. In each of the photos where she’s been wearing it, I’ve been peering at the screen, going grumpily, “WTH?! How does this show up on you???!?!”  ROFL.  True, I still see sparkles but there is actual colour there, dammit! Apparently, Orgasm & Christine get along very well together…. <ducks and flees>As for Gina, hahahaha, better you than me, GF, better you than me! If Gilda is still tucked away, unused and unloved, then I can’t even begin to imagine what Gina would look like on me!  Totally OT, I bought Montenegro and I cannot WAIT! Oh, and I lurrrrrvvveeee my Portofino! Thanks to Wendy, I’ve learnt that it is almost an exact dupe for the new, much sought-after, special L/E Chanel blush called Fleur de Lotus, so that bit cracked me up. 

Kafka I know, I’m so grumpy this shows up on her! Totally happy for her that it looks lovely, but grumpy for me, lol. I just applied Orgasm over Amour over Gina. All the Orgasm did was add some glow and sparkles. How would you compare O to Super O other than Super O being a huge chunks o glitter bomb?I think I heavy handidly (probably not a word) applied Gina, that, or I’m just really light complected compared to when I normally opt for this shade. Gilda still doesn’t make me feel orangey, though. I’m so sad that it’s totally useless for you. I’m glad you are loving Portofino! Let me know how Montenegro works for you! And I hope you do still check out Sin, too!

@Miss J  I dug up my Super Orgasm and Orgasm (almost never wear either) to refresh my memory and to compare for you. As I’ve said before, Super Orgasm is a much prettier colour but it’s also more pigmented. One swipe should give you actual colour. Not too much and, yes, sheer, but definite colour — which is much more than I can say for Orgasm. But man, the glitter, the glitter….!!!  I was wearing my beloved Cactus Flower and put a finger swipe of Super Orgasm over one cheekbone and one brow bone, and one of Orgasm on the other.  Within a few blinks, I somehow had 2 glitter pieces on my bloody forehead!!!  MY FOREHEAD! In less than 3 minutes!  Meanwhile, on the cheek bone which had regular Orgasm, no glitter but also no freaking colour. None!! I quickly stuck both at the back of my blush drawer and tried to get the rapidly emigrating glitter off my face!  I fear it’s a lost cause unless I completely wash my face.But crikey, the Cactus Flower….. so incredibly lovely.  I haven’t forgotten about Sin, sweetpea. In fact, I ordered both Sin and Albatross last night!!  So, unless Christine’s blush reviews turn up something surprising, I’m pretty much set with my NARS blushes for a while, though I’m still mulling over Exhibit A. The Foreplay palette seems to be miniscule in portions *and* chalky/dry to boot, so that’s forever off the list. I’m now turning my attention to Kevyn Aucoin’s Pure Glow powder blushes.  Mmmmm… 🙂

That is so pretty.  Also, one of the first things I thought when I saw the picture of your whole face was, “what amazing blush is Christine wearing?”.  I see that it’s Orgasm, which looks great on you.  I can see why there is so much hype behind the product.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t really show up on my skin tone.  Sigh.  

These shades always leave me flat. I always think of these colors as the “training bras” of MU. They start you off as you begin your journey into color, but for myself they are so…je ne sais quoi? Sorry if I spelled that wrong and I really don’t mean to step on any toes, as I think this is lovely on Christine and would be on many others. I just figure for this shade- its so simplistic and sheer why not get one of a billion other dupes? And I like Guerlain. Sorry ladies- I probably just need to get in the TARDIS and transport back to the 50’s  =,D

I think this looks absolutely stunning on you, Christine! This look is simply gorgeous. I doubt I could justify spending that much money for a gloss that looks like it’s pretty dupable…I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll check out the MAC dupes! 

I *know* I must have 20 shades similar to this, but somehow the pearlescence makes me want to give it a go (this is a “go-to” type of gloss for me), but the scent description leaves me wary. I don’t mind heavily scented products, as long as I like the scent, but not knowing what the scent is, I’m not sure I want to chance it at $32.

Lovely shade for sure. A skip for me though. Just too many similar shades around.
Btw, I tried hard not to be hyped by NARS Orgasm, but every swatch you wore it I just had to scroll down finding what product used for those beautiful glowing cheeks. I guess I’m hyped by it *sigh*

Wow! This shade may be boring to some, but I think it’s gorgeous! Such a stunning shade, and I think it would suit a lot of complexions. I do have a Dior gloss that is extremely similar (and is dc’d, unfortunately), but if money were no object, I would purchase this along with a backup. 🙂

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