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Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites Review, Photos, Swatches

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites ($80.00 for 1.00 oz.) is described as a “frosted light, radiance, and iridescence.” It’s a translucent, gold-shimmered beige with a luminous sheen. Guerlain Mythic (P, $59.00) is less shimmery (95% similar). Guerlain Teint Beige (DC, $58.00) is less shimmery (95% similar). Guerlain Perles de Nuit (LE, $60.00) is cooler (95% similar). Guerlain Teint Rose (DC, $58.00) is less shimmery (95% similar). Cle de Peau Delicate Pink (14) (P, $55.00) is more shimmery (90% similar). Laura Mercier Highlight 01 (P, ) is more shimmery (90% similar). MAC Too Chic (LE, $22.00) is less shimmery (90% similar). Dior Luxurious Beige (LE, $82.00) is darker, more pigmented (90% similar). MAC Snowglobe (LE, $22.00) is less shimmery (90% similar). Guerlain Perles du Dragon (LE, $60.00) is less shimmery (95% similar). Hourglass Incandescent Strobe Light (P, $40.00) is more shimmery, more pigmented (90% similar). Chanel Jardin de Camelias (LE, $80.00) is less shimmery (90% similar). Guerlain Parure de Nuit (LE, $67.00) is less shimmery (95% similar). Guerlain Teint Dore (DC, $58.00) is less shimmery (95% similar). Guerlain Perles de Legende (LE, $65.00) is more shimmery (95% similar). NARS RΓͺve SalΓ© I (LE, ) is more shimmery, more pigmented, warmer (85% similar). Natasha Denona Light (PiP, ) is more shimmery (85% similar). Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight (P, $44.00) is more shimmery (90% similar). See comparison swatches / view dupes side-by-side.

Meteorites is a cult-favorite, and I fully expect this one to fly off the shelves–despite its wallet-crushing price tag–because it’s one of the better ones released in the last few years. It’s packaged well with a plastic, snowglobe-like container that has a flattened bottom, so it will sit without rolling, but the top of the lid has a lightly frosted, translucent covering that shows the metallic gold design through it. It’s not cheap cardboard like a more recent release, and the amount of product you get is more in line with the Meteorites of years past. That being said, Meteorites are one of those products that some can’t live without and others apply and can’t figure out why anyone likes them at all. They’re best described as a finishing powder; if you think of them as an overt cheek highlighter, you’ll likely be disappointed. This year’s holiday edition has fine shimmer that creates a luminous glow when dusted all-over the face, but it can be built-up slightly for a more targeted highlight (it’s still not over-the-top). As you might expected, the effect on the skin is not substantially different between versions of the Meteorites except slightly in tone (often only visible on some skin tones). The powder adds enough luminosity to breathe life back into very matte foundations while blurring the skin slightly. The pearls give off product without having to jab at them, and they do just fine with even softer brushes and don’t kick up a lot of excess product. When I applied more heavily on my cheek bones (easier to see how it degrades over time that way), it lasted well for eight hours.

See more photos & swatches!

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites

Makeup Look
On face:
  • Guerlain Parure Gold
  • Urban Decay Naked Loose Setting Powder
  • Chanel Golden Sun Blush
  • Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites
On eyes:
  • Guerlain Holiday 2015 Eye & Blush Palette


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Katherine T. Avatar

Oh groan…..sooooo pretty, love the beautiful packaging! It looks like a snow globe that’s lit from within, and those stars and snowflakes (sigh). Will look so pretty on the vanity, but I can’t do fragrance on my face, and it’s near the top 1/3 of the ingredient list. I’m just dying to try the Meteorites, but unless they come out with an unscented one, my wallet is safe.

Eileen Avatar

Besides, there are legions of us who love the classic MΓ©tΓ©orites scent πŸ™‚ For me, personally, it’s all part of the pampering experience and makes for a luxurious finishing touch. Although there are plenty of other similar products that have little to no masking scent, because MΓ©tΓ©orites are so beautifully packaged, I can understand how disappointed the anti-fragrance people must feel when they see these “magic balls” and learn they are scented.

Eileen Avatar

I’ve been told by several Guerlain MAs that the puff is primary to prevent the balls from rattling about and getting broken. They’re suppose to be applied with a powder brush.

Andrew Avatar

Well, there goes eighty bucks! I think this is finally going to be my first Guerlain purchase after being on the fence for nearly three years. Thank you for getting this review up so quickly :)!

Mariella Avatar

HA! So I was right in thinking that the container in the promo photo, which was mounded up high with product, was just “for show”! Still, this is beautiful and fanciful and lovely. If Shoppers Drug Mart near me gets it (the one that carries Guerlain), I will GRAB this; if not, I’ll probably pass.

Lacey Avatar

A little part of me was hoping this would have a B-range rating so I could save the money. But no, it had to go and be good quality. If I can get my grubby paws on these, it will be my first Meteroites purchase. Actually, my first from the brand, I think! Merry Christmas to me! πŸ™‚

MGH Avatar

Thank you Christine, I have been waiting for your review and these will be added to my collection. I am glad to see that there are more and in-line with old packaging. I bought the LE ones from the summer – Rainbow Meteorites and there were hardly any in the package.

Looking forward to your Chanel Holiday review.


fuji Avatar

I’m just like, Oh my god it’s calling my name. I have a thing for luxury, royal-looking packaging. This one feels luxury AND cute!!! And snow globe, what a must-have for winter and a city where it doesn’t snow! (talking about humidity and cold but no snow!)

Nicole Avatar

Thanks. I set a phone reminder to check every day! Maybe I should check twice,lol. If I miss this, I will be heart broken. I would give up all my holiday purchases to this point for these. Just something about them.

Nicole Avatar

Oh my gosh! Thank you!I have been stalking Nordstrom, Saks,and Neiman’s like nuts. I even called the counters,lol. I ordered the rouge G and watched the compact sell out right before my eyes. I was thinking the meteorites maybe had sold out too at Neiman’s. Just ordered mine! Yeah! You are the best Christine. I’m so relieved.:)

Aline Avatar

I’ve been collecting these for about three years now and I can’t wait to get this one. I don’t know what was up with the cardboard packaging that one time. Guerlain must have been on a budget that year.

Justine Avatar

The packaging is so cute and the little stars are too adorable but I don’t think I could justify the price (especially being Canadian) for what the product actually does. Maybe one day!

MichelleChefNYC Avatar

I have yet to purchase a meteorites powder, but damn it this year is the year they are literally forcing me. This is just too beautiful to pass up.

Claire L Avatar

Sooo pretty *sigh*! I don’t think I can justify the cost for me though, it’d probably just sit there looking pretty on my table rather actually being used! I did have a pot of Meteorites years ago but didn’t use it very much as I didn’t really understand how it worked, it looked very pretty but didn’t show up on the skin really. Now you’ve explained it to me, it makes sense but I think I’d go for the compact this time (is the normal version cheaper?)

beka Avatar

this is gorgeous. the eyeshadow looks phenomenal, too. i bought almost the whole guerlain holiday collection last year, and i might have a repeat. the lipstick you are wearing is quite pretty, especially with the whole look, but it isn’t listed in the sidebar. do you mind sharing what it is?

Nancy T Avatar

Beyond beautiful….it took my breath away!!! It’s actually not a bad price at all considering you get 1 whole ounce, which will probably last forever! Or close to it anyhow. I personally view this as an investment piece that I will love looking at the container of as well as the actual product giving my skin a soft focus glow.

Irene Avatar

I’m actually glad the packaging is not my thing, I somehow find it tacky despite the luxe feel (then again, I tend to think of most Christmas/winter themed stuff as cheesy, so…), because ouch that price. Every holiday I’ve been hoping for a Meteorites release that I’d be crazy about ever since I missed Perles du Dragon πŸ™

miekogirlie99 Avatar

UGH! why did you have to give it an A…now i have to get it πŸ˜€ LOL
is this similar to how you would use hourglass ambient lighting powders?

kellly Avatar

Sigh. . . that is just soooo beautiful, from the packaging to the contents to the effects. The only way I could justify buying this is if I was to get a nice raise at work. ;D

Andrea Avatar

I have been fantasizing about this since I saw a pic on Instagram last month! I was hoping it would be awful so I could talk myself out of buying it, but then you had to go and give it a good review! I already have Perles du Dragon, Teint Rose and Beige (plus three more colors…I may have a problem) so I need this like I need a hole in the head, but the packaging! The stars!!! The golden hues!!!!

Oh well. I am glad that Guerlain has stepped up their game with this release. Last year’s Meteorites were awful and teeny! Now if only Guerlain would have a BOGO sale!

Trish Avatar

The Snow Globe is ingenious! Perfect for the holidays and I will be purchasing this edition for that reason alone. I no longer am as enamored by the meteorite product as I once was. Adding talc to a mature complexion is counterintuitive in my book. And unfortunately talc seems to be the #2 ingredient! Thanks for the early review- I’ll be on the lookout for it!

Chellie Avatar

I am soooo happy that this performed very well! And the amount of product increased to 30g! This is the one I’m buying over the pressed one because of the off the roof price of that one! Haha The design of this is very pretty so I’m very happy for that too! I hope to see the Rouge G review tomorrow or the day after, because that is the second item I’ll buy in this collection. Thank you, Christine! πŸ™‚

Rachel Avatar

It could be me, but I can Barely see any color to this at all. A little shimmer, maybe? Unfortunately, this does nothing for me. There are many more highlighters out there to use before starting with this one. Im sure its not cheap either:-/

Ren Avatar

I was hoping this would score poorly so I could excuse myself from buying it. Nope, looks like that baby’s coming home with me! Do you know if Sephoras stock the LE Meteorites? I don’t have any high-end department stores anywhere near me.

Pearl Avatar

Thank you for the review, Christine – I’m so excited for this! I’ve seen some other holiday previews and this one is the only one I was really excited for because of the Meteorites. It looks like the holiday colors this year across the board are variations of purples and blues so most collections will be a pass for me. I’m so glad these performed well – I’ve been stalking Sephora’s website and as soon as it’s listed, I’m grabbing it. One can never have too many Meteorites!

koolchicken Avatar

Oh my. I don’t think I want this, I need it! I only very recently started using the pressed meteorites (I travel too much to waste money on the loose ones) and I love them. Enough that I wouldn’t mind owning the loose ones for home only. I bought their blush as well, the one that come out this summer. And I love that as well. This may well be a new favorite brand for me.

Denise S. Avatar

I love the subtle glow you get with Meteorites . I have 02 and 03 Meteorite perles and wear them just about everyday. I alternate between these and the Hourglass ambient lighting palette. Sometimes they are a little too dark , these could be a welcome brighter addition.

Cat Avatar

Okay… so the person who said she wasn’t interested in Guerlain’s offerings this year has a question. LOL With my fair skin and pink undertones, do you think these would be similar to Hourglass’ Dim Light on me?

Olivia Avatar

Ugh. Why $80?! I loved this. I fell so head over hills for it. Everything is perfect and it screams what I envision as an elegant Christmas. But unfortunately my wallet likes to be full rather than empty. This is the hardest pass on a makeup product I’ve ever made.

Dawn Avatar

When are these being released or have I missed them already? In all of the links of where to purchase I wasn’t able to find them.

This is the only limited edition holiday item I had been waiting for besides a palette that has been out for awhile.

Thanks so much! xo

Christine Avatar

Haven’t spotted them online yet, though Neiman Marcus launched other parts of the collection (I do not recall seeing the Meteorites). Guerlain only said “October” for the launch date. Well, it appears Bergdorf Goodman has them up now πŸ™‚

Olivia Avatar

Am I the only one that thinks the ingredients in this product are horrible? Other than that, the product itself and the packaging are absolutely gorgeous.

Heather Avatar

You mention that it’s more shimmery than the standard Meteorites, but is it ~obviously~ shimmery once applied? I’m trying to figure out whether this is a “special occasions only” type of sheen or if it’s subtle enough to wear to work or while running errands. πŸ™‚

abigailod Avatar

This breaks my heart – missing this version. It is gorgeous!

I miss getting on here daily like before. =/ Christine, the website is Stunning!!! πŸ™‚ So proud of you and your team! I’m still one of your biggest fans and supporters (although a bit quieter these days). Much love! πŸ™‚


lisa Avatar

Christine, this seems like such a nice product but I am wondering if this is something that is for all skin tones or how would this product do on medium to deep skin tones? What are your thoughts?

Lisa Avatar

Thanks Christine I went into Dillard’s today and searched it and you were right it looked amazing on my skin tone and it just glowed wow so needless to say I didn’t leave without it…,not to mention they only had 1 left in stock and it left with me. Thanks for the review and recommendation…so happy man the packaging is so cute looks good as decor lol.

Maya Avatar

This is one gorgeous piece. I am not crazy about meteorites I just simply use it everyday as a finishing powder. Last time I bought emilio pucci ones and it is almoust over. These will be my next ones. Love the product. We will have it only in early December so I have to be patient. Thanks for a review

Sandra JT Avatar

Was expecting to salivate all over this product, especially since I started slowly collecting regular & limited edition meteorites from around the world a few years ago. There are so many different standard/permanent & limited edition releases & ‘shades’ being done in widely varying types of packaging by countless cosmetics companies in various countries/on different continents *breathe*, in different volumes & weights with varying formulations, none of which North America ever sees or even hears about, sooooo normally……I’d be all over these things like stink on ****! Especially with some of my favorite Guerlain products such as these! But there’s always a first time I’ll say NO to even my most coveted cosmetics or lines. Today is Guerlain’s turn.

My typical chubby for this line of products has officially withered a tad. Just not feeling the *urge* with this particular release. No-spank-you-very-much……

Celine Avatar

In your review, you mentioned that the Teint Beige has a 95% similarity. But which is better as a finishing powder to give a radiant / luminous glow? ‘Cos I was told that people seem to prefer the old formula.
Can this be used as a setting powder as well?

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