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Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush
Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush ($53.00 for 0.45 oz.) is described as “fuchsia that revives the natural color of the cheeks, an iridescent champagne that illuminates the curve of the cheekbones and a rose petal pink that gently refreshed the complexion.” It’s a light-medium, subtly warm-toned pink with a satin finish and a subtle sparkle strewn through a few of the pearls. Tarte Whimsy (LE, $26.00) is more matte. Makeup Geek Head Over Heels (P, $9.99) is lighter. MAC Peaches & Cream (LE, $21.00) is darker. Dior My Lady (002) (LE, $60.00) is cooler-toned, lighter. Sleek MakeUP Icing Sugar (P, $6.99) is more sparkly. Urban Decay Temper (LE) is cooler-toned. MAC Subtle Breeze (LE, $27.00) is darker. Chanel Rose Initiale (P, $45.00) is darker, warmer. Bobbi Brown Pink Rose (P, $26.00) is darker. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

For those who have wanted the pearls with more color, these have good color payoff that can be more buildable. A lot of the fuchsia pearls are smaller than the illuminating pearls, so the first time I used this, I didn’t get much color, because most of the blushing ones were on the bottom layer. There is some visible sparkle, but there is so little of it in the pearls that it doesn’t end up being noticeable unless you go looking for it. Once buffed and blended on the skin, there’s a lightly luminous sheen to the blush itself. There is a strong violet scent (stronger than usual to me), which will come down to personal preference. On me, the blush started to show signs of fading after seven hours of wear.

It’s nearly half the size of the permanent Meteorites Pearls (which are 0.88 oz. for $60), though they are not the same product as this one is more tinted, and where the regular Pearls are more of an all-over product, this is for cheeks, so if you compare to other powder blushes, it is a lot more product (most blushes are around 0.15 to 0.20 oz.). I didn’t find it to be that pigmented unless I used the sponge that came with it, but brushes didn’t seem to give much color. That being said, everything about this seems tiny visually. The pearls in this are extremely small–I have never seen an entire container with such tiny pearls in it before–and the container itself is small and made out of cardboard (I had hoped Guerlain had moved past that!). The pearls were so small, they kept getting trapped in the blush brush I’d use it with (I actually tried it with three different brushes, and at least one pearl would hide away in the brush!).

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush
Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush
Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush
Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush
Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush
Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush
Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush
Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush

Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush
Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteories Perles de Blush

Makeup Look
On face:
  • Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation
  • Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder
On eyes:
  • NARS Valhalla Eyeshadow
  • NARS St-Paul-de-Vence Eyeshadow Duo
  • Urban Decay Roach Eyeliner
On lips:
  • NARS Liguria Lipstick


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Kiss & Make-up Avatar

These pearls are way too fussy to work with (for me), but damn, I sure love the look of ’em! I have to be realistic though, the météorites compact would be a much better choice for me.

P.S.: you look so cute in that shot, Christine! You look so happy 😀

Cristy Avatar

I know many people were very disappointed in this product, but personally, I love it. It’s a blush so I don’t compare it to the regular meteorites powder. And as a blush it contains way more product than most of your blushes.

But again, my only critic is if they were going to use cardboard, would have been nice had they laminated/lacquered the box. Moisture and heat will kill the pearls over time. So I’ll be transferring mine to an old meteorites tin.

And the blush looks great on you! I wore mine all week along with the Les Precieux eyeshadow quad … <3

Cristy Avatar

Yes and I’m glad you did! I saw photos online so I knew what was coming. They look like a little like nerd candies to me, lol!

I hope Guerlain makes more of these blush pearls but takes all the feedback and critics from their customers and repackages them in tin containers. I don’t mind if they are small, as long as they can be well protected over time.

Eileen Avatar

I’m with you, Cristy. I was not in the least bit troubled by the size of the container and the petite pearls. After all, it is labeled and marketed as a blusher; not a finishing or setting powder. And, despite the diminutive size of the container and the pearls, we’re actually getting much more product than is in the typical blusher. Even Tom Ford blusher, that is regarded as being very generous in size, is only .28 oz. As for the container, as beautiful and feminine as it is, the cardboard is a disappointment. I transferred about half the product to another container for daily use and then put the delicate box with its remaining product in my permanent LE Météorite collection where it won’t get damaged. I, too, would like to see Guerlain come out with more of these perles de blush–but in a metal container.

Cristy Avatar

I did the same thing Eileen. I took half and put it in an old meteorites tin and kept the delicate cardboard box with the other half in its packaging and put it away for safe keeping. Honestly, I love this blush and might pick up a second one just so I can at least have the full 13g of blush my tin … lol

Sunny Avatar

Hahaha reading about how the pearls get trapped in the brushes is funny, but I’m sure I’ll have a facepalm moment if that happens to me! I like the idea of this, and for the sake of trying something new I might get it, but I guess it’s not a “must-have” must-have!

Tayva Avatar

Oooh! That packaging.
I’m sure I’ll get this. a) it’s Guerlain. b) every single blush fades on me, even the top-rated ones and I have to apply 2-3x a day, so it’s not a biggie if this one does, too. Love the color!

Kylee Avatar

They’re gorgeous and I considered them after Saks sent me a killer discount code and they get a ton of my business because their codes can be used on beauty…I bought my first Meteorites Perles from the holiday collection and they’re beyond incredible, I’m kicking myself for not buying any of the Meteorites products earlier. I’m glad I ended up passing though, because they’re cute but I’m not a fan of the cardboard, the tiny little pearls, and how fussy they’d be to apply.

I do hope they make more blushes in the more traditional Perles formula (bigger ones in a metal container would be great), though. I’m a sucker for Guerlain Ended up using that promo code on one of the new Armani eye tints, anyways, so I’m eager to see how that works out 🙂

Stacey Avatar

I got this one. My first Guerlain balls of any type.
I so not like the packaging. The colors seem to be absorbed in the puff it came with. I would had put a plastic sheath between for delivery. I am not fond of these cardboard. Guerlain has better cardboard packaging. I bought it because I like the print. It reminded me of Lauderee from Japan and the products from that company are super expensive. I am going to use it with my Suqqu cheek brush first. Then maybe the Surratt cheek brush.

I also bought it because not many products are made in France anymore even if that product is a French brand.

Nicole Avatar

I ordered this yesterday. I think I am going to be returning it. I may even see if I can cancel the order. Id rather have the Tom Ford Flushed or Chanel blushes(Malice,Jersey,and a few other) that i have been coveting.You can barely see it ! I had seen in other reviews that it was pretty small and cardboard. Kind of disappointing. Thanks for the review. 🙂

Nicole Avatar

Idk. on a second look. It looks pretty. May be too cool tone for me..I may give it a run and see how I like it since I have already ordered it and the others on my “wants’ list are permanent thankfully. I actually ordered it from Sephora and they are great on returns even once opened. I noticed the kinda big knock down on “longevity” at 7 hours. Isn’t that pretty good wear time? I read one other blogger who said it pretty much slid off her skin. But,her skin was oily. Mine is not. More dry now. Normal as it warms up. You do look very pretty and “cute and happy” I noticed another comment form another subscriber said that..agreed!:)

Nicole Avatar

Yes,it is useful. I know I have heard Blush tends to wear off first. I guess I will have to check this baby out for myself since its already on the way according to Sephora . Hopefully, Ill get it by the end of the week now with their 3 day, or is it now 5 days,(getting slower) VIB rouge shipping,lol. I have really been wanting Chanel Malice ever since I dipped my fingers in it Fri at pretty. i didn’t see it in the swatch gallery. Do you have that?If not, you may wan to consider it. Although, i am sure another blush is something you do not need in any urgency. It’s a good mix of “diffused heat” and Nars orgasm but not shimmery and seems like a finer formula. 🙂

Nicole Avatar

that is good to know Celia! Yeah, I really don’t typically need a super long wearing blush. I do prefer at least 8 -8.5 hours before fade because I don’t typically touch up my entire face on a normal day nor do I think I should have to paying this kind of $ for cosmetics. My main concerns with this one are: the pearls getting caught in the brush( may be too annoying and wind up loosing pearls) and the color just may not suit me. I am pretty close to Christine’s coloring,a little lighter. i do generally favor a warmer toned blush. That being said, it is nice to mix it up. But, I do already own some nice cool toned pinks that I love. But, they don’t get used too much just because I have others that I like better on me. It’s on the way to me via the mail system..So.I will just give it a go I suppose. 🙂

Celia Avatar

For the first time I have been using the included protective puff to apply. When applied that way, I get lovely pure pigment and a beautiful sheen. The cardboard…well, I hoped Guerlain moved past that as well but here it is. Makes me feel like I have to vigilantly monitor where it is at all times so as not to risk hurting it. But I love the color applied via puff! Definitely glad I got it. Though I was surprised at how strong the violet scent is here. For those of you who only barely tolerate it, I had the same experience as Christine and found it much stronger so I’d avoid. I love the scent and it’s a bit much here. Like “covers my Tom Ford perfumes a little on application” strong.

Celia Avatar

Absolutely true. All my concerns about the tiny beads and cardboard dissipated pretty hard upon initial application. I like that it is the kind of color that works on a ton of skin tones and undertones, too. Very classic rouge shade with that special Guerlain sheen.

meganlisa Avatar

I love this blush…but a big part of it is that it’s actually a true pink that looks good on me. I’m getting tired of all the peaches out there. I do love them but too much has been leaning warm lately…I like seeing just pink with a sheen (and no gold to it!!). I also have a lighter skin tone so on me it looks more pigmented.

Chiara Avatar

I’m super glad I splurged on ‘Perles du Dragon’ a couple of years ago. After that, the quality of les météorites has seemed to decline with every new edition.

Sylirael Avatar

Well, the blush colour is pretty and the box is adorable (I don’t mind the cardboard thing for the vintage feel, but I suspect it would be a pain to store!), but really what enchants me about this is your experience with the brush – it;s like the pearls were all waiting in their rosy, embossed prison for the chance at freedom, and then you opened the lid and gave them a chance! The ones still in the container watched as their sister was lifted away, clinging in the bristles, waving and shouting ‘I did it, Girls! I’m outta here!’… and then you picked her out and put her back in the box. She’s at the edge having a sulk, I expect. 😀

Celia Avatar

OMG Monster (my pom-fox) almost got a Meteorite once. I think my flipped out reaction has forever associated the containers with, “DO NOT EAT THE PRETTY POISON CANDY-LOOKING BALLS” for him.

Man, that would be one shameful vet visit. “My dog ate my magical pearly designer sparkle balls and I’m really worried about him.”

Evelyn Avatar

I’m so glad you posted this, when I got mine I almost had a heart attack seeing how tiny the perles are. At least now i know they’re supposed to be that way but it does look sad seeing a half empty box. The puff is full of the powder, it’s crazy. But…it still looks really pretty on me and I love it anyway.

Katherine T. Avatar

It’s a pretty shade of pink and the packaging is eye candy, but I’m not paying $ 53 for a blush that’s about the size of an eyes shadow single, with cardboard packaging, and fussy application. And at that price, you can’t afford to lose ANY of those tiny pearls. For blushes, I think a compact version would be better so that you can get more consistent pigment in one swipe.

stashy Avatar

Disappointing! Why cardboard, Guerlain? I hear you about the littler pearls getting stuck in brushes – I have some pearl products from another brand that does the same annoying thing! The shade is pretty but fairly run-of-the-mill. Pricey for what it is. Thanks for reviewing this!

Deb Avatar

I bought these today and just love them. The finish is pure Guerlain. I expected to hate the cardboard packaging, but I actually think it’s cute.

I’m not a fan of cardboard in general, but if I like the product enough (UD Naked, KVD Monarch) I suck it up and deal with it.

Gillian Avatar

This looks more muted than I thought it would look. Still, it is pretty but not spectacular. I did just about keel over when I noticed just how tiny the little box is! Much smaller than I’d thought it would be but there you go.

It’s only the 19th January and I’ve already broken my no-buy but at least the only thing I want from the Guerlain Spring collection is the pressed Meteorites. I’m itching to buy more off my list of wants but I must resist if I want to save up money to go see my brother in Australia! So many things are calling to me and I’m glad that this isn’t one of them. 😀

Dee D Avatar

Gets trapped in the hairs of the brush you say? wow..yeah those are teeny tiny pearls then!! Really does look “angelic” when worn though..fitting name!! I used to love the Physicians FOrmula blush that came out like this ages ago ..but the darn things would crumble..would break it was a hot mess before I could get use out of it but I used to love the glowy finish it gave..I think I repurchased twice before giving up on them lol.

Jocelyn Avatar

I love these. Im a big fan of many of the Meteorites, highlighters and face powders. Is the packaging cardboard for these? Not in the tin? Just curious 🙂 I know some in the past have come in similar packaging, and some in the metal containers.

Carly Avatar

I think if this was in a cute tin I’d probably run out to get it! Haha. The paper packaging is such a turnoff especially at this price point. I think messing with the pearls will probably drive me nuts and I’ll lose half the pearls the first week. I do like the subtle glow on you! I’ve yet to buy anything Guerlain but I’m eyeing those meteories compacts.

Kristine Avatar

Meteorites are my favorite product EVER, but I feel like they are declining in quality…especially the limited edition ones. And the fact that they are selling less and less of the product itself recently. Nevertheless, I will continue buying the permanent ones….can’t live without it!

Eliz Avatar

I love these so much! One of my fuchsia perles was split in half, so my box has a light dusting of the deeper pink. But, using a light hand, I get a perfect wash of rosy pink. I know I’m in the minority, but I actually love the cardboard packaging as it reminds me of the French, vintage powder boxes my grandmother used to have. I also adore both the color and perfect radiant finish. Pretty, pretty! Thanks for reviewing these…I think they look totally lovely on you, too!

sue Avatar

when you released a sneak peak of Guerlain spring collection, I wanted to try this real bad! i visited the Bay like twice and Holt Renfrew just to see it in person! they were so tiny…i know meteorites lasts forever but for the price…didn’t find it that special except for it being limited edition 🙁 my expectation was too high i guess!

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