Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush
Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Blush ($52.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is supposed to be a “highly pigmented blush” that is liquid in form. The brand recommends using a single drop for application. They weren’t kidding, because this is insanely pigmented; a single drop may still be too much product. One bottle might last you a lifetime, and that really doesn’t feel like an exaggeration; I wish they had reduced the bottle size and dropped the price. There are three shades available, all are permanent, and I’ve only just tried the one featured here. Next time Giorgio Armani has a sale, I might pick up the other two shades–we’ll see! It’s a great product, but the price point will make you think twice, even if it contains more than enough product (it’s just so much that it seems like a waste, rather than a value).

Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush ($52.00 for 0.60 fl. oz.) is warm, coral-rose with a satin-matte finish. NARS Realm of the Senses #2 (LE, $29.00) is more shimmery, powder. NARS Taos (P, $29.00) is powder. Illamasqua Allure (P, $26.00) is powder. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

It’s intensely pigmented–a little goes a very, very long way. I don’t even think a single drop is useful; I think it’s far too much! It is better to take a little bit off of the applicator with a brush or palette knife, because then you can dab and stipple it on gradually. Once applied, it dries down to a powder-like finish that is still somewhat blendable, though it is best blended while it is setting. The texture is lightweight, never tacky, and very comfortable to wear. The finish is almost matte but still gives the skin signs of life–it’s not flat. It lasted for ten and a half hours before slightly fading, and it leaves a very slight stain behind on the skin that seems to fade away within two hours of removal.

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Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush
Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush

Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush
Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush

Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush
Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush

Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush
Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush

Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush
Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush

Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush
Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush

Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush
Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush

Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush
Giorgio Armani #500 Maestro Fusion Blush

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  • Guerlain Les Voilettes Loose Powder
On lips:
  • Bite Beauty One Lipgloss
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Looks like this would be great for an all-day affair in which you’ve got to look polished all throughout. 🙂 Did you wear this on top of or underneath your foundation, Christine? What foundation would you recommend with it?


I prefer to wear it on top of foundation, rather than under, but it will work under if you’re using a lighter coverage foundation!

I love the Fusion Blushes. I got #300 and I just loved it so much that I went back and got the other two. I love how flawless it looks! And the pigmentation, you dont need even a faction of a drop for a single use! 🙂

And I agree there is just too much product and too little we actually need, it does seem like a waste. A smaller bottle and a lower price tag would be greatly welcome!

This might be a great product for a group buy! Get four or five friends together, buy one, decant it into mini squeeze bottles, and share the cost!

I definitely think this is a case where they could give you less and charge $36 or so! It is Giorgio Armani, so it’s never going to be a bargain, haha!

Hey Christine, this shade looks GREAT on you! I have 300, which is a pretty vibrant orange. I agree with you about the pigmentation: nobody will ever need a drop each time!

I was gonna say in the bottle, it’s too dark for my taste, but seeing it swatched and blended out, I like it.

I love the color of this! You look really pretty! I am more comfortable with powders.. liquids are very tricky sometimes!

Thank you, Divya! I don’t LOVE liquids in general – they are not what I would typically reach for – but I like this formula because it transitions to powder!

This has been on my radar for sometime. Looks lovely on you! Any recommendations on how to apply it? Will like Tom Ford cream foundation brush be okay?

This looks absolutely amazing and especially perfect for long days when you need your makeup to be bulletproof without any touching up. I agree about the size of the bottle though, it seems a bit excessive.

This sure look gorgeous, but I agree about the size being loco. Even if you could use it for a lifetime, it won’t keep for a lifetime so it’s kind of a waste. That’s how I felt about the Tarte Cheek Stains, too. They’re only good for 24 months after opening and I felt like there was no way I’d use one up in that time frame!

It’s too bad that with Tarte, when they reduced product size, they didn’t do a price drop 🙁 I wish GA would do these in half the size for maybe 30% less (because you never get a 1 for 1 price reduction!). Like $50 is a lot to drop on a blush, even if it will theoretically last forever.

I have to ask, how do you guys treat expiration dates? On this product it says 12 months, and judging by how pigmented a single drop is, there’s no way you can get rid of this in 12 months even if you used it everyday. Just curious, I don’t really wear makeup. I sort of want to keep some on hand for those special occasions, but then I’m worried that I’ll only get maybe one or two uses out of my products before they expire since I wear it so rarely.

I can’t speak for others, only that I try to minimize contamination in cream/liquid products by removing what I need with a clean applicator without double-dipping. With something like this, I would probably pour a little into a smaller jar and use the smaller jar.

I’m only nutty about expirations on products with sunscreen or that get applied directly to the eye like mascara and eyeliner. With something like this, I would be sure not to contaminate the dropper and would use it wayyyy beyond the expiration. Of course if it starts to smell weird or change consistency, then I know it’s bad and I’ll get rid of it.

A couple blogs I’ve read were raving about this, but they emphasized the issue about pigmentation, as well. It’s a gorgeous product, but I can imagine the nightmare it would be trying to get this applied right my NW15 skin – much less during the NW10 months! (I had the same issue with the e.l.f. cream/liquid blushes – it’s just too much work to keep the pigmentation under control for us fair skin types!)

I’d actually say it’s more forgiving/easier to use than it probably seems (due to the pigmentation) – I think it’s the texture of it compared to something like e.l.f.’s liquid blushes (which I believe are similar to MUFE’s HD blushes).

This was surprisingly easy to blend/apply, once you really understood that this is SUPERRRR pigmented so go easy, lol!

I am a sucker for almost anything GA makes. I love the blush fabrics (i have two) and was wondering how this product differs. I can’t wait to try this out but i agree that it’s just too much product!
The colour is fantastic on you, Christine.

Totally different texture/consistency! Other than both being “liquid blushes,” I wouldn’t say they have much in common!

hey Christine, I just discovered makeup (23 yo male) and your gem of a blog. this site is seriously for makeup junkies. I just wanna thank you for all your hard work!

This is a product that I use with my metal makeup palette every time – the small ELF stipple brush is a good size to dab in a teeny tiny dot of it on the palette and then sort of blend it around until I get a light layer of it on the brush….and then I still dab it on a tissue before I apply to my face, it’s so pigmented! #500 is gorgeous on you.

I bought it in 400, a cool red. The 500 was a bit too warm for my complexion (fair w/pink under tones). I tap a tiny amount onto a mirror a d apply with the Elf small stippling brush. I’ve worn it over and under foundation as well as no foundation. It’s easy to work with and looks so natural. I’ve paid more for powder blushes that have been pushed to back of the drawer from neglect. And yes, this will probably live past me. Excellent product.

The price is about right for a Giorgio Armani blusher, but I think this is definitely a case where they could have given you less and dropped the price a bit too! You want to get a good amount for your money, but when it’s SO much extra, then you lose the value since you’ll never use it up (or it’ll go bad).

Ugh, liquid blushes are my kryptonite. Every time I see a new one, my brain goes into automatic “MUST BUY” mode — even though I know I’ll never even manage to make a dent in one before it goes bad.

‘cmon, Armani — give us a little mini set of these three! 😛

Woooooo… that is one stunning finish and effect from this blush! :-O So natural! You have that lovely ‘Someone just told me something rather naughty just before I had to take this photo’ look 😉

I agree with the sentiment that they should just make smaller bottles at a lower price – it’s great that you can get so much use out of one bottle, but realistically…. 😛 I second Emily’s comment from above that it would be a great product to group buy and then decant/divvy up!

this looks lovely on you! i loved the colors when i swatched in the store, but it was sooo pigmented and i’m not great with blush to begin with. i also thought it was way too much in the bottle. i would never use it up. i just imagined it going rancid after only using it a handful of times. i went with one of the new powder blushes instead and i love it. much easier to use than a liquid-especially when i already have super red cheeks!

Thanks, Beka! I think it’s easier to use than a lot of other liquid/cream blushes (it’s more forgiving than you’d think!), but I agree – this is one that will probably go bad long before you get through it, even if you were really hygienic about it or put a smaller amount in a separate container to avoid contaminating the larger bottle.

Wow, this looks stunning when applied. Not anything I would buy though. Also, I’ve always wondered, but why do you consider your skin tone to be medium? I always thought you looked rather light or maybe light-medium.

The foundation shades that match me fall in the medium range typically! I could never wear a light foundation – light-medium is usually too light for me as well, but it can depend on the brand as some run darker/some run lighter.

Thanks for replying! I was actually really puzzled, lol. The same thing tends to happen to me too where people perceive me as lighter, but when I personally try to buy light foundation, it ends up being TOO light and I have to lean more towards the light-medium side sometimes even medium. I think my problem is that I have yellow undertones though. Thanks again!

I can appreciate the versatility of this product for layering, but I think there is too much there and it’s a bit fussy for my tastes.

I agree and I side stepped this. Way too much product. They could have made the bottle 1/3 the size and you would have had enough. The blush looks really pretty on you, Christine, but it would be hideous on my rosacea face!

Most definitely! GA usually seems to be under-sized (compared to other brands) but here they went gung-ho!

This looks amazing and this color is what I’m loving recently. Ill find some excuse to justify this purchase. I’m going to have to figure out what brush to use to apply this, I’ll definitely have enough product for trial and error!

I do have a problem of sweating blushes off and this looks pigmented enough which is really tempting but I never get blushes right so if there’s no margin for error I can’t take the risk. Sometimes I get too much on, sometimes not enough and sometimes I have the honour of looking like bobo the clown in one picture and corpse like in the other at the same event.

If GA released lighter shades (they all seemed pretty medium or dark, though they can all sheer out), then it would be more a foolproof formula for you!

Could you swipe your brush VERY lightly across the applicator to get the product? Maybe?

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