Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #638

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting on some orders!
  • Weekend plans: Hang with hubby and Winnie, maybe take a nap, blog and photograph.
  • What was the last book you read and loved?: It has been so long since I’ve read a typical book that I have no idea…

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April Avatar

RECENT PURCHASES/REDISCOVERIES – I had to repurchase my morning moisturizer which is Jordan Samuel Skin the Performance Cream. I rediscovered the ColourPop Super Shock formulas this week. I thought my skin wasn’t agreeing with the formula but it turns out it was skincare I was using that was causing the reaction and I’m so happy because I love the blushes, eyeshadows and highlighters.

WEEKEND PLANS – No plans just waiting to see if we’ll get more snow this weekend.

LAST BOOK I’VE READ AND LOVED – I just finished rereading Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. My favorite is the second book, China Rich Girl. My resolution is to read from a more diverse pool of authors this year. I can’t wait to get through my booklist and discover some new favorites.

AJ Avatar

I love giving book recommendations! I’ll try not to throw too many at you at once, but here are a few ideas based on what I know of Crazy Rich Asians (which is to say I haven’t read the books yet but I watched the movie).

Alyssa Cole is a Black romance author whose Reluctant Royals series explores some similar themes of romance, wealth, and class differences, using a series of fictitious countries and their royalty/nobility (ok one book is set in Scotland, which is not fictitious, LOL). The first book in the series is A Princess in Theory. I’ve read maybe half of her published work and liked all of it, so feel free to explore the other series too, or standalones, you’ll probably find something good!

Courtney Milan is an Asian-American romance author who writes some fun historicals with really interesting themes. “The Devil Comes Courting” involves figuring out a telegraph code for Chinese, and the challenges of laying cable across the Atlantic, for instance.

Both of those authors write primarily M/F pairings, but each have some LGBTQIA+ characters and some books with specific M/M or F/F pairings!

Popping over to SF/F, I’m really enjoying the work of Nghi Vo! Her Singing Hills Cycle is about a non-binary monk who goes around collecting stories in an Asian-inspired fantasy setting. The first book is The Empress of Salt and Fortune. Alternatively, her most recent release is The Chosen and The Beautiful, a retelling of The Great Gatsby where Jordan is a bisexual Vietnamese adoptee and there’s magic and demons.

Ok, that’s a start! Feel free to share other authors or books you have liked and I will make related recommendations if I can 🙂

Genevieve Avatar

It’s always exciting to discover new authors, whose writing appeals to you. That’s why I love our local library – they get in all the really well written books from a variety of genres.
Kevin Kwan’s books are really popular here too – I must give them a go.

AJ Avatar

I get the vast majority of my ebooks from the library. I may have to wait a little longer sometimes, but it saves me soooo much money and I don’t feel as bad if I decide not to finish a book after I’ve started, because I can just return it to the library knowing it will go to someone else who will hopefully like it better 🙂

Katrina Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Sometimes I think it would be easier for me to just list the items that I haven’t bought, since I’m incapable of restraint. I think I’ve received 20 items or so in the mail this week. But, the one in most looking forward to receiving is Dior Nightbird. I’ve already got the morning bird palette, but I have been looking for literally months to find this and it’s been sold out everywhere, as it was a LE. But, to my great surprise I found it online for sale in England. Just waiting for it to arrive now.

Weekend plans: Skiing, watching some movies in our movie theater, and watching my husband install my new makeup vanity.

What was the last book you read and loved?: All that I do at work is read. And write briefs. So, I never read when I have downtime since it feels like work. But, I do listen to books on tape on long car rides. Dave Grohl’s book was fricken fantastic. And O’Reillys Killing Patton. I love history and a good conspiracy theory.

Anne-Marie Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’ve been on the hunt for a new base that’s lighter than foundation. Today is my first time trying WnW Bare Focus Tinted Hydrator. Seems pretty nice for the price, holding up well after 3 hours, but is a bit heavier and more drying than I’d anticipated. Also have been using Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment, which is a bit lighter and less drying…but still dries me out if I use it more than 2-3 days in a row.
Weekend plans: Working and picking up our new Honda Accord hybrid from the dealership.
What was the last book you read and loved? Just finished Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood.

Nancy T Avatar

Winnie looks so happy! 💙

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing purchased this week. Rediscovered my Fenty Rose Latte cream blush that I normally reserve for warmer weather. But it was perfect for the ND Biba Mini eye look I did, and went very well with MAC Peachy Party Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolor.

Weekend plans: Zoom meeting tomorrow morning. Not sure what, if anything else I’ll be doing this weekend. Possibly dying my graying roots? Idk. I’m sure that would help me to feel more “put together”. Been so lazy about my root jobs the past 2 years. Probably also just gearing myself up for my surgical consult with the General Surgeon on Tuesday. My nerves are raw at this point. So many visits, tests, planning for pet care and my after care, that I’m literally ready to crash.

Last book you read? If we’re talking about a real paper pages book, then that would be the Bible. Easy enough to do, and especiallly now with my attention span being so short, that finishing a chapter works out well for me lately. Other than that, I’ve been mostly reading up on my medical situation and legal stuff pertaining to a whole other situation.

Nancy T Avatar

Oh my, Brendacr1, that is certainly great news about your sister’s progress! Especiallly the improvement in being able to stand up better than before. I’ve just been a bundle of anxiety and sheer fear the past week as I see my appointment with the general surgeon Tuesday morning. And alone. How I wish I had someone to accompany me. I’m usually so fearless, even fleckless in the face of medical and other serious situations. But not so much this go round.

Deborah S. Avatar

I really prefer reading actual books rather than on-line but there is something about the immediacy of being able to start reading immediately. I don’t like not changing pages though. I hate the delay that sometimes occurs when you are waiting for the tablet or the computer to switch to the next page!

Genevieve Avatar

Very best wishes for your appt. with the Surgeon on Tuesday – I will be thinking and praying for you. I am sure he/she will put you at ease and be quite reassuring. I wish I was over there to go with you Nancy!
Doing your roots and taking time out for self care will be soothing for you and will take your mind off things. Would be able to go and stay with your daughter after the surgery?

My best friend had spinal surgery last year and it went wonderfully well – so well that she actually went home earlier than anticipated and has never looked back.

Cat Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing -I’ve been sick.
Weekend plans: Start new medications and take it easy.
What was the last book you read and loved?: You Better Be Lightning by Andrea Gibson (poetry is big for me right now)

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new.

Weekend plans: Well, my car is finally at repair shop for a couple of weeks (I was rear ended on the highway two weeks ago, and everything moves slow). I have a rental, but I just prefer not to use it that much, especially going hiking (places with bad roads and parking lots)… I’m too afraid to not scratch it… unlike my car.
So another boring weekend close to home. I’ll try to keep myself busy with chores and reading, news from family back in Europe aren’t that great, but sooner or later age gets the worse out of all of us.

What was the last book you read and loved?: I don’t know if it counts as a book (since it’s actually a comic), but I really loved The Doll’s House, the second part from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series.
The last book-book I read and loved was Jingo, from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

Genevieve Avatar

How annoying that your car is in the repair shop for so long and I can see why you are hesitant about driving round in the rental – especially when the weather is so bad.
I hope your family back in Europe are well and the political situation that is brewing there isn’t sounding too good.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases – Nothing (I haven’t had any time to go makeup shopping this week); Rediscoveries – my Buxom self-arranged palettes. They had so many great eyeshadows and I’d left them aside for far too long. Getting 24KT Stilettos sort of reawakened my interest in them.

Weekend plans: hairdresser tomorrow for colour and neck trim but it’s so very, very cold here that I can’t think we’ll be doing much else though I want to try out a new recipe for a blueberry cobbler and also make some chili and a big pot of beef stew.

Last book I read that I really loved: maybe Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down. It’s actually about 4 random people who meet on New Years Eve when all are at a popular suicide spot, planning to end their lives. Sounds jolly, no? It’s actually very warm and human and funny and so much better than the movie that was made from it…..

Genevieve Avatar

Buxon put out some really stellar single eyeshadows back in the day (Loved Bronze Bod) and it would be like discovering a whole new palette.
Blueberry cobbler sounds really nice Mariella – and I know that this is the kind of desert that my husband would love: he’s quite a fan of blueberries.
I wish you could send some of that cold weather down to us and we could send some of our searing heat to you…

AJ Avatar

I love that you got Winnie a treadmill, it’s such a good idea when you live in AZ where it’s often too hot to walk a dog.

Purchases and rediscoveries: Nothing! I thought I would play with makeup this week, but I had a lot of other things keeping me busy.

Weekend plans: I’m going to… actually leave the house? Our town is having an outdoor Lunar New Year Festival and it’s not going to be rainy, so we’re planning to attend. There’s going to be a street market, and lion dancers, and some of the local businesses are doing special promotions. Our town has decided to make a commitment to showcase our diversity by having events themed around different cultural holidays instead of just Christmas and 4th of July. I’m interested to see what else they’ll do beyond Lunar New Year.

What was the last book I read and loved? I’m already at 10 books for the year (probably be 11 by the end of the day, I’m almost done with my current non-fiction read). So far the best was Little Thieves by Margaret Owen. It’s a YA fantasy that is a retelling of The Goose Girl, but also heavily inspired by heist movies/TV shows. It was just a really fun read with some well-developed, nuanced characters, and while there was a romance plot, it also focused a lot on friendship, forgiveness, trust, complicated family relationships, and finding unexpected allies.

Genevieve Avatar

What a lovely idea of your town to have an outdoor Lunar New Year festival – I just love street markets, dancers and processions. We have a Chinese New Year festival here too, as we have many diverse Asian families living here to celebrate it. However with the current covid factors, I am not sure whether it is taking place or not.
I think you and your spouse will have a lovely time – even leaving the house is an event in itself.

AJ Avatar

We had a wonderful time, Genevieve! The weather was really nice for this time of year, a little cool but NO RAIN. We didn’t get to see much of the lion dancers, just their heads, LOL. But it was still cool, and the street festival was fun and we got to meet some nice dogs.

Since the weather was so good we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around town, had some tea, a nice cocktail, and a very nice dinner, all outside. It was such a nice break from being indoors, especially since we have had a lot of gloomy weather.

Seattle, the big city we live outside of, did cancel their Lunar New Year festival out of an abundance of caution. Since it was outdoors and everyone was wearing masks I did not feel too unsafe, but the crowds did occasionally get overwhelming. Though honestly I think waiting in line at the coffee place was the worst, it was indoors and there was a lot of smoke from the kitchen, ugh.

Genevieve Avatar

Aw- how cute is Winston! He looks like he is thoroughly enjoying his Christmas present and is having fun. What a gorgeous doggie he is!

Recent Purchases: Nada
Rediscoveries: Not much either!
Weekend Plans: After enduring the hottest week ever, every single day we’ve experienced temperatures in the 30’s (over 100 deg) and with the moving process in high gear, it been a very tough week. The family are settled in their new home and loving it. There is stil a fair bit of stuff at our place and it will be moved over to their new home sometime this weekend.
Fortunately today’s (Saturday) weather is much cooler, but everyone is totally exhausted.
My daughter in law Anika has been accepted into a job working at a kindergarten (which I think you call nursery in the US) for 4-6 hours per week – and that is fantastic for her. The hours are within school times which is great. We will look after bubba Harry during those times.
Both Olivia and Lachlan are due to start school next Tuesday, which is also Lachlan’s birthday – so everything is happening at the moment..
It is definitely quite strange not to have the children around and for little Harry not to wake us up in the morning with his lovely smiling face.
So this weekend is about setting our place back into some kind of order, sorting out the linen cupboard, ironing and cleaning up.

Last book enjoyed: I love reading and typically go through a couple of books per week. The last book I read and enjoyed was Garry Disher’s Bitter Wash Road. Fantastic.

Nancy T Avatar

My heart goes out to your son and daughter in law having to move in such brutal heat, Genevieve! I’ve had to do that a few times here in Arizona when it was in the 100’s and it was just horrible and exhausting compared to our “winter”. I’m sure that the best being empty once more is somewhat bittersweet, too.
Congrats to Anika on her new job! 🎉

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Nancy for your kind wishes and congratulations. Yes, it was totally exhausting and I am wrecked! Anika has just found out that they are going to extend her hours to 4 days a week (same hours – 11.30 to 1.30), but now we will be asked to look after Harry for those 4 days and this is quite tricky because it means that we don’t have much time to ourselves. We would have preferred a whole week to pass sans kids so that we can get our house back into some kind of order, or indeed cleaned, but no.

Deborah S. Avatar

So glad your kids got moved even though it sounds like it would be miserable to move in that heat! I am really not a heat lover and it was one of the reasons I left Sacramento, California. There would be weeks of temps above 100 and even staying inside in the air conditioner, I just felt like the life was sucked out of me. I would really rather deal with the snow, although I could look for something in between!
You will be finding things of theirs for weeks, if not longer. Surprisingly, I am still finding stuff from my ex-husband and he hasn’t lived here since 2018.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh yes Deborah – the heat has been a force to reckon with, plus the very high humidity as well and indeed the life has been sucked out of me – that is for sure.
We expect to find all kinds of things (toys, lolly papers, Olivia’s hair ties etc) around the place- especially Harry’s dummies! He has had a whole stack of them and manages to lose them all. Usually we find them in the Duplo tub, under our bed and my husband even found one in one of his shoes!.

Devon Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Got the new Pat McGrath Bridgerton palette. It’s too beautiful to use. It’s gorgeously packaged. The eyeshadow colors are very feminine… and IMO it’s where Pat excels – rose colors. So wonderfully gorgeous. 💙
Weekend plans: Photograph and IG posts. 🎨
What was the last book you read and loved?: Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy❤️

brendacr1 Avatar

That is soo cute! Winnie is burning his energy off before bed! I just might suggest this to my son for Max.
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No makeup just dog supplies.
Weekend plans: We are installing a dog gate at the top of our stairs so Lex won’t fall down the stairs when he comes home next weekend. I found out he was born on my birthday lol! Otherwise we are ready for him (I hope!)
What was the last book you read and loved?: I usually read magazines but when I was spending time with my sister when she was in hospice I brought some books with me and there was a Danielle Steele book that was really good but I don’t remember the name of it, I did finish the book and I started another but I haven’t got back to it yet.

Genevieve Avatar

How adorable that you are ‘baby proofing’ your home and that you share a birthday. You’ll have to have a ‘doggie’ birthday cake for him. He is going to keep you very busy, just like Harry does to us. We have to follow him around to make sure he is not getting into anything he shouldn’t – he has a real talent for that. And we have to remember to close the doors to rooms that we don’t want him in – like the bathroom.
I read on Nancy’s post about your sister having a spinal operation and that she has recovered well – such good news for you and your family.

brendacr1 Avatar

Genevieve, you are so right that you have to keep your eyes on them every minute. It’s very funny that you mentioned a doggie birthday cake, I follow a schnauzer on social media call Pluto and we share birthdays’ as well and she gets a birthday cake and it’s quite cute, but I’ll have to think on that, I’m not really one for dressing dogs up (except a coat and boots for the cold weather) or any fussy things like that lol. I think that’s because I was brought up with cats and cats did not put up with being dressed up. My sister has bounced back from this surgery (as soon as she got her pain meds figured out) and is looking forward to her hip surgery in March! She’s 9 years older than me I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up to her when we visit this summer lol! I hope your weather cools down, I would gladly send some of our -23 coming next week!

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: 3 of my Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks from Neiman Marcus-Forbidden Rose, Rose Thorn, and Strike a Rose-were slightly delayed. They were originally expected today, but should now arrive tomorrow. The other two are on back order and are still slated for their original estimated arrival days-Feb 10 for Kiss from a Rose and Feb 17 for Intense Amethyst.
Weekend plans: Had a virtual job interview/pharmacy run/laundry today, work all day and grocery run tomorrow, Sunday’s open.
What was the last book you read and loved?: Appropriate to mention here, I’m in the middle of reading Ilise S. Carter’s The Red Menace, a history of America’s relationship with lipstick. It’s an interesting read so far!

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Nothing this week.

Weekend plans: Really nothing exciting. I will be mostly resting up. I came down with a sinus infection this week and the accompanying headache, cough and sore throat from drainage has kept me from sleeping well. I will lay on the couch and watch the NFL playoffs on Sunday. I am a huge sports fan and will miss football season. Luckily the Olympics are starting soon so there will be something to watch for awhile.

Last book I read: Actual book, Pride and Prejudice. I re-read quite a lot of Austen, Bronte and other classical literature during the course of a year. On-line I just finished reading a couple of fan fiction Star Trek, (original series), stories. I am awaiting the arrival of a Patricia Cornwell Scarpetta novel. I haven’t really enjoyed the last couple of her novels. Not sure why. I think they are becoming a bit repetitive but I do love forensics and enjoy reading anything about it, even if it isn’t particularly ground breaking. If I don’t like this one, it will likely be my last. I loved the Kinsey Milone novels by Sue Grafton and was so disappointed when she passed away without completing the series, although I certainly understand. She was writing the “Alphabet” murders and was up to X. So she was quite close to finishing the series. Her family didn’t feel like having someone ghost write the remaining stories, which I totally agree with. Her heroine, Kinsey, was such an enjoyable character.

Helene Avatar

I love Jane Austen. The books she wrote are great. I don’t mind a bit of Bronte’s either. I’ve read and reread a lot of the classics. Austen is my favourite author.
I remember the Alphabet murder novels, not sure I’ve read any of them. I gave up on the Scarpetta novels a long time ago, I think I thought it too much gore, I can be mixing up Cornwell with some other author though.

Deborah S. Avatar

No, I am sure you are remembering Cornwell. They are pretty graphic and gory. I don’t know if it is being an RN or what, but the written gore doesn’t bother me. Seeing it in real life doesn’t bother me, although it bothers me after I finish doing what I can for the person. My one exception is any injury to the eyes. Surprisingly, the thing that bothers me the most is violence or gore on television or in the movies. It might be more the suspense, scary nature of the book/television show. I don’t like being scared.

Helene Avatar

I once thought of applying to a job at the eye surgery hospital. The thought entered my head, I had a quick mental picture and didn’t think of it again. 🙂
Gore doesn’t bother me in TV shows or on film. Most books containing forensics, autopsy and the like doesn’t make me feel ill. I think it was some gruesome murder of a woman, and my imagination went wild seeing and almost feeling the horror and pain. I never read any of her novels after that.
I did like the first ones she wrote though, so I was surprised at my reaction.

Jessica Avatar

I loved reading the alphabet mysteries by Sue Grafton. She actually did write y for yesterday and she had a title picked out for the last one before she passed away. The last one was going to be z for zero. I agree with you that Kinsey was such an enjoyable character.

Genevieve Avatar

Sinus infections are just the worse thing Deborah – having had a few of them myself. So I hope you are getting better and taking it easy.
I love the Olympics myself and will be keen to watch the Winter ones. A bit of brightness in our covid days of staying at home and keeping quiet. Our numbers are still very high and there are all kinds of concerns re the kids starting back at school next week. As long as the schools stay open, that’s the big question.
I haven’t liked Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta novels for quite awhile now – they were repetitive and so angst that it quite put me off. I love forensic crime novels too.

Deborah S. Avatar

I am beginning to feel the same way about Scarpetta. I think I have kept reading them for Marino. I know he is a super flawed character but I have a soft spot for him and like how devoted he is to Scarpetta, despite both of their being stupid in the past. When I originally read the book that included the attempted assault on Scarpetta, I wasn’t appalled and was concerned why it didn’t bother me as much. I know he was drunk and likely was acting out regarding his close work with her and his obvious love for her. Of course, it wasn’t right but I sort of felt like she should have seen it coming and maybe should have not used him and taken him from one job to another. The last couple of books, he has had only small parts so I was curious how she planned on dealing with him as she draws the Scarpetta arc to an end. This will likely be my last read.

Rebecca Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I recently bought 12 new Super Shock shadows from ColourPop because I found myself using the ones I had more often. I love them so much for one and done easy looks.

Weekend plans: I work at a grocery store and my “weekends” are mid-week so my plan for the actual weekend is to work.

What was the last book you read and loved? I recently discovered the author Kevin Hearne and have powered through and loved the Iron Druid series

Helene Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I got this some time ago, I think I ordered it during Black Friday, PMG Eyedols in Divine Mink and Sextrovert. I actually like these better than most of the shades in the palettes I have from the brand. It did take a very long time getting here though.

Rediscoveries, nothing. I’ve only used makeup twice this past week.
Weekend plans: Nothing, maybe trim the dog a bit, he needs it, he’s looking quite wild. But cute.
He’s a black standard schnauzer so if you can imagine one with really long not curly or soft fur, rather very harsh, you’ll have an image of him.
He could also do with a bath, I just think it’s so cold and as he doesn’t like the blow dryer it takes a long time for him to get dry.

What was the last book you read and loved? I used to read all the time before depression hit me, now I find reading hard, I just don’t feel like sitting down with a book anymore. There are lots of books I love but none I’ve read recently.
I have started to read The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski, I just finished The Witcher season two and wanted more of Geralt. Not sure I’ll love it, but it’s a fun easy read so far.

Genevieve Avatar

I think some of PMG’s singles are ideal when you don’t want all that pink blah in her palettes. I did get the Sublime Mini – which is a good one to get because the Gold Nectar shade and Sinful (soft green) is just beautiful. It also contained Sextrovert (horrible name) and that is a lovely shade as well. I bought the Lapis Luxury single when it was on sale and that is divine. Divine Mink is a lovely colour as well and I could see it working very well on you.
I hope your depression eases so that you can go back to reading again and enjoy a hobby that you once enjoyed.

Helene Avatar

I have two of her 6 pan palettes and I really like them, I can’t recall the names, one has a pink package and the other a white-ish. I so want to like the 12 pan palettes, but I just don’t. And I don’t even have any of the very pink ones, though I do like pink.
Sextrovert, and I agree about the name, is a nice one for a one and (almost) done look, I need a lighter shade for the inner corners when using Divine Mink. I must say I like these two a lot more than I like most of the shades in her Mothership palettes.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: I found all the BH Cosmetics Sweet Shoppe palettes for a good price. And the Clionadh birthday trio for Leigh. I also got the Shiseido Radiant foundation, but it was comically too light for me, so I returned it.

Rediscoveries: Still rediscovering my BH Cosmetics palettes. They’re just so good.

Weekend plans: Well my mom surprised me and drove down today! So we’ll be spending the weekend with her! So happy!

What was the last book you read and loved?: The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. Such a cool story and I loved how it was told.

Genevieve Avatar

How lovely to have your mum come and visit you for the weekend! I bet your little one will enjoy a visit from Nana.
I have heard of that book – 71/2 Deaths and I will request it from the local library. I am always after a good book to read.
What a stunning bunch of palettes from BH (just checked them out) and I can see how all of those bright shades would appeal to you. The Bubblegum, Pistachio and Sugar Cone palettes have some really gorgeous shimmers in them. Sugar Cone would be my favourite. Love those bronzey shades.

Z Avatar

I compared my Becca Shimmer Skin Perfector Liquid Highlight in Pearl to some of my other highlighters the other day, including Flesh’s now discontinued offering in Startle, and realized it still can’t be matched for perfect luminosity. It’s just light reflection without any base color or sparsely mixed shimmers. It’s perfect.

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