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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Apparently, it was time to replenish skincare! I took advantage of Dr. Jart+’s recent sale and picked up the Premium BB Beauty Balm in two shades, Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel, Ceramidin Cream, Cicapair Gel/Cream/Correcting, Teatreement Moisturizer, and a few masks. I also repurchased Mahalo’s Rare Indigo Beauty Balm and Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum.
  • Weekend plans: We’re supposed to close on my mother-in-law’s home today, so hopefully that goes to plan and we get keys. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law will be moving here in July! Then my parents retire here next year, LOL. I’m VERY thankful that my parents’ was purchased two years ago (rented currently) because the market is so high and competitive.
  • What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: I’ve tried to give myself more latitude when I’ve put in the work for the day, even if it doesn’t “show.” For example, if I’ve spent 12 hours taking photos, editing photos, etc. and I can only get two or three posts up the next day (instead of four), that’s OK. I felt myself getting close to burnout territory in January of this year, so I’ve tried not to berate myself for not doing “enough” so that I can at least keep doing what I’m doing for longer rather than break down. I’ve never been able to take naps, but I’ve been getting up at 5AM for the last few months (and not falling asleep until 11pm or later), so I’ve been trying to set aside an hour to “nap” and have found that even just “resting” for an hour as helped me be more awake/active in the afternoon.

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases, but I have recently discovered in my attempt to pan some base products, how much I love mixing the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream with the Paula’s Choice Super Light Daily Wrinkle Defense Sunscreen. I haven’t wanted my skin to be as glowy lately (what is WRONG WITH ME), and wanted a more satin skin-like light to medium finish, and this combo gives me that!

Weekend plans: A bridal shower on Saturday. I’m a little uncomfortable about going, but it’s family…I’ll be wearing my mask for sure.

What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: To listen to my body. Normally, I push myself in all aspects of life to exhaustion because there’s always something that “needs” to be done, but being forced to stay at home has made me slow down and really listen to what my body is telling me and allow myself to REST when I need it. I’m not good at resting, lol.

I used to LOVE Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm until they added fragrance, and now my rosacea skin doesn’t tolerate the burning it causes!
I just picked up Sol de Janiero’s Glomotions Glow Body Oil in Carnival Queen (pink).
I stay home or visit my BF on the weekends, but I still won’t go anywhere else except grocery shopping (masked, of course) since COVID-19 is spiking so much here (Palm Beach County, FL).

Christine, how amazing that your whole family is coming to you! What wonderful news.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Makeup Forever I-514, a frosty beige that I put in the center of my lid, deepened at the edges, and a dramatic cat eye (some above the mask glam!)

Weekend plans: I went on a two hour walk last weekend listening to an audiobook (Americanah), and I’d love to do that again! The premier league is also back, so I might try to catch some soccer/football. My friend also does a soccer podcast that I want to catch up on.

What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: I’ve started going on walks again outside and it has really helped center me.

I wanted to try some things from Surratt but there seems to be a stock issue at various retailers, including their own site. Idk if that’s Covid related or if the brand is discontinuing or reformulating. I mainly wanted to try the eyeshadows so I bought Zibeline and Haute Chocolate from Beautylish. The eyeliner was sold out there so I just got the two shadows.

I expected them to be like the Burberry wet n dry shadows, which I love and are what I call “gently pigmented.” They are similar in finish but pack a little more punch and a little goes a long way, so smooth and blendable. Kind of like if Burberry and classic Nars shadows had a baby. They meld with the skin and have that subtle sheen that makes it look like it’s the natural finish of your eyelid.

It’s great that the two eyeshadows have worked so well on you and I have just looked up the shades you have chosen and they are gorgeous. I think they are the kind of shades that would work well either by themselves or with a pop of colour. Very, very pretty.

Purchases: Ulta order using 1000pts: Pacifica mineral spf 50 pineapple body butter, ELF matte magic mist & set, Manic Panic vampire red amplified hair color, Coola mineral tinted liplux spf 30 in purple sky, and a Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Weekend Plans: Husband doesn’t like the blue vinyl wrap racing stripe on the MR2 because it was supposed to match the blue on the seats but doesn’t, so we’re pulling it off and putting on a new one that does match. Maybe go out on the boat but it’s supposed to be super hot and thunderstorm tomorrow and Sunday.

Recent change that improved your life: My workout routine was getting blah so I changed it.

Mellan looks so healthy! Yay!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My PMG Divine Rose just came so I’m itching to do some eye looks! Now it’s back to no/low buy again.
Weekend plans: For Father’s Day I am baking my husband a chocolatey treat today, making him Weekend Wifesafer for the weekend breakfast and I’m not sure what I’ll make him for dinner on Sunday. We’re going to have thunderstorms this weekend and they always come at dinnertime, our bbq is under our eave so I can still bbq, he loves beef and Alberta beef is the best.
What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: I get horrific migraines which can put me out of commission for days and trying to do anything is just about impossible. I just started a gentle exercise program to help me feel a little more toned and strong that I can do for a half hour a day and it’s not too strenuous that it will bring on a migraine yay!

Brendacr1, have you tried using Bio-Kult probiotic? After suffering from migraines for years, trying many things (not wanting to use a daily medication), and being limited on how many prescription triptan pills I could take each week, I read about a study finding that Bio-Kult reduces the severity and frequency of migraines. This study was cited in Consumer Labs (reputable unbiased site) and I confirmed its legitimacy and results on NIH site. So I thought, why not try it?

And it seems to have worked! I keep a spreadsheet detailing the frequency and background of every headache I get and the number of headaches (and severity) has really gone down since I started Bio-Kult. In fact, I took two capsules of Bio-Kult per day for 33 weeks, and then was finding that I was getting some gastrointestinal issues that I suspected maybe was being affected by the Bio-Kult, so I decided to try taking it just once a day and so far, I’ve seen no difference so I’m sticking with taking it just once a day. My reasoning is that the original study wasn’t on a long term basis and it’s likely that my gut flora is now in a position to reduce the Bio-Kult taken. IDK. All I know is I’m very happy to have found something that helps improve my migraine situation and I recommend trying it to see if it works for you.

I empathize with your migraine struggles. Back in 2000 following a car accident, I started suffering from bizarre symptoms. After several months of waiting for whatever was bothering me to just go away, I finally made an appt. with my Dr. After an exhaustive workup from all the disciplines, cardiac, ENT, Neuro, Gyne etc they were no closer to figuring out what was wrong. Breasts cancer came along and whenever I would have the other symptoms my Dr. would just tell me that I shouldn’t worry as I had cancer, was going through surgeries and chemo and I shouldn’t expect to feel good. Fast forward 9 years and the symptoms have gotten to the point where they were unbearable. I went to my Dr. and insisted he do something. I was in the ER many times and all they did was prescribe Meclizine for Meniere’s and sent me home. I knew it wasn’t Menieres and I felt strongly it was Neuro. I refused to go back to work and my Dr. and I played this game of every three months I would see him and he would tell me he was signing a work release and I refused and he would schedule me for an appt. in 3 months. After almost a year, I finally won and got an appt. to see a different Neurologist. After letting me related my symptoms for about 20 minutes and telling him that if he said it was breast cancer related, at this point I was almost 10 years post breast cancer, and that if I had to live this way I wished the cancer had killed me he was able to tell me what was wrong. I had a form of migraines which at the time were callled Basilar Artery Migraines but are now called some iteration of Vestibular Migraines. The good news was treatment was available and while I am 100% better, I do still have bouts that last for days or weeks. I empathize because any illness that doesn’t show on your body is treated like it is all in your head or can’t be that bad. These were life changing for me and my employer just didn’t understand since I looked fine. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better but it is a struggle which I understand. My migraines were not always associated with pain and mostly were severe dizziness, vertigo, feeling like I was being zapped by a taser, nausea, vomiting and a sense of impending doom. Once I started learning triggers and avoiding those situations, things got better but it is still a struggle. I wish you nothing but good health and am thankful you know what is wrong. Not knowing and having cancer really did a number on my head and robbed me of ten years of life.

Oh my gosh Deborah! You’ve been through so much! I worked at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary for 25 yrs so I have dealt with that disease from the other side, but to go through it is gruelling. I’ve never heard of those kind of migraines, at least you finally got a diagnosis but wow how to compound your journey, yes it did steal 10 yrs of your life it is a horrendous disease. I know my triggers are barometric so I track the weather (chinooks are bad) but I can’t run away from it, and a few food triggers like wine (sob!), and lack of sleep. If I take tylenol #3s for the headache I can’t sleep so the next day is a wash, so I try not to take too many meds. Advil sometimes help, I’m trying some CBD oils right now, haven’t found one that has clicked yet, I’ll keep trying because there’s not much else you can do.

My triggers are very similar to yours. If I am over fatigued, changes in weather patterns, wind and loud noises. If I am in a stressful situation, I will actually feel really good until the stress ends and then the migraine triggers. Over time, more and more pieces started coming together and I will use anti-histamines when I know the wind is going to blow or the weather is changing. I kept a journal for a long time to see what correlations I could make. The real help for me was Elavil. Elavil is an old tricyclic anti-depressant. I take it prophylactically on a daily basis. I refuse narcotics and I tried Botox without effect. I also tried many anti-seizure medications that have been shown to work on my type of migraine but I had severe side effects with everyone. Hope I never develop seizures! So, my problems mostly cluster in spring and fall now.
Glad to hear that you are getting some relief. All we can do is one day at a time.

Hmm, I should try the anti-histamines, as soon as the wind starts to blow even when we are down in LA or Vegas the Santa Ana winds will start my head pounding. I take 100mg of Elavil in the evening. 200mg of Topamax and I don’t like taking it as it messes with your memory. I do Botox every 3 months I schedule it to coincide with Spring and Fall as that is the worst time for me as well.

I applaud you! Was where you were at a couple years ago. I also had to avoid high impact exercise or strength training: I couldn’t have my heart rate too high or it would trigger a migraine.

What worked for me: I discovered that long diaphragmatic breathing helped calm and lower my heart rate. This eventually led me to mindfulness meditation for headache pain relief bc many medications didn’t work (except for toridol–and that isn’t a long term solution). If this sounds interesting to you, I would read anything by Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief.

Practicing mindfulness meditation eventually helped me stave off headaches and I eventually included yoga so I can incorporate meditation and toning together. I had to be careful to keep my heart rate low and to gently move from pose-to-pose. For example, I could not do “flow” work from going to an on-the-floor position to standing position (i.e. plank–downward dog–forward fold–mountain pose). I stayed on the floor doing poses and took my sweet time getting up. Or, I stayed standing close to a wall.

I hope some of this helps!

Thank you Maggie, I took a yoga class at the Chronic Pain Clinic and they taught us so many useful tips. I can’t lay down when I have a migraine it increases my pain so much! My husband also wants to get a small dog as when we dog sit our daughter’s dog I find I feel a lot better when I have to walk him every day and I haven’t seen him since covid as I’m high risk. I will look up Jon Kabat-Zinn thanks for the referral anything that will help!

Hi folx!
A thought or two on migraines – I’ve suffered them most of my life. A number of medications specifically for migraines were FDA-approved in the past few years, a class called ‘CGRP antagonists’. They are indicated for prevention of chronic migraine, and are available in many different forms (injection, infusion or tablet). They are very effective – it’s definitely worth asking your doctor about! (As a disclaimer, I am not a medical doctor, and I do not have any ties to any drug companies).

My beauty question – Christine, please tell me what shadows are pictured in the ‘title image’ for this section? They look like intense duochromes, and I want them to be mine.

Thanks so much!

Thanks Suzanne, I will check out those meds, I know there are some that are available in the US and not in Canada yet, I keep checking with my doc, he’s a pain specialist that performs trigger point injection acupuncture on me, it helps some but it’s not a cure.

I hope your Father’s Day plans work out and a BBQ for dinner, with beef on the menu, sounds like a yummy plan.
Glad to hear that your new exercise program is working out and you are taking it easy and gently to avoid those debilitating migranes.
Take care Brenda.

Purchases – none; rediscoveries – Urban Decay Beached e/s palette. Not the best of their palettes but some of the shadows are just so lovely and, well, “beach-y” and as the temps here have been pretty brutal, especially with Humidex factored in, it’s as good a vibe as I’m likely to be feeling.

Plans: Facetime workout with my trainer tomorrow morning and then getting things organized for Fathers’ Day. My son and his girlfriend are coming in to town tomorrow night to stay over and my daughter and son in law will join us for brunch on Sunday. So tomorrow will be baking the dessert, pre-cooking the bacon (so the house doesn’t reek of bacon and I’m not splattered in grease Sunday morning) and doing the thing I hate most – WRAPPING presents!

A recent change: doing FaceTime workouts twice a week with my trainer rather than just letting myself slide into inertia for 3 months. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve really seen my biceps coming back to what they were and my shoulders looking rather nice for an “almost 70” gal.

Yes, those blues in the Beached palette are heavenly and I think they would look lovely on you. It’s great that your family members are able to join you for your Father’s Day.
I have just finished watching Cardinal, based in Southern Ontario and Season 4 was filmed in your winter – OMG – how freezing it must be for you. We think its cold here when we get a light dusting of snow….
My sympathies for the summer weather you are experiencing. I remember ours all too well and with the humidity factor high, it just energy sapping.
It good that your training/exercise program is delivering results, because I know I have added a few kilos over the past 3 months and I am going to cut down on all that yummy cooking that I have been doing. Enjoy your Father’s Day and I hope it isn’t too hot.

Genevieve, I’d never even heard of that series til you mentioned it. I looked it up, though, and it’s filmed in Sudbury, which is fairly far north in Ontario; I live in the “banana belt”. The average January temp. in Sudbury is -17C; here, it’s around -9, so not nearly as cold (though still cold) and we don’t get nearly as much snow (this past winter, we hardly had any – I think we had one big snowfall in November, which was early, but then very little after that. Mind you, a few years ago, we had 5 or 6 snow days (days when it’s deemed unsafe for school buses to be on the roads so the schools shut down entirely) and 2 of those were in a row, which I’d never, ever (as a parent or a teacher) experienced.

I loved hearing Mellan’s beautiful, deep voice!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing!

Weekend plans: Nothing new…weekly Zoom happy hour with friends, reading, watching TV and Netflix, household chores. 

What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life? This is a tough one, since life has been pretty depressing over the past three months. But after experiencing quarantine weight gain, I finally decided to cut out all the junk and eat healthy snacks instead. So I guess that’s something.

Seraphine-if it makes you feel better, then it is something!!! Taking care of yourself and your loved ones is so important right now, even it is seems mundane. Keep your head up! <3

Exciting that you’ll have so much family around! That’s the dream for me.

Purchases/Rediscoveries: no purchases, just enjoying my recent skincare buys and using up some makeup. Christine my eye has been on that Dr. Jart milk peel! Curious what you end up thinking of it.

Weekend plans: celebrating my friend’s birthday from a social distance (sigh), being outside as much as physically possible, painting, chatting over Facetime, making more macarons. I made them for the first time last weekend and they came out so well! I am looking into making my own extracts and will begin this weekend with vanilla, orange, lemon and maybe cinnamon. I know some imitation almond extracts are made with stuff like apricot pits so I’m curious about that. I want to research more before making actual almond extract.

Recent change: long, long walks outdoors every day the weather’s good. Summer is good for my soul, it’s light outside til almost 9:30 and we’ve had some lovely sunsets.

Mellan is such a cute, happy boy! I adore him 🙂

Hauls and rediscoveries: Still nothing. I think it will be a while until I make any frivolous purchases, unfortunately. I did receive a beautiful pair of handmade earrings which I had ordered back on the 24th, so at least there is something new and pretty in my life!

Weekend plans: I’ve got online dance class tomorrow morning, and then Sunday an online embroidery workshop — It was supposed to be IRL in March, then they postponed to June, and then they were like “Ok, nevermind, we’ll just do it online.” The kit arrived in the mail yesterday and I am looking forward to learning a new skill!

Other than that our dog is back in the hospital and we are hoping to bring her home again soon. This weekend marks 3 weeks that we have been trying to stay on top of this health crisis of hers! I think I’ve got about 10 new grey hairs from this, ha ha.

A recent change I’ve made that has improved my life: Ugh, I feel like all of my recent changes have been more negative. I have not been prioritizing my own self-care, I’ve mostly stopped dancing, etc. I should really spend some time this weekend finding ways to take better care of myself again.

Recent Purchases:
*September Rose Cosmetics — Slush and Slush II Palette Bundle.

*Juvia’s Place (sale) — I Am Magic Concealer in J24 and two I Am Magic Loose Setting Powders in White Sand.

*My Pretty Zombie — Highlight in Can I Have One, Before You Kill ‘Em?, and three Dr. Soda Eau de Toilette Sprays.

*Amazon — Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eyeshadow Primer and Wet n Wild Coconut Photo Focus Primer Water.

Weekend plans: Caring for a recovering corn snake. We have to give him pain and antibiotic injections once a day and keep his wound coated in ointment. He should make a full recovery, thank goodness. Wednesday night, he got trapped trying to exist a hole in his favorite hidey toy, which we didn’t realize he’d slightly outgrown. My husband had to cut the poor thing out it. The snake skinned a 1/2″ wide partial ring around his body and gashed his back, requiring stitches. Fortunately, his belly was unscathed, so his organs were safe and he can slither without hurting himself further. We lucked out that there was a pet ER in Portland who could see snakes, and they made sure he was stable till we could take him to an exotic pet surgeon the next morning.

Sunday, celebrate Father’s Day. COVID-19 cases are up in Oregon, so we’ll be staying home and making him a nice dinner. The kids got hubby a Klein bottle from Cliff Stoll of YouTube’s Numberphile. It’s pretty cool, and Cliff sent sweet handwritten notes along with it.

What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: No one want to hear my answer to this one.

Best wishes for your snake to have a smooth recovery! It seems like finding good vet care for “exotics” is such a challenge, so I am glad you were able to find a ER which could see you.

BTW, my spouse is a fan of Numberphile too 🙂

Thank you, AJ! Yes, we were lucky the ER had someone who could work on reptiles. They were great, as was the surgeon they referred us to. The receptionist kept referring to the snake as a baby, and his injury as an owie. A true animal mommy, that one. *smile*

My older son especially love Numberphile. He’s keeping the autographed doodle and framing it. lol It’s nice to know Cliff is every bit as sweet as he appears to be.

Thanks, Tracey! He’s doing really well. He’s healing nicely and he had no problems eating this weekend. My son has had him 6-7 years, and he’s an unofficial emotional support animal for him. We’re just so happy the injuries were treatable. He’s part of the family.

I do. If you don’t want to share, that’s fine, but don’t ever think you don’t have an audience on here or people who don’t want to hear what you have to say. ❤

P.S. I’m glad you were able to care for your corn snake. I had one many years ago that I grew quite attached to despite it being so unorthodox for me. They are wonderful companions.

Pearl, that’s sweet of you. Thank you! I just meant I’ve been in a foul mood, and during the stuff going on here in the U.S., I’m feeling cynical, depressed, and anxious. My answer wouldn’t have been very nice.

Yikes, that experience with the snake sounds alarming. I hope for a smooth recovery!
I think little snakes are really cute, but there’s no snakes in NZ so I have to look at pictures online instead of ever getting to hold one. 🙁

Thank you! He doing really well. My son has had him about 6 years, and he’s really cute. It cost a small fortune in vet’s bills, but we’re happy he’ll be OK.

I didn’t know NZ didn’t have snakes. They make great pets.

Oh Rachel – personally, I would love to hear about any changes that has made your life better because I know you have so many things to contend with – including a corn snake!
Our snakes here are pretty vicious and I think you are brave having any around – but it does sound quite a cutey.
Our Covid 19 cases are up to and our Premier has reinstated a stricter lockdown regime, limiting numbers of people gathering in a home etc.
I hope your family continues to be safe and well and that your husband enjoys his Father’s Day.

Sorry to hear you’re on stricter lockdown and cases are up. Our governor made masks mandatory and slowed down reopening in some areas. One church in Eastern Oregon had more than 200 cases traced back to it. Scary!

Corn snakes don’t get too large and are pretty mellow. They make very sweet pets. Ours is from a pet shop and rescue that Aaric used to intern with. Indigenous Oregon snakes are pretty mellow, with the Western Rattlesnakes being the only venomous ones. They won’t bother people unless they feel threatened.

Thank you so much for your willingness to listen. You and Pearl are too sweet. But I don’t feel like any changes I’ve made have made life better, they never do, and they never will. I should have just said that in the first place or kept my mouth shut. I was trying not to be too negative here, but I ended up vagueposting due to lack of sleep. I wasn’t thinking and I worried people, which I regret..

It’s so wonderful to see Mellan romping around outside! He’s a happy boi!

Purchases/rediscoveries: No beauty purchases this week except for a package of Simple Exfoliating wipes. Did hit Old Navy for a few tank tops and flip-flops.

Weekend plans: Getting my Remicade infusion tomorrow at Banner UMC. Other than that, nothing of note planned. Today, I’m just going to straighten up a bit around here so that everything is nice for when I get back home tomorrow evening.

What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life? Going for swims at my new apartment complex pool several times per week. Very mentally and physically refreshing and invigorating! I am able to exercise with so much more ease in water than I am able to accomplish on land. So, this is also very restorative to my all-around health, too.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I have been stocking up on yarn, since most of my stash is in storage. I did buy one beauty-related thing: I made an order with Kuumba Made to try their Vanilla Musk scent, and I got a small size of their vanilla body oil. In the past, i have really loathed vanilla scents, but I am getting more into them now.

Weekend plans: We are in Oklahoma, where covid is currently spiking, so we are gonna do everything we can to stay indoors. I’m also making a butterfly wreath for my cousin’s boss, but that won’t take too long.

What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: I’ve been going to bed earlier most nights, and that is good. Since I don’t have work or school right now, having a structure of any sort is welcome. I am also crocheting up a storm, and I am getting better at it as I go. Giving my hands something to do has helped immensely with my mental health of late.

Mellan, what is your secret to never aging? I want to try it!

Haul: Nothing this week. I did dig out my Give Me Glow Cosmetics e/s palette in Vintage Rose which was a favorite last summer and used it this week. I hadn’t used it since last summer and forgot it was the perfect palette for me.

Weekend plans: Get some housework done and hopefully get my mower going so I can mow the lawn. This is a long explanation but anyway, I live on one side of a river that divides me from the little town I live in. The bridge is being torn out this summer and replaced so that means to get to the little town I have to drive 25 miles to the cutoff, 23 miles down the other side to get to see my mother, brother and the little store I most frequently use. At the end of the first leg is a larger town, maybe 2,000 people so that is where I have been going to buy groceries, get prescriptions, etc. The problem is that my brother is the one who keeps my stuff running, repairs any house problems I have and takes my trash to the dump when I have more than just a couple of bags that will fit in my car. With the long distance, he refuses to come to fix my lawn tractor. Last summer I had a young man mow it for me and he lives on the other side of the river. My grass is about 3 feet high, actually not grass but natural flora. So, I have to try and either get my mower going on my own, haha, or find someone to mow for me. The way I find people is to put a notice up on the board out the little local store. I think you see the picture here. As for cleaning my house, through social distancing and the bridge I knew I was not going to have visitors so I have let things slip a bit. My daughter is moving home in September so I also need to make some room to store her stuff until she moves to Seattle which will be either this fall or next spring, more likely spring.
Recent change: Nothing. I have been stuck in a rut for months now and spend a lot of time raging at life in general and a few politicians specifically. I have tried to get myself out of it but this summer has conspired against me. A pandemic, a global economy meltdown, an upcoming election that is an historic tipping point for our country, the bridge being out, etc and you can see why I need to pull myself out of this but so far nothing has worked. This is doubly bad since I am never like this. So, my daughter got me hooked on Outlander and I have been binge watching and while I love the show, it isn’t a “everything is rosy” type of show either. Oh well, I am sure I will snap out of it when the bridge opens, my daughter moves home and the election is over.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Do It For The Graham eyeshadow palette and Wake & Bake Face Oil from Beauty Bakerie. The shadows are very good quality. They are pigmented enough, easy to blend, and there is no fallout. The color story is a bit meh, however, and the duo-chromes don’t seem to have much shift to them. It may end up at Project Beauty Share. I also picked up a set of black gel paste on nails when I was at the drugstore buying hand sanitizer this morning.

Weekend plans: Meeting up with some friends at a local park. This may involve public transit, which I have not been on in three months, so I am a bit anxious about it.

What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: I can think of plenty of things I could change to improve my life but I have not done any of them.

Recent Purchases:
-> Paula’s Choice: Took advantage of the anniversary 20% sale to purchase replacements of products I’m finishing (CLINICAL 0.3% Retinol + 2% Bakuchiol Treatment, Daily Replenishing Body Cream, CLEAR Purifying Clay Mask), staples I like to have stocked because they are consumables (SMOOTH FINISH Conditioner, ALL OVER Hair & Body Shampoo, EXTRA CARE Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50) and I got tons of free items as usual (a full size of RESIST Pure Radiance Skin Brightening Treatment and a DEFENSE Mini Kit with the cleanser, moisturizer, SPF and the Pore Purifier treatment).
-> MAC: I hit a big pan on my powder and I was going to make an order for the Studio Fix powder, but suddenly MAC had an offer with a free face product with a $75 order. I ended up purchasing two eyeshadows refills as I will need replacements in the next 1-2 months as they expire (MAC Patina and Vanilla), the PREP + PRIME 24-HOUR EXTEND EYE BASE (I’ll need an eye primer by the end of the summer), EYE BROWS BIG BOOST FIBRE GEL (curious to try it, hope it’s as good as the Prolongwear they discontinued), a mini IN EXTREME DIMENSION LASH MASCARA (since I haven’t yet made a Sephora order this year, so no stock of free mini mascara). I got for free the BLOT PRESSED POWDER, which is actually a product I love… and it’s the same powder I am using right now and finishing soon.

Rediscoveries: After a long hiatus (aka 3 months of shelter in place), I actually started using eyeliner again and rediscovered how good defining my eyes makes me look.

Weekend plans: Sincerely, nothing out of the ordinary. Three months (plus a week or so) in shelter in place and working from home is too much… and right know it seems we won’t go to work at this office this year. I hate working from home, my productivity is down… I simply can’t cope. I want to be productive, I want to do challenging technical stuff, but it’s so hard to engage the people to do eve minute stuff. I love my career and job, but not at this point…
I need to allow myself to be depressed and do boring stuff at home this weekend. It didn’t helped that I tried to go hiking last Saturday, and the parking lot was crowded, people roaming around with no consideration for social distancing… I turned back and went home and walked for 3 hours in my neighborhood.

What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: I simply can’t think on anything too drastic. With the whole extra time, maybe it’s the fact that I spend more time warming up before workouts and stretching after… helps my workouts be more efficient and my body feel better.

Recent purchases:
Ulta: waiting on all of the MAC Bronze collection eyeshadows (happy to hear these are a more emollient or creamier version than the first iterations) and a tube of Brave lipstick

Various nail polishes: waiting on my Polish Pickup, Cirque Colors (just charms, no nail polish this order) Starrily, Holo Taco, Moon Shine Mani and Mini Mani Moo orders to come in.

Rediscoveries: MAC OH My Passion Pearlmatte Powder and Si, Si Me! lipstick. I love that Fruity Juicy collection – it was like Alluring Aquatic light for me in the appeal.

Weekend plans: Just taking it easy. Cooking and cleaning is all done. Maybe a walk and a movie and some take out on Saturday. Facial/masks and a mani on Sunday after I come home from spending the day with my Dad.

What’s a recent change you have made that has improved your life?: Stopped following the news and social media and replaced it with doing my own research and fact finding.

I’ve been on a no buy for the past year or so but I broke it to get a few new palettes.

Purchased w/ 20% off coupon:

Pat McGrath Divine Rose I & II, Natasha Denona Metropolis, Fenty Mattemoiselle in Thicc (half off), and Kosas Color & Light Creme in Velvet Melon High.

*Sephora ended up refunding me for Divine Rose II bc when it arrived VR Sextraterrestrial was broken 🙃😫. However, it wasn’t completely shattered so I was able to press it back together without any alcohol since it is a soft shadow. Not as presentational but still very functional.

Weekend Plans: worked a tiny bit and then went to my sister’s. Saturday I have 2 dance classes on Zoom and Sunday I have a dance class on Zoom as well. I may sign up for a stretch class but I’m not sure.

Changes made for the better: I have been dancing more than I ever had which has kept me physically in shape and kept me emotionally sound during these trying times.

That’s really exciting that you have family moving closer to you, Christine! I hope they enjoy it.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I just restocked on some Paula’s Choice: Clear Cleanser, Resist Optimal Results Cleanser, and BHA9. I’m contemplating whether I should also order a BHA-4 or wait until the Niacinamide 20% treatment is back in stock. I’ve also been playing around with layering cheek products.

Weekend Plans: Right now, I’m baking my dad’s favorite bread so he can enjoy it throughout the weekend. I’m doing two loaves at once and I’m hoping it works out. I’ll certainly find out soon enough.

What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: I’ve changed the way I tune into the news bc it contributes to my anxiety during these uncertain times. Nowadays, I frequently check the local news bc it is more immediately relevant to my life and I try to limit that to once daily. Other news I watch in a different language I’m learning–the effort I put into understanding the rapid-fire speech seems to help mitigate any emotional response to the information. For clarity and depth, I go back and check old news every few days–for some reason, it being “old news” has less of holdover on me.

There is still a lot of puppy left in Mellon – how healthy he looks and moves.
Congratulations on finding a home for your in laws Christine. It will be wonderful when both your families move to the area. I hope everything goes to plan for you today.

Recent Purchases: No purchases this week.
Rediscoveries: Still mixing and matching shades from my many eyeshadow palettes, using more neutral and autumnal shades.

Weekend Plans: Friday – for the first time in absolutely ages, I was able to meet up with a group of teachers that I worked with in my old school. We all had similar stories of our lockdown and hard it was to be separated from our grandchildren. Thankfully, no-one became ill.
Saturday – shopping and Lachlan is coming over for a play this afternoon.
Sunday – hopefully a drive and perhaps a lunch or afternoon tea out. It is pretty difficult to tell at the moment here what’s open and what’s closed, so we will just ‘wing it’.
We’ve had a little upsurge of Covid19 cases here since lockdown has eased, but it is nothing like you are still experiencing in varying parts of the States.

Recent changes: I am not surprised you came close to burnout Christine, with the long hours you put in, the few breaks that you have and the problems sleeping. It’s because, I think, you are working too hard. Having less posts is fine and I am pleased to read that you are taking breaks during the day. A little snooze time is good.
For me, taking walks, being able to go out into the countryside and spend time with my granchildren at parks has been wonderful. Reading good books and enjoying simple pleasures has made my life overall better.

Recent purchases: bought a few Lipstick Queen ‘Saint’ lippies to add to a care package I’m sending to my mom in Canada; I also threw one in the Ulta shopping cart for me – the ‘Truth or Bare’ color in their Nothing But the Nudes collection. Received it yesterday. It’s soooo beautiful, I finally found my HG nude color (the description calls it ‘pale rosey nude’) but – the formula is very light and moisturizing, and as such the beautiful color doesn’t last very long. Now I’m determined to find the equivalent in a liquid lip. Unfortunately, Lipstick Queen has never been reviewed here! 🙁

Weekend plans: my home office and beauty vanity need a good decluttering… and the garden needs weeding :-/

Life improvement change: I’ve been working really hard on improving my sleep hygiene, and it’s finally paying off. Discovered Yoga Nidra, it’s made such a huge difference in my ability to relax and fall asleep. Highly recommended!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: The Daiso nearest me recently added a bunch of makeup products to their lineup, and I got tempted… I tried out a lip oil (made my lips go numb, so that’s a wash out), a super pigmented lavender highlighter (really pretty!!), two cream blushes (comfortable, pigmented but buildable and blendable, lovely satiny-skin finish), and a dark green mascara (!!! many thanks to kjh for mentioning this shade just the other day, as I don’t think I’d have spotted it if I hadn’t had it on the mind since then!). I think four out of five is pretty good.
Weekend plans: Tidying. Not exciting but satisfying to get done.
What’s a recent change you’ve made that has improved your life?: Cooking dinner for my flatmates instead of just for myself. Started over lockdown and I’ve just kept going, because I enjoy it, cooking for three or four people is way easier than for one, and they enjoy it and it’s nice to get my cooking complimented every night 🙂

I’m glad your families are moving closer to you, Christine. When I’ve felt overwhelmed at work it has often been that I’m focusing on volume rather than highest value work, or I’ve compromised leisure activities due to the grind of production I was in. When I step out of it, I usually get clarity as to what I can let go and where I should focus. I personally get more creative if I have some distance from work (usually through exercise). ‘m glad you’re taking one hour breaks and find them rejuvenating. It’s a step in the right direction!

Recent Purchases: Wayne Goss Artist Collection brushes – they exceeded my expectations in design and function.

Rediscoveries: Aveda eyeshadows and bronzer. Aveda was one of the first cosmetics brand that I first used and loved curating palettes and replacing the tiny eyeshadow squares as I used them. I still buy Aveda from time-to-time, so dedicated a few days this week to enjoying this brand again. It’s underrated.

Weekend Plans: Organizing my clothes is a focus this weekend as we are in a stretch of hot weather. The humidity takes a lot out of me, so very thankful for a new air conditioner in our apt and lighter clothing at hand. Spending Sunday doing errands, including a Target drive up and maybe takeout (curbside pickup) for dinner.

Recent change that brought an improvement: I’ve been buying less in the last few months and enjoying more of what I have. The purchases I have made have been more targeted. Where makeup is concerned, I have so much and have been enjoying it more than adding to it lately. It’s a good feeling!

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