Clionadh Cosmetics Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow Swatches (x17)

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Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow  

Last November, I purchased a 17-piece set of Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadows ($25.00 CAD for 0.05 oz. each) and received it earlier this year. The Jewelled Multichrome finish has a black base and shifts between at least three colors. The brand gets a lot of love from readers here and the wider community, particularly for their Stained Glass Collection, which is a permanent collection of multichrome eyeshadows. Make sure to click on any shade that might interest you to see additional swatches (many shades have four or more swatches)! 🙂

The only downside to the brand is that they have a very long turnaround time (which was only worsened by current events!). They appear to be working through more steadily, and it seems like they’ll be more fluid in September. By the time I finish reviewing all of these Multichromes, it’ll probably be around that time ? They are a Canadian brand, and shipping to the US appears to be a flat rate of $15 CAD (about $11 US). There were three additional shades in this finish released (that I don’t have), too. You can pre-order from the brand’s Stained Glass collections (bundles and individual shades) for delivery in September.

I didn’t purchase all of the Multichromes the brand makes (there’s now 90+!), as they are pricier, so I wanted to try some before buying the whole farm, y’know 🙂

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Thank you for this massive, incredible undertaking. Your work ethic is beyond comparison. Just capturing the shifts shows so many (hundreds?) of hours of dedicated photography. Their complexity was well captured.

Oh my goodness, these are soooo gorgeous! Unfortunately, my very hooded aging eyes and tiny lids would not do them justice. Will you be showing us some looks with this palette?

These are so pretty. I’ve never purchased from them, even though I’ve heard amazing things, due to the price and turnaround time. It might be something I consider in the future though!

Wow, the colours are stunning, it will be interesting to see how they swatch, and from Canada and I’ve never even heard of them, I’ll have to check them out, not that I need any more eye shadows!

I was just looking into purchasing a couple of these stunning shadows this morning. I don’t know why, but a really intense, sparkly, amazing eyeshadow makes my mouth water? I’m…? Don’t ask me why, that’s just my body’s reaction.

Do you have any other synethesias? That’s how I see it. You are responding with an aspect of taste to a visual stimulus. And yes, this is the weirdest one I ever heard of! You know, makeup seems to be the only thing that makes me wish I were younger. Mostly I’m just glad I’m coming into the home stretch. Swatch posts like these are immensely cheerful and mood lifting.

So gorgeous! I’ve been very good about using what I have in my stash recently, but these mint be worth splurging on, as I have nothing like them. I will look forward to your reviews!

This is so exciting! I’ve been buying from Clionadh since 2017 and have seen the fan base change from a small group to the general public. Thank you for including them on your site. For me it’s perfect since I can compare your beautiful swatches to other brands but also create colour stories for myself. Of course I’m interested in your opinion on these compared to the only mainstream multichrome from Pat McGrath. However, it does mean that shipping times will go up! They will have to hire more people for sure!

These eyeshadows are both magical and mesmerizing! If I was only allowed to choose one it would be anneal, but they’re all stunning! Thanks so much for swatching them Christine 🙂

These are all breathtakingly pretty but my eyelids are too small too wear them. I can only wear black-based darker shades like this on the outer eyelid (V) and crease.

This might be a great one for a video since it’s so hard to capture how amazing they are.
I love them. Just got my new package that I ordered February, but haven’t yet opened it because of waiting for the virus to disintegrate. ?

I appreciate the swatches! They look beautiful, but I don’t have the patience to wait for months to get my order. LOL! I’ll check back with them once shipping improves a little because there are some gems definitely worth picking up.

I’m hopeful that they’ll be more sorted by fall! They seemed like they were more on track (hired more people, bigger facility) but then with the pandemic, they didn’t have the full team in for over two months.

Completely understandable. That’s just how it is with indie brands sometimes! I’ve known about them for years, but never actually purchased from them. I’m excited for all your swatches. It truly makes things easier to see.

Right! It takes much patience ! They have always had slow shipping problems and haven’t figured out the production side of things.

But right now would be a disaster to order from them. It honestly didn’t bother me until recently. 5 months is crazy! I might die before I get them!

Wow, these are so unique! I’d never heard of this company! I love all the posts on indie/lesser known brands lately!

I’m so glad you posted these swatches and may even post full reviews! I have been curious about this brand for a long time. What has stopped me from purchasing in the past was the long lead time as well as the higher than other indie brand pricing. I felt like it was a bigger “risk” if I didn’t like them and so did not felt as comfortable ordering blind. I may treat myself to some of these.

These seriously left me breathless!! OMG! Definitely want Gargoyle, Forge and Gothic! Finally, something to get very excited about! ?

Omgggggg – so glad you’re swatching Clionadh! I’ve been eyeing their products for a long time, but I’m hesitant to purchase unusual eyeshadow colors when I can’t compare them to other eyeshadows in a systematic way. Thank you!

I love the richness of these. Next time I’ve got some extra $ to spend on makeup I think Clionadh will be my first stop and I’d like to pick some of these up. I’ve seen some individuals on a swatching subreddit show videos of these and they make my heart all a twitter. I especially love the green/yellow shifts and the blue/purple shifts as there seems to be enough of a change in those that they carry over to the eye. The closer the shift the less likely you can tell on the eye (vs arm) in my experience… although I haven’t tried Clionadh yet so maybe they’ll blow my theory out of the water.

Dang, they sure are beatiful! I bought similar duochromes /multichromes from Dawn Eyes a couple months ago that I still haven’t even used though so I’ll have to pass on purchasing these for now!

i did too! i think i got like 80% of her premium duochromes and I’ve only swatched them. so pretty, but some don’t have the same impact as others.

these shadows are beautiful but the price and the shipping (and the fact that i’m already sitting on a bunch of loose multichrome pigments) are enough to dissuade me. beautiful swatches though!

I have looked at the website several times thinking to pick some up but with the pandemic and everything I sort of put it on the back burner. Tara was raving about these for months and it caught my attention. Like many, I was put off by the long lead time. I, like many beauty enthusiasts, can’t wait for my products to arrive. These are stunning. Some beautiful greens!!

These are absolutely gorgeous, and I think all of Clionadh’s stuff looks amazing (though I’ve never tried it – I live in the UK so it’s difficult getting indie brands here). But I have like a weird pet peeve? with them: they pronounce their name wrong. They are named after the Irish goddess whose name is pronounced Cleena (like an anagram of my name :D). I used to never bat an eye at it, but now I’ve started learning Irish and I can’t stop thinking about it whenever I see them mentioned. Like, of the things to get annoyed about, this is pretty low on my list (especially considering I’ve never tried any of these beautiful eyeshadows…yet), but still! just change the spelling to make it phonetic or tell everyone to pronounce it correctly! You can’t just change the Irish language how you want! I know because I have tried!

tl;dr: if you ever learn Irish, know beforehand that it will absolutely mess your brain up, and this is coming from someone who is pretty good at learning languages. Also check the spelling and pronunciation of the cool foreign name you want before you make it your brand.

What timing! I literally just placed my first Clionadh order this morning! If I’d just waited a couple hours I could’ve used these swatches to make a more informed purchase ?

I want these! Do they charge you when you order, or when they ship?

Do these pans work in a MAC pallet (are they magnetic) or do you need a magnetic pallet for them?

I believe it charges when it is ordered. They do refund, though – the first order I ever placed with them, I ended up cancelling because it was going to deliver when I knew I wouldn’t be able to review at all (start of the holiday review season!), and there was no issue refunding!

They are just metal pans, so you’ll need a magnetic palette for them.

I havnt been this excited to see you review something in awhile! I placed an order for these and after almost 5 months they’re almost here! They’re expensive and alot of influencers get them sent to them so I always take their reviews with a grain of salt. I’m REALLY interested in a straight honest review cause between the price and wait time it’s a commitment! That being said theres a reason people lose their minds over these they are special, so I’ll be patiently waiting to hear your take on them!

Oh wow 😮 I love Anneal, both aesthetically and for the biology feels the name gives me. The prices are also 😮 but I suppose I would rather drop that kind of cash on an indie brand.

Joyful – these are just sensational. Take your time to review these Christine – there is more than enough here to keep you busy for awhile.

Some of those are beautiful but at my age and hooded eyes it would not look good on me! I wish a company would just make satin eyeshadow to cater to the older woman, lol

These are speaking to me in a big way. Multi chromes are a big favorite of mine, I have several Fyrinnae, Sydney Grace and my Pat McGrath palette arrives tomorrow. I’m going to bookmark this as I will want to splurge at some point. ???

I ordered on March 13 2020 and I’ll probably will receive my order next month ? . My order consists of 6 glitter multi chromes , 1 jeweled multichrome (forge) and 2 Duochromes ?

I’ll probably end up buying some of these at some point. I’m thinking I’d be happy with Lunette as a single and two of the 6-shade Custom Bundles they offer-1 Forge/Gothic/Smoulder/Kiln/Castle/Oculus pack and 1 Crown Glass/Flame-Blown/Sand Blast/Rosette/Trefoil/Gargoyle pack.

Wow – these are so gorgeous, however I haven’t had any luck at all with the Sydney Grace ones I ordered and they just show up as black on my eyelids – no shift at all. I’m guessing because I have smallish eyes? So disappointed as I love so many of them

How are you applying them? With Multichromes that use a black base, if you blend too much, you will actually bring out the base and lose the shift!

These are like magnets for my eyes, I had to force myself to stop looking.

I will in some months probably order a few, I love all of the ones from Crown Glass onward and also Anneal.

Now I’m off to their site, just to take a very short look.

These are absolutely gorgeous, and probably the BEST swatches I’ve seen for Clionadh…including their own. Gives me a much better idea of what to order. Now….I just have to decide whether to order four or five of them…or eat for a week. Oh, well….I need to lose weight anyway.

I don’t see the 17 piece set that’s 25 CAD?? It looks like each individual one is 25 CAD and then there’s a 20 piece set that’s 440 CAD. How did you manage to get such a low price??????

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