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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Tom Ford Mia/Clint Boys & Girls Lip Colors, MAC x Aladdin, Fenty summer ’19 eyeliner trios/lipsticks
  • Weekend plans: Our big “event” is going to a local restaurant, Binkley’s, which does an 18-24 course meal (takes about 3 to 4 hours). It’s a pretty cool place – a more casual setting, homey but with very high-end/fine dining food and excellent service. This has been our go-to spot for special occasions since they opened the location, but it was too chaotic to go to for Valentine’s Day, so this is sort of a deferred visit for us!
  • What advice would you give your younger self?: Be nicer to your little sister sooner!

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Celesta Avatar

Haul: Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne palette. It’s really beautiful!

Rediscoveries: None that I can think of! I’m just floating happily along in my make up routine.

Weekend plans: Yard work and cleaning and a visit with my in-laws.

What advice would you give your younger self?: That things really suck in the moment and they will for a while, but everything will turn out better than you could have dreamed.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Mother Days in lew of on Monday shopping try.
I got the New Shimmer Highlighter from e.l.f. and the New Wet N Wild Astrology collection Eart Air and Losse highlighter powders in store. Wasn’t expecting to see those in any store.
Also only picked up the Laneige Lip Glowy Balm in Berry from Sephora… really surprised by only picking that up. lol

Weekend plans: Next weekend is Anime North and I’m so disappointed I didn’t get enough done on my one cosplay to bring it. But I’m going as a Purple lizard Monster instead. I have just enough time to try and go full mascot head over facepaint, but the face paint is an option.

What advice would you give your younger self?: Don’t be so scared to get hurt by other people. You will be hurt but it will pass.

Jessica Avatar

Haul: Nothing. I’m recovering from falling off the wagon during the Sephora sale.
Rediscoveries: Nothing here either. I’ve been sick this week, so I’ve not been wearing makeup.
Weekend plans: I’m working tonight. It should be fun. There will be a dog dressed like a dragon. Saturday, I need to do a full run through of my routine that I’ll be performing in Denver on June 7th. I finally got it choreographed last night, but I didn’t put it all together to the music. So I need to make sure everything fits together and make adjustments where needed. Plus, I’ll be getting a hair cut. Sunday, I am babysitting my youngest nephew.

What advice would you give your younger self? Start flexibility training sooner! I am dying for my splits and if I had taken flexibility training classes when I was young, I’d have them already.

Emily Avatar

Hauls: Maybelline Matte Ink in Pioneer and Artist. I’m madly in love with both colors, although Pioneer flaked on me a little yesterday, but hopefully that was a fluke! Also less than thrilled that all the tubes at Ulta had the seals cracked open, so they had to have them sent to me. It seems some better packaging is in order.

Weekend Plans: We’re finally supposed to get some nice weather here, so hopefully spending time outside with the kiddos.

What advice would you give your younger self? Get more sleep, and stop procrastinating on your homework! (Be nicer to your sister is up there, too, though.)

Ana Maria Avatar

Haul: Late last Friday I took advantage of the last day of the Ebates 15% cashback, so I placed a Paula’s Choice order (I got the CLINICAL Ultra-Rich Soothing Body Butter and a CLEAR Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide mini) and a Clinique order (purchased the City Block Enzyme Powder Exfoliator, the SPF 30 Sunscreen Oil-Free Face Cream and the Superfine Liner For Brows; got as gift/reward 5-6 minis of different products I tried before and liked and I’m saving up for travel). All were items I needed to replenish for things I’m finishing soon.

Rediscoveries: Not a product specifically, but I rediscovered this week the power of wearing a red lipstick and that I don’t like radiance in my SPF or primer. Lately I rediscovered also how good some Clinique skincare product are; I’m always just associating the brand with the Take The Day Off Balm.

Weekend plans: Rainy California weather messed up my plans to visit a hiking area beach (it’s almost as cold and gloomy as in December in the Bay Area). I’m still thinking what to do considering it will rain. On Sunday I might actually end up getting a haircut. 😆 Otherwise, just the regular tidying up and meal planning for the week ahead.

What advice would you give your younger self?: Stop assuming you are not happy because the things that make other people happy/whole/fulfilled. Stop caring that 95% of people don’t understand and even don’t like the ways that you like in life.

Seraphine Avatar

Haul: Another acrylic lipstick organizer, Essie Treat Love & Color nail polish in Tonal Taupe, and OPI Nail Envy.

Weekend plans: Just the usual (chores, visiting family, relaxing)

What advice would you give your younger self? Think about your future.

Seraphine Avatar

I forgot to mention that I received the free liquid lipstick I ordered a couple weeks ago from a vegan brand called Nuest. I was surprised by the extremely cheap packaging, which looks like it came from Claire’s and feels like it came from a dollar store. The shade, Berry Fuchsia, looks nothing at all like the photos on their website, which make it look like it a bright purple-fuchsia. It’s actually a nice rosy shade (along the lines of KVD Mother, though not a dupe). It has a creamy, nonsticky, comfortable feel. But a product with an $18 price tag should be packaged a LOT nicer. I’d actually be embarrassed to take this out in public.

AJ Avatar

Haul: Nothing! I was too busy moving to shop, LOL.

Rediscoveries: Literally rediscovered two missing lipsticks that were hanging out in random bags. Packing and moving is great for finding missing stuff 🙂

Weekend plans: Getting settled into the new place, for sure. Beyond that, we’ve got to run some errands. The cidery that we have a membership at is having an anniversary party tomorrow, so we’ll attend that. Sunday, I’d like to get over to the farmer’s market if it’s not too rainy.

Advice for my younger self: Ugh. So much. But mainly, take your education seriously even if your parents don’t.

Christina D. Avatar

Haul: Viseart Warm Edit and Rose Edit; Viseart Pro Palette 2; Cover FX Blush Duos in Mojave Mauve and Sweet Mulberry.

Weekend Plans: See John Wick 3.

Advice I’d give to my younger self: Stay single and live alone (except for pets).

Tammy Avatar

A haul after my heart! I am assuming you got the Grand Pro 2? Both the Grand Pro palettes are on my wish list and I am hoping to pick one up during the fall Sephora sale or or the Beautylish giftcard event.

Christina D/ Avatar

Yes, I got the Grande Pro 2. I bought the first Grande Pro as soon as it launched — I love matte shadows and Viseart is one of my favorite brands — but hesitated for the longest time on Grande Pro 2 because I dislike glitter. But the metallics look gorgeous and, best of all, I got it on sale.

Deborah S. Avatar

What a thoughtful boy you are, Melan, to get your mommy a plant for Mother’s Day.
Haul: I didn’t buy anything this week and that is the problem! I kept going back and forth on the Chantecaille Rose de Gournay and decided that I was likely only getting it for the beautiful packaging and the stunning embossing, which would disappear as soon as a brush came anywhere near it. I had it in and out of my cart on Nordstom for the past month. Then I saw Michelle Wang review the powder and instantly knew I should get it. You guessed, sold out everywhere. Wasn’t meant to be but another one of those elusive products that I will regret for the rest of my life. That may be a little dramatic but still. Again, not a purchase but a potential purchase. I was watching Alana Davison on YT and she was doing a first impressions on a makeup line carried at Beautilish that she was unfamiliar with and I have never heard of it either. The most striking thing for me, besides the fact that Alana is drop dead gorgeous and I hate her so much for it, LOL, but the foundation product was super full coverage and it is marketed as a foundation and concealer in one. So I went to the website to check it out. My issue is I really don’t like buying foundation on-line as colour matching is so hard. I think they go pretty fair if the picture on my screen is accurate so may just try like the second lightest. They also make a white for mixing which is a good thing. Still thinking about it. If anyone else has tried it out, please let me know what you think. I guess it would help if I mentioned the brand name, duh, it is Danessa Myricks and the product is called Vision Dream Cover.

Weekend plans: I think I will be watching it rain. It has poured here for the past 3 days. We usually have a fairly rainy spring and hadn’t had any for quite a while so I am not unhappy about getting more moisture. On Sunday I am driving up to Glacier National Park to take my daughter’s car to her and bring my car home. We needed to get the snow tires taken off of her car and didn’t get it in before she left.

What would I tell my younger self: Go to medical school and not nursing school. Girls can be whatever they want to be and secondly, travel whenever you get the chance. Don’t wait to see the world until it is difficult to do it on your own. Oh, and finally, don’t work night shift for over 20 years. It isn’t good for your health.

Tammy B Avatar

Oh, that Chantecaille Rose de Gournay was knee-weakening. I, too, talked myself out of it. Pink highlighters are my favorite. Truthfully, I’ve never found one to rival Bobbi Brown’s Pink Glow.

I also would have gone to medical school, only I would have pursued psychiatry. I didn’t know I wanted this until I became a social worker, and by then, I was past 40 and didn’t want to put my husband and I through the turmoil and expense. But if I had been single, I would have seriously considered it.

Yep, I agree about night shift. I was in nursing school for three years before I decided to major in social work. It was a given I would have to work third shift as a new nurse. I have always been so health-conscious and I knew what third shift does to the body and mind. It wasn’t at the top of the list, but it was on the list of reasons nursing was not a good fit for me.

Deborah S. Avatar

I was so dead set on nursing school that I didn’t even take the aptitude tests they gave in high school to match you to a career. I know there were female physician’s but not that many. Like you, I thought I would go back and get it but life and family got in the way and it was always just out of price range.
I did night shift so easily that it never really entered my thoughts that it might not be that healthy. After I had breast cancer and did a lot of reading, in particular, Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book where she talks about the higher incidence of cancer and other chronic illnesses and working night shift, I got off of nights and finished my career working day shift. Really, our bodies should come with a operating manual.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

I work evenings and working in the dark most of the time doesn’t help either….. as sunset is from 5pm to 8pm during the year in my area. They can do things to help with circadian rhythm sleep pattern and working pattern with light but most retails work NEVER pay dual light options to help their workforce.

Arg…. aptitude test in high school said I was only good at working retail and I fucking hate retail some days….. (when you want to both hang yourself and throttle the customers in the same moment.) What I went into school for as a Graphic Designer is not considered a career at that time and Artist of any sort is also not considered a career. What I should have gone into was technology-engineering. Again not something I thought of as a career but I LOVE creating 3D objects free hand and it would have been perfect. My tech teacher kept asking me to come back to his classes in high school but girls didn’t really think of S.T.E.M. even in the late 90’d to 2000’s as a career option outside of the Sciences. I was ok at computers programming but pure math didn’t interest me either at the time and website building was less pretty to look at that time. lol

Tammy Avatar

Sonia G Worker Three and Crease Two from Beautylish. My goal is to add one Sonia G brush monthly, and I’m not too far from,my goal. I have enjoyed every Sonia G brush I’ve purchased.

I have had Duraline in my Beatylish basket for a couple years so I finally grabbed it too. I have been using it as a wetting agent to intensify and help shimmery glittery eye shadows adhere better to my lid.

Rediscoveries: I did a major destash about two months ago and all my Chanel items passed the joy test. This week, when I haven’t been creating looks with my new Viseart Coy and Editorial Brights palettes, I was dipping into my Chanel Affresco, Jardine Eclatants, and Code Subtils palettes. They are all so good, and as my skills improve and I add better brushes, the more I appreciate my Chanel shadows.

Other favorite s this week: Chanel Rouge Allure in Vibrante, Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Micheal, MAC Creme Sheen in Nice to Meet You, MAC Cherry lip liner, and Urban Decay Revolution lip gloss in Punch Drunk.

Updates: The Armani Power Fabric Concealer set with Huda Easy Bake Powder is my jam. I’ve never really loved a concealer until this one, and I’m certain I wouldn’t love it as much without the Huda powder. I tried my old products this week and they were terrible by comparison. I tried no concealer, which is my norm, and I missed the way the Armani makes me look brighter and smoother. Even my husband commented that I appear to be looking younger as I age the first week I started wearing this. He doesn’t know it’s the concealer and I have no intention of telling him ?.

Weekend plans: My granddaughter graduated from 8th grade. My youngest son, Jesse, who is currently attending tech school at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi, passed the biggest test of tech school, and I am so relieved. I will workout on Saturday (indoor cycling) and Sunday (weight lifting). I will cook meals for the week ahead: Tortilla Soup, big salad, and something with chicken. I hope to declutter and organize another closet.

Probably the biggest news is that I am considering getting a tattoo. I’ve wanted a tattoo since age 12 and had always planned to get one as soon as I reached 18. Early motherhood changed those plans. Four children and 36 years later, my last baby has left home and I think I’m ready. Honestly, I had searched for years for an artist or a design that thrilled me, and I had given up on the idea, until last month when one of my friends posted a picture of the most beautiful tattoo I’d ever seen. Now I am talking to the artist about designing something for me.

To my younger self: I wish I hadn’t wasted time trying to please others or to be good enough. I was always good enough and the only person I should have been pleasing was myself. Life is short–make yourself happy.

Deborah S. Avatar

So, the concealer and the Huda powder are on their way to me. There was a bit of a delay with the sale so haven’t had a chance to try them yet but can’t wait to get them. Heaven knows my under eyes can use all the help they can get.
A tattoo? Very brave. I gave it about a ten second thought and then decided not to. You deserve it and if it is something you have wanted to do for your whole life then even more reason to do it. \
Congratulations to Jesse and passing the test.

Mariella Avatar

Haul: nothing new but 2 rediscoveries – Bobbi Brown Maui “bronzer” (it’s really a blush for me and is lovely as the temps warm up) and Buxom’s Mink Magnet eyeshadow. Oh, my, it is such a beautiful shade. It didn’t earn the highest of ratings from Temptalia but for me, it’s an A++.

Weekend plans: It’s Victoria Day here in Canada so we have a much needed long weekend. We also deferred Mothers Day from last weekend to this one owing to “kid unavailability” so I’m looking forward to some spoiling and a lovely visit with 2 of my 3 kids and their SOs.

Advice to my younger self: “he’s not worth your tears” and “stay in France longer”. That’s about it (probably “pay attention more in school” could factor in there too).

Mariella Avatar

Thanks, Rachel. It’s chilly today but tomorrow, it’s going up to 28C (83 F) – just crazy and probably too hot to eat outside! And it means all my lovely spring bulbs will cook in the heat and then be gone when the temperatures drop to something more seasonal.

Nancy T Avatar

Love that little video clip! For Mellan moment of the week, of course, but also for the local Lovebirds singing in the background! We get quite a few by me that come around and sit in out big tree in our courtyard. Such beautiful birds!

Haul: Oh Em Gee. What was I thinking yesterday? I went to the local MAC store to peruse the Aladdin collection. I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Yet, I did? A simply gorgeous lip combo I tried on totally wowed me: lined my lips with my Nyx Mahogany SLP, which is a dead-on dupe for MAC Half Red lip liner, then applied A Friend Like Me topped with Diamond In The Rough Lipglass. Probably the most glam nude lip I ever wore! So, now I have A Friend Like Me and Diamond In The Rough.

Weekend plans: Nothing but doing my whole hair ordeal, probably nails too, meeting on Sunday, and the watching a *little* TV show later that evening. I’m positively GUTTED from last week. But, like a car wreck, hard to look away!

What advice would you give to your younger self? TONS! Mostly though; Have enough self-respect to say “No!” to the wrong people. Believe that you are worth so much more than you currently feel you do. You deserve better, so don’t settle on someone who tells you that no one else would ever have you or love you if you leave him. Have faith that God has something better for you if you would just trust Him. You don’t need to go looking for your birth mother, either. She hates you. So please spare yourself, Girl! You already have parents who, in spite of their flaws and failables, do love you. Let that be enough.
Then again, we cannot rewrite the past, can we now? It builds us into who we now are.

Deborah S. Avatar

Did you swatch the other pieces of the collection? I really love the packaging and was trying to decide what to get but I won’t be anywhere near a MAC counter until July. The lip sounds lovely. It would probably be dark enough for my more pigmented lips. If I remember correctly, you have said you have pretty pigmented lips also. Maybe I will just pick up the lippies. Let me know what you think.

Nancy T Avatar

Yes, I swatched all 4 lipsticks and 3 glosses, Deborah. To be honest, I loved all the lip products in this collection. The fuchsia one is a beauty! I would have gotten A Whole New World if it didn’t pull so cool. Although, I didn’t try it on, so who knows, right? And, yes, my lips are quite pigmented, but not a pretty red or rosy tone. More purplish-reddish-brownish? Add to this my medium olive skintone, and wearing something as light as A Friend Like Me is quite the challenge! On you, it will likely appear as pink as it looks on Christine? I think? If you can try it on first, I would do so. It does cover my own liver lips fully in one or two passes. It is very richly pigmented. But, quite light. I couldn’t have pulled it off without that Half Red lip pencil dupe!!!

Deborah S. Avatar

Thanks, Nancy. I think I am going to have to take a chance on purchasing without swatching. Not sure if any of it will be left by July. I hate not being able to swatch but sometimes you just got to do what you got to do and I do want a few things from the collection. I loved the movie and maybe more than my daughter did! Robin Williams was a hoot.

Elissa Murray Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Just received a package from Elf and tried their insta lift brow pencil. I love it. Matches my eyebrow shade pretty nice, the pencil is soft enough to use but not so soft that it smushes up or leaves clumps-very smooth. And just two bucks! I also got the Jet Set Hydration kit to try small sizes of their new hydrating skin care line. It’s great. So far I love it. My fav product is this little stick of prep and hydrate balm that smells slightly of fresh rosebuds without being cloying or overly sweet! It felt really good on my skin and I am looking forward to finishing out the kit over the next few weeks to see if I will end up buying it in the larger size products.
Weekend plans: My almost three year old has been acting out a little bit and having some separation anxiety during the times I have been at work this week so I plan on making sure she and I get in some dedicated mommy and me time. Maybe walk the short walk down to the beach or play in the yard in her kiddie pool. Also need to clean and wash the car, get some household chores done and keep an eye on my mother who just had outpatient surgery.
What advice would you give your younger self?: Don’t care so much what other’s think. They are worried about their own selves. Be kinder to yourself, keep working hard and be proud of what you accomplish, no matter how small things may seem!

Denise S. Avatar

Haul: Chantecaille Polar Ice eye shadow palette, By Terry eye shadow in Mint Green and Dart hair pomade stick from Beautyhabit for 20% off. Saks 20% off Frederic Malle Dans Tes Bras perfume, Lancome lip gloss in a orange color and Laura Mercier Caviar stick in Mystic Gold.

Weekend Plans: Not much just relaxing, reading and watching Netflix, also organizing my bedroom some more.

What advice would you give your younger self? Don’t totally give up your career when you have children. Get as much education as you can. Remember to take time out for yourself while taking care for others!

Deborah S. Avatar

Do you love the Polar Ice palette? I saw it in person and was so sad that I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I didn’t have time to swatch and while the shades were beautiful, they looked like they might have actual glitter in them? I am not much for actual glitter near my eyes. Did you pick up the Rose de Gournay powder? I want to live vicariously through you, LOL!

brendacr1 Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil, Dr. Jart Focuspot Microtip Patches I’m hoping these will help with my dark spot on my cheek fingers crossed!
Weekend plans: It’s been pouring rain here for the last 2 days and it’s supposed to tomorrow as well, we do need it. I’m hoping to get out and look for new patio furniture, my husband is taking the rest of the long weekend off.
What advice would you give your younger self?: Relax!

Deborah S. Avatar

If you remember, let me know what you think of the Dr. Jart Focuspot Microtip Patches. I will try anything on my hyper-pigmentation. It is the bane of my existence and getting worse the older I get. Just way too much sunbathing in my youth and not enough money to afford anything that really might work. Curious about these though. Thank you.

brendacr1 Avatar

Hi Deborah, I purchased the Peace Out Dark Spot package at Sephora US a few weeks ago and have been using them, they lightened a few of my lighter dark spots which really made me happy. The really dark one on my cheek is being a little more stubborn. If the Dr. Jart doesn’t work as well as the Peace Out ones I will purchase them again when I’m down in the States again.

brendacr1 Avatar

Hi Deborah, I finished using the Dr. Jart Focuspots and I did not see that they did anything at all. When I visit the US again I am going to purchase a few boxes of the Peace Out Dark Spot ones, as I noticed a difference with them. They instructed to use them twice a week, I think I will use them a little more on my cheek to see if it will help the darker spot as they helped my lighter spots. I’m very tired of trying to cover this stupid spot up!

kjh Avatar

A Schefflera, and Mellan approves. Beautiful. Work schedule got messed up this week. We now have 45 calendar days to evaluate new individuals, and Ms X was psychiatrically hospitalized for 30. You see the crunch. Although she is trilingual, she did not speak, and I had to conduct the entire evaluation in French, to get her to comply. (I was a German minor; my French is >50 years old, but I managed…) OMBFG! So today was off, and I could not post a video of the x rated dachshunds on foreplay Friday. Yikes, the rain stops and out we go, all too infrequently. Boston is channeling its inner Seattle. SG order came:singles, Autumn Reign and Danny bundles. Did four different green eyes today, and reaffirmed why golds and antique golds are generally undented. Green fiends unite and get it! W/e: nothing of note. Younger self: a business school prof advised us to put aside some FY $…her exact words. Be more assertive about people taking advantage of you, wasting your time and eating your money. Still not practicing what I preach.

Deborah S. Avatar

Yes, SG shadows are going to be my next purchase. I am loving the greens! I hated annual performance appraisal time. Staff had no idea how much work it was to complete a PA. Ours were 7 pages long and I had 154 employees. Seriously, I just wanted a check box and be done. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, their annual cost of living raise was connected to the appraisal. Made for some either very happy or unhappy people. So thankful those days are behind me.

Genevieve Avatar

Lovely to see Mellon checking out the new addition to the garden. A lovely plant.

Haul: Colour Pop Foolish lux lippie – very, very nice and I can’t stop wearing it.
Rediscoveries: bareMinerals Soft and Smokey palette and Vice 2.

Weekend Plans:
Friday – we had Lachlan over as usual, but this time he had a sore neck, courtesy of sleeping on his tummy all night with his head turned to the side. I bought a natural muscle rub (Bauer Arnica) that was suitable for children, without the smell and potency of other muscle rubs – from the Chemist and that did the trick.
We are huge fans of Eurovision and have been watching it on Thursday and Friday nights.
Saturday – a beautiful day here, but lots and lots of washing, shopping and ironing.
Sunday – going to a Sunday market and probably out to lunch.
By the way Christine, that sounds like a fantastic restaurant that you are going to and I hope you both enjoy yourselves.

Message to younger self: Worry about the problems you can change and not the ones you can’t. Take the opportunity to travel when you can.

Pearl Avatar

Chanel Blurry Blue eyeshadow quad
MAC Aladdin collection:
Always One Jump Ahead and Your Wish Is My Command “blushes” (really a bronzer and highlighter) – excited to try both of these, especially a less shimmery version of Whisper of Gilt
Rajah, Whole New World and Princess Incognito lipsticks
Aladdin x 9 eyeshadow

Weekend plans: Helped a friend move today (Friday), visiting my parents Saturday for a birthday and hope to make it back in time to watch Eurovision with friends. Cleaning, laundry and a manicure on Sunday and catching up on all my tv shows from the week.

Rachel R. Avatar

Haul: Sydney Grace Danny’s Dream Set and Autumn’s Reign Palette; Tom Ford Lip Spark in Powertrip.

Weekend plans: Getting materials to make new cushions for our camper. It’s older, and has some now non-standard measurements, and we it’s not in the budget to custom-made ones. Other than that, paperwork, housework, and shopping.

What advice would you give your younger self?: Stop trying to have a relationship with your mother. She’s very mentally ill and incapable of caring about anyone but herself. When you admit she’s toxic, and you can’t save her, you’ll be much happier in the long run.

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