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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Guerlain Rouge Gs x13, Rael acne patches, Drunk Elephant Slaai, Eminence Rosehip C + E
  • Weekend plans: There’s been a lot of things in the background that I’ve been having to allocate 3-5 hours a day toward for the blog (as a business), so I’m super behind on actually getting content up and ready. I think I see an end in sight and hope that I can do some major catch up late this weekend/early next weekend.
  • Do you enjoy going to the spa?: Sort of. I find that the cost of going to the spa isn’t as 1:1 to my enjoyment as I would like BUT I’m someone who is terrible at relaxing/doing nothing so it is often one of the few times where I “shut off” since I can’t really be on my phone or working.

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Katherine T. Avatar

This is 2.5 months worth of goodies:

MAC Monochrome – MAC Heroine ( blush – beautiful, Velvet Teddy ( shimmer shadow-stunning!!!, blush -love!, lipstick-love! ), MAC Diva ( matte shadow -pigmented but dry, shimmer shadow-stunning!!!, blush -super pigmented, lipstick), MAC See Sheer ( shimmer shadow, blush, lipstick), MAC Ruby Woo ( matte shadow -dry but might be ok over primer). Overall, a very solid/great collection, I really wish made all these products permanent

MAC Boom Boom Bloom – Kabuki Doll shadow quad ( dupe-able colors but couldn’t resist the packaging), Frambois Mois lipstick (pretty)

Colourpop – Just My Luck shadow palette ( stunning!!! a total steal at $12, every shades a winner and green or green- based) Chic Happens shadow (nice color), Facet shadow (dry), Pretty Cruel shadow (very dry, ugh) Oh Snap lippie (not my color and too thin)

Ulta – $10 Urban Decay shadows – Pistol, Desperation, Scratch, Blunt, and Relish. Relish is dry and powdery but might be ok over primer, the rest swatched nicely. Dose of Colors eyeliner in Lucky Green (thanks for the rec, Michele!), Flower blush in Sweet Pea (versatile, natural color), L’Oreal Voluminous x Fiber Waterproof Mascara (disappointing), L’Oreal Lash Primer

Weekend – usual chores

Spa -love spa, hate the cost LOL

NYX Hydra Touch Oil Primer, JCAT waterproof makeup remover

Katherine T. Avatar

I hope you can get your hands on the Colour Pop Just My Luck palette at reasonable price, being in the land of Down Under! It’s so rare to see an all-green shadow palette, and they totally knocked it out of the ballpark with this one.

Genevieve Avatar

Colour Pop ships internationally, which is great, but at almost double the price (dollar exchange, cosmetics tax, shipping etc). But it is still worthwhile. It’s just that I had a ‘green’ theme a few years ago and have most of those shades. But it is so good to hear that it’s a great one.

Katherine T. Avatar

Thanks Nancy! IKR?? I was shocked the Monochrome collection wasn’t permanent. And only half the collection was available in stores ( See Sheer, Velvet Teddy, Ruby Woo), and the other half were online MAC exclusives ( Heroine, Diva, Candy Yum Yum), so couldn’t swatch them. I mean, hello, those are their best selling, cult-classic lipsticks! You would think they would make at least the coordinating blushes permanent but no, sigh.

Alice Avatar

Haul: Ordered from Devinah for the first time – picked up Khadra, Patina, Infamy, Esme, and Frisson eye shadows and a damaged magnetic palette.

Weekend Plans: Working on the car. Apparently in IL you have to jump through about 20 hoops and pay $600+ in fees to get a salvage title cleared and we want to get that done asap. It’s a convertible and we want to drive it this summer!

Do you enjoy going to the spa: I don’t really, because I don’t like people touching me and things like massages, pedicures, facials, etc make me uncomfortable.

Genevieve Avatar

Alice, I just looked up Devinah on Google, and my, what gorgeous eye shadows they have and the shades you have chosen are beautiful. It would be hard to resist getting just a few….
I am also not a fan of people touching me re massages either. A facial is OK and I have yet to have a pedicure, but I completely understand where you are coming from.

Celesta Avatar

Haul: Juvia’s Place Douce palette (which ordered a week and a half ago and it still hasn’t shipped… has anyone else had issues with them sitting on orders for forever? I’ve been hearing some… not so good things lately), and a jumbo Pixi Hydrating Milky mist.

Rediscoveries: L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine lipsticks. So perfect for spring!

Weekend plans: Trip to the zoo with my son, and hanging out with my good friend. It will be a very social weekend!

Do you enjoy going to the spa?: There was a spa that I used to really enjoy going to in a city I moved away from, but I haven’t found a spa that I’ve enjoyed as much in my current city.

Alecto Avatar

I ordered from Juvia’s Place recently and I do think it took about two weeks before it went into to shipped status. I personally don’t care, as I tend to order mostly from indies, and two weeks is about average (and in some cases — rather good) for that arena; It would only bother me if they never shipped it, or if it took a month or more (or arrived damaged after a long wait).

Ciara Avatar

Okay but that shower looks GREAT– definitely goals.

I’m not purchasing any makeup for Lent, but this week, I combined Mar and PMG MTHRSHP Sublime: Bronze Temptation to create a neutral, warm-leaning, brown eye, which is out of my comfort zone– I wear lots of purple/blue/green shadows! I loved the look and felt happy with it, and I found that it complimented more clothing than I expected it too. I paired it with an ombre red glitter lip, which was lots of fun, and many colleagues at work complimented my “lipstick”– if only it was that simple!

Tonight, I’m going to an action to support a group of folks going on rent strike against their building’s slum conditions– something that hits my soul, considering I’ve been living in similar conditions for almost a year now. Then I’m getting dinner and watching a movie with some friends. Tomorrow evening, I’m going dancing, and at some point this weekend, I plan to go to the botanical garden and revel in the improving weather. Also have a book to finish and another to begin shortly.

I’ve never been to the spa since it really isn’t something I can afford on my low salary. However, considering how much I love using hotel bathtubs and doing face masks, I have a feeling I would love it!

Genevieve Avatar

Good on you for supporting those living in slum conditions – absolutely disgraceful what some places get away with. I am sure the owners of these buildings don’t live like that.
Hopefully some positive action will be taken.
Enjoy your weekend Ciara, it sounds like you are experiencing some lovely weather to get outside and breathe the fresh air.

Ginny Avatar

I’ve been going back to the drugstore for most of my purchases lately. I normally have an aversion to drugstore packaging but I’ve seen some pretty stuff lately. I was looking for a dupe for MAC’s All Fired Up Lipstick and I found one in Loreal’s Rouge Signature in Represent. It’s a liquid lipstick, more like a semi-opaque stain and it REALLY stains- even with oily remover my skin is stained until morning. Lightweight watery formula, totally different than the Maybelline Inks, and the packaging is gorgeous.

Seraphine Avatar

Haul: My “New Year’s Resolution No-Buy” lives on!

Rediscoveries: Colourpop Super Shock Blush in Cruel Intentions. I bought it months ago and used it just once. I decided to try it again this week and it’s really pretty!

Weekend plans: Dinner with friends

Do you enjoy going to the spa? I’ve never been to a spa!

Lesley Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Viseart Petit Pro 5 in Soleil; Maelove The Glow Maker (my third bottle). I love all the colors in the Soleil palette but I am still experimenting with the placement of the pinks and purples to avoid that bruised look.

Weekend plans: Catching up with a friend who has been traveling and shopping for window treatments for my new digs.

Do you enjoy going to the spa? Not really. Pretty bathrobes and scented candles don’t do much for me. I rely on recommendations from my Pilates teacher for massage therapists. I don’t enjoy facials or body treatments at all. If we happen to be at a resort with a spa, I don’t go but interestingly, my husband loves to go to the spa. He loves body scrubs and the hot tub.

Tammy Avatar

Lesley, I am being conservative with my cosmetic purchases but there was never any doubt that Viseart’s Soleil would be mine. I haven’t technically used it yet (I may not have even mentioned it in my hauls), but I have dipped into it in the evenings to play and it’s a beauty!

I am seriously considering getting Glow Maker as my next vitamin c serum but I am having great difficulty with letting my Drunk Elephant vitamin C go, even for a season. I have combination skin and hormonal acne (thank you, menopause), and I am concerned about switching serums.

AJ Avatar

Haul/Rediscovery: Another week of nothing! Been saving up because I’m going to IMATS next weekend 😉

Weekend plans: Busy busy! Getting ready for our NY trip so we’ve got to go pick up some gifts to bring for people, and any last-minute things we need for ourselves, but also Seattle Restaurant Week starts on Sunday, so we’re gonna treat ourselves to dinner at a fancy restaurant. But also we’ve got to clean the apartment for the dogsitter, and I want to get most of my packing done.

Do I enjoy going to the spa? I’ve never really done a spa-spa, but I like spa-style manicures and pedicures and I’ve been trying to convince my partner that a couples’ spa could be a fun outing for us. It’s not the sort of thing I’d do on a regular basis but it is nice to be pampered now and then.

I do go for regular massages, but they’re more of a sports medicine style and my massage therapist works in the basement of a gym so sometimes we hear people dropping heavy weights above, it’s definitely not a spa atmosphere, LOL.

Genevieve Avatar

Wow – you are so going to enjoy that trip to NY and the IMATS (I had to look it up to find out what it was). And having a restaurant week to boot – how lovely.
I also see what you mean re the spa atmosphere (or lack of too). I can just picture it!

AJ Avatar

I’d enjoy the trip a lot more if I didn’t have to pack for it, LOL! Why can’t my things just put themselves in my suitcase?

I look forward to sharing my IMATS haul next week though!

Nancy T Avatar

Mellan old buddy, you’re in good company; my old Maine Coon Cat, Scunci, loves cool bathroom surfaces, too!

Haul: No makeup, but I did just purchase a new phone 2 days ago! Much better than my old LG Tribute. Crisper and much more superior screen images, which is so very much appreciated and needed by me, as I have amblyopia and convergence insufficiency in my left eye, making it difficult to focus both eyes together. Also helpful is that this screen is approximately 1½ -2 inches larger, too. I’m very happy with this newest version of the Motorola Moto 5 Plus! The only problem? My main email account. I forgot my password and cannot gain access to it. They are looking into it, but it could be a few more days. Happens every time I change phones!

Weekend plans: Same old same old. With finishing up my food shopping to boot.

Do you enjoy going to the spa? That would depend on what type of “spa” we’re thinking of! In AZ, many people refer to those hot tubs with the deep massaging water jets as “spas”. I love, love, love those! The other type, which I believe most people outside of this state are referring to, are okay. A bit too touchy feely for my personal comfort level, though. A deep massage into my shoulders, upper back and neck muscles sure would be much appreciated and sorely needed, though!

Tammy Avatar

Nancy, I got a new phone one week ago. I was always intimidated by androids but decided to take the leap. I’m doing better with the transition than I thought I would. I only have about five questions right now, such as how to I get my calendar items to actually alert me (I can put things in my calendar but can’t figure out how to get notifications), how to make the perpetual five Facebook notifications disappear (no matter how many times a day I check, there is always a number 5 on my Facebook application), how to purchase music (or have I already purchased music and don’t realize it???), and how to post old photos, previously taken on my iPhone, to Facebook. I have all my photos but cannot use any of them on Facebook, which is kinda sad because I have approximately 15 years of family photos.

But I really love this new phone. I switched to android primarily for the camera and this one does not disappoint!

Nancy T Avatar

I’m having the same issues with my photos showing up anywhere but in “photos”, they didn’t transfer over into my Facebook gallery, though! And, speaking of Facebook, my previous phone always showed that I had notifications even after I had checked each one. Not sure what that was about, either. This one, thankfully, only has a green dot to indicate that there is something, but no more random, never disappearing number!

Tammy Avatar

Haul: L’Oreal Infallible Pro Last Lip Color in 221 Berry Chic. A doctor at work was wearing this lipstick at work last week and I thought it was such a fresh, pretty color for spring that I picked it up on my way home from work. I thought it was going right in the trash after I applied the liquid. I don’t like liquid lipsticks and I generally don’t like drug store makeup, so this was not working for me. But then I applied the balm and it completely changed the consistency and made the color go from garish to pretty. I posted a photo of me wearing the Lip color on my Instagram account earlier this week. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product, I haven’t thrown it away yet either.

I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to purchase anything from the ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Sale. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, they just didn’t have anything I wanted or needed. And then on Monday evening they added GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum and the Emily Wants Palette. At 40% off, I’m willing to try the serum on my rapidly diminishing eyebrows. And the Wants palette? It seems like every year these is at least one palette that is super inexpensive and has mixed reviews that somehow captures my attention and won’t let go. I was successfully resisting this palette (I attempted to purchase three times and then talked myself out of it three times) until Monday, when ULTA decided to put it on sale for $12. I mean TWELVE DOLLARS is practically paying me to play with this palette, ?! My ULTA order is not here yet, but I will report back if it turns out I like either of these purchases.

I have heard the Emily Wants palette performs best if you wipe away the surface layer of the shadows–just an FYI for those here who may have bought it and are struggling with it.

Rediscoveries: I am borderline obsessed with my Viseart Bridal Satin palette, which is probably 2-3 years old. Better late than never, right? I grabbed one of my first NARS Audacious Lipsticks on a whim last week, and have been crushing hard on Janet after neglecting her for over a year. I was primarily wearing Janet in the fall but it really is better as a spring color for me. Also whipped out my Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Grind (pink, green, blue, lavender, and silver sparkle) and have been adding it to every eye look, after which I can be heard sighing with joy.

Weekend plans: Dinner out tonight with husband. We just finished the first two seasons of the Handmaid’s Tale (excellent and stressful!) and this weekend we will have to pick a new show. I want Killing Eve but he wants the Ted Bundy documentary. Its his turn to pick so it’ll probably be Ted Bundy.

Also my youngest turned 22 yesterday. It’s his first birthday away from home. He’s in Air Force tech school in Mississippi. Would it be dramatic for me to say sometimes I just want to lay on the floor, stare out at a rainy gray sky, and contemplate the emptiness of my life without him while listening to funeral music? Yes? Okay then, lets just day I miss him a lot.

No spa days for me. No one has ever bought me one and if I had to pay for it, I wouldn’t enjoy it. Apparently $300 in makeup is okay, but somehow $300 for a spa day is not okay. Go figure.

Genevieve Avatar

Happy Birthday to your son Tammy, and I totally understand why you are feeling so miserable about not seeing him. I would feel the same.
That Emily Wants palette, which I just looked up, seems amazing and it was a deal waiting for you.
I have watched the first two seasons of the Handmaid’s Tale – and yes it is harrowing, but enthralling at the same time.
Killing Eve is fabulous when you get round to it – I hope the Ted Bundy doco comes here to Aus as I would be interested in seeing that too.
Enjoy your dinner out and your weekend Tammy.

Rachel R. Avatar

I like your shower tiles! Sorry, I don’t have any advice about the doors. I hope things at home get better/slow down for you. I know you haven’t been sleeping much.

????: ColourPop Disney Villains Collection; NARS x Connor Tingley Eyeshadow Palette; Apocalyptic Beauty LOTM subscription Voodoo Queen Collection.

??????? ?????: My husband is lending his pick-up truck to his mom for a while, so tomorrow I get to follow him in our car so he can get home. She’s in Eugene, so it’ll take about 6 hours. Sunday, I’ll be helping my younger son shop for work pants. So yeah…lots of “excitement.” lol

?? ??? ????? ????? ?? ??? ???? I’ve never been to a spa.

CeeBee Avatar

The shower looks great! I prefer a sliding door as opposed to one that swings out but that’s because I’m a terrible klutz and I always bang into stuff like that. One of our cats INSISTS on drinking out of the shower box, he hovers by the door while you wash like a tiny, furry little pervert, and then when you get out, he rushes the bathmat – every morning it’s like a stand off at the OK Corral, just damper and with less guns.

Haul: Tony Moly Appletox peeling mask, Holika Holika Citron foaming cleanser (so good!), Revolution Pro Pink blush quad and Pro lipstick in Problematic (which is everything I wanted NARS Vivien to be but wasn’t), a few more sheet masks and some Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream.

Weekend plans: Wash all my makeup brushes, do some housework, make risotto and read another book!

Spa: Not really. I like pampering and a good massage is AMAZING but for facial type stuff, manicures, pedicures, etc I find I do as good as job myself for significantly less $$$ outlay. I treated my fried for her birthday last year for a full morning at a beauty spa and it was nice to do together but it was close to $500 all up for both of us and frankly, we would have had just as nice a time in my lounge with an oil burner, some Enya on in the background and my collect of nail polish. I don’t regret it, she had a nice time but I’m really not going to rush to do it again. Also, I have a bit of a mental stumbling block when people to do (personal) things for me that I can do myself, I don’t like being on either side of anything that feels like servitude. The last time I was in a 5 star hotel, I carried my own suitcase while the porter trailed after me like a lost puppy before I even realized what was happening!

Christine Avatar

It’s funny, it never, ever occurred to me that sliding doors were better/worse. The previous glass had a door that swung open, and we never had any issues with it!

Mellan doesn’t actually go into our shower of his own accord (though he’ll go into my office bathroom shower when he’s scared), but he DOES set up shop on the bath mat in front of the shower. He seems marginally more polite than your cat since he faces away from the shower 😉

CeeBee Avatar

I should mention that I’m legally blind without my glasses on, so clear glass doors, steam/fog and me flailing around with a towel is not a good combination. We have a curved glass sliding door on our corner shower so the door is always safely recessed behind me, which means both of us are free from potential damage! Glass doors that swing out are fine (except that they also drip on the floor) if you can actually see them/avoid them/know what angle they are at but as someone who has inadvertently punched/slapped/ headbutted one while trying to wrap a towel around my head more than once, I don’t like them very much.

Mellan definitely has better manners than my cat 🙂

Genevieve Avatar

As someone who is almost blind without her glasses, I can appreciate completely what you are saying here about shower doors…..which is why putting on eye liner would be absolutely horrendous to my eye health.
My husband steam cleans the shower doors because my glasses fog up so much – thankfully, I can leave this one task to him (have you also cleaned the shower floor and tiles? No? Whaaat?).
How are you travelling CeeBee, after recent events in Christchurch? We spent several weeks in NZ a decade ago, two of them in Christchurch and it is such a beautiful city and a wonderful country.

CeeBee Avatar

Hi Genevieve!

My husband cleans the shower too – I can’t see how grubby it gets in there so it’s his responsibility! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! Plus I do the toilet and hand basin, so it’s a fair and equitable division of labour 😉

Life is carrying on as normal, but our hearts are a little bit heavier after Christchurch. My sister-in-law lives down there so we visit a lot and my husband is going again next week for work. It is such a lovely place and after the earthquakes, it is just the worst possible thing that could have been done to us. Jacinda is great though, I think she has earned a lot of respect and made some of your lot look like absolute bloody disgraces, I’m sorry to say. Not that we’re without our share of idiots, there are a couple of local councillors in my city who will NOT be getting re-elected this year. You really do see the best and worst of people after something like this 🙁

It was a terrible, awful price to pay and it has changed our country on a fundamental level. I hate it and I can only hope that it never, ever happens again.

Genevieve Avatar

It was a terrible event on your beautiful country and especially to Christchurch, a city that has had a lot to deal with re earthquakes, over the past several years. I can assure you that many here in Aus were not happy ( quite disgusted really) with the responses of a few politicians and hopefully they will not be reelected in the next Federal election. Jacinda was amazing and everyone here applauded her response and the dignified way in which she handled the event. What a wonderful PM you have.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Just the one thing this week and that is the Emme Cosmetics Spring Garden palette. Emme Cosmetics is an Indie brand. She cooks up her makeup in her kitchen. She is Canadian and when I first saw the promo pics for the Spring palette I was ready to throw my money at her!! She only made 20
palettes originally so I wasn’t getting my hopes up. Due to demand she decided to sell the original 20 and then do a presale for the number of palettes she felt like she could realistically complete. I was lucky and got the one of the original 20. She has also planned to make individual pans available in May. As I have only planned to purchase two palettes this year, this is my final palette. I know that obviously, if something amazing and good review comes out I will likely cave but for now I am done. I decided to get this one because of the array of colours and the fact that they are all shades I will use. The palette incorporates all of my favorite shades.

Weekend plans: Nothing really. I am getting ready to have some carpeting laid in my craft room so will have to move everything out, again! I wasn’t going to put carpeting out there just because it isn’t the best for messy crafting but since it will be a guest room also, I want it to be comfortable so decided to put carpeting down. Wish I had decided before putting all the furniture and supplies in the room but those are the breaks!

Spa: I have never really been to a spa. I have had facials done at the esthetician’s office and massages done at the chiropractors office but never that whole “a day at the spa” type of thing. I am not opposed but having to drive 3 hours each way to have a spa day would likely defeat the purpose, LOL!

Genevieve Avatar

Hi Deborah
I just looked up Emme Cosmetics, I had never heard of them before – and OH MY – are they beautiful or what? Just love their Winter quad, but alas it is sold out. Darn! I hope they are getting some more in. The Spring Garden palette would look so beautiful on you – definitely your kind of shades.
Double darn about having to move your furniture again for the carpeting process. I hope it all works out.

Deborah S. Avatar

I am not sure how I ended up following them on my IG but somehow I did and so I had looked at her site a few times but since I was on a no/low buy I didn’t really take a serious look. When she posted this palette I was instantly smitten since it only has shades that I would use. Even the best palettes will have a few shades that are not my preference and would just sit there. These are all my preferred shades together in one palette. She has said that she is planning on releasing single shades from her palettes sometime in May. I don’t know anything about performance but will let everyone know after I have played with them for awhile. They are coming from Canada so I won’t have them for about a week.
Thank you with regards to the craft room carpeting. I should have just done it when the room construction was done but really thought I would be okay with tile flooring. It is way to cold for our winters and just doesn’t seem cozy. So, I have picked out the carpeting but have to get everything out. We made a good start and should finish up in another day. Take care, Genevieve.

Brenda C Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I purchased 5 of PMG Eyedols and I haven’t even looked at them yet. I also purchased a GloPro that I just unboxed. I love gadjets to use on my face/body and I use them all the time.

Weekend plans: I’m getting my Grand Puppy next week so I will be getting things done around the house so that I can spend a lot of time with him. He’s very needy and loves to be the center of attention. I love him to pieces, he brings me a lot of joy that’s why I love Mellan’s pictures on Friyays!

Do you enjoy going to the spa?: I feel the same way about the spa as you do Christine. I feel that the money I’m spending should give me the reward in return. I have a hard time turning off though, I need to work on that, as I’m sure many people do.

Genevieve Avatar

Love your tile choices Christine, navy blue is one of my favourite shades. Mellon really loves to check things out doesn’t he?

Haul: nothing much this week, just some facial oils – Chia Seed from Sukin.
Rediscoveries: Used my L’Oreal Golden Emerald this week and it is such a pretty green shade.

Weekend Plans:
Friday – Lachlan over as per normal. On Thursday it was my daughter in law’s birthday, so we had a birthday party for her in the evening, so there was a bit of cleaning up and taking Lachlan to the park.
We had a great day together.
Saturday – My husband and I are visiting my twin sister over the other side of the city and taking her some casseroles as she has been quite ill with asthma and tummy trouble, having started new medications for her Type 2 Diabetes.
Sunday – probably shopping and cleaning.

Enjoy Spas – I have never been to one, which I guess shows that I am not too interested. I don’t have any trouble relaxing because I am such a reader and as long as I have a good book to read (courtesy of our fantastic local library) I am good.

CeeBee Avatar

I hope your sister is much better soon 🙂

It is FINALLY getting cool too, I had to put the floofy duvet on the bed and I got ridiculously excited about it!

Genevieve Avatar

Thanks CeeBee – she is feeling much better now. And yes, the cooler weather has me so excited too. Except our central heating unit has decided to not work. Another expense….

Genevieve Avatar

Thanks Nancy – the former Diabetes tablets she was on really worked on her blood sugar, but the side effect was weight gain – which of course is not what you want. She gained 9 kilos in several months and this put her blood pressure through the roof. Also, she could not fit into her clothes, which made her feel depressed.
So the doctor changed her medication and the side effects of this one is nausea and thrush. Well, she got a shocking case of thrush, which lasted a couple of days and the nausea. Now she is feeling much better and at the weekend, we went to see her (taking out some food for them) and we were able to go out for dinner, which we all enjoyed. So tough for her.

Sarah Avatar

Hauls/Rediscoveries: nothing this week

Weekend plans: helping a friend move and working on schoolwork

Do you enjoy going to the spa?: I’ve been once with a group of friends for a birthday and I enjoyed it a lot — though most of the fun came from just having my girlfriends with me. Would I pay to go by myself? No, it wouldn’t be worth it to me, and I’m not a huge massage person to begin with.

Jill Avatar

Haul: finally bought the Mason Pearson hairbrush I’ve been coveting for years, picked up Colorescience Sunforgettable mineral SPF during their sale, and picked up a bottle of Zoya polish in the color Jill cause it’s my name so why not? I rarely see anything with my name. Turns out I LOVE the color, it’s an earthy pinky nude and I have no dupes in the hundreds of bottles in my collection. Score!

Weekend plans: Clean out a storage unit so we can get rid of it, general household chores.

Spa: Never actually been to a real one so I don’t know, but I don’t enjoy strangers touching me so I don’t think I would like massages. Facials maybe, though with my luck it would just make me break out.

Nicole Avatar

I prefer frosted glass for shower doors, but your tile is so pretty I’d want to see it all the time!

Haul- Yes, I bought the Avengers eyeshadow palette from Ulta. And I love love love it. 😉 I’m a big superhero nerd, so the day this was released I was at the store picking it up along with three of the lip glosses. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it this week!

Weekend plans- today is date day with the hubs. Going to see Captain Marvel! I will probably wear shadows from the aforementioned palette.

Spa- I love going to a spa, but rarely go. Last time was maybe 6 years ago? I’d rather spend that money on something I can use every day as opposed to spending it on a memory.

Alecto Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I hauled the CP Villains lipstick in Maleficent, and the gloss in Shadow Man; I also threw in two sale/last call glosses: Stratus Update and Fingers Crossed. I rediscovered two Illuminating Mineral Powders from Aromaleigh that I for some reason had “filed” with my highlighters; they’re definitely not that, more like less expensive and less dusty-looking loose powder forms of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders (the subtle ones, not the ones that you have to use like a blush). I look forward to re-incorporating them into my look.

Weekend plans: Office work at home. Can’t escape it.

Do you enjoy going to the spa?: I’ve only been to a spa once, and that was because it was the closest (only, really) place I could have a pedicure done (I was on a cruise ship). I didn’t put on a robe or anything; it was just like going to a regular nail salon. I don’t think I would enjoy actual spa treatments as I’m non-touchy-feely, and the prices just seem ridiculous to me for what would be an extremely fleeting experience that’s unlikely to live up to my expectations.

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