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  • Haul: Marc Jacobs O!Mega Eyeshadows, Marc Jacobs Glam Glitter Eyeliners, Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Polishes (x3), Fenty Diamond Ball-out Killawatt, Fenty Universal Gloss Bomb, KKW Beauty Classic palette
  • Weekend plans: Try to figure out what to do for landscaping; the recent monsoon that swept through did some reorganizing and I have a couple of plants to replace, so I’m trying to decide if I want to do anything else while I’m at it!
  • What’s your morning routine like?: I’m usually up between 6:30am and 7am, and then I spent about 15-30 minutes checking social media and email. Then, I take a shower, feed Mellan, make coffee, and start working, which is either straight to my desk or straight to the photo studio for pictures!

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Hubby and Mellan ❤️❤️

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Alana Avatar

I saw on IG that Mellan was stressed by the Monsoon. How is he doing now? I had a 17 year old Yorkie named Mack who was terrified of storms and wanted to be held or next to me whenever they occurred. We tried one of those thunder shirts to try and help him but it didn’t seem to help him. I guesss it’s not the same as my hug! <3

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar


Marshals/Winners ~
Urban Decay VICE Special Effects in 3rd Degree, Seether, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in nude, Too Faced Peach Kiss lipsticks in Make Me Blush, Got Peach?, Peach Beach ($7.99 each *_*), Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Nearly Neon Blue, Dose of Colors Cold Shoulder, and Kat Von D Thunderstruck (backup because I’m so sad it’s DC’d).

Sephora: Too Faced Peach Kiss lipstick in Makeup Me Happy, Rouge Welcome Gift Sephora Makeup Clutch, and Ouai Leave-In Conditioner trial size – 0.84 oz/ 25 mL.

Weekend plans: sewing…….

What’s your morning routine like?: I’ve been trying to get up by 9 am but it usually 10 am, get some blogging or sewing done till noon and go into work at 1 pm.

Seraphine Avatar

• MAC lipstick in All Fired Up (I normally avoid Retro Mattes, but this shade was too pretty to resist)
• UD eyeshadow single in Chain, at Nordstrom Rack for only $8.95
• NARS Wanted Velvet Lip Glide Set
• At Ulta’s one-day sale: Bare Minerals Bare Sensuals Eyeshadow Palette was 50% off, plus I had Ulta points, so I wound up paying only $14 for the palette!

Weekend Plans: Family, volunteer work, relaxing, chores

Morning Routine: Alarm goes off at 6:00 am. I shut it off. Alarm goes off at 6:10. I shut it off. Alarm goes off at 6:20. I shut it off. Alarm goes off at 6:30. I jump out of bed panicked because now I’m running late. Wash face, brush teeth, shower. (Wash hair every 2-3 days.) Get dressed. Sit down at makeup table, turn on TV, and take about 30 minutes to do my face because this is the only pleasurable part of my morning routine. On some days I prepare my dog’s breakfast and walk him, but sometimes my husband does this. Grab purse and begin 45 minute drive to work.

Mariella Avatar

Haul: A large jar of Astral Cream (a UK face and body cream somewhere between German Nivea and Embryolisse); “Brush-On Sunblock” (really, that’s the name) SPF30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen (seems a good idea though it’s a bit tricky to use)

Weekend plans: Visiting our youngest in Toronto; he wants us to stay over but it means he has to move to the sofa so we think we’ll just spend the day and take him out for dinner but we might change our minds… I do want to get to the gym at some point too, though it’s so hot that even working out inside, in an air-conditioned space, is tough

Morning routine: in summer, I have no routine at all but I still tend to wake up not too long after my husband, who always makes the coffee and if I sleep late, he’s wonderful enough to transfer it to a thermal carafe. During the school year, I come down, have coffee (hubs makes it then too), check out my fave sites on my computer, eat breakfast and then go back upstairs to get ready for the day – brush teeth, wash face, put on skin care then get dressed and then put on makeup. I take the newspaper crossword and Sudoku for the day and pack them into my school bag and then I’m off.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Four Pat McGrath Labs Matte Trance lipsticks in the shades, Beautiful Stranger, McMennamy, Guinevere and Executive Realness. They are due to arrive tomorrow. I also picked up the Sephora brand primer. I can’t remember the actual name but it is similar in color to Porefessional but has less of the silicone slip It is okay, nothing miraculous. I picked up two bathing suits for my trip and a cover up and finally I decided to bring one dressier dress for dinner in Paris and wherever else we decide to have a nice dinner so I purchased a new dressier dress.

Weekend plans: My sister is here for a week. We have an annual festival in my little town. It is called the Huckleberry Festival and celebrates the huckleberry harvest. This part of Montana proclaims itself the huckleberry capitol of the world. It is really just a small celebration but every year several of my relatives come for the festival. We will be at the park eating huckleberry treats and watching the little parade. The parade consists of the local fire department driving a fire truck, a police car, a couple of people on horseback and a couple of floats which are vignettes on the back end of a truck. The school usually has one and some of the kids ride on it and then the one local business usually has one. There are no bands but the park sets up a speaker system and plays music while the parade lasts. Each year they crown a king and queen of the weekend and this year it is my Uncle and Aunt. They are both in their 80’s. It is very short and really sweet. It is truly a slice of American small town life.

Morning Routine: My routine would be better named afternoon routine! Working the graveyard shift for over 30 years my body really starts getting into the swing of the day about 6 pm. I don’t go to bed until usually 2 or 3 in the morning, although I am trying to retrain my body to go to bed earlier. Consequently, I sleep later. I am usually up about 9 AM. I wash and complete other ablutions. Then I apply my skincare and sunscreen and leave it to set while I eat breakfast. After that I apply my makeup for the day. I like to get my emails and blog hopping done after that. Depending on the time of year I will either work on indoor projects during the winter or yard work in spring, summer and fall. Several times a week I like to make the 25 mile trek into town. I will do grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions and eat at the local restaurant. It is such an exciting life. I bet you are all jealous of me, LOL!!

Deborah S. Avatar

I was raised on huckleberries and when I found them growing wild in Mendocino County in California, I was so excited. There was a jam shop on Main Street in Mendocino and they made the jam on the premises so I was all set to buy it but they just mixed a few huckleberries in with apples because everyone thought they were too tart. In Montana, mixing huckleberries with another fruit to make them sweeter is sacrilege, LOL. We like our berries right off the bush. You may not see them anymore because they are really hard to get to. As far as I know they have never successfully been cultivated. They only grow above a certain elevation, on clear cut land on the north slope. We all pile in an old truck and head up the mountain with a picnic lunch and pick berries all day. It is back breaking but we all come home with purple mouths, purple stains on our jeans and sunburns!! There are commercial pickers now and they use a tool to pick but it strips the bushes so each year the bushes produce less and less berries. Sad how commercialization has to ruin things. Anyway, I could talk about huckleberries all day, as you can probably tell.

Genevieve Avatar

That’s really lovely for your aunt and uncle to be crowned the Huckleberry King and Queen. I bet they are thrilled. A lot of inland Australian towns are like yours too. Really pretty and I hope you enjoy your weekend.
When are you flying off to Europe? I hope the really hot weather there has cooled down a bit for you. My best friend and her husband are over in England at the moment and can’t get over how hot it is there.

Deborah S. Avatar

We are leaving on August 23 to go to Seattle to see
Ed Sheeran in concert and then on Monday the 27th we fly to Iceland which is the first leg of our trip. From there we go to London, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands. All together we will be gone a little over 5 weeks. I have been most worried about the fires in Athens. Quite a few people have lost their lives to the fires in Athens. A whole town burned up and some of the residents didn’t get out in time and 50 souls were lost. So tragic. I am there for 2 days and then we fly to Santorini for 3 days and then to the Netherlands. It will be a wonderful trip but the weather is always a concern these days. It has become so unpredictable. Mother nature is not happy with us mere mortals, I fear.

Genevieve Avatar

Hopefully by the time you get to London and the rest of Europe the really hot weather will have abated. I think you are going to really love your trip and going to Iceland will be magical.
The Greek bushfires certainly reminded us here of our Black Saturday ones 9 years ago when 180 people lost their lives when a major fire blaze swept over a mountain range with little or no warning and caught everyone by surprise. It was devasting to all concerned. Let’s pray that these will be over for your trip.
It is hard to predict the weather these days, that’s true.

Deborah S. Avatar

There are so many advantages and disadvantages to living in small towns. I am not sure whether I have made the right decision moving here because as I age I think I might have preferred being in a slightly bigger area. My town has a population of a little over 400. Yes, people drive the farm equipment to the store, their 4 wheeler’s and their lawn tractors. There is one elderly gentleman who lost his driving license due to age and vision but he still drives his big John Deere Tractor to the bar everyday. Cracks me up. Everyone knows to avoid him on the road. I think the police just avoid being in the area during his peak travel times so that they don’t have to arrest the poor guy. I know tourists probably cuss him all the way down the road!

My PML lip haul was epic and I absolutely love each color and the wear time is amazing. I just yesterday picked up the PML Lip Gloss in Flesh Astral and I am in love with it also. I don’t wear gloss very often as I find it is either way too sticky or it smells and tastes so good I end up eating it off my lips. In any event, this gloss is perfect for me. It feels more like a lipstick and grips the lips so nicely without feeling heavy on the lips. It doesn’t feather or gather in my lip lines. I am definitely getting more. Today I just ordered the La Vie En Rose palette. I have been fighting the temptation but couldn’t resist it any longer. I fear I may own every PML product before the year is out! Not sure what was up with Sephora the past two orders but I have ordered one day and received the product the next?!! I am not complaining. The PML LVER palette says it will get here Wednesday so we will see.

Deborah S. Avatar

I think it is probably a frequent occurrence in small towns. I am really surprised that it doesn’t cause more accidents. I mean up here we have pretty windy roads and coming around a curve to a piece of farm equipment going down the road is pretty scary. We also get to dodge deer, elk, turkeys, etc. which is expected but a whole herd of cattle being driven to another pasture is also an eye opener for people coming from larger towns.

Alice Avatar

Haul: Vans x Van Gogh skull slip-ons. Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Nest Cocoa Woods mini.

Weekend Plans: Deep clean and organize my library/art studio. Also husband needs to try on his suit (it’s vintage – was his grandpa’s purchased in the 50s) and decide if he wants to get it tailored or just buy a black dinner jacket for my cousin’s wedding, which is black-tie dress. So possibly suit/jacket shopping.

Morning routine: I’m a night owl and work from home w/no set schedule, so my morning routine is pretty lazy lol, and I do things like work out & shower in the afternoon after my first block of work. I get up around 9, feed the cats, tend my herb garden, have coffee & breakfast, spend an hour on social media, then by 11 I’m at my desk for the first part of my work day.

Rachel R. Avatar

*Coloured Raine — Vivid Pigments Bundle
*Too Faced Metallic Sparkle Lipstick in TF20 (OMG! It’s a dream come true!)
*Lethal Cosmetics — eyeshadows in Spirit, Aether, Relapse, Release, Unity, and Frantic.
*Darling Girl — August Glittergram: Eyeshadows in My Adidas, Sabotage, Voodoo That You Do, and Fly Green Socks; Old Skool Glitter Potion; All That Lip Balm.

Weekend plans: I’m hoping to get some reorganizing done in my makeup room. Get an article written for the magazine. Lots of laundry.

What’s your morning routine like?: I’m a night owl and chronic insomniac, so unless I have an early morning appointment, I’m up between 10 a.m. and noon (I usually got to bed between 3 and 5 a.m.). I get dressed, then take my allergy medicines and have a cup of tea while I check my emails and visit Temptalia while letting the meds take effect. I do my makeup next. I don’t usually eat breakfast.

Seraphine Avatar

Regarding how Temptalia fits into our routines, my computer at work has two screens: I keep the programs I need open on one, and have the internet open on the other, which I also need for my job, and I usually keep a window open for Temptalia so I can give my brain a break and check to see what’s new in the makeup world during the day. 🙂

Rachel R. Avatar

The lipsticks are fun! I like TF20 so much I ordered the two red I liked. lol

Unfortunately, no on the insomnia. I’ve had it my whole life. I’ve tried relaxation techniques, herbal remedies, glasses to filter out blue light (such as from TV and computer screens, which can activate the brain), melatonin, medications, and God knows what else.

The thing that works best for me is taking my anti-anxiety medication regularly, and alternating nights of Ambien and Clonazapam, but those are becoming less effective. They take at least an hour to work, and no longer keep me asleep through the night. They keep me from having nightmares, which is great (I’ve always have horrible nightmares, and a pretty severe type of Sleep Paralysis with Hallucinations).

I’m hoping a new medication will be developed that will help, because my two sons have the same sleep issues. They had sleep studies done and nothing physical was found.

Lesley Avatar

Haul: From Sephora, Olaplex 3, Deborah Lippmann Iconic in Rolling In The Deep, 100 point perk Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes, 100 point perk Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream Gel Moisturiser, various foundation samples that did not work for me.

From Amazon: make p:rem UV defense me blue ray sun gel, SPF 50+ PA++++, DS of Organic Flowers Toner and Safe me Relief Moisture Cream

From Target, Nyx Lash Enhance primer and a new round blowout hair brush

Weekend plans: my usual farmers market trip and visiting with my friend who is laid up with a broken pelvis.

My morning routine: Sometimes I am up at 6 and sometimes not until nearly 8, depending upon how aggressive my cat feels. I feed the cats, or if my husband has fed them, I refresh the plates because they see me and they want. Then I brush my teeth and pour out some cold brew. I glance at the newspaper and sometimes read it. Otherwise I go straight to e-mail and social media. Then I shower, pour more cold brew, and do makeup, hair and clothes. Then out the door. I don’t work anymore but when I did, my routine was the same except that I got up at 6 with the alarm and spent less time with the paper and online.

Tammy Avatar

Haul: I’ve been focused more on skincare since developing hormonal acne due to menopause. I’ve been researching skincare for months now, and this has led me to start changing my routine. I started using Pixie Glow Tonic and Shu Uemura cleansing oils in the past few weeks. This week I received a Paula’s Choice haul, and have started using RESIST Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner followed by Skin Perfecting 2% BHA. I was thrilled to receive NIOD’s Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex, which I have incorporated into my morning routine, right after toning and immediately preceding my DE Vitamin C serum. Another happy arrival was Josh Rosenbrook’s Hydrating Accelerator, which I purchased to use as my toner for those days when my skin needs a break from actives. I haven’t decided yet what moisturizer I will use for repair days, but I do know I would like it to be deeply hydrating. Still researching that bit. In the
Meantime I am generously coating my skin with DE’s Protini, which my skin seems to like quite well.

Who knew receiving skincare in the mail could be just as much fun as receiving cosmetics???

Back in January I made a promise to pick up one Sonya G brush per month, but every time I went to order, I couldn’t decide which one to order. This month (EIGHT MONTHS LATER), I finally made good on my self-promise and picked up Worker One. I heard these brushes were good but I must admit this brush exceeded my expectations. Next month I am definitely going to get another one.

Betabrand had one of their one day 50% off yoga pants deals, so I picked up two more pair. I am imagining a life where everyday I wear yoga pants to work (and no one knows because they look like dress slacks). I am two pair closer to that life?

Weekend plans: Birthday party! My granddaughter Willow turned three this week and my son-in-law Joey is also sharing his August birthday with his daughter (who happens to be Willow!). All my children, grandchildren, their partners, grandchildren, and in-laws will be there. I can’t wait to give Willow the pretty Northface Azalea winter coat and tall boots I bought her from the Nordstrom sale. I also got her a pretty summer dress and water sandals. On my way home from work tonight I will see if I can find her a nightgown. She is obsessed with nightgowns and they are actually difficult to find.

Morning routine: Menopause thinks I should get up at 4, but I do everything in my power to sleep until 5:30. My morning routine usually follows the same pattern: drink 12 ounces of water, brush my teeth, do my physical therapy exercises (chronic tennis elbow), dry brush, shower, body lotion and skincare routine, try to make my hair presentable (some days I could just rip my curly hair out of my scalp, it is so difficult!), put on makeup, and then freak out because I needed to be in the car on my way to work 10 minutes ago.

Genevieve Avatar

I was so lucky not to get Hormonal Acne when I was going through menopause, but my twin sister got it really badly. Your skincare regime sounds like a lot of work, but your skin will benefit from the targeted products you are using.
Happy Birthday to Willow and I am sure she is going to LOVE the beautiful clothes and shoes you have bought her. Olivia is in the same category – she just loves clothes and dresses too.
Nightgowns are hard to get little girls, I agree and Olivia loves them as well. They work quite well on warmer nights.

Nancy T Avatar

Because you just got to massage your pup! ? This is so something I could see my son Kyle doing, LOL!

Haul: More of an update on my Dominique Lemonade Palette that I ordered last Friday morning and received Monday afternoon: I am in love with it! Have used it twice this week, and really enjoyed using it as the pigmentation is fantastic and the shades blend very nicely and effortlessly!
Other than that, no new makeup or beauty products this week. However; I did buy quite a few pieces of clothing. A RageOn custom Catnado t-shirt, an olive green tee with lace sleeves and back yoke, a black criss-cross back Michael Stars tee, black 7Seven jeans with black and gray embroidered floral pattern on the outer sides all at Nordstrom Rack, and black EuroSofft sandals in Cantara style at DSW.

Weekend plans: Getting ready for another apartment inspection. Therefore, cleaning. Not easy for me to do with the extreme humidity this week. I am officially Monsoon weary. Although I still enjoy taking pics and video clips of the storms, the past 3 nights of very severe weather have racked my nerves! Had a 3 hour power outage Wednesday night. Lots of trees got messed up or fell in our neighborhood, too. Sounds like you also had some storm damage in your yard? How has Mellan been coping with all the thunder? (Clarissa has been terrified and hides under my bed! Poor thing!)

Morning routine? : After hitting the snoose button at least a few times, my cats become impatient and begin pestering me to get up! As I get myself *situated*, I check emails, Facebook and text messages all to a chorus of meows, make bed, get coffee going, feed my feline masters, have my coffee while spending a little while on FB trying to wake my brain up, then I hop onto Temptalia for awhile, finally give in to pangs of hunger and eat breakfast, brush teeth, shower, and try to pull myself together!

Christine Avatar

I’m so glad you’re loving the new Lemonade palette, Nancy! That is fantastic to hear 😀

Yeah, a few of my hibiscus trees are almost fallen, one ficus tree shifted, and bougainvilleas fell over but we’ll see what can be saved, lol. I also need to get gutters installed!

Nancy T Avatar

Oh my, that’s quite a few trees and shrubs (because I don’t know what to call Bougainvilleas!). Hoping they will be saved! There was a man on ABC15 news last night who was talking about saving trees that are not fully uprooted. I’m sure that dude is making a mint this summer! TBH, I’ve never seen a monsoon season like this before. As Earth’s temperatures increase, I suppose more severe storms are to be expected. The new “normal” . ☹️

Jessica Avatar

Haul: a few Sigma brushes, Sigma gel liner in Wicked (30% off sale)
Weekend plans: Tonight is dress rehearsal for next week’s show, and I have to work tomorrow
Morning routine: a lot of procrastination b/c I’m tired and it takes a while for me to get moving.

Erin Avatar

Haul: I got MAKEUP! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten anything, I couldn’t pass up NARS Abruzzo and a few minis with points. I got Anastasia St. Tropez that I’ve wanted since it came out as well as a Caudalie mini serum. It’s more for my husband than me but I’m going to try it for sure.

Weekend: I have to find a steam cleaner for our carpets. Max (my sisters dog) is getting older (12) and accidents are starting to happen. Plus Elroy got sick after my sister fed him too much human food and dog food and he decided the beige carpet needed to be more colorful. My rug is now pink and orange from watermelon. I also need to do the food shopping. I really want to do some window shopping but I’m not sure if I will.

Morning routine: I normally get up at 6:50, log into work and check my email, then feed/potty/water the pets. I then get dressed and log into the phone system at work. If it’s not busy and nothing is on fire, I’ll make coffee, check social media, take my meds, and read the news. Sometimes I make breakfast and sometimes my husband does. It really depends on his schedule. I’m also trying “crescendo fasting” so some days I don’t eat until lunchtime. I really need to establish a daytime skincare routine. I don’t know why I can’t other than a combo of ADD, work being nuts, and sheer laziness.

ShariP Avatar

Mellen is so darned cute.
Haul: Lancome Teint Idole foundation, loose powder, highlighter. GWP eyeshadow, moisturizer. Clinique Heather pop blush. Maybelline Great Lash mascara. Kat von D Shade and Light palette…$25 at TJ Maxx. Also picked up various brushes from MAC and TJ Maxx.
Weekend : Hoping that my husband will be transferred from the trauma center to a skilled nursing facility closer to home. He was in a motorcycle accident last Saturday about 3 hours from home. He was airlifted to the closest trauma center. He has 2 brain bleeds which clotted on their own. His right scapula is in 3 pieces. All of his right ribs are broken. His right lung was punctured and partially collapsed. He lacerated his right kidney and broke his right heel. And he’s black and blue from head to toe and covered in road rash. BUT HE IS ALIVE AND WILL HEAL. Praise God. ?
Morning routine: This week I’ve been lucky to wash my face and brush my teeth. I had to leave once just to get a break so I hit Macy’s for clothes and makeup on the off chance I wanted to wear it.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Shari, my heart was in my mouth when I read about your husband – he is lucky to be alive indeed. What a nasty shock for you and of course, him too. All these injuries will take their time to heal too. What a nightmare for you both and keep us posted on his recovery. Sending a few prayers your way.

Genevieve Avatar

Who doesn’t like a back rub? Gorgeous video of Mellon.

Haul: EA lipstick in Russet Red and that’s about it.

Weekend plans: Friday – I went with my sister to a Vintage Fair in Melbourne and it was interesting to see all the beautiful clothes, furniture and jewellry on display. Very expensive though.
Saturday – the weather has turned cold and nasty, so it will be indoor housework and shopping.
Sunday – not quite sure yet.
I hope everyone is safe from the ravaging bushfires the US and Europe has been experiencing.

Morning Routine: I love my morning routine now that I have retired. I usually get up at about 8 am, make my morning cup of tea and read my book for half an hour or so. Then I get dressed and put on my makeup (another lovely part of my morning routine) and go and get the coffees from a nearby cafe and the daily papers. When I return, I sip my coffee reading this blog. It’s a perfect start to the day.

Genevieve Avatar

I am so, so thrilled that I discovered your blog Christine. It always make mine and a lot of people very happy. It’s one of my most favourite things to do and I always enjoy it. Thank you Christine!

Tammy Avatar

I like to start my day with a book, too, Genevieve. When I am utterly burnt out from life and work, I will nurture myself with morning reading. I tell myself I have soul flu, and therefore I need my rest?

CeeBee Avatar

Haul: TheBalm Foiled Again eyeshadow palette, Rhino Repair cream and Natio Renewal Silky Shea Oil.

Weekend plans: I’ve just come back from a week at the beach so I have loads of unpacking and laundry to do. We’re having a potluck birthday dinner for my brother on Saturday, so I have to cook something for that, Sunday will be brunch and then just relaxing!

Morning routine: Weekdays – up at 6.30 (ish), shower, breakfast and coffee in bed, makeup, etc in the bathroom for 20 – 30 minutes, dress, go to work at about 8am. Weekend, sleep in as long as the cats will let me, then I do whatever I darn well please. I consider it a successful morning if I don’t have to put on pants 😉

CeeBee Avatar

Ha ha, I go to work, not to work out! If I do exercise in the morning I get up at 5.30am and do it first, then shower, etc. But it’s still winter here, and dark and cold and raining more often that not, so nah, I’d rather stay in bed an extra hour. No gold star for me! 😉

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