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  • Haul: MAC Blushes, Dior Backstage palettes, Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi
  • Weekend plans: I’m taking some photos/swatches today (Friday), and I’m hoping to spend most of the weekend cranking through some reviews as I’m running soooo behind!
  • What makes you feel brave?: The love and support of my family, from my parents to my husband to my mother-in-law.

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Nothing bought, but the remaining Nordie’s mascara came. Burberry midnight blond. I’d call it a dark taupe, and it’s pretty good for either cool or warm looks, should you find black too harsh, brown too warm. It’s slightly warmer on the dry down than most charcoals or soft blacks. Pretty good features, too. Plans: SSDW, with Sat off. Since it’s going to rain, I can continue with a frenzy of cleaning, donating to the animal shelter and Goodwill. Brave? Idk. I had one brave moment last week. Before 6A, one of the local foxes started trotting towards us. Scooped Patticake two hands, then Jussi, and strode right towards it. This pair looks almost like coyotes, and you never know. It’s important to let them know you are the apex predator, otherwise it could be hot dogs for breakfast. This was nothing compared to Best in Show, (yes, I was on a first name basis with our local coyotes). the gorgeous ~65£ coydog, who really did have snacks in mind at 11P, while I was walking FOUR little amuse bouches! Took me a half hour to shake him…advance on him with noise, if he advanced, and slowly backwards towards home. He gave up, when he realized he would not win. I guess I’m brave around wildlife with possible bad intentions.

OMG kjh! – you are brave around wildlife! I would be packing myself, but I guess that would be the worst thing to show.
Do you live in the countryside?

Haul: I got a chance to go to Sephora on Sunday. Talked myself out of a lot of palettes and highlighters. lol

But I did get 6 of the new Sephora Cream Lip Stains in 115 Fancy Peach, 64 Metallic Cherry, 58 Voluptous Burgundy, 69 Hippy Pink, 70 First Date, and 85 Rose Wood.

Weekend plans: Work, job search, and blog.

What makes you feel brave?: Not much really if I think about it… I like to observe and research things first before jumping into something new.

But a lot of friends and family think I’m brave going to places by myself outside of the home but that’s where the planning comes in to make me feel safer about it. lol I go by myself because they are not interested in going and I want to check them out.

Haul: Tarina Tarantino Gothic Garden palette. Sourpuss spiderweb rug for the patio door. 2 pairs of pants from Old Navy.

Weekend Plans: Husband’s company golf outing is today (he’s usually home at noon Fridays but won’t be home until 8pm today) so I’m going to order in some orange chicken and press my loose eye shadows. Tomorrow we’re going to the Morton Arboretum craft beer festival. Possibly fishing Sunday if it isn’t raining.

What makes you feel brave: idk

Haul: Colourpop No Filter Matte Foundation plus free foundation brush and the Colourpop Fortune palette. I haven’t used ANY of it yet but I plan on trying it all out tomorrow!

•Weekend plans: My mother will be flying back in town today so I’ll most likely be spending time with her during the day, and then video games at night.

•What makes you feel brave? Knowing I have my husband, my mother and my brother to back me up.

Mellan’s smile is downright infectious! I see it, and boom, a big ol’ grin comes across my face! ?

Haul: Yes, I did it! Got on MAC ‘s “line” for Aaliyah on Wednesday morning and went a bit nuts, so here’s the damage: Age Ain’t Nothing (2, one for my daughter), Baby Girl “Bronzer”, More Than A Woman (x’ s 2, one for Sabrina), Hot Like…, and Try Again lipsticks, One In A Million, Li LI’S Motor City and Brooklyn Born lipglasses, “Nevermore” lip pencil, plus MAC added the very special Aaliyah bandana to my own and anyone else who ordered more than $75 of the collection. This is so special for me, as I was one of the first few thousand people to sign and circulate the #AaliyahForMAC petition. All our collective efforts and persistence paid off big!

Weekend plans: Going for my every 6 week Remicade infusion this afternoon. Hair is already cleaned. Just relax, redo nails, and stay out of the heat.

What make you feel brave: So many things! I’ve always had to be a fighter, for one. No choice. One thing that seriously empowered me was having my son, Kyle. He was born with neurological delays and mild-moderate cerebral palsy. Dx’d at 3 y.o. as autistic with a not too fabulous prognosis. Researching what he required through the public education system, plus whatever I myself could do at home, i then had to fight for it with a town’s special education department like I was a LAWYER! This with zero college education or anything. Fought for him and got him far more than they were willing to concede. He was, and is, so worth it! Kyle is now 31, works, is self sufficient, incredibly insightful, wise and strong. He is a Dad to 2 beautiful little girls who are largely neuro-typical. Oh, and all his gross motor delays as well as his severe speech delays/impediment are resolved! He is physically active, works out and rides his bike everywhere, including the Estrella foothills near his home. But what empowered me and KEPT me going (and still does) is my God Jehovah. He makes me strong. He alone gives me the fuel I need when I have felt like crumbling to the ground and giving up. Add to that some truly wonderful, caring best friends, and yeah, I’m still here.

Moving, very moving. BITD I was on the school system side, and often advocated for the kids…outside placements and the like. I was met by a snarky school psychologist (say this with an English accent): “And whose salary is going to pay for that, Karen? Yours, perhaps?” You are absolutely the best.

Congratulations on getting the Aaliyah collection. I know you are super excited. Sounds like you really went to the mat to help your son, as any mother would do, and you took on the system and won. That is something to be proud of and clearly was very successful in helping your son meet his potential. Congratulations.

Karen and Deborah, thank you, because it does mean so much to me that his life is so much better than some professionals predicted. Fighting for him to get all the services he needed to get to where he’s at was very hard work, many sleepless nights, tears shed out of view of the pro’s, but SO very worth it all. I believe I only did what I was supposed to do, not anything special, really. Like, I believe parents have that duty to be their children’s advocate!

Congratulations on fighting for your son Nancy and what a wonderful mother you have been to him and his family over the years. As a former primary teacher, I know how hard you have to fight for your child and I have always been on the side of the child and parents in the funding struggles. Every child is worth it.

Genevieve, I thank God that both of my children had caring, exceptional teachers like yourself during their years in school! We need more like you and Mariella. Unfortunately, we also had a couple of not so great ones, too. Special Ed needs some of the most patient, compassionate, yet not pushovers, either, type of teachers.

Your story about your son is so inspiring! I know it wasn’t easy to get there.

I’m glad you were able to get the Aaliyah collection. 🙂

Rachel, you and I definitely know what it’s like in the trenches fighting for our kids to have just as much of chance as neuro-typical kids. It isn’t easy or fair, but we do what’s best for ours.

Oh, believe it when I tell you how thrilled I am to have gotten all that I wanted out of it! I nearly bought the Vault, but have no place to put a big pyramid box on display.

Nancy, Had you been a different sort of mother, your son would not have such remarkable outcomes. Your love and determination have literally changed the course of his life and those of his children (and beyond). I wish I could give every child a mother like you or Deb. You are a champion!

Haul: I was at Ulta in Tulsa a few days ago, picking up some Nyx butter glosses and Ulta body sprays. Some woman rushed the door with a white box in her hands (maybe a tool or straightener?), set off the alarms, and jumped into a getaway car out front. The staff didn’t even react except to watch her do it with this kind of eyeroll / “you’re trashy” look on their faces. A fellow shopper had the good sense to get the license plate number. It’s disappointing that probably nothing will even come of it.
Plans: a small town near us does a pretty great Patriotic Festival this weekend, but Oklahoma has storms in the forecast so they ended up pushing it back a few weeks. What a bummer, my three little boys love fireworks. We’ll go to on Saturday night and go swimming Sunday afternoon.
Brave: I battle with social anxiety, constant self consciousness and self doubt, but went to an event a couple of weeks ago and managed to hold it together. Also the three year old busted his forehead open on Monday night, gushing blood and requiring stitches, but I reassured him that it was totally fine and we’d get some m&ms once he was cleaned up. Hustled him to the urgent care and they patched him up. It’s funny how an emergency can make you compartmentalize and just do what needs to be done without freaking out.

Haul: a new bottle of Clarins Super Restorative eye cream

Weekend plans: we had some concrete work done (old porch replaced with new one, etc.) and as a result, there is concrete dust all over the outside of the house so we have to hose all that off prior to getting someone in to wash all the windows properly. Going to the gym tomorrow and maybe going to Niagara on the Lake on Sunday

What makes me feel brave: probably doing the job that I do (which strikes fear into the hearts of many, including experienced teachers!)

I would definitely say that the job you do would strike fear into the hearts of many! You really have to take your strong pills every day in teaching, no matter where you live.

Haul: Bite beauty cancer lipstick – the only one I’ve been able to snag so far! I really wanted taurus (my sign) but am happy I got cancer because it’s my boyfriend’s sign, and looks fairly similar to taurus tbh.

Weekend plans: Belated father’s day celebrations on Saturday, Pride parade on Sunday!

What makes you feel brave?: Doing things that scare me but that I know I need to do anyway (I mean, that’s the definition, but it’s also true)

Haul: I got the Bite Beauty Sephora reward with the three metallic lipsticks. The Rose Gold is destined for my friend in NL who was really jealous of mine, and I’ll keep the other two 🙂 Also my replacement Melt package is gonna arrive tomorrow, yay!

Weekend plans: Beyond stalking my letter carrier? 😀 A friend is coming up to visit from CA. So we’re gonna hang out and do fun stuff with him. So far the only solid plan is a Sunday night game night at the cool game store that has an attached restaurant. We’ll probably also go to MoPop (museum of pop culture) to see the big Marvel exhibit.

What makes you feel brave: Doing long road trips by myself.

Haul : Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette. I had this about a year ago, used it mostly up and threw it out since it had expired (smell was off and colors faded fast). I had convinced myself I didn’t need to replace it and to use other shadows in my collection, but missed it terribly. So glad I have it back. I’ve already used it every single day this week! I also picked up a NYX Powder Puff lippie in Squad Goals, this easily might be one of my favorite everyday lipsticks.

Weekend plans: My So-Called Life binge fest with my best friend and hopefully some pool time if it doesn’t rain!

What makes you feel brave? Sounds corny, but embracing the things that scare me. I feel so empowered after I get over myself and face my fears.


Body brushes. I first heard about body brushing from Samantha Wilson’s article in Into the Gloss (How to Get the Most Out of Your Shower). I researched some of the various benefits of body brushing, such as stimulating circulation and lymphatic flow, exfoliation, softer skin, and cellulite reduction. I bought the two brush set by Domarth on Amazon. My body lotion of choice in the evening is Lush’s Sleepy Lotion or Cerave for daytime. I wasn’t really believing Samantha Wilson when she said somebody touched her skin and audibly gasped at the softness, but this actually happened to me last weekend! I gave my daughter-in-law a hug and she exclaimed, “Oh my god, your skin is so soft!” An added bonus is that my husband likes to brush my skin and likes it when I brush his, so it’s another way for us to be attentive to each other. I’ve been dry brushing for a little over a month now and plan to continue. I think it’s really going to help in the winter time, when my skin gets very itchy and dry.

I belong to Scentbird. Recently I have been ordering Nateeva Fragrances. Nateeva fragrances are inspired by the native flowers of exotic locations. I have three of them now. Dominican Republic has Bayahibe rose, orange blossom, grapefruit, red berries and soft musk. Aruba has Wanglo Flower, neroli, bergamot, freesia, rose and Persian lime in a base of musk, cedar and amber. St. Thomas is Frangapani, salt water accord, and layers of orange and rose blossoms in a base of vanilla and musk. These are my type of fragrances: floral, summery, fresh and exotic. I truly don’t know which one I like best and sometimes I layer them because they smell so good together.

For makeup I purchased Pat McGrath’s black pencil eyeliner and Anastasia’s blush trio in Pool Party. Pencil eyeliners are tricky now because they skip across my aging eyelids. Pat McGrath’s pencil is soft, so no tugging or skipping. The blush trio is perfect for my medium skin tone and for summer. Nothing else would do this week when I was wearing blue and purple looks with the Too Faced Life’s a Festival Palette. Neither item is a must-have, but I like them both and am happy to add them to my collection.

I picked up the new Dior Backstage Highlighter palette but I am not going to use it until I read Christine’s review. If it doesn’t do well I will return it for one of the Natasha Denona cheek palettes instead.

Weekend: I am excited to make Carne Asada and Alice Springs Chicken this weekend. I picked up a nice cut of beef for the Asada at the local meat market at lunchtime today. I will do my usual 1 hour RPM class on Saturday and Sarah’s Day Booty workout on Sunday (OMG, such a hard workout but I love it!). Dinner at my house tomorrow night with my children and their partners to celebrate my daugter’s boyfriend’s birthday.

What makes me feel brave: Definitely the love and support from husband, children, coworkers and friends. But I also feel very brave when it comes to justice: If I perceive injustice in a situation, I have to forcefully hold myself back to keep from becoming confrontational. Sometimes adversity can make me feel brave, as once I’ve lost something I treasured I feel like there is no longer any reason to live in fear, as fear did nothing to help prevent my loss in the first place. I think we believe fear will protect us, and certainly in some situations it does, but in many instances it prevents us from living a full life.

Hi Tammy,
I started dry brushing during my chemotherapy after reading an article about alternative medicine and treatments for cancer. I really felt like I was clutching at straws in an attempt to save myself. I had been doing it for about 2 months when I had occasion at work to brush up against a male nurse. His arm brushed my arm, LOL. Anyway, he stepped back and took his hand and ran it up the back of my upper arm. He said, “My God you have soft skin.” I told him I had been dry brushing. He was really into a healthy lifestyle, biked to work everyday, ate vegan, did meditation, etc. He started doing it along with his wife. He told me that he used to have a lot of bumps on the back of his arms (keratosis-pilaris)that just went away when he started dry brushing. I think it is a super healthy practice getting rid of dead skin, any lingering germs, etc. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it.

Haul: Nothing yet

Weekend: Shopping, video games, and lounging. The usual 😛

Bravery Inspiration: A combination of myself and knowing that others have survived worse. Knowing ones own strength is really key!

What a big smile on Mellan’s cute face!

In-Store Bloomingdale’s Haul: I broke down and gave in to temptation (MAC Oh Sweetie Lipstick in Purple Panna Cotta) and curiosity (Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in Sand). The Oh Sweetie Lipstick was disappointing, but not a total loss. I think Christine’s advice of adding a bit of lip balm and/or lip primer will help. The Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation is nice. It is a touch too yellow for my neutral skin (makeup counter lighting can be so deceptive), but not so much that it looks bad. It’s a breeze to blend and it lasts a long time. But EL Double Wear still rules for me!

Online Sephora Haul: I’ve been coveting MAC’s Relentlessly Red lipstick for a very long time, but I really hate their Retro Matte formula, so I looked up the dupe list and bought MUFE Artist Rouge M301 Lipstick (98% dupe), which has a matte formula that works better for me. I also bought the new Dior Backstage Cool Eyeshadow Palette and my tail is definitely wagging! The shades are gorgeous, easy to blend, and it stayed on beautifully all day. (Note: I used my favorite NYX Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer, not the primer that comes in the Dior palette.) Freebies in the box included a trial size of YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara in I’m the Trouble (cobalt blue…lookout 1980s, here I come!) and some perfume samples that I’ll give away to friends.

Weekend Plans: Going to a wedding

What makes you feel brave: Family, knowledge, confidence

Haul: BH Cosmetics Solar Flare and JS Blood Sugar palettes, WnW Hummingbird Hype blush, Hask Cactus Water shampoo and conditioner and a backup of Blithe Apricot Gold pressed serum.

Weekend plans: I’m baking almond, cardamon and lime shortbread, making a batch of beef and bean burritos and doing copious amounts of laundry on Saturday, then my Mum is coming to stay on Sunday.

What makes me feel brave: I don’t think there’s any particular external impetus for me, but that moment right before you do (or say) something you’ve never done before, that anxious moment where you’re not sure what’s going to happen and then you take a breath and mentally go “F*** it, I’m gonna do this” and you do something tiny or momentous but you push past the fear you have – that makes me feel brave.

Such a happy boy you are Mellon!

Haul: Priceline had a 40% off on most of their skincare this week so I availed myself of some goodies: Essano Rosehip Cleanser, Olay Regenerist Daily moisturising cream with SPF 30, Skinn Physics Night Moisturising Cream and a serum from Trilogy.
I also purchased the Mecca Cosmetica Eyephoria Vivid Impact palette – 10 eyeshadows – half warm (golds, coppers etc) and half cool – light purples and what I was after, a smokey plum. Beautifully pigmented and I am very happy with it.

Weekend Plans: After having my grandchildren over a lot this week, my house is in serious need of love, care and attention. The weather has been freezing, so there will be some DVD watching as well. I am currently watching Happy Valley Season 2 and it is a ripper.

What makes me feel brave: the love I have for my family and friends. Seeing the world through the eyes of my grandchildren is an honour and a privilege.

That Mecca eyeshadow palette is fantastic!

Hope you stay warm in Melbourne, we’re expecting another frost tomorrow so my electric blanket will be on tonight!

I can’t find enough adjectives to describe how cute you are Mellan. You always have a sparkle in your eye.

Haul: Will wonders never cease? They put a Sephora inside the JC Penny’s in Missoula, Montana. It is still 2-3 hours away from me depending on weather but I go there fairly often to see Doctors, visit friends of my daughters and to deal with business. I hadn’t heard it was coming so was surprised when I drove by the tiny mall and saw the Sephora sign. I had to stop and support the cause! No buy be d****. So, I picked up another bottle of the Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Eye Gel (a staple), Drunk Elephant’s Protini (I hadn’t tried it yet), Drunk Elephant C-Tango Eye Cream (too soon to tell but feels good), Sephora Lipstories iin Take a Bite (I really wanted After Hours but they were sold out), Bobbi Brown Lip Art Pencils in Harlow Red and Electric Pink, a new Beauty Blender, Hourglass Strobe Light in Ethereal and a sample of EL Double Wear Light, just to try.

Weekend Plans: Paint some furniture, continue plans for fall trips and maybe get around to replacing the baseboard moldings in the garage conversion.

Makes me brave: I don’t think there is any thing that makes me brave. I think I was born to be brave. I am a registered nurse and planned on being one from the third grade on. I have met many challenging situations while advocating for patients and families. No offense to anyone who may be a Doctor or Healthcare Administrator out there but it can be challenging and scary to stand up to either. I was the oldest of my Mom’s three children and from the time I was 6 years old I was left alone to babysit them every evening from 1 PM to 9 PM. It would never fly these days but what was a parent to do when the father worked out of town Mon-Fri and the Mom had to work to make ends meet? I had a premature baby, weighing in at 2 pounds, and had to feed her every two hours around the clock for almost 8 months. I wasn’t going to settle for just her surviving but wanted her to thrive and she has. I had breast cancer and beat it although it wasn’t easy. I am 18 years out and while I know it can come back at any time, I just don’t feel like it will. There are so many things in my life that have increased my ability to stand up and fight and there wouldn’t be enough room or time here to talk about them all. Yes, I am brave and will continue to be.

Oh my goodness, yes, you are very brave, Deborah! And like I did for my son, you likewise did for your daughter. Different challenges, but I know it’s not easy caring for an extremely premature baby. Life can certainly Sculpt and shape one into a strong, brave person, as it did you!

Thanks Nancy. There is nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her child and we do it without a second thought. I can remember being so tired I would cry but I kept going. It was a really tough time. I initially was trying to pump breast milk for her so by the time I fed her, changed diaper and got her to sleep, then pumped for 15-20 minutes, clean the equipment and go to the bathroom it was time to start again!! I remember my ex-husband, not ex then, called one day from a town about an hour away where he was using a laser in surgery and when I answered I was crying so hard I couldn’t get any words out. He was like, “I am coming home right now just hang in there.” When he got there he told me to go to bed but I told him I needed to get out of the house even if it was just for an hour. Later he told me that I had scared him and he was worried I might do something to hurt the baby. I was like are you crazy? I might shoot you but I would never hurt my baby!!

Thank you, Rachel. I think we are all born brave and just need the right circumstances to bring out that part of our personality. I know that you are bravely going forward with your life regardless of the loss of your mother so recently. It isn’t easy but we find the strength somewhere. The positive note is that they live on in our memories and time lessens the sorrow. I am attaching a poem that helped me a lot when my father passed. It comforts me to know that there were those waiting for him on the other side. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you, Rachel.

Deb, You’ve lived through some challenges. Life sometimes doesn’t give us a choice, does it? I’m impressed by your determination. Your daughter is so beautiful, and she is so fortunate to have such a loving and strong mother.

Wow, you really showed that no- buy whose boss??!

Haul:I received the P.Louise Palette with a broken mirror?after it took 14 business days to get sent from UK the international shipping was way too pricey for it to arrive in the condition it did and Eye Base in Rumour 0(white) & Rumour 2(light beige).I purchased the Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette and Liquid Velour Lipsticks in Thirst Trap,Soft Serve,and Cherry Wet. I also purchased 4 of the new KKW Beauty Lipsticks, is 2 Lip Liners, 2 (pink and yellow) Brightening Powders, and 2 different shades of the concealer the fact that shipping was free was a big factor in my decision to place an order Weekend Plans: I work all weekend. Saturday open to close?. Hopefully we will get to go to the movies or out to dinner one of the nights. What makes me feel brave: Traveling and exploring places I have never be to. Getting positive feedback when I try something new or challenging to me. Working towards changing my life for the better and rescuing and taking care of animals.

Mellan looks so cute! A big thank you to you, Christine, for the face chart and illustrations. They’re immensely helpful and well done!

Haul: (45% off): Bobbi Brown retouching wands and face mist. Placed an order this week for 2 Smith brushes (so glad they’re with Beautylish).

Weekend Plans: Lunch with friends and enjoying some sunny, dry days. It has taken the better part of a week of rain to break the unbearable humidity. I’m ready for Fall.

What makes you brave? Often realizing there’s a choice to be made, then drawing on sheer determination (and hardheadedness) to address the situation. It also helps to have support and understanding of family and dear friends.

Got a little carried away yesterday. Haul: Two Guerlain fragrances in the Aqua Allegoria line, in Limon Verde and Pera Granita, another fragrance in the Jo Malone line, Cherimoya cologne, Deborah Lippmann nail color in It’s Raining Men and three lip colors, Guerlain Rouge G #45 and the case cover in French Mademoiselle, Guerlain KISS KISS Love Love #572 and Givenchy Le Rouge semi-matte in Carmin Escarpin. What makes me brave, my faith in Jehovah God his unfailing support throughout my life, a wonderful husband (43 years married come June 28th) a loving son and fantastic daughter in-law. And, I might add, my age, I’am 71 and have seen and experienced a great deal of life, nothing scares or surprises me any longer. And to Nancy T…to the world you may be just one person, but to another person, you might be the world. Bless you for being a great mom.

Haul: UD Born to Run Palette; Belladonna’s Cupboard Cthulhu Makeup Bag

Weekend plans: Still packing up my mom’s house. My brother and I picked up her ashes today.

What makes you feel brave?: I learned as a very small child that nobody was going to take care of me except for me. There was never the luxury of not being brave.

I am glad you are brave but saddened at the way you learned to be so?.

I’m not sure what’s more difficult: losing a fantastic mother or one that was compromised. Grief is hard either way. My thoughts are with you.

Haul: The only makeup-related items I bought this week were a spare tube of concealer to cover up a huge bug bite on my arm (it’s finally fading) and a few packages of replacement powder puffs (I use puffs for my foundation as well as my powder). However, I did buy a new camera-a purple Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS-and a hot pink camera bag.
Weekend plans: Yesterday I ran errands. I worked all day today. Tomorrow I have no real plans.
What makes you feel brave?: Most of the time I’m too stubborn to be afraid! Wearing great makeup definitely helps my courage, though.

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